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How Generative AI Improves Text Summarization Accuracy?

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Text summarization is the practice of presenting the key points of a lengthy text in short words. There are many reasons why people need to create summaries. 

Digital marketers use different marketing platforms with varying word count restrictions.  So, they often need to reduce the word count while preserving the original meaning. It’s also normal for students and teachers to extract the main points from long research works. And the list goes on.

After the advent of AI technology, summarizing a long text has become easier. Now, you don’t need to spend long hours reading and analyzing long-form content to extract the important information. An AI text summarizer can do this in the blink of an eye with the highest level of accuracy.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is the most advanced type of artificial intelligence that relies on deep learning models to produce human-like outputs. It can produce new and original responses in a split second. This is what makes it valuable. Generative AI can serve different purposes, adding more creativity and productivity to our lives.

Generative AI and Text Summarization 

A text summarizer with generative AI capabilities can create summaries with the greatest accuracy and efficiency. This is because generative AI has the ability to think like a human. It usually employs an abstractive summarization technique, which involves analyzing the text and then finding a new way to describe it in fewer words. The resulting summary conveys the same meaning but in a different wording.

The following are the common ways generative AI can help improve text summarization accuracy:

Precise and Concise Wording

A good summary uses precise and concise wording. Finding such accurate wording manually can be challenging when creating a summary. A text Summarizer using generative AI finds the best words and phrases to generate a concise Text Summary.  All of this happens in less than a second. 

Let’s explain this through an example. We took a random text and ran it through an AI text summarizer. 

 Input Text:

‘’The deforestation of forests is negatively impacting our planet Earth. If this continues at the current rate, we will not be far from suffering dire consequences. All world leaders should come together to devise policies to end logging.’’

Output Text:

“Deforestation negatively affects Earth; urgent global action needed to halt logging and save our planet..’’

The AI text summarizer did an excellent job of producing a concise summary in the best possible wording (as shown in the above demo picture). 

Extraction of the Key Information

Analyzing and putting together the key information is necessary when summarizing a long-form text. When we summarize a text manually, the chances of skipping the most important info always remain present. Failing to cover any of the key parts might negatively impact your summary.

AI text summarizers thoroughly analyze the entire text and then identify all key points to be summarized. They are designed in a way that they never skip any important part.  Let’s have a demo of an AI summarizer extracting the main info from a lengthy text.

As clearly visible in the above demo, the AI summarizer only didn’t fail to extract any important parts in the resulting summary. 

Minimum Grammar Errors 

When you summarize a text manually, you’re more likely to produce typos and other grammar mistakes. This is where a generative AI text summarizer can come in handy. With the assistance of such a tool, you don’t need to do anything. Just enter the text you want to create a summary for, and this is it. The tool will create a well-crafted summary in the nick of time without any errors.

Let’s break it down through a demo involving an AI text summarizer. We inserted the following lengthy text into the tool. 

Input Text:

“Global warming poses a real threat to our home planet, Earth. It occurs when polluting gases such as carbon dioxide become trapped in the environment, causing the temperature to rise. Increasing human activities, such as the deforestation of forests, the use of harmful products such as plastic bags and the waste of water reservoirs, are the main culprits.’’

Output Text:

“Global warming endangers Earth as pollutants like carbon dioxide get trapped, causing rising temperatures. Human activities, like deforestation, plastic use, and water waste, exacerbate the issue.’’

As you can observe in the above picture, the resulting summary makes its point clearly without any grammar mistakes. 


A text summarizer using generative AI technology does a great job of summarizing long-form text with the highest accuracy. So, it’s safe to rely on such tools for all your text summarization needs.

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