The best use cases for ChatGPT

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If you’re looking for a practical yet compelling example of how to use ChatGPT, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to six use cases for the new tool.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an open AI system developed by OpenAI to improve the conversational capabilities of AI systems. It was developed specifically for use in chatbots and digital assistants. ChatGPT can be used to understand natural language and recognize what people are saying. Compared to conventional chatbots, it is even able to pick up what has already been said later in the conversation and correct itself if it makes a mistake.

How was ChatGPT developed?

 builds on OpenAI’s GPT series and has been trained and improved using so-called reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). This is a machine learning method in which a computer attempts to learn a specific task by using human feedback as reward or punishment.

In the case of ChatGPT, in order to obtain the amount of data needed at the outset, the AI was provided with various conversations in which both sides (i.e. AI and user) were taken over by human “trainers” in each case. Since creating a “reward model” for the RLHF required more data for comparisons, OpenAI additionally recorded conversations that took place between the trainers and the AI. This gave the “trainers” the opportunity to rate the quality of the responses. With the help of the “reward models”, the model could then be adjusted by Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO). This is understood to mean an algorithm for determining optimal actions in a given context.

The Top 6: Use Cases for ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is mainly known as a chatbot, there are many other interesting uses for it and with the creativity of its users, more seem to be added every minute. Here are our favorites:

1. answer questions

Like any chatbot, ChatGPT can of course answer questions in the classic way. However, this is capable of explaining complex issues, even more so in different tonalities or ways of speaking.

2. alternative to Google search

ChatGPT is not only a competitor for chatbots, Google could also be replaced by the new tool. Because it has a clever answer to just about every query. The only minus point we could find here is the lack of source references.

3. develop apps

Some Twitter users asked ChatGPT for help in creating an app – and it actually worked! The tool even gave examples of code that can be used for a particular scenario, in addition to general tips on development. Nevertheless, this should not be adopted without personal review and correction.

4. writing funny dialogues

Besides technical know-how, ChatGPT also convinces with artistic skill. Thus, some users have had some fun and started generating various skits and funny dialogs. The results are really impressive and it is great fun to read through them.

5. compose e-mails

Who does not know it? You sit in front of a white screen and simply don’t know how to formulate your message now. Some Twitter users must have had enough of it and asked ChatGPT for a ready-made email, which they received as a result. This probably puts an end to the era of blank pages.

6. create recipes

Finally, ChatGPT also knows how to cook: Depending on the request, users received different recipe suggestions from the AI. Unfortunately, we cannot judge at this point to what extent these are really successful, but it would certainly be interesting to try out the resulting recipes for yourself.

Possible limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful tool, but it has its limitations. In some cases, AI may give incorrect or meaningless answers to questions. Even small changes in the wording of a request can result in either a response being generated or not. In addition, some phrases and words are still used too often by ChatGPT.

The biggest risk, however, is that on rare occasions, despite programming to the contrary, AI will provide answers to inappropriate questions. However, the developers are already working on a solution for this problem.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a message processing system developed by OpenAI.

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT is activated by typing text into a message field and then generates an automatic reply.

Is ChatGPT free of charge?

At the moment, ChatGPT can be used for free, as the tool is still in the testing phase. It is not yet known how much it will cost afterwards.

Useful tips for dealing with ChatGPT

  • Be informative and precise. Make sure that you provide the most accurate information about your questions so that ChatGPT can provide the best possible answer.
  • Go by the context. Make sure your request fits into the current context to ensure a cohesive dialogue.
  • Avoid redundant follow-up questions or repeating questions in the same dialogue. This will hinder the learning process and there is a risk that ChatGPT will give the same answer several times.
  • Carefully review the bot’s response for relevance and reasonableness before proceeding. If the answer is not relevant, ask a new question to the bot with the same context.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and ideas with this blog post. Now it’s up to you to come up with your own crazy, groundbreaking, and fun use cases for ChatGPT.

Source: OpenAI

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