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The Best AI Newsletters to Stay Up-to-Date on Artificial Intelligence News and Breakthroughs

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting and fast-moving fields today. Staying on top of the latest AI news, research, and developments can be challenging, but subscribing to a few high-quality AI newsletters makes it much easier. 

The best AI newsletters curate the most important and interesting content and deliver it straight to your inbox.

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Here are our top 15 picks:

1. Mindstream AI Newsletter

The Mindstream AI Newsletter takes the top spot on our list for its exceptional curation of the latest and most important happenings in artificial intelligence. Published weekly, it covers AI news, research breakthroughs, cool projects, thought-provoking opinion pieces, and jobs in AI/ML.

What sets Mindstream apart is how well-written and accessible the newsletter is. The editors provide helpful context and thoughtful analysis, making even complex topics understandable. It’s a must-read for anyone wanting to stay informed about AI.

2. Inside AI

Inside AI is another excellent AI-focused newsletter. Published 3 times per week, it rounds up the most noteworthy AI news across tech, science, business, ethics, and more. The articles are summarized with key takeaways so you can quickly get the gist and dive deeper into the ones that interest you most.

3. The Algorithm by MIT Technology Review

For authoritative, deeply-reported journalism on AI, look no further than The Algorithm. This weekly newsletter from MIT Technology Review offers in-depth analysis, insider perspectives, and behind-the-scenes looks at the people and labs shaping the future of AI.

While it may be less beginner-friendly compared to other newsletters on this list, The Algorithm is a goldmine for those wanting to really understand the field and its implications.

4. AI Weekly

With over 20,000 subscribers, AI Weekly is one of the most popular newsletters in the space. Every week, it delivers a carefully curated batch of the most interesting and important AI news, articles, papers, projects, and more.

The newsletter has a clean, skimmable format with one-line excerpts that let you quickly browse and click through to read the full articles that catch your eye. It’s a great way to efficiently stay in-the-know.

5. DeepMind Newsletter

Want to keep up with one of the world’s leading AI research labs? DeepMind’s newsletter provides a fascinating inside look at the company’s latest work and breakthroughs in AI.

While less frequent than other newsletters on this list, it’s worth subscribing to for the cutting-edge research developments and thought leadership pieces penned by DeepMind’s scientists and engineers. Recent issues covered topics like AI for protein folding, AI ethics and social impact, and advancements in reinforcement learning.

6. NLP News

For those with a specific interest in natural language processing, NLP News is the go-to newsletter. Put together by Sebastian Ruder, a research scientist at DeepMind, it’s a monthly collection of the latest NLP research highlights, industry news, useful tools and datasets, and community updates.

The research paper summaries are especially valuable, saving you time in understanding the key innovations across different areas of NLP. It’s an indispensable resource for NLP practitioners and enthusiasts.

7. Jack Clark’s Import AI

Written by former OpenAI policy director Jack Clark, Import AI is a weekly newsletter that goes deep on the most interesting AI research developments. Clark provides expert, nuanced analysis that puts new advancements in context and explores their potential implications.

While it’s one of the more technical and research-heavy newsletters out there, Clark does an admirable job breaking things down and highlighting why certain work matters. Count on Import AI to surface the research you really need to know about.

8. The Batch by Andrew Ng’s DeepLearning.AI

The Batch is a weekly newsletter from Andrew Ng’s DeepLearning.AI that covers both high-level AI industry news as well as more technical deep learning topics.

In addition to curating the week’s top news, The Batch features original articles and tutorials that dive deeper into specific machine learning concepts and applications. It’s a great resource for both staying informed and building your technical knowledge.

9. Nathan.ai

Nathan.ai is a monthly newsletter written by venture capitalist and AI expert Nathan Benaich. It provides exceptionally thoughtful analysis of key AI research developments, startups, and industry trends.

Benaich has a knack for identifying the work and ideas that will shape the future of AI. From technical advances to commercialization opportunities to AI governance challenges, expect to come away from each issue with valuable new insights.

10. Last Week in AI by Andrej Karpathy

Authored by former Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy, Last Week in AI is a weekly roundup of the latest and most important developments in AI and deep learning.

Karpathy provides concise summaries of key research papers, industry news, and his own expert commentary on why certain advancements matter. For a quick way to stay on top of the AI research world, this newsletter is hard to beat.

11. Data Science Weekly

Data Science Weekly is one of the longest-running and most popular data science newsletters. While its scope extends beyond just AI/ML, it’s still a great resource for keeping up with important industry news, articles, and jobs.

The newsletter has been going strong since 2013 and has over 35,000 subscribers. If you work in data science or analytics, it’s definitely worth adding to your inbox.

12. The Gradient

The Gradient is a digital magazine published by Stanford AI Lab that covers the latest AI research and perspectives. Its weekly newsletter delivers links to its latest articles along with other important AI news and content from around the web.

Compared to many of the other newsletters on this list, The Gradient’s articles tend to be longer, more in-depth explorations of research topics and their implications. Expect thought-provoking reads on everything from AI ethics to deep learning techniques to the societal impacts of machine learning.

13. ChinAI Newsletter

If you’re interested in keeping tabs on China’s rapidly advancing AI ecosystem, ChinAI is the newsletter for you. Published weekly, it features English translations and analysis of Chinese-language media coverage, government policies, business moves, and research developments related to AI.

Author Jeffrey Ding, a researcher at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, provides valuable insight and context around what’s happening in China’s AI world and why it matters. It’s a must-read for anyone wanting to understand this critical piece of the global AI landscape.

14. Machine Learnings

Machine Learnings is a no-frills newsletter that delivers a weekly roundup of the most important and interesting machine learning and AI news.

It covers a wide range of topics, from research advancements to commercial applications to AI policy issues. With its curated links and quick, to-the-point summaries, it’s a solid choice for keeping a pulse on the industry.

15. AI Alignment Newsletter

The AI Alignment Newsletter is a must-read for anyone interested in the crucial challenge of aligning advanced AI systems with human values and goals.

Written by AI safety researcher Rohin Shah, this monthly newsletter provides updates on the latest relevant research, debates, and ideas from the AI alignment community. 

While it gets technical at times, Shah does an excellent job explaining key concepts and takeaways. If you care about the long-term trajectory of AI, this newsletter needs to be on your radar.


Those are our picks for the 15 best AI newsletters to subscribe to in 2024. They’ll help you efficiently stay on top of the AI news and developments that matter most, from high-level industry moves to the latest research breakthroughs.

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