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Is Stability AI FreeWilly really better than Llama 2 and ChatGPT?

FreeWilly is one of the newest language models on the AI market and could even outshine Llama 2 and ChatGPT with its innovations! Developed by Stability AI, which is actually known for its stable diffusion technology, FreeWilly can make your AI chat experiences even better with its improved stability and ingenious features. Stability AI landed a real hit with this open source project. In this post we explain everything you need to know about Stability AI FreeWilly.

Was ist Stability AI FreeWilly?


Stability AI FreeWilly is an exciting new language model from Stability LLC that comes with a variety of impressive features. In the world of AI models, Stability AI FreeWilly has quickly made a name for itself and is already considered revolutionary. But how exactly was Stability AI’s FreeWilly developed?

Well, Stability AI FreeWilly is an advanced language model based on extensive data and open source research. It is designed to ensure high stability and performance. Stability AI used Microsoft’s “Orca Method” to teach a small model the step-by-step thought process of a large language model, rather than simply imitating its output. To achieve this, the researchers created a training dataset with the larger model, in this case GPT-4, containing its step-by-step thought processes. The goal was to develop a small AI model that performs similarly to large models.

Why is FreeWilly better than Llama 2 and ChatGPT?

Stability AI

Stability AI Free Willy is an impressive AI-based language model platform that clearly stands out from its competitors Llama 2 and ChatGPT. Compared to Meta’s Llama 2 and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Stability AI FreeWilly offers remarkable stability that makes it a standout choice.

While Llama 2 and ChatGPT may struggle with unpredictable or inconsistent results, Stability AI FreeWilly continually delivers reliable and high-quality answers. In common benchmark tests, the FreeWilly model achieves comparable results to ChatGPT in some logical tasks, with the FreeWilly2 Language Model based on Llama 2 performing even better than FreeWilly1. On average across all benchmarks, FreeWilly 2 achieves an advantage of about four points over Llama 2.

In general, FreeWilly 2 currently tops the list of best performing open source models, with Llama 2 still slightly ahead due to MMLU common language understanding.

Welche Features hat Stability AI FreeWilly?

Stability AI FreeWilly is the latest addition from Stability AI LLC, a leader in artificial intelligence. This revolutionary model is not only another milestone in the development of AI technologies, but also an impressive advance compared to its competitors, Llama 2 and ChatGPT. But what exactly makes Stability AI FreeWilly so special?

  • Quality Content: One of Stability AI FreeWilly’s outstanding features is its ability to generate quality content. With this model, you can create texts that feel more natural and fluid than ever before.
  • Huge database: In addition, Stability AI FreeWilly has an impressive database that is continuously updated. Thanks to collaborations with leading companies in the field of speech processing, Stability AI FreeWilly has access to extensive data that allows it to create accurate and relevant content. This database is constantly being expanded to ensure that Stability AI FreeWilly is always up to date.
  • Excellent Stability: Another notable feature of Stability AI FreeWilly is its stability. Unlike its predecessors, this model is incredibly stable and reliable. It is able to process large amounts of data efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Overall, Stability AI Free Willy offers a number of top-notch features that make it an impressive AI technology. With its powerful language capabilities, access to quality data, and remarkable stability, Stability AI Free Willy is definitely an asset to the AI world. As technology continues to evolve, we’re excited to see more innovative features that Stability AI Free Willy will bring in the future.

How to use Stability AI FreeWilly?

Wenn du FreeWilly benutzen möchtest, musst du dich zunächst einmal für eine der FreeWilly Versionen entscheiden:

If you want to use FreeWilly, you must first choose one of the FreeWilly versions:

The FreeWilly1 model is based on the LLaMA 65B model, which has 65 billion parameters. It’s faster and cheaper to use than FreeWilly2, but it might lack accuracy and consistency for certain tasks.

The FreeWilly2 model is based on the LLaMA 2 70B model, which has over 70 billion parameters. It’s slower and more expensive to use than FreeWilly1, but it could have better accuracy and consistency for certain tasks.

Once you have decided on a FreeWilly version, follow these tips:

  1. Use clear and specific instructions: The FreeWilly Models can understand natural language instructions, but can get confused or produce unexpected results if your instructions are vague or ambiguous. Try to use clear and specific instructions that detail what you want FreeWilly to do.
  2. Use Examples or Templates: The FreeWilly Models can learn from examples or templates that show what type of output you expect or prefer. Try to provide examples or templates that demonstrate the desired format, style, or content.
  3. Use feedback loops: The FreeWilly Models can improve their performance by receiving feedback from you or other users. Try to provide feedback loops that give positive or negative feedback to FreeWilly based on its outputs.
  4. Use Advanced Features: The FreeWilly Models have some advanced features that can enhance their skills and functionalities. Try to use advanced features like context, memory and feedback to provide additional information or guidance for FreeWilly.
  5. Avoid Common Pitfalls and Mistakes: The FreeWilly Models may have some limitations and challenges that may affect their performance and quality. Try to avoid common pitfalls and errors that can cause FreeWilly to return incorrect, incomplete, inconsistent, or inappropriate results.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Stability AI API free?

No. In order to utilize both the Stability API and DreamStudio, users must have credits. Upon creating an account, new users are automatically given 25 credits for free. Further credits need to be purchased.

What does Stability AI do?

At present, research communities supported by Stability AI are actively working on revolutionary AI models designed for diverse applications such as imaging, language processing, code analysis, audio processing, video analysis, 3D content design and more. 

Is Stability AI a startup and where is Stability AI based?

Stability AI is a London-based startup that gained significant attention in the AI community due to the tremendous success of their product called Stable Diffusion. This artificial intelligence model allows users to generate highly realistic images based on simple prompts consisting of just a few words. It garnered significant interest and placed Stability AI at the forefront of the AI hype cycle during that time.


The conclusion to Stability AI FreeWilly is clear: It is definitely a worthy challenger to Llama 2 and ChatGPT! With its stable and reliable models, Stability AI sets new standards in language processing. Compared to Llama 2, which sometimes struggles with processing large amounts of data, Free Willy copes with this task effortlessly. Stability AI also shines in comparison to ChatGPT: The results are more precise and the generated texts appear more natural. Overall, Stability AI FreeWilly impresses with its stability, powerful features and user-friendly operation. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs quality text content.

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