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Copywriting costs: How much can a copywriter charge?

You're a business owner and want to hire a copywriter, but don't know how to calculate copywriting costs? Find out here.

Copywriting is an important skill that many businesses need. But what exactly is it and how much does it cost? In this blog post, you’ll learn all about copywriting costs so you can decide if it’s for you.

What does a copywriter do?


Copywriting is a creative job where you write advertising and other copy for businesses. This involves finding the right words to market a customer’s product or service in the most interesting way possible. Copywriting is a blend of creativity, business acumen and writing talent.

Paid copywriting services

If you need professional help with your copywriting, you can turn to a paid copywriting service. These services usually offer a number of benefits, including:

Quality – Professional copywriters are usually highly trained and experienced in writing for the web.

Speed – Copywriting services can usually work quickly to meet your copywriting needs.

Flexibility – You can use copywriting services for a variety of tasks, including web copy, blogs, articles, press releases, and even books.

How to charge a copywriter?

The cost of a copywriter is calculated according to the amount of work involved. Depending on how much time and work is put into a project, prices can vary. There are several ways to calculate the effort. Here are some methods at a glance:

  1. Per word: The client pays the copywriter for each term written. This is the most common method of paying a copywriter.

  2. Flat rate
    : With this payment method, the copywriter is paid for a specific project or a campaign is paid a flat rate – regardless of how much content it actually delivers. This is especially useful if the customer knows what volume of text he needs and wants to set the price for it in advance.
  3. Unit price: This method is also based on the finished product – however, the copywriter does not charge his hourly rate per word, but per page or article (depending on what has been agreed). The number of texts required is therefore no longer an issue and customer change requests can also be implemented without additional costs.
  4. Royalty-based remunerationThis is a hybrid of all the above – usually the client pays both a lump sum and per word/article or page and also gives the freelancer the chance (but not the guarantee) to participate financially in the commercial success of the overall work (i.e. in the form of royalties, for example).

Copywriting cost per word

The best way to charge a copywriter is to first determine the number of words in your document. Then divide that number by the number of words the text can write in one minute. This gives you the number of minutes the copywriter will take to complete your document. For copywriters, let’s say you want to earn 10 cents per word for your blog article and the article has 1,000 words. In this case, you would earn 100 euros (1,000 x 0.10 = 100).

Advantages of per-word pricing:

  1. For the customer it is transparent – you know exactly what you are paying for.
  2. The price does not depend on the total value of the work – sometimes there is simply no way to determine this.
  3. It encourages creativity – Writers try to put as much value as possible into each line, so they often come out with better ideas or unique phrasing.

Disadvantages of per-word pricing:

  1. Not all customers are willing to pay per term – especially for longer texts this can be very expensive. In such cases, they either look for cheaper alternatives or abandon the idea altogether.
  2. Many people mistakenly believe that per words = inferior quality.
  3. It is difficult to predict how much time (and therefore money!) a text will actually take.

Payment per day

It’s a common misconception that you can only get paid for copywriting if you charge per word or per page. In fact, there are many ways you can market and fund your copywriting services – one of which is the day rate. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of the daily rate as a pricing model for copywriting services.

The daily rate for copywriters depends on various factors, such as the level of experience, the industry, and the job at hand. As a rule, the daily rate for copywriters is between 500 and 1500 euros.

Advantages of per-day pricing:

  1. Predictable: If you have agreed with your customer on a daily rate of X euros per day or Y euros per month, then there are no nasty surprises – the customer knows exactly what he has to pay, and you know in advance what amount you can calculate each month. This model provides clarity and reduction of risks for both the client and the contractor.
  2. Flexibility: If your client suddenly decides to extend the campaign or use additional services, you can easily reschedule and adjust the agreed-upon price.

Disadvantages of per-day pricing:

  1. Interruptions: If you get interrupted during your work, it can be difficult to get back into the flow. These interruptions can affect your concentration and creativity and cause you to perform less effectively.
  2. Deadlines: with pay per day, you may have to work under severe time pressure to meet your deadline. This pressure can negatively affect your work and cause you to make mistakes or your quality to not be as high as you would like.
  3. Compare: It can be difficult not to compare yourself to other copywriters who may be earning more or less than you. This comparison can decrease your motivation and satisfaction and cause you to be unhappy with your work.

Payment per page

Copywriters are often paid per page – meaning the more website pages you write, the more money you make. However, commissions per page can vary widely, and new writers are often unsure where to start. For a rough guide, you should know that average commissions for copywriters range from 5 to 10 pages per page. This is not a hard and fast rule, of course – there are many factors that can affect your pay, including your experience, the theme of the site, and the length of the page. If you’re new to the world of copywriting, it’s best to start with a lower price per page and work your way up as you become more experienced. Once you have a sense of what your clients want and how much time it actually takes to write good copy, you can adjust your prices accordingly.

Advantages of per-page pricing:

  1. Simpler: If you’re paying someone by the hour, you’ll need to take care of recording the exact hours the person will be billed. This means that you or someone else spends time creating schedules and making sure they are all recorded correctly. On the other hand, you can simply count the number of pages produced by your copier and pass this information on to the customer. This is much easier and saves time.
  2. Fairer: If you pay someone by the hour, you may be forced to pay more than you would like if the person works slower or takes more breaks. On the other hand, the customer pays only for the actual pages produced and not for the time spent by the copier. This is a great benefit to the customer and helps you attract and retain new customers.
  3. More pay: if you pay someone by the hour, there is a limit to the number of hours you can charge. On the other hand, you can earn more money with pay per page since you are not bound to a limit. This is a great advantage for you and helps you earn more money.

Disadvantages of per-page prices:

  1. Copywriting is very time-consuming. If you get paid per page, you can quickly get underpaid if you have to make a lot of changes.
  2. It is difficult to control the quality of writing. When you’re getting paid for every page you write, it can be difficult to make sure you’re delivering the best possible quality to your clients.
  3. Copywriting is a creative process, and it’s hard to predict how long it will take you to finish writing. If you’re getting paid per page, you can easily be pressed for time, causing the quality of your work to suffer.

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How much should I charge as a copywriter?

There is no universal answer to this question. Text prices depend on numerous factors, including: – The topic – The size of the text (number of words) – The level of quality you want (technical texts require more work and research than simple blog articles) – The time frame (How much time do you have?).

– The audience (specialized texts for a specialized audience will cost more than texts for a general audience) – The target group (texts for a young, trendy target group will cost more than texts for an older, more traditional target group)

Factors influencing copywriting costs

Copywriting prices are not always easy to calculate. There are many different factors that affect the price, including:

  • The experience and reputation of the writer

  • The length and complexity of the piece

  • The research needed
  • The style aimed
  • The desired target audience

An experienced and reputable writer will usually charge more than an inexperienced or unknown writer. A longer and more complex piece will usually cost more than a shorter and simpler piece. And the more research needed, the higher the price will be. The style you are aiming for is also an important factor. For example, if you want a casual, humorous tone, it will cost more than a formal, informative tone. The desired audience is also relevant, as it requires certain knowledge and experience to write for certain audiences. All these factors must be taken into account to calculate copywriting costs. It’s usually best to work with an experienced copywriter to make sure your expectations are met.


How do I find a copywriter?

There are many ways to use a copywriter to find. Many companies are looking for talented writers who are able to produce creative and compelling copy. However, this does not mean that finding a copywriter has to be difficult. The best way to find a copywriter is probably through the Internet. There are many websites there that specialize in selling texts. These websites are often the first port of call for companies looking for creative and compelling copy. Find out more about the topic here.

Another way to find a copywriter is through friends or acquaintances. Many people have friends or acquaintances who work as copywriters. This is a great way to network and find out if anyone is recommendable. Finally, you can also look for copywriter job openings in local newspapers or magazines. However, this is often not the best method for making contacts or finding a suitable candidate.

5 Tips for Copywriters to Capture the Reader's Attention

1. be clear and precise

Copywriter must formulate their message clearly and concisely so that it reaches the reader. If the text is too confusing or incomprehensible, the reader will simply skip it. So write the text as if you were talking to a friend – in a language he or she can understand.

2. keep it concise and to the point

Don’t try to fit everything into your text – it will only look cluttered and off-putting. Focus on the essentials and thus create room for interest in the reader.

3. be unique

The copywriter should try to make his text stand out from the crowd, giving it a unique voice. One of the best ways to achieve this is to incorporate the writer’s personal style into the text. This allows the reader to better identify with the content and remember the information.

4. provide background information

Before you present your point of view or introduce new ideas, you should always provide the reader with the necessary background information first. That way, he or she knows exactly what it’s about and can follow you better. In addition, this also prevents you from repeating yourself or formulating something unclearly.

5. stay consistent with your line

Once you have formed a point of view on a particular issue, you should stick to it and not let others influence you. Of course, it’s okay if you gain new knowledge over time and change your mind because of it – but don’t contradict yourself and stay consistent in your writing.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the writing of texts for advertising and marketing.

Why are headlines important?

Copywriting is important because it is an effective way to appeal to and persuade customers.

How much does copywriting cost?

This depends on several factors, such as the length of the text and the writing style.

Useful tips

  1. Plan your text carefully. Think about what you want to achieve with your text and what information you need to do so. This will help you find the right structure for your text and focus on the most important points.
  2. Write short sentences and paragraphs. Use simple words and avoid unnecessary filler words. This will make your text easier to read and understand.
  3. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Nothing is as unprofessional as a text full of errors. Therefore, have someone review your text before you publish it.
  4. Use quotes and examples to illustrate your points. This makes it easier for the reader to join your arguments and follow you.
  5. Always remain honest in your writing. Don’t try to deceive the reader or persuade them to believe something they don’t want to believe. Stick to the truth and provide all relevant information so the reader can decide for themselves.


Copywriting costs vary widely and depend on a number of factors. As a rule, copywriters charge per word or per page. Prices may vary depending on the size and difficulty of the job. Some copywriters also offer packages that include various services. Packages can, for example, include a certain number of words or include a fixed fee for a pre-agreed period of time.

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