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It’s that time again, neuroflash has received a new update. With the latest version you can now easily create avatars. In this blog post, we’ll show you how it works and everything you need to keep in mind.

What you need to get started

To create your own AI avatar, you first need some pictures of yourself. You should make sure that they are of sufficient quality and show you from different angles. Therefore, do not exclusively use photos in which you look head-on into the camera.

After you have gathered your photos, you can start looking for a suitable software. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of different AI avatar generators. Neuroflash has also been represented among these recently.

Finally, you need some time and patience. Generating an avatar can take some time. Meanwhile, of course, you don’t have to do anything. Your avatars will find themselves in your online mailbox.

Step-by-step to your own avatar with neuroflash

To make it as easy as possible for you to get an AI avatar, here is a step-by-step guide to creating avatars with the neuroflash software:

Step 1: With or without registration?

In the first step you can decide whether you want to use the tool with or without a registration at neuroflash. Those who already subscribe can look forward to a discount on the creation.

Step 2: Do's & Dont's

You will then be taken to a brief overview of the most important guidelines and instructions for selecting images. Read them thoroughly to make your avatars as good as possible. Once you have internalized everything, you can click on “Create”.

Step 3: Address

In order for your avatars to reach you, the software needs the necessary data and addresses. Make sure you are thorough about this and check that your email address is correct.

Step 4: Upload photos

Now it’s time to upload your pictures. To do this, it is best to recall the guidelines from step 2 in your mind.

Step 5: Look forward to your avatars

After you have sent your photos, it’s time to wait. Within two hours you will receive an email with your finished avatars. This process takes some time because the AI is trained specifically for you and your appearance.

You want to try it yourself? Create your own avatar with neuroflash here!

What is the advantage of neuroflash?

Neuroflash strives to make the creation of AI avatars as easy as possible. In the process, the work of the artists whose works are used by the AI in the avatar creation is recognized with a share of the sales.

Filters are installed to prevent critical and inappropriate results. Furthermore, neuroflash respects all user information and focuses on data protection.

These provisions are intended to allow as many people as possible to enjoy creating their own avatar without fear of negative consequences.

5 tips for image selection

1. choose a photo in high resolution

Avatar generators work best with high-resolution images. Otherwise, the result may be pixelated and unattractive. Therefore, you should pay attention to a high resolution of your photos.

2. avoid having too much detail in your image

If you have too much detail in your image, it may not be picked up properly when you create your avatar. So it is better to choose a simple image so that the generator can capture the essence.

3. choose a well lit photo

A well-lit photo is important so that the generator can capture enough detail. If the photo is too dark, it will be difficult to see enough detail to create a realistic image. So make sure the photo you use is well lit.

4. use a photo with clear contours

Photos with clear outlines are best because they allow the generator to better capture the details of your face or hair. If you use a photo with blurred outlines, the result may not be as realistic.

5. make sure that your face is clearly visible

Since the avatar generator uses your face as the basis for the avatar, you should make sure that your face is clearly visible. So avoid hiding your face in the shadows or behind other objects.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is an AI avatar?

An AI avatar represents a virtual image of a real person created with the help of artificial intelligence.

How can I create my own AI avatar?

There are several ways to create an AI avatar. One option is to use appropriate software.

Figuring out how to create an avatar is easier than expected. With the right software, anyone can generate their own digital likeness and make it distinctive. Discover even more about avatars and other artificial intelligence topics on our blog!

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