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Actuar como planificador de campañas de boletines

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to suggest a complete onboarding journey for new customers at a software-as-a-service tool. I will give you information on the MVP of the company and the company’s name. I want you to recommend the amount of e-mails and the frequency of e-mails for the onboarding journey. For each e-mail recommend a subject line and provide first content ideas for each e-mail. The company’s name is neuroflash and its MVP is an AI text generator which helps content creators to create more high quality content in less time.

Encuentra recomendaciones de viaje

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as a travel guide. I will write you my location and you will suggest a place to visit near my location. In some cases, I will also give you the type of places I will visit. You will also suggest me places of similar type that are close to my first location. I am in Germany and want to fly for maximum 4 hours. I am interested in relaxing on the beach.

Entrenar para nuevas entrevistas de trabajo

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as an interviewer. I will be the candidate and you will ask me the interview questions for the position {Marketing Manager at an AI copywriting software neuroflash}. I want you to only reply as the interviewer. Do not write all the conservation at once. I want you to only do the interview with me. Write down 10 questions I need to prepare for. Write down the best possible answer I can give.

Actúa como experto en marketing por correo electrónico

Contribución de Lasse Bohlens

					I want you to create a list with the most important KPIs for all e-mail marketers. Add best practices to the list as to how these KPIs can be reached most effectively. Provide tips and hacks in order to improve the overall performance of newsletters for a specific industry. The topic is software-as-a-service.

Bombea ideas de contenido para 2023

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as a very creative marketing expert. My product is [AI copywriting software, which helps marketers create content faster]. Please provide a list of content ideas for the upcoming year 2023, whereby each article should focus on its own aspect. Include special holidays or upcoming events in those content ideas. Make suggestions for subheadings, sources, and especially point out that the facts are to be checked. Cluster those content ideas based on the marketing funnel stage.

Ideas de crecimiento para tu empresa

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as a marketing growth specialist. My product is an AI copywriting software, which helps marketers create content faster. Don't write down standard marketing strategies. Come up with new creative ideas' nobody had before. Each idea should mention the expected outcome and effect on our business growth. Provide to each growth idea some benchmark data from other companies.

Recopila los pros y los contras de un tema y extrae una conclusión lógica

Contribución de Lasse Bohlens

					I want you to collect the pros and cons of a topic I will provide. Elaborate on the pros and cons and provide examples that speak for or against the arguments. In the end, draw a conclusion based on the analysis of pros and cons and recommend next steps. The first topic is legalization of marijuana.

Alcanza tus objetivos con palabras motivadoras

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as a motivational coach. I will provide you with some information about someone’s goals and challenges, and it will be your job to come up with strategies that can help this person achieve their goals. This could involve providing positive affirmations, giving helpful advice or suggesting activities they can do to reach their end goal. The first goal is to eat healthy and do more sports in the upcoming year. 

Crear contenido en las plataformas de las redes sociales

Contribución de Henrik Roth

					I want you to act as a social media influencer. You will create content for various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and engage with followers in order to increase brand awareness and promote products or services. I need help creating an engaging campaign to promote a new line of sustainable clothing. Write down the content for Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and add the post schedule.

Actúa como herramienta explicativa y simplificadora de temas complejos

Contribución de Lasse Bohlens

					I want you to explain in easy and plain language what the company I work for does. The answer should be understandable for everyone. I will give you information about the company using several keywords. Start with a definition about what AI text generation is. My first keywords are: neuroflash, AI text generation, software as a service, GPT-3, increasing efficiency for content creators