We collected below examples of great slogans and claims for your inspiration.

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Slogans of Iams (UK)

  • Good for life. (2000)
  • Welcome to a new world of health. (2001)
  • Good for the heart and good for life. (2003)
  • Food that shows you care, value you'll love - always. (2004)
  • Good for the immune system. Good for life. (2006)
  • That's why vets recommend us. (2006)
  • There's ordinary dog food. And there's Iams. (2007)
  • For life. (2007)
  • Recommended by vets. (2008)
  • There's ordinary cat food. And there's Iams. (2008)

Slogans of Whiskas (UK)

  • More cats than ever before now prefer Whiskas. (1987)
  • The most preferred cat food. (1989)
  • Best quality ever. (1990)
  • Cats know the difference. (2004)
  • New. Better. Happier. (2005)
  • Be happy. (2007)
  • My cat loves Whiskas - And I love my cat. (2009)
  • Nurture their nature. (2014)
  • Long live curiosity. (2015)

Slogans of Felix (UK)

  • Cats like Felix like Felix Duos. (2000)
  • Cats like Felix vote Felix. (2001)
  • Clean bowl satisfaction. (2002)
  • The irresistible pouch from Felix. (2002)
  • Cat sized heaven in cat sized cans. (2002)
  • Kittens like Felix, like Felix kitten food. (2005)
  • Officially delicious Five million cats can't be wrong. (2005)
  • Tastes so good cats can't wait. (2006)

Slogans of Pedigree (UK)

  • Builds health on the inside - You can see on the outside. (2000)
  • For health you can see everyday of his life. (2001)
  • Healthy happy dog for life. (2003)
  • It's a dog thing. (2007)
  • Better by nature. (2007)
  • We're for dogs. (2009)
  • Feeding brighter futures. (2013)

Slogans of Sheba (UK)

  • Prepared with love. (1990)
  • The recipe for love. (1997)
  • The food of love. (2000)
  • It's a matter of taste. (2002)
  • In a world of its own. (2003)
  • Share the experience. (2007)
  • Follow your passion. (2012)

Slogans of Fresh Step (US)

  • Freshens with every step. (2004)
  • It's hard to find your litter box if you can't smell it. (2007)
  • It's hard to find your litter box if you can't find it. (2008)
  • It's hard to find your litter box if you can hardly smell it. (2009)
  • Smart litter for smart cats. (2013)
  • Let's start fresh. (2019)

Slogans of Eukanuba (UK)

  • The best you can do for your dog. (1999)
  • Nutrition that understands your dog. (2000)
  • For a healthy body mind and soul. (2004)
  • For a healthier body, mind and soul. (2005)
  • Make a good dog great. (2008)
  • Extraordinary nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Purina (US)

  • Purina knows what cats love most and it comes in a little blue can. (1975)
  • A plus in energy - A plus in savings. (1981)
  • The most trusted name in pet food. (1983)
  • Helping pets live longer, healthier lives. (1985)
  • Redefining the possible. (1999)
  • Your pet. Our passion. (2007)

Slogans of Iams (US)

  • Life's better on Iams. (2007)
  • Life's better. (2010)
  • The most advanced Iams nutrition. Ever. (2011)
  • I am an Iams dog for life. (2012)
  • Keep love strong. (2013)

Slogans of Eukanuba (US)

  • Results oriented nutrition. (2000)
  • What healthy dogs are made of. (2003)
  • Feed the breed. (2006)
  • What healthy pets are made of. (2008)
  • Extraordinary nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Pedigree (US)

  • Two simple steps to a healthy dog. (2004)
  • Dogs rule. (2007)
  • Really good food for dogs. (2008)
  • See what good food can do. (2014)
  • Feed the good. (2016)

Slogans of Bakers Complete (UK)

  • Now made with fresh meat. (2001)
  • Wags guaranteed with Bakers Complete. (2003)
  • It's doggylicious. (2004)
  • Britain's favourite dry dog food. (2007)

Slogans of PDSA (UK)

  • Caring for the friends of man for sixty years. (1979)
  • For the animals. (1990)
  • Give something back. (2004)
  • Help a vet. Help a pet. (2015)

Slogans of Animonda

  • Petfood experts. (2009)
  • Simply the first choice for cats and dogs. (2012)
  • High quality food. (2015)
  • High quality petfood. (2019)

Slogans of Purina Tidy Cats (US)

  • Multiple strength for multiple cats. (2007)
  • Multiple strength for your cast of characters. (2008)
  • Keep home smelling like home. (2009)
  • 50% lighter. 100% glade fresh. Every home. Every cat. There's a tidy cats for that. (2017)

Slogans of Milk-Bone (US)

  • Get Milk-Bone happy. (2005)
  • Make a Milk-Bone Moment. (2008)
  • It's good to give. (2011)
  • Loved since 1908. (2013)

Slogans of Purina One (US)

  • Second to none. (1998)
  • How great relationships are fed. (2001)
  • One can make a difference. (2003)
  • It's amazing what ONE can do. (2010)

Slogans of Friskies (US)

  • For more. (2004)
  • Choice. Nutrition. Taste. Friskies for more. (2006)
  • Feed the senses. (2007)

Slogans of Frolic (UK)

  • For a colourful life. (2002)
  • F-r-o-l-i-c. Don't mention it in front of the d-o-g. (2003)
  • Dogs can't resist a Frolic. (2004)

Slogans of Spillers (UK)

  • Spillers takes the biscuit. (1994)
  • When you feed the best it shows. (2001)
  • Feed from our experience. (2007)

Slogans of Gaines (US)

  • Nourishes every inch of your dog! (1955)
  • The special puppy food for a puppy's special needs. (1976)
  • Natural beef flavor makes the taste even better, (1977)

Slogans of Eukanuba

  • Make a good dog great. (2009)
  • 100% high quality nutrition. (2011)
  • Extraordinary nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Hill's (UK)

  • Vets' No.1 choice to feed their own pets. (2000)
  • Recommended by veterinarians worldwide. (2012)
  • Recommended by vetenarians worldwide. (2012)

Slogans of Gaines Burgers (US)

  • The cheese taste makes the burger taste better. (1972)
  • The canned dog food without the can. (1972)
  • New chicken style Gaines. Burgers with real chicken. (1982)

Slogans of Petco (US)

  • Where the pets go. (2007)
  • Where the healthy pets go. (2011)
  • The power of together. (2013)

Slogans of Sheba (US)

  • The only food worthy. (2007)
  • Tastefully simple. (2009)
  • What cats want. (2016)

Slogans of Dentastix (US)

  • Or, there's Dentastix. (2011)
  • Smile, it's Dentastix time. (2014)
  • Feel the good. (2016)

Slogans of Pets at Home (UK)

  • Britain's No.1 pet superstore. (2000)
  • No.1 for fins, feathers, paws and claws. (2007)
  • Where pets come first. (2014)

Slogans of Purina One (UK)

  • A formula for every lifestage. (2004)
  • Visible health for today and tomorrow. (2005)
  • Shouldn't your cat be a Purine One? (2008)

Slogans of Chuck Wagon (US)

  • Next to you, what he likes best and needs most. (1973)
  • The one kind of food for both kinds of dogs. (1973)
  • We beef'd-up the flavor. Come and get it. (1975)

Slogans of Cesar (US)

  • It's canine cuisine. (2006)
  • Love them back with Cesar. (2007)
  • Love them back. (2008)

Slogans of Whiskas (US)

  • What cats want. (2003)
  • Tastes meatier than ever. (2005)
  • Purrfectly. (2008)

Slogans of Catsan (UK)

  • A new level in cat hygiene. (2001)
  • Cuts out cat odours. (2002)
  • Absorbs before odour can develop. (2007)

Slogans of Whiskas Pouches (UK)

  • 25 varieties make a new meal every day. (2002)
  • A first class meal for less than the price of a stamp. (2003)
  • 9 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas Pouches to tins. (2003)

Slogans of Bozita

  • The Swedish quality pet food. (2009)
  • A taste of Sweden. (2012)
  • Swedish natural quality. (2019)

Slogans of Bewital

  • Professional nutrition. (2009)
  • Your partner in food... (2011)
  • For innovative nutrition. (2011)

Slogans of Olli (UK)

  • Full of natural goodness for your cat. (2005)
  • Good for your cat, easy for you. (2005)

Slogans of Nature's Recipe (US)

  • Every ingredient counts. (2008)
  • Fuel the wag. (2018)

Slogans of Purina High Protein Flavors (US)

  • Protein rich flavors from beef, cheese and egg help give your dog more protein than any leading dog food. (1981)
  • Another season. Another reason for High Protein. (1981)

Slogans of Purina Cat Chow (US)

  • Makes sense. (2003)
  • A better way of life begins with lifestyle-specific formulas. (2009)

Slogans of PetSmart (UK)

  • Where pets are family. (1999)
  • That's smart. (2006)

Slogans of Pal (UK)

  • Be your dogs best friend. (2001)
  • He'll love the taste. You'll love the price. (2004)

Slogans of Mainstay (US)

  • Flavour you can actually see! (1980)
  • A complete and balanced meal, with flavour variety in every bowlful. (1980)

Slogans of Pro Plan (US)

  • Feed the appetite for life. (2000)
  • Inside every good dog is a great dog. (2012)

Slogans of Petsmart (US)

  • The smarter way to shop for your pet. (2001)
  • Partners in pethood. (2015)

Slogans of Meow Mix (US)

  • Only Meow Mix tastes so good cats ask for it by name. (1981)
  • Tastes so good cats ask for it by name. (2008)

Slogans of Zoo Med (US)

  • Save your reptiles. (2012)
  • #1 reptile products worldwide. (2012)

Slogans of Litter Green (US)

  • Stops odors clay can't control. (1977)
  • Get Litter Green and be sure. (1980)

Slogans of Kibbles 'n Bits (US)

  • More taste, more joy. (2003)
  • More taste. More joy. (2008)

Slogans of Almo Nature

  • Petfood + aLmore. (2012)
  • Owned by the animals. (2018)

Slogans of Alpo (US)

  • Real dogs eat meat. (2009)
  • Happy starts here. (2014)

Slogans of Belcando

  • Super premium quality. (2009)
  • The ingredients make the difference. (2012)

Slogans of Beneful (US)

  • Healthful. Flavorful. Beneful. (2004)
  • Play. It's good for you. (2013)

Slogans of Biomill (CH)

  • Swiss premium pet foods. (2009)
  • So Swiss! (2011)

Slogans of Bonz (US)

  • Bonz are better than bones. (1980)
  • Dogs like Bonz like dogs like bones. (1984)

Slogans of Butcher's (UK)

  • Fresh new look. Same great taste. (2002)
  • Is your dog as fit as a Butcher's dog? (2008)

Slogans of Cesar (UK)

  • To love him like he loves you. (1999)
  • Because he would if he could. (2005)

Slogans of Cycle (US)

  • Cycle nutrition For the life of your dog. (1976)
  • Only Cycle changes For the life of your dog. (1980)

Slogans of Dallas Pets Alive (US)

  • Longer life for everyone. (2014)
  • Foster. Donate. Volunteer. Adopt. (2016)

Slogans of Dodson & Horrell (UK)

  • Horse feed specialists. (2012)
  • The choice for a lifetime. (2012)

Slogans of Ernest Charles (UK)

  • Fine feed and seed merchant. (2002)
  • Caring for Britain's wildlife. (2008)

Slogans of Flexi

  • Freedom, control, safety. (2011)
  • Freedom on the leash. (2012)

Slogans of Friskies Beta (UK)

  • For health for life. (2000)
  • A lifetime's nutrition. (2002)

Slogans of Friskies Vital Balance (UK)

  • Much more than meat alone. (2000)
  • Much more than fish alone. (2000)

Slogans of Gaines Complete (US)

  • The biggest difference is the lower price. (1980)
  • Great taste at a great price. (1980)

Slogans of Happy Dog

  • Naturally more healthy! (2012)
  • Trusted feeding. Since 1968. (2012)

Slogans of Iams

  • Life's better. (2009)
  • Good for life. (2009)

Slogans of Kal Kan (US)

  • Recommended by top breeders to help make your dog top breeder healthy. (1981)
  • So rich in nutrition, it's like getting a multi-vitamin in every can. (1982)

Slogans of Purina Tender Vittles (US)

  • You'll both love it. (1972)
  • Real meat flavor with a new tastier taste. (1975)

Slogans of Kitty Litter (US)

  • Twice the odor control. (1980)
  • There's only one Kitty Litter brand. (1983)

Slogans of Thrive (US)

  • Help your cat to thrive! (1981)
  • Put your whole family in the picture of health with Thrive! (1982)

Slogans of Sea Dog (US)

  • True taste your dog's been fishin' for. (1984)
  • The taste your dog's been fishin' for. (1984)

Slogans of Skinner's (UK)

  • 300 years of knowledge - The Skinner's pedigree. (1989)
  • All your dog needs. (2012)

Slogans of Yarrah Bio

  • Nature's finest. (2011)
  • Bio-organic since 1992. (2018)

Slogans of Temptations (UK)

  • Cats can't resist. (2015)
  • Treat them too. (2016)

Slogans of SanoVet (AT)

  • In harmony with nature. (2011)

Slogans of EzyDog (US)

  • Now go and play! (2012)

Slogans of Vectra 3D (US)

  • Don't keep the fun waiting. (2012)

Slogans of VPI Pet (US)

  • That's good human. (2011)

Slogans of Eukanuba Cat Foods (US)

  • The ultimate in taste and nutrition. (2000)

Slogans of Exo Terra

  • Make your reptiles feel at home. (2012)

Slogans of EzyDog (UK)

  • Now go and play! (2012)

Slogans of Fancy Feast Appetizers (US)

  • Celebrate the moment. (2009)

Slogans of Eukanuba (AT)

  • Extraordinary nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Febo Professional (UK)

  • For healthy pets. (1994)

Slogans of Feelwell's (UK)

  • Treat your dog right with Feelwell's. (2008)

Slogans of Feline Pine (US)

  • Healthy home. Healthy cat. (2008)

Slogans of Tunze

  • High-tech aqarium ecology. (2011)

Slogans of Felix As Good As it Gets (UK)

  • Seeing is believing. (2007)

Slogans of Felix Dentapaw (UK)

  • Works a treat on teeth. (and cats). (2003)

Slogans of Ferplast

  • New pet generation. (2011)

Slogans of Eukanuba (CH)

  • Extraordinary nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Versele-Laga

  • Nutrition inspired by nature. (2009)

Slogans of Flavor Snacks (US)

  • Six different ways to love your dog. (1973)

Slogans of Dogswell (US)

  • Unleash the happy. (2014)

Slogans of Dengie (UK)

  • The natural combination. (2000)

Slogans of Dennerle

  • Experience nature. (2010)

Slogans of W.E. Jameson & Son (UK)

  • The family feed firm for family farms. (2002)

Slogans of Diamond Pet Foods (US)

  • Happy. Healthy. Naturally. (2012)

Slogans of Dingo (US)

  • Meat in the middle! (2011)

Slogans of Vital Balance (UK)

  • Visible nutrition results. (2003)

Slogans of Doggles (US)

  • Protecting the world... one dog at a time. (2012)

Slogans of Dogsblog.com (UK)

  • Bring joy, adopt a dog. (2008)

Slogans of Dr. Schaette

  • The healthconcept for animals. (2012)

Slogans of Versele-Laga (UK)

  • Nutrition inspired by nature. (2012)

Slogans of Dr.Clauder's

  • Always a + for happy pets. (2012)

Slogans of Eagle Pack (UK)

  • Super premium pet food. (2004)

Slogans of Effol

  • Providing the best. (2012)

Slogans of Effol (US)

  • Providing the best. (2010)

Slogans of Eggersmann (UK)

  • My horsefeed. (2012)

Slogans of Equentum

  • Nutrition by nature. (2008)

Slogans of Equestrian (UK)

  • A helping hand to horse health. (2010)

Slogans of Equinatura

  • Less than 10€ - naturally guaranteed. (2012)

Slogans of Fit & Trim (US)

  • The fitness food that tastes great. (1984)

Slogans of Flexi (US)

  • Freedom on the leash. (2012)

Slogans of Trident Feeds (UK)

  • The natural partnership. (2001)

Slogans of Flexi (UK)

  • Freedom on the leash. (2012)

Slogans of Go-Cat (UK)

  • Not for Slow-Cats. (2008)

Slogans of Go-Cat Kitten (UK)

  • For cats with an appetite for life. (2001)

Slogans of Goodlife (UK)

  • Great taste! (2002)

Slogans of Gourmet Gold (UK)

  • Who can resist the stars. (2002)

Slogans of Grainea

  • The best dog treats and dog snacks. (2012)

Slogans of Granbar (US)

  • Accent on excellence. (2012)

Slogans of Green Monster Pet (US)

  • Your pets deserve the best. (2012)

Slogans of Greenies

  • The original smart-treat. (2009)

Slogans of Greenies (CH)

  • The original smart-treat. (2012)

Slogans of Greenies (US)

  • A daily dose of happiness. (2009)

Slogans of GroTech

  • Ocean inside. (2012)

Slogans of HDF Feeds (UK)

  • The winning formula. (2001)

Slogans of Haith's (UK)

  • For people who love birds. (2002)

Slogans of Happidog (UK)

  • A Happidog is a healthy dog. (2005)

Slogans of Happy Cat

  • Naturally healthier! (2012)

Slogans of Happy Cat (US)

  • Make your cat a Happy Cat. (1984)

Slogans of HappyBird

  • Where birds love to shop! (2011)

Slogans of Go Cat (UK)

  • The UK's No.1 selling dry cat food. (2001)

Slogans of Gimborn

  • The pet-specialist. (2012)

Slogans of Gem Dog (AT)

  • For healthy & beautiful dogs. (2012)

Slogans of Friskies Gourmet Gold (UK)

  • Who can resist the stars? (2002)

Slogans of Day Son & Hewitt (UK)

  • Quality equine nutrition since 1833. (2003)

Slogans of For Farmers

  • The total feed business. (2016)

Slogans of French's (US)

  • Providers for pets for over 70 years. (1975)

Slogans of Treadstone

  • Go riding. (2011)

Slogans of Freshpet (US)

  • Fresh food for Fido. (2013)

Slogans of Travall

  • Enjoy the journey. (2012)

Slogans of Totally Ferret

  • Total nutrition for a lifetime of fun. (2012)

Slogans of Top Secret (US)

  • No mess, no fuss. Just tear open a pouch and pour it on. (1983)

Slogans of Garvo (UK)

  • Professional food for animals. (2012)

Slogans of Top Life Formula (UK)

  • So good why didn't anyone think of it before? (2008)

Slogans of Top Choice (US)

  • For dogs who love hamburger. It's better for them. (1973)

Slogans of Timberline (US)

  • From nature to you. (2012)

Slogans of TierTex

  • Dog's best friend. (2009)

Slogans of Gaines Gravy Train (US)

  • Now makes a richer, thicker gravy. (1980)

Slogans of Gaines Top Choice (US)

  • No wonder it's called Top Choice. (1975)

Slogans of Garden Bird Supplies (UK)

  • The very best for your garden birds delivered direct to your door. (2002)

Slogans of Denes (UK)

  • Care for your cat with Denes. (1988)

Slogans of Dad's (US)

  • Nutrition you can trust & price you can afford. (2005)

Slogans of Wafcol (UK)

  • Changing dogs' lives. (2012)

Slogans of Winalot Simply Fresh (UK)

  • Simply Fresh. Simply serve. (2002)

Slogans of Aquarium Münster

  • Fish like us. (2012)

Slogans of Aquarium Systems

  • We create your best solutions. (2012)

Slogans of Arcadia

  • Light for life. (2012)

Slogans of Arcadia (UK)

  • Light for life. (2010)

Slogans of Arden Grange (UK)

  • Nutrition without compromise. (2012)

Slogans of Arm & Hammer (US)

  • Switch to Arm & Hammer. You'll never go back. (2010)

Slogans of Arm & Hammer Easy Flush (US)

  • Trusted for over 150 years. (2004)

Slogans of Arthur's Select Recipes (UK)

  • Everything the name implies. (1992)

Slogans of Aviform (UK)

  • The ultimate in nutritional healthcare. (2012)

Slogans of B. Kreiling

  • Experts in feed. (2012)

Slogans of BLUE Freedom (US)

  • Love them like family. Feed them like family. (2012)

Slogans of Bakers (UK)

  • Makes your dogs life complete. (2000)

Slogans of Zeovit-System

  • Brilliant colours - healthy growth. (2012)

Slogans of Bakers Gravy Bites 2 in 1 (UK)

  • Don't miss the gravy train. (2009)

Slogans of Belmondo

  • Makes horses feel better! (2013)

Slogans of Beneful

  • 100% tasty goodness. (2011)

Slogans of World's Best Cat Litter (US)

  • 100% natural. 110% performance. (2013)

Slogans of Anivital

  • Specialized pet nutrition. (2009)

Slogans of Anitox (US)

  • Solutions for safer feed and food. (2012)

Slogans of Ziwi Peak

  • 100% natural New Zealand pet nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Affinity Advance

  • Advanced nutrition for optimal health. (2012)

Slogans of 8in1

  • Love your pet, respect its nature. (2012)

Slogans of 8in1 (US)

  • Serving your pet product needs for over 100 years. (2012)

Slogans of 9Olives (US)

  • Makes lives better. (2008)

Slogans of 9lives (US)

  • Finicky about nutrition. (2010)

Slogans of Absorbine (US)

  • The horse world's most trusted name. (2010)

Slogans of Acana

  • Canada's best petfood. (2012)

Slogans of Adams (US)

  • Smarter pet care. (2012)

Slogans of Al-Ko-Te

  • Awake the Koi in carp. (2012)

Slogans of Ziwi Peak (CH)

  • 100% natural New Zealand pet nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of All-Weather

  • First choice in livestock marking. (2012)

Slogans of Alley Cat (US)

  • Gotta love that Alley Cat! (2004)

Slogans of Alltech

  • Naturally. (2012)

Slogans of Ziwi Peak (UK)

  • 100% natural New Zealand pet nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Almo Nature (CH)

  • Petfood + aLmore. (2012)

Slogans of Almo Nature (UK)

  • Petfood + aLmore. (2012)

Slogans of Almo Nature (US)

  • Petfood + aLmore. (2012)

Slogans of Bewi Dog

  • Active dog sport. (2009)

Slogans of Winalot Plus (UK)

  • A language you both understand. (2002)

Slogans of Herpetal

  • Herps feeding & care. (2012)

Slogans of Biomin (AT)

  • Naturally ahead. (2011)

Slogans of Whiskas Kitten (UK)

  • Start happy. (2007)

Slogans of Waltham (US)

  • Bringing the science to life. (2007)

Slogans of Wainwright's (UK)

  • Dog's best friend. (2006)

Slogans of Cesar Gourmet Biscuits (US)

  • Sophisticated food for sophisticated dogs. (2004)

Slogans of Cesar Senior (UK)

  • Because he's still crazy after all these years. (2001)

Slogans of Ceva (UK)

  • Together, beyond animal health. (2011)

Slogans of Ceva (US)

  • Together, beyond animal health. (2012)

Slogans of Chef Michael's (US)

  • Chef inspired. Dog desired. (2010)

Slogans of Chef's Blend (US)

  • Turn on your cat. (1982)

Slogans of Chipsi

  • The healthy, natural fibre bedding for your pets (2012)

Slogans of Wagg Time (UK)

  • Totally complete natural dog food. (2000)

Slogans of Classic (UK)

  • For the cat in your life and the life in your cat. (2000)

Slogans of Come-n Get It (US)

  • The only dry dog food with 4-flavor taste. (1983)

Slogans of Cozy Pets Hotel (UK)

  • The pet lovers' first choice. (2012)

Slogans of Crocker (US)

  • Caterers to man's best friend. (1953)

Slogans of Wagg (UK)

  • Healthy from nose to tail. (2012)

Slogans of DB Arabians (AT)

  • Dreams come true. (2012)

Slogans of Cat's Pride Fresh & Light (US)

  • Ultimate care. (2016)

Slogans of Cat Love (UK)

  • The natural treat for a happy healthy cat. (1988)

Slogans of CaribSea (US)

  • Bringing science to life. (2013)

Slogans of Buckeye (US)

  • We feed the champions. (2007)

Slogans of Biosaf (UK)

  • The yeast that keeps its promise. (2002)

Slogans of Biscones Organic Dog Food (UK)

  • An organic dog is a happy dog. (2007)

Slogans of Black Ranches (US)

  • Legendary bloodlines wearing the Stirrup brand. (2012)

Slogans of Bogar (CH)

  • Natural power. (2012)

Slogans of Winalot (UK)

  • Live a lot with Winalot. (2003)

Slogans of Whiskas Supermeat (UK)

  • Contentment is now even tastier. (1987)

Slogans of Brothers Complete (US)

  • Ultra premium dog food. (2015)

Slogans of Burns (UK)

  • Real food for dogs! (2001)

Slogans of Carefresh

  • For a long healthy life. (2012)

Slogans of Busy Bone (US)

  • The chew treat that keeps on treating. (2006)

Slogans of Whiskas Lifecare (UK)

  • Long live cats. (2001)

Slogans of Butcher's Choice (UK)

  • Perfect for small dogs. (2009)

Slogans of Butcher's Superior (UK)

  • Because I deserve it. (2007)

Slogans of CP-Pharma

  • A strong partner for the future. (2011)

Slogans of Cadocare

  • A pet's best friend. (2012)

Slogans of Canina

  • Animal health with concept. (2012)

Slogans of Hero Dog Food (US)

  • If you've got a big dog. (1982)

Slogans of Hikari (US)

  • Making species specific diets for decades! (2012)

Slogans of HiLife Complete Moist (UK)

  • Show him you care! (2007)

Slogans of Pet Life (US)

  • The premier choice for pet foods and supplies for over 25 years. (2012)

Slogans of Pet Stop (US)

  • Safer by design. Greater peace of mind. (2012)

Slogans of PetLife Organic (US)

  • Better for your pet…best for your family. (2012)

Slogans of PetSafe (US)

  • Protect. Teach. Love. (2012)

Slogans of Petco (CH)

  • Just the best for your pets. (2010)

Slogans of Skinner's

  • All your dog needs. (2012)

Slogans of Simpsons (UK)

  • The pet nations favourite. (2008)

Slogans of Silver Cup (US)

  • Serving your fish feed needs for over half a century. (2011)

Slogans of Plerion (UK)

  • Turns worming into a real treat! (2012)

Slogans of Poshpetonline.co.uk (UK)

  • Best products for your pet. (2007)

Slogans of Pounce (US)

  • Let's play! (2008)

Slogans of Preis Aquaristik

  • The point of interest for aquarists. (2012)

Slogans of Premier (US)

  • Your pets, our passion. (2012)

Slogans of Premiere

  • I love my cat. (2017)

Slogans of Principal (UK)

  • The No.1 ingredient is fresh chicken. (2000)

Slogans of Sheba Exclusive (UK)

  • More than just a cat. More than just a cat food. (2002)

Slogans of Professional Pet Food (US)

  • The science of complete and balanced pet nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of ProfiPet

  • Professional reptile care for you! (2012)

Slogans of Pet Naturals (US)

  • Helping pets live a healthier life. (2012)

Slogans of Pet Ego (US)

  • Relentless Italian style. (2011)

Slogans of Sano

  • Improve performance. (2013)

Slogans of Pero Organic (UK)

  • Complete organic dog food. (2007)

Slogans of Pedigre Healthy Appetities (UK)

  • Developing what's best for small dogs. (2004)

Slogans of Pedigree

  • We are for dogs. (2005)

Slogans of Spillars Shapes (UK)

  • Keep your dog in Spillars Shape. (1980)

Slogans of Snausages (US)

  • Woof down the laughs! (2008)

Slogans of Pedigree Breath Buster (US)

  • It's a breath of fresh air, for you both. (2003)

Slogans of Pedigree Chum Complete (UK)

  • Only what's best for dogs. (2004)

Slogans of Pedigree Denta Rask (UK)

  • The treat that acts like a toothbrush. (2000)

Slogans of Pedigree Denta Stix (US)

  • Clean teeth. (2005)

Slogans of Pedigree Formula (UK)

  • Advanced nutrition for specific needs. (1991)

Slogans of Pedigree Jumbo (UK)

  • Christmas. It's also a dog thing. (2006)

Slogans of Pedigree Jumbone (UK)

  • Every good dog deserves Jumbone. (2000)

Slogans of Pedigree Pouch (UK)

  • Enjoy the difference. (2002)

Slogans of Pedigree Puppy (US)

  • Give your puppy the best start in life. Give him Pedigree Puppy. (2004)

Slogans of Pedigree Small Breed (US)

  • Made for small dogs. (2014)

Slogans of Pedigree Stackerz (US)

  • Soooooooooo meaty! (2014)

Slogans of Pedigree chum Puppy (UK)

  • The puppy food top breeders recommend. (1989)

Slogans of Perfect Fit (UK)

  • Tailor-made nutrition for pets. (2007)

Slogans of Pronature

  • For healthy living. (2012)

Slogans of Protexin (UK)

  • Science and nature in balance. (2012)

Slogans of Pup-Peroni (US)

  • Dogs just know. (2009)

Slogans of Puppy Chow (US)

  • Healthy bone building system. (2003)

Slogans of Purina Thrive (US)

  • Thrive for life. (1983)

Slogans of Saracen (UK)

  • For life. (2003)

Slogans of Purina Variety Menu (US)

  • 20 varieties. All 95%. All a cut above. (1972)

Slogans of Purrfect (UK)

  • Special recipes for special cats. (1998)

Slogans of Rachael Ray Nutrish (US)

  • Real recipes. Real ingredients. Real good. (2016)

Slogans of Rawhealth (US)

  • A complete and balanced diet that's simple, nourishing and irresistible. (2013)

Slogans of Recipe (US)

  • It's Lassie's favorite and it's guaranteed. (1976)

Slogans of Red Dingo

  • Pet adventure. (2012)

Slogans of Robur

  • The functional dog food. (2009)

Slogans of Romney's

  • Dogs & more. (2011)

Slogans of Rondo Food

  • Your pet snack specialists. (2013)

Slogans of Rotastak (UK)

  • Bringing your adventure to life. (2012)

Slogans of Rothkötter

  • Quality, responsibility, efficiency. (2012)

Slogans of Royal Canin (US)

  • Knowledge and respect. (2010)

Slogans of Ruff Wear

  • For dogs on the go. (2010)

Slogans of Salifert

  • Creating the right environment... (2012)

Slogans of Sanabelle

  • The nutritional philosophy for cats. (2012)

Slogans of Saracen Horse Feeds (UK)

  • For those who know what they're on. (2007)

Slogans of Purina Puppy Chow (US)

  • For a full year till he's full grown. (1976)

Slogans of Purina Pro Plan (UK)

  • Protects while it nourishes. (2008)

Slogans of Select Gold

  • Looking for Gold. Select Gold. (2000)

Slogans of Purina

  • Your pet, our passion. (2004)

Slogans of Purina (CH)

  • Your pet, our passion. (2010)

Slogans of Purina (UK)

  • Your pet, our passion. (2009)

Slogans of Sheba

  • To say I love you. (2003)

Slogans of Purina Alpo (US)

  • Real dogs eat meat. (2009)

Slogans of Purina Beta (UK)

  • Incredible food for incredible dogs. (2003)

Slogans of Purina Busy (US)

  • Busy unleashes the adventure. (2012)

Slogans of Purina Dog Chow (US)

  • That's the Dog Chow talking. (2004)

Slogans of Purina Praise (US)

  • Dogs love praise! (1983)

Slogans of Purina Dog Chow Little Bites (US)

  • It helps your dog right. (2004)

Slogans of Purina Felix (UK)

  • Made with quality meats. (2006)

Slogans of Purina Gourmet Pearl (UK)

  • How can you possibly resist? (2008)

Slogans of Purina High Protein Dog Food (US)

  • For dogs who work hard and play hard. (1977)

Slogans of Purina Meow Mix (US)

  • Taste so good the cats ask for it by name. (2003)

Slogans of Scoop Away Clean (US)

  • The clean way to live with your cat. (2002)

Slogans of Schils BV

  • You can count on Schils. (2012)

Slogans of Pavo (UK)

  • Feeding excellence. (2012)

Slogans of Pavo

  • Feeding excellence. (2012)

Slogans of Patento Pet

  • Makes life comfortable. (2010)

Slogans of Lohmann Animal Health

  • Turning insight into solutions. (2012)

Slogans of K9 Natural

  • Made in New Zealand from fresh New Zealand produce. (2012)

Slogans of K9 advantix (US)

  • K9 advantix. 5 ways to say I love you. (2010)

Slogans of KOI-Solutions

  • Intelligence solutions. (2002)

Slogans of Temptations Tumblers (US)

  • Time to play ball. (2014)

Slogans of Karlie

  • Your pet in mind. (2010)

Slogans of Katlit (UK)

  • No better way to care for your cat. (1979)

Slogans of Ken-L Ration (US)

  • A cut above burger. A cut above beef. (1980)

Slogans of Kennomeat (UK)

  • Dogs! Your man can save 3d on Kennomeat. (1968)

Slogans of Keratex (UK)

  • The hoofcare experts. (2007)

Slogans of Kitecat Pouches (UK)

  • More purrs for your purse. (2005)

Slogans of Kitekat Dry (UK)

  • More purrs for your pound. (2004)

Slogans of Kitten Chow & Cat Chow (US)

  • The good-for-your-cat cat foods. (1982)

Slogans of Kitten Chow (US)

  • The special food for your kitten's whole first year. (1976)

Slogans of Ziwi Peak (US)

  • 100% natural New Zealand pet nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Kong (US)

  • Your dog will love you for it. (2010)

Slogans of Lafeber Cares (US)

  • Caring & working for the health of birds. (2012)

Slogans of Taste of the Wild (US)

  • The balanced diet that nature intended. (2012)

Slogans of K9 Advantix II

  • For the love of dog. (2014)

Slogans of Jungle Lab (US)

  • Aquariums & ponds made easy! (2011)

Slogans of Josera

  • We care, you grow. (2016)

Slogans of Iams (AT)

  • Good for life. (2012)

Slogans of Hill's

  • Vets' no. 1 choice. (2007)

Slogans of The Goodlife Recipe (US)

  • Here's to The Goodlife. (2009)

Slogans of Hill's (US)

  • Vets' #1 choice for their own pets. (2012)

Slogans of Hill's Science Diet (US)

  • A better life through nutrient precision. (1993)

Slogans of Hill‘s Science Diet (US)

  • More vitality. More alertness. In two weeks. (2004)

Slogans of Hunter-Smart

  • Ready for takeoff. (2012)

Slogans of The Blue Barn (UK)

  • It's where your pets would shop. (2003)

Slogans of Iams (CH)

  • Good for life. (2012)

Slogans of Jeffo

  • Home made goodies. (2012)

Slogans of Tetra (UK)

  • What a wonderful world. (2013)

Slogans of Tender Vittles (US)

  • Tear into Tender Vittles and watch your cat tear in! (1984)

Slogans of Iams Active Maturity (UK)

  • Good for joints, good for life. (2004)

Slogans of Iams Savory Sauce (UK)

  • Spoil your dog healthy. (2006)

Slogans of Innotek

  • Quicker training. Better dogs. (2010)

Slogans of Interpret (UK)

  • The leaders in aquatic and pet products. (2012)

Slogans of JR Farm

  • Harvest-fresh for animals. (2012)

Slogans of Little Paws Dog Shop (US)

  • Little puppies for big hearts. (2012)

Slogans of Lohmann Tierzucht

  • Breeding for success... together. (2012)

Slogans of Park Herbal Mix (UK)

  • Performance without fizz. (2001)

Slogans of Tails.com (UK)

  • Feed different. (2016)

Slogans of NatureDiet (UK)

  • Made for people who care - By people who care. (2003)

Slogans of Nekton

  • Successful as nature itself! (2012)

Slogans of Nestlé Purina PetCare (UK)

  • The world's No.1 petfood company. (2002)

Slogans of Nutro

  • Feed clean. (2019)

Slogans of Nutro Natural Choice (UK)

  • Above all else. (2008)

Slogans of Nutro Natural Choice (US)

  • Nature knows best. (2011)

Slogans of Ocean Nutrition (US)

  • Preserving life and beauty through nutrition. (2012)

Slogans of Stassek

  • World standards in horse care. (2011)

Slogans of Only Natural Pet

  • Organic & natural. (2012)

Slogans of Orijen

  • Nourish as nature intended. (2012)

Slogans of Oscar (UK)

  • Delivering rewards through healthy pets. (2005)

Slogans of Ospelt (CH)

  • Yes, we care. (2009)

Slogans of Stadthunde.com

  • Dogs and the city. (2013)

Slogans of PDSA PetAid Hospital (UK)

  • For pets in need of vets. (2009)

Slogans of Spillers Choosy (UK)

  • Just for choosy cats. (1994)

Slogans of Pal Freshpack Pouches (UK)

  • Great tasting - Easy to serve. (2003)

Slogans of Panthera(UK)

  • Leaders in wild cat conservation. (2013)

Slogans of Straight Arrow (US)

  • Serving our customers with tradition, technology and trust. (2013)

Slogans of Nature's Miracle (US)

  • Nature makes it work. (2011)

Slogans of Natural Instinct (UK)

  • Dog and cat food as nature intended. (2013)

Slogans of Miavit

  • More German power for your success. (2012)

Slogans of Marineland

  • For the life of your fish. (2007)

Slogans of Matador

  • Developments never stop. (2013)

Slogans of Meaty Bone (US)

  • Need a snack? Grab a bone. (2008)

Slogans of MedicAnimal (UK)

  • Care with a conscience. (2012)

Slogans of Surgi-Care (US)

  • Experience. Details. Results. (2013)

Slogans of Merial (UK)

  • A world-leading animal health company. (2011)

Slogans of Merial (US)

  • A world-leading animal health company. (2011)

Slogans of Supreme Original (UK)

  • Small animal nutrition you can trust. (2008)

Slogans of Natural

  • Worldwide the leading specialist. (2013)

Slogans of Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits (US)

  • The crunch food. (1982)

Slogans of Millbry Hill (UK)

  • For people who love animals. (2013)

Slogans of Monster (UK)

  • Happiness delivered. (2012)

Slogans of Monster Pet Supplies (UK)

  • Happiness delivered. (2012)

Slogans of Munchies (UK)

  • Cats make haste for the Munchies taste. (1987)

Slogans of NAF (UK)

  • Restoring the balance. (2007)

Slogans of NWF Agriculture (UK)

  • Feeds for a better future. (2007)

Slogans of 1st Pet Naturals (US)

  • Natural health for pets. (2012)

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