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What’s the deal about AI writers?

Artificial intelligence. A term everyone should know by now and everyone is using in some kind of way by now. You might not realize, but I am convinced that artificial intelligence is also part of your life already. Some people benefit more from it, some less. 

It is clear, that the unprecedented growth of artificial intelligence enables us to do the impossible. But what’s the deal about an AI writer? When thinking about marketing, you definitely know content writers or copywriters in general. They are responsible for the content creation for a company, be it website content, product descriptions, or slogans for marketing campaigns and marketing texts. Human writers are crucial when you want to create engaging content that considers the feelings and expectations of your audience. But did you know that an AI writer is able to do so as well? Let’s get to some basics first. 


What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is, as the name suggests already, a programme or tool that is able to create texts and content on its own, based on algorithms and machine learning. It can generate various types of AI content without the help of humans and works completely independent. The AI-powered programme or tool can generate data-driven, high value, and conversion-focused content for companies to use in their marketing campaign for example. But that’s not all, AI writers can create nearly every type of content. 

By doing so, AI writers can inter alia support copywriters regarding text writing and both speed up the process of writing and increase the quality of their texts. 

AI writers have been used for various tasks already, such as grammar and spelling checks. But it has not been used for text writing yet as it was not good enough to create reliable and high-quality content. Until now. As regards AI content creation, we have come a long way since a few years and therefore AI writers have also become more and more important. 


AI-written content has expanded beyond generic and formulaic writing to more creative writing, including poetry and novels as well. And you might not be surprised to hear how many notable media organizations, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, or Yahoo! already use AI writers to generate their content. 

Source: alibabatech.medium.com

How does an AI writer work?

An AI writer works with the help of the so-called Natural Language Generation (NLG). It converts computerized data into human language, based on already existing content, algorithms, and machine learning. Machine learning means, that the AI writer is able to create certain patterns in data and draws a conclusion from it. This could be the language style of the audience, rhetorical devices used, or even specific words. By collecting endless data, the AI writer can learn and improve to create higher quality content. Sometimes so good, that you can barely or not at all distinguish it from a human writer.

Fascinating, isn’t it? But for sure scary to some at the same time (We will come back to that later). 


Why have AI writers become so important lately? 

Due to the ongoing digital transformation and the fact, that companies focus on their customer’s demands, digital interaction between companies and customers has increased significantly.

The content or texts that a company creates forms the first impression of customers about their business and values. However, impact and quantity created do for sure not correlate. That’s why companies have to be strategic about their marketing texts to stand out in the landscape of thousands of companies. 


Every minute, every second, Facebook users like countless posts. Twitter users tweet over 300k times. And TikTok users upload hundreds of hours of new videos. It is undeniable, and almost overwhelming already, how the volume of content increases every day. Therefore, companies should focus on increasing the impact of the content using data and analytics rather than focus on how much content they can produce in a certain time. Here, AI writers enter the battlefield. 

Source: unsplash.com

What are the benefits that come with AI writers? 


  • They help companies creating engaging and high-quality texts. Effortlessly. You only have to tell your AI writer what it should write about, input the important keywords and let it create magic within seconds. You can lean back and focus on the more creative part of your job.
  • Human writers can craft their written texts to perfection with the help of artificial intelligence. AI writers can help to prevent grammar and spelling mistakes or a lack of motivation if the human writer has to create a lot of texts that contain nearly the same. The AI writer ensures good quality, even if it’s the hundredth text about a product variation. Spending time on repetitive tasks is passé. 
  • Human writers can seamlessly manage their writing workflow as they don’t have to waste time with writer’s block. The AI writer can give inspiration and new ideas and ”feed” the human writer with content he can use for his texts. 
  • AI writers are easy to use and can be used for any type of content. Whether it is a product description, a slogan, a headline, or a Google ad that has to be created. As the AI writer collects data from anywhere, it is really flexible and can be applied to any situation. 
  • Companies can stop wasting time & resources on content that does not convert. As the AI writer is able to analyze the tone of your human-written texts, identify patterns, and make decisions based on data, companies can improve their marketing efforts significantly. The AI writer can determine the purpose of the content and direct it to the relevant topic, making it easier for companies to create content that converts. 
  • With increased quality comes increased traffic. When it comes to SEO, the quality of the written text plays an essential role. So if the search engine ranks the content higher, it does not only increase click-rates but also brand awareness that favours your business. 
  • Companies can ensure a consistent brand voice. The AI writer makes sure that your brand voice and language are consistent across all the channels and content you create. Once there has been created a consistent brand voice, creating and generating content will be easier for human writers as there is some kind of content guideline they can use for orientation. 
Source: sados.com

Are AI writers a threat to human writers?

In a world of evolving technology, automatization is nearly everywhere. But can AI writers really take over in the world of (copy)writing? 

Many people perceive artificial intelligence as a good thing as it can release people from mundane tasks and enable them to unfold their capabilities elsewhere within a company. But there are also people who see artificial as a threat. They fear the possibility of being replaced by a machine and become redundant. 

But as for now, machines are not able to imitate real feelings or human empathy yet. In recent years, artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where machines can learn, adapt, and even develop their own personalities. But they are not able (yet) to replace human writers as they don’t have an understanding of morals or emotions. Two things that are crucial when it comes to text writing. 

Therefore, AI writers can and should be seen as a helping hand, making repetitive tasks easier and give human writers inspiration. But as they don’t have a defined set of human characteristics yet, they won’t replace human writers completely as some types of texts still need a human perspective with real feelings. The concept of AI writers does for sure not mean that we are replaced by robots any sooner. 

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