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Marketing success with Claude 2.1: discover the possibilities

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The continuous development of artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled companies to develop innovative solutions for various business areas. In this blog article, we introduce Claude 2.1, the latest version of Anthropic’s AI model, which was developed after
Claude 2
offers significant improvements in key features for businesses.

The 3 most important new features of Claude 2.1 at a glance

Source: Anthropic

1. optimization of the content context and data processing

With Claude 2.1, users can benefit from an extended context window of 200,000 tokens. This means that the model can process much longer and more complex documents. This is particularly beneficial for marketing and content teams as they can now upload large amounts of text and information. Claude 2.1 can search content, identify relevant keywords and provide precise summaries – all with the highest accuracy. These improvements enable companies to efficiently use extensive content such as technical documentation, financial reports or even literary works and gain valuable insights from them.

2. system requests for personalized content

Another outstanding feature of Claude 2.1 is the system queries. This allows companies to give Claude precise instructions to generate personalized content. Marketers can thus ensure that texts are precisely tailored to their target group and that specific brand messages or style guidelines are taken into account. The model uses these requests to create consistent and engaging content for companies that reflects the desired image and tone. This feature offers companies the opportunity to quickly and effectively generate personalized content for their marketing campaigns and thus increase customer loyalty and conversions.

3. tool usage for high-quality results

Anthropic has also introduced tool usage with Claude 2.1, which is a beta feature. This enables companies to connect Claude with external tools and APIs. This allows companies to access powerful resources such as calculators, databases or even web search APIs. Thanks to this integration, marketers and content creators can make decisions based on precise information and target their content specifically to their target group. The use of tools also opens up new possibilities for interacting with the model and expands the application possibilities of Claude 2.1.

Click here or here for more information about the features and usage of Claude 2.1-

How to integrate Claude 2.1 into your company without any problems

Claude 2.1 can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing workflows and systems. Anthropic has simplified the developer console to make it easier to integrate Claude 2.1 into custom applications and websites. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation, companies can work quickly and efficiently with Claude 2.1. Developers will also have access to the Workbench product, which will allow them to test and customize Claude 2.1 in a playground environment. Here is a step-by-step guide to using Claude 2.1:

  1. Access to the Anthropnic API: In order to use Claude 2.1, access to the Anthropnic API is required. On the Anthropic website you will find all the information you need to register and set up an account.
  1. API integration: Once you have access to the Anthropnic API, you can integrate Claude 2.1 into your existing systems and workflows. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the documentation and instructions provided on the website. Here you will find detailed information on setting up and connecting your applications to the API.
  1. Setting up and preparing requests: Before you can use Claude 2.1, you need to prepare your requests. This includes defining the specific context, the instructions and the desired prompts. Make sure you provide the context and data relevant to your specific request. This helps Claude 2.1 to generate more accurate and relevant answers.
  1. Use of system requests for personalization: One of the special functions of Claude 2.1 are the system requests. With these requests, you can define specific contexts and instructions to receive personalized content. Define the desired language, tone and style specifications to be used in the generated text. In this way, you can be sure that the content generated is precisely tailored to your requirements.
  1. Integration of external tools: Another advantage of Claude 2.1 is the ability to use external tools and APIs. This allows you to access powerful resources and integrate additional functions into your workflow. For example, use calculators, databases or web search APIs to get more precise answers or additional information.
  2. Optimization of results: To achieve optimal results with Claude 2.1, you can iteratively improve your requests and prompts. Use the features provided to check and customize your requests. Over time, you will develop a better understanding of how to best utilize Claude 2.1 to achieve your specific marketing and content creation goals.
Source: Anthropic

Prices and availability of Claude 2.1

Claude 2.1 is not only technically advanced, but also offers an extremely competitive price structure. With a price of only $0.008 per 1,000 tokens for prompts and $0.024 per 1,000 tokens for output, Claude 2.1 is an extremely cost-effective solution compared to other AI models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Claude better than ChatGPT?

Claude offers advantages in some areas compared to
. For example, Claude offers a more secure approach to the use of AI, with stricter restrictions on its language models that ChatGPT does not offer.

Is Claude 2.1 better than GPT-4?

GPT-4 Turbo
has multimodal capabilities for processing text, images, audio, video, etc., while Claude 2.1 concentrates exclusively on processing text. This makes
is better suited for creative applications. However, Claude 2.1 has a significantly larger context window of 200,000 tokens compared to GPT-4 Turbo with 128,000 tokens.

Read now the detailed comparison between 
Claude 2.1 vs GPT-4

Are Claude API keys free of charge?

The Claude API keys provided by Anthropic are free of charge, but are subject to various restrictions.


Claude 2.1 is a powerful tool for companies that want to integrate AI into their marketing and content creation strategies. With its advanced functions for processing large amounts of data, personalizing content through system queries and integrating external tools, Claude 2.1 offers optimal support in the creation of high-quality and targeted content.

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