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Historic slogans and claims of education brands

Find here an overview of the slogans and claims of various education brands over the years.

Slogans of The Open University (UK)

  • Training at work. (1987)
  • Altogether a better place to work. (2000)
  • There’s no substitute for the OU experience. (2000)
  • A better way to learn. (2002)
  • Love languages? So do we. (2002)
  • The flexible way to get a PGCE. (2002)
  • Transform your life. (2002)
  • Stand out from the crowd. (2002)
  • Think part-time learning – Think The Open University. (2002)
  • Achieve your potential. (2004)

Slogans of Linguaphone (UK)

  • Learn the French they speak in France. (1962)
  • Would you like to speak a foreign language? (1968)
  • The first word in languages. (1987)
  • The most successful way to speak another language. (1991)
  • Just listen and see how easy it is. (1993)
  • Change your mind. (2001)
  • The natural way to speak a new language. (2001)
  • Language made easy. (2002)
  • Languages made easy. (2002)

Slogans of TDA (UK)

  • Developing people, improving young lives. (2006)
  • Work with people who love experimenting. Teach chemistry. (2007)
  • Work with the most thoughtful people in the world. Teach physics. (2007)
  • Work with the world’s most inquisitive people and start on at least 20K. Teach. (2007)
  • Work with people who enjoy problems. Teach maths. (2007)
  • Work with the most inventive people in the world. Teach. (2007)
  • Work with the world’s quickest learners. Teach maths. (2008)
  • Work with the world’s most enquiring minds. Teach. (2008)

Slogans of Learn Direct (UK)

  • Helping you fit learning into life. (2002)
  • Get on. (2003)
  • Maths benefits people every day. Do you need some help improving yours? (2004)
  • It pays to learn. (2004)
  • Get to grips with maths in Adult Learners week 2004. (2004)
  • The big plus. Reading, writing, numbers. (2004)
  • Sign up to learning & take control. (2005)
  • Nothing can stop you when you Learn Direct. (2008)

Slogans of Carlisle College (UK)

  • Improve your life. (2003)
  • It’s not too late. (2003)
  • No excuses. (2003)
  • Your way to a better future. (2003)
  • Kick start your new year. (2004)
  • Love where you’re going. (2004)
  • Love your summer. (2004)

Slogans of Department For Education and Skills (UK)

  • Do something you love for a living. (2001)
  • Childcare. Do something you love for a living. (2001)
  • A little reading goes a long way. (2002)
  • Don’t suffer in silence. (2002)
  • Don’t stop, Aimhigher. (2003)
  • Creating opportunity, releasing potential, achieving excellence. (2004)
  • Creating opportunity, realising potential, achieving excellence. (2006)

Slogans of University of Central Lancashire (UK)

  • Your future starts here. (2000)
  • It’s your future. Spend it well. (2001)
  • A rewarding future starts here. (2003)
  • It’s your future so make it count. (2003)
  • The ones to watch. (2004)

Slogans of InterExec (UK)

  • The one who stands out. (1985)
  • Acting for senior executives since 1976. (2006)
  • The direct line to the executive shortlist. (2007)
  • Achieving career goals since 1976. (2007)
  • Acting for top executives 1976. (2008)

Slogans of University of Huddersfield (UK)

  • We’ll guide you into a class of your own. (2001)
  • School of education and professional development. (2006)
  • Educating tomorrow’s professionals. (2007)
  • Where careers start. (2009)
  • Inspiring tomorrow’s professionals. (2010)

Slogans of Careerbuilder.com (US)

  • The smarter way to find better candidates. (2003)
  • A better candidate awaits. (2005)
  • Experience better. (2006)
  • A better job awaits. (2006)
  • Start building. (2009)

Slogans of City of Westminster College (UK)

  • 100 years of courses. (2003)
  • Central London learning at its best. (2003)
  • The next step to a brighter future. (2004)
  • Taking education further. (2005)
  • Taking you places. (2007)

Slogans of Joseph Priestley College (UK)

  • Go further. (2001)
  • You don’t have to go far to go further. (2001)
  • Love college. (2007)
  • The fastest growing college in Leeds. (2008)
  • Let your journey begin. (2009)

Slogans of University of Phoenix (US)

  • Online. The intelligent way to get class. (1998)
  • Prepare yourself to take the lead. (2005)
  • Let’s get to work. (2013)
  • We rise. (2016)

Slogans of Manpower (UK)

  • You can measure the difference. (2000)
  • The way work can be. (2001)
  • Think people, do business. (2002)
  • What do you do? (2006)

Slogans of Adecco (UK)

  • A new world at work. (2000)
  • Committed to you. (2004)
  • Recruitment solutions. (2006)
  • Better work, better life. (2009)

Slogans of London Business School (UK)

  • Leadership for a changing world. (1994)
  • Transforming futures. (2001)
  • London experience. (2007)
  • London experience. World impact. (2008)

Slogans of Newcastle College (UK)

  • The power to succeed. (2001)
  • Top banana! (2003)
  • Get somewhere. (2005)
  • New you. (2006)

Slogans of JobCentrePlus (UK)

  • The work you want, the help you need. (2004)
  • We’ll help you find the job you’re looking for. (2004)
  • Find your way back to work. (2009)
  • Real help for jobseekers now. (2009)

Slogans of University of Derby (UK)

  • Focus on real achievement. (2001)
  • Where learning is for life. (2001)
  • Plug in to your potential. (2004)
  • Learning friendly. (2009)

Slogans of Skills Train (UK)

  • Fast track your career. (2004)
  • Your fast track to a new career. (2005)
  • Get your ticket to success. (2007)
  • Your ticket to success. (2008)

Slogans of University of East London (UK)

  • Promoting innovative higher education and research. (2001)
  • You’ll love it. (2002)
  • Learn something new every day. (2006)
  • Change the way you think. (2007)

Slogans of University of Plymouth (UK)

  • The place to be. (2001)
  • It could change your life. (2003)
  • You don’t have to go far to go far. (2004)
  • The enterprise university. (2010)

Slogans of Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

  • If you’re serious about your future. (2000)
  • Because we want you to succeed. (2001)
  • Fuelling innovation: Fuelling ambition. (2003)
  • The university for world-class professionals. (2008)

Slogans of University of Leicester (UK)

  • Delivering excellence in University teaching and research. (2000)
  • A leading research and teaching university. (2005)
  • Let your mind travel. (2006)
  • The University of the Year 2008/9. (2009)

Slogans of Totaljobs.com (UK)

  • Totally change your life. (2000)
  • Works wonders. (2001)
  • Serious about jobs. (2005)
  • Find your thing. (2008)

Slogans of Learning & Skills Council (UK)

  • Championing the power of learning. (2004)
  • Change your life through learning. (2004)
  • Learning pays. (2004)
  • Leading learning and skills. (2005)

Slogans of The Robert Gordon University (UK)

  • Fostering excellence in teaching and research. (2001)
  • The energy university. (2002)
  • Real people – Real jobs – Real world. (2003)
  • The professional university. (2008)

Slogans of University of Salford (UK)

  • Get in and get on. (2003)
  • Get in. Get on. (2004)
  • Limitless possibilities. (2006)
  • A Greater Manchester University. (2008)

Slogans of Select Education (UK)

  • Quality: No compromise. (2004)
  • Inspiring trust, confidence & minds. (2007)
  • Inspiring trust, confidence & minds (2009)

Slogans of Cranfield University School of Management (UK)

  • Knowledge into action. (2003)
  • Where else. (2005)
  • Think Knowledge into action. (2006)

Slogans of Alliance Francaise de Londres (UK)

  • Teaching French to the world. (2001)
  • Teaching French to the world Bringing cultures together. (2009)
  • The experts in teaching french. (2015)

Slogans of University of the West of England (UK)

  • Make more of yourself. (2001)
  • Start here, go anywhere. (2008)
  • Better together. (2010)

Slogans of West Herts College (UK)

  • A learning curve for all. (2001)
  • It makes you think. (2002)
  • Exists to educate and train people to achieve their full potential. (2004)

Slogans of FSS (UK)

  • Exceeding your expectations. (2001)
  • 370,000 people. 8 countries. A world of choice. (2003)
  • There is no questioning our commitment. (2005)

Slogans of Department for Education (UK)

  • Education means business. (1994)
  • Tell someone. (2003)
  • Be in the know. (2004)

Slogans of University of Portsmouth (UK)

  • We’ll set you on the right course. (2001)
  • Work online, learn online. (2002)
  • Unlock your potential. (2006)

Slogans of Agency Central (UK)

  • The right direction in recruitment. (2006)
  • At the centre of your employment needs. (2008)
  • The recruitment agency directory. (2015)

Slogans of Selby College (UK)

  • Focus on your future. (2001)
  • Business excellence through people. (2003)
  • Something for everyone. (2006)

Slogans of Greenwell Gleeson (UK)

  • The right recruitment agency. (2000)
  • Financial recruitment specialists. (2007)
  • The right people. (2008)

Slogans of Association of Teachers and Lecturers (UK)

  • Don’t go into the classroom without us. (2005)
  • Leading the education debate. (2006)
  • The education union. (2015)

Slogans of Adecco

  • Making people sucessful in a changing world. (2004)
  • Better work, better life. (2006)
  • The world leader in human resources solutions. (2009)

Slogans of Insead (UK)

  • Enrichment through diversity. (2001)
  • We develop leaders, who develop people, who develop business. (2005)
  • The Business School for the world. (2008)

Slogans of Staffordshire University (UK)

  • Building a learning community. (2001)
  • Your dreams are within your reach. (2003)
  • Create the difference. (2008)

Slogans of Backstop (UK)

  • The youth justice specialists. (2006)
  • The criminal justice specialists. (2008)
  • Driven by your values. (2015)

Slogans of RoC (UK)

  • Blue-chip clients, red carpet treatment. (2005)
  • Blue chip companies – Red carpet treatment. (2006)
  • Your future employer is looking for you now. (2007)

Slogans of Angela Mortimer (UK)

  • Open minds to the potential of people. (2001)
  • AMbitions fulfilled. (2002)
  • Aim higher. (2006)

Slogans of Monster (US)

  • Job good. Life good. (2001)
  • Your calling is calling. (2008)
  • Find better. (2012)

Slogans of Jimfinder.com (UK)

  • Brings you more candidates fast. (2001)
  • Will keep you posted. (2003)
  • For the best manufacturing and engineering jobs in the UK. (2008)

Slogans of Roehampton University (UK)

  • School of human and life sciences. (2005)
  • Open spaces – Open minds. (2009)
  • Open spaces. Open minds. (2010)

Slogans of Monster.co.uk (UK)

  • The ultimate career destination. (1999)
  • Monster works for me. (2007)
  • Your calling is calling. (2009)

Slogans of Wakefield College (UK)

  • Achieving excellence in education and training. (2000)
  • Transforming lives, building partnerships. (2006)
  • Transforming lives, building prosperous communities. (2007)

Slogans of Jobsite.co.uk (UK)

  • Make this the year. (2007)
  • Our job is filling your jobs. (2008)
  • Our job is searching for your job. (2009)

Slogans of University of Kent (UK)

  • Excellence in higher education at Britain’s European University. (2003)
  • Voted No.1 in the South East by students. (2006)
  • The UK’s European university. (2014)

Slogans of Middlesex University (UK)

  • Where learning comes to life. (2001)
  • Where ever you are going start at Middlesex. (2003)
  • It’s your world. What will you change? (2008)

Slogans of London Metropolitan University (UK)

  • Find your place in London. (2006)
  • 485 courses. Infinite opportunities. (2008)
  • Creating infinite opportunities. (2009)

Slogans of University of Wolverhampton (UK)

  • The real choice. (2006)
  • Making the future work. (2009)
  • Knowledge. Innovation. Enterprise. (2010)

Slogans of Bethel College (US)

  • At Bethel College you’ll do more. (2001)
  • Take the next step. (2001)
  • Seek. Serve. Grow. (2010)

Slogans of Walden University (US)

  • From theory to practice. (1995)
  • America’s premier online university. (2003)
  • A higher degree. A higher purpose. (2006)

Slogans of Monster (UK)

  • Today’s the day. (2005)
  • Add your CV to Monster today. And let employers find you. (2006)
  • Jobs. Advice. Fur. (2016)

Slogans of Grocerjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • New jobs don’t come any newer. (1999)
  • Pressing all the right buttons. (2002)
  • All the right jobs in all the right places. (2006)

Slogans of Park Lane College (UK)

  • Your success starts here. (2003)
  • College for your evolution. (2005)
  • Know more. (2006)

Slogans of Working Links (UK)

  • The way to work. (2002)
  • Finding the way back to work. (2007)
  • Changing lives. Creating futures. (2009)

Slogans of Cobalt (UK)

  • Recruitment for the real estate industry. (2005)
  • Recruitment for the real estate and finance industries. (2008)
  • The power of people. (2014)

Slogans of Clayton College of Natural Health (US)

  • Where it all comes together. (2003)
  • Educating the leaders of natural health. (2004)
  • Our graduates practice what we teach. You can, too! (2005)

Slogans of Nova Southeastern University (US)

  • Tap into the power. (2000)
  • Learn, wherever you are. (2001)
  • Who clearly leads? (2001)

Slogans of Excelsior College (US)

  • The world’s largest educator of nurses at-a-distance. (2002)
  • Finish ahead. (2005)
  • Start to finish. (2008)

Slogans of Hotjobs.com (US)

  • Better jobs for a better life. (2000)
  • Land your next big job with the hottest hand on the web. (2000)
  • Find your fit. (2002)

Slogans of AGM Transitions (UK)

  • Access. Discretion. Integrity. (2008)
  • Strategic solutions for powerful people. (2009)
  • Opening up career opportunities for high achievers. (2015)

Slogans of Acclivus (US)

  • Providing the measurable difference. (1999)
  • Relationships. Results. Revenue. (2009)
  • Strong relationships. Optimal results. Profitable revenue. (2014)

Slogans of Euromedica (UK)

  • Executive search in health care. (1992)
  • Executive search in healthcare. (2002)
  • The same but different. (2008)

Slogans of AACSB International (US)

  • The best business schools in the world. (2005)
  • Advancing quality management education worldwide. (2015)
  • Business education. Connected. (2017)

Slogans of Digicomp (CH)

  • Drive your life. (2010)
  • Digital competence. Made of people. (2018)

Slogans of Co-op Education (US)

  • You earn a future when you earn a degree. (1988)
  • Because everyone profits from experience. (1991)

Slogans of St. George’s University (UK)

  • The new centre of learning. (2001)
  • Think beyond. (2009)

Slogans of Hays

  • Recruiting experts worldwide. (2010)
  • Recruiting experts in engineering. (2011)

Slogans of Hill McGlynn (UK)

  • The right candidate. (2001)
  • Always ahead of the game. (2005)

Slogans of Beloit College (US)

  • Invent yourself. (2001)
  • Liberal arts amplified. (2016)

Slogans of Bentley College (US)

  • America’s first business university. (2002)
  • Business in a whole new light. (2004)

Slogans of Phillips Export Training (UK)

  • Our expertise – your export ease. (2006)
  • Importing and exporting excellence. (2008)

Slogans of Careerline (UK)

  • The right people for you. (2005)
  • The right connections. (2008)

Slogans of Moorlands School Leeds (UK)

  • Your child may well see in the next century. (2001)
  • No one does it better than Moorlands School! (2004)

Slogans of Stanford Executive Programs (US)

  • Powerful ideas, innovative practice. (1999)
  • Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world. (2012)

Slogans of HQ Personnel (UK)

  • Others talk We listen. (2004)
  • The right people for the job. (2008)

Slogans of The University of Liverpool (UK)

  • The start of a brilliant career. (2002)
  • Online higher education. (2007)

Slogans of Hall Kinion (UK)

  • Uniting the silicon valleys of the world. (1999)
  • The talent source for the internet economy. (2001)

Slogans of Better Placed Recruitment (UK)

  • As individual as you are. (2008)
  • We know people. (2016)

Slogans of Metzger (UK)

  • Resourcing with individuals in mind. (2008)
  • Resourcing with the individual in mind. (2009)

Slogans of The University of Northampton (UK)

  • Transforming lives, inspiring change. (2005)
  • With you all the way. (2009)

Slogans of Hofmann (US)

  • Careers at Hofmann. (2010)
  • Global experience. Local talent. (2012)

Slogans of University of Hertfordshire (UK)

  • Select quality and choice. (2002)
  • Building futures. (2007)

Slogans of Futura (UK)

  • Helping you back to work. (2004)
  • Recruitment to recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Morton Connolly (UK)

  • Your personal career planners. (2008)
  • Career makers. (2008)

Slogans of University of Surrey (UK)

  • Because it matters where you study. (2000)
  • Confidence in a global future. (2002)

Slogans of Birkbeck (UK)

  • Isn’t it time you discovered the benefits of Birkbeck? (2002)
  • Isn’t it time you came to Birkbeck? (2003)

Slogans of Randstad (CH)

  • Life is too short for a lifetime job. (2001)
  • Good to know you. (2010)

Slogans of Capella University (US)

  • Education. Reborn. (2004)
  • Keep moving forward with a degree online. (2005)

Slogans of University of Melbourne (UK)

  • More than a degree. (1994)
  • Dream large. (2009)

Slogans of Springfield College (US)

  • Spirit, mind and body. (2001)
  • The birthplace of basketball. (2001)

Slogans of The Institute for Learning (UK)

  • Putting professionalism in your hands. (2005)
  • Belong. Reflect. Promote. (2009)

Slogans of City of Bristol College (UK)

  • There’s so much more to learn. (2000)
  • Further, higher, faster. (2008)

Slogans of Barnet College (UK)

  • Taking you to where you want to be. (2008)
  • Taking you where you want to be. (2008)

Slogans of Centre For Human Ecology (UK)

  • Action, research and education for people & planet. (2005)
  • Scotland’s alternative university for ecology and community. (2005)

Slogans of PER (UK)

  • Britain’s largest executive recruitment consultancy. (1985)
  • Private equity recruitment and nothing but. (2007)

Slogans of The Learning Trust (UK)

  • The future for learning in Hackney. (2003)
  • The future for education in Hackney. (2009)

Slogans of Remploy (UK)

  • Britain’s biggest employer of disabled people means business. (1982)
  • Putting ability first. (2009)

Slogans of Henley (UK)

  • The management college. (1985)
  • Where business comes to life. (2017)

Slogans of Penna (UK)

  • Make a real difference. (2001)
  • People – Change – Performance. (2009)

Slogans of Henry Recruitment (UK)

  • The leading building services recruitment agency. (2007)
  • The leading technical recruitment agency. (2008)

Slogans of Ball State University (US)

  • Everything you need. (2001)
  • Education redefined. (2006)

Slogans of Relay Recruitment Group (UK)

  • Shaping careers and companies. (2002)
  • Driving up standards – Delivering peace of mind. (2004)

Slogans of Derby College (UK)

  • Something for everyone. (2006)
  • Release potential. Achieve success. (2008)

Slogans of University of Minnesota (US)

  • Only at the U. (2004)
  • Driven to discover. (2006)

Slogans of Bath Spa University College (UK)

  • It’s your future. (2001)
  • Naturally progressive. (2003)

Slogans of University of Nottingham (UK)

  • Graduating is just the beginning. (2003)
  • World-changing research from the University of Nottingham. (2003)

Slogans of JTL (UK)

  • Connecting to the future. (2007)
  • Delivering skills for the future. (2008)

Slogans of The Open University Business School (UK)

  • Where the determined succeed. (2001)
  • In the real world. (2004)

Slogans of Resource Bank (UK)

  • A more resourceful way to recruit. (1999)
  • World class recruitment. (2004)

Slogans of Bailey Employment Services (UK)

  • Employing the skills of industry. (2006)
  • The complete recruitment solution. (2008)

Slogans of Hewitson Walker (UK)

  • For the new breed of accountancy professional. (2006)
  • Where accountancy recruitment is more than just numbers. (2007)

Slogans of The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (US)

  • Learn more. (2005)
  • Something great in mind. (2006)

Slogans of Becta (UK)

  • Disciplined. Conceptual. Authoritative. (2006)
  • Leading next generation learning. (2009)

Slogans of University of Mississippi School of Law (US)

  • An education that works. (2001)
  • Diversity. Integrity. Excellence. Scholarship. Commitment. (2001)

Slogans of Monmouth University (US)

  • The intelligent center of the Jersey Shore. (2004)
  • Where leaders look forward. (2005)

Slogans of GA (UK)

  • We develop people. (2005)
  • Developing people – Improving performance. (2008)

Slogans of Randstad

  • Good to know you. (2004)
  • Flexible work solutions. (2004)

Slogans of Huntington College (US)

  • Academic leadership. Christian maturity. (2001)
  • Honoring Christ in scholarship and service. (2001)

Slogans of Brook Street (UK)

  • All an employment service should be. (1985)
  • The best route to work. (1990)

Slogans of Brooklands (UK)

  • Resourcing excellence. (2007)
  • Where top businesses come to find top executives. (2008)

Slogans of Brooklands College (UK)

  • Lifetime learning for all. (2001)
  • Bringing education to life. (2008)

Slogans of Purdue (US)

  • Discover Purdue. (2002)
  • It’s happening here. (2003)

Slogans of Nigel Lynn (UK)

  • For a foresight into your future. (2001)
  • We get financial people. (2007)

Slogans of Tabor College (US)

  • Christ-centered education. (2001)
  • Learn more than you have to. (2001)

Slogans of Norman Broadbent (UK)

  • Leaders in high level search. (1985)
  • Measurably different. (2007)

Slogans of ProspectUs (UK)

  • Extraordinary people. (2009)
  • Extra ordinary people. (2009)

Slogans of ICS Learning Systems (UK)

  • Anytime, anywhere learning. (2001)
  • We’re waiting for your call. (2004)

Slogans of ICDS (UK)

  • The established professionals. (2003)
  • A complete human resource solution. (2008)

Slogans of C2 (UK)

  • Careers advice for grown ups. (2001)
  • Careers changed. (2008)

Slogans of CBS Butler (UK)

  • Precision human resourcing. (2008)
  • Finding talent where others fail. (2009)

Slogans of Guardianjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • Guiding you in your career. (2009)
  • Where graduates find great jobs. (2009)

Slogans of Colorado State University (US)

  • Knowledge to go places. (2006)
  • Smart. Rock-solid. Green. (2008)

Slogans of Greenville College (US)

  • Transforming students since 1892. (2001)
  • Connections to last a lifetime. (2001)

Slogans of Columbia Executive Programs (US)

  • A system for lifelong career development. (1987)
  • Knowledge. And its application. (1991)

Slogans of Houghton College (US)

  • A Christian college of liberal arts and sciences. (2001)
  • Making a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Calco (UK)

  • Technical recruitment professionals. (2007)
  • It’s all about people. (2008)

Slogans of Power Train (UK)

  • Transforming training. (2005)
  • Training that speaks for itself. (2008)

Slogans of CML Offshore Recruitment (UK)

  • Taking your career and your life to the next level. (2006)
  • Your career rediscovered. (2008)

Slogans of Hudson Cooper (UK)

  • Financial people. (2006)
  • Finding exceptional careers for exceptional people. (2008)

Slogans of CWJobs.co.uk (UK)

  • Look into the future. (2006)
  • The IT specialist. (2008)

Slogans of Northumberland County Council (UK)

  • Putting the learner first. (2008)
  • Inspiring. (2008)

Slogans of Northwestern College (US)

  • Christ-centered. Bible-based. Missions-minded. (2001)
  • Faith. Learning. A whole education for your whole life. (2001)

Slogans of Salisbury University (US)

  • Think Salisbury University! (2001)
  • A Maryland university of national distinction. (2009)

Slogans of Northwest College (US)

  • Be yourself. Connect yourself. (2001)
  • Carry the call. (2001)

Slogans of Core Recruitment (UK)

  • A fresh approach to careers. (2007)
  • Specialists in hospitality and catering recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Foodmanjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • Quick! Click. (2001)
  • Feed your ambition with just one quick click. (2008)

Slogans of Thames Valley University (UK)

  • Build your career on our foundations. (2001)
  • Further and higher. (2009)

Slogans of National College for School Leadership (UK)

  • Every child in a well-led school. Every leader a learner. (2004)
  • Inspiring leaders. Improving children’s lives. (2008)

Slogans of Teachernet.gov.uk (UK)

  • Don’t be shy, give it a try. (2003)
  • No nonsense spoken here. (2004)

Slogans of Hoggett Bowers (UK)

  • Delivering leadership. (2007)
  • People who shape your future. (2008)

Slogans of Thomas Danby College Leeds (UK)

  • Your future starts here. (2001)
  • A smart move. (2005)

Slogans of Sterling College (US)

  • Imagine you can change the world. (2001)
  • Community. Commitment. Passion. We are Sterling College. (2010)

Slogans of Texas A&M University-Kingsville (US)

  • Smart choice. (2001)
  • We welcome you with open minds. (2001)

Slogans of University of Colorado (US)

  • Minds to match our mountains. (2001)
  • Continuing education. (2013)

Slogans of Integrata

  • Qualified for the job. (2010)
  • Inspire. Qualify. Change. (2015)

Slogans of Plymouth College of Art and Design (UK)

  • Enriching the future through creativity. (2001)
  • Made in Plymouth. (2005)

Slogans of University of Bristol (UK)

  • Learning. Discovery. Enterprise. (2007)
  • 2009 Centenary – Great past. Great future. (2009)

Slogans of Point Loma Nazarene University (US)

  • A journey of the mind and soul. (2001)
  • Begin your journey at Point Loma Nazarene University. (2001)

Slogans of Stockport College (UK)

  • Why go anywhere else? (2002)
  • Great past – Greater future. (2009)

Slogans of RN.com (US)

  • Where nurses rule the web. (2002)
  • Advance your profession. (2007)

Slogans of Cyber Communication Center

  • The true virtual academy. (2005)
  • Beam to base. (2005)

Slogans of Cornwall College (UK)

  • Cornwall College takes you higher! (2004)
  • For you, for the future, for Cornwall. (2008)

Slogans of National Extension College (UK)

  • The distance learning experts. (2002)
  • Widening opportunities through distance learning. (2002)

Slogans of National Star College (UK)

  • Education and training for people with disabilities. (2004)
  • Inclusive. Innovative. Inspirational. (2006)

Slogans of Natives.co.uk (UK)

  • The season workers website. (2008)
  • The UK’s No1 ski job website. (2008)

Slogans of University of Aberdeen (UK)

  • Helping you go places. (2002)
  • Placing you first. (2002)

Slogans of University College Northampton (UK)

  • Shaping new thinking, building new achievements. (2003)
  • Colour your own future. (2005)

Slogans of RDI (UK)

  • The educational edge. (2004)
  • Learning without boundaries. (2008)

Slogans of Bournemouth University (UK)

  • Creating a brighter future. (2000)
  • A world of opportunities. (2001)

Slogans of Nelson King (UK)

  • Partners in the search of excellence. (2005)
  • Real power on your team. (2006)

Slogans of Bradford College (UK)

  • Persuing excellence in learning. (2000)
  • Learning for life. (2006)

Slogans of Brathay (UK)

  • Developing people, revealing potential. (2001)
  • Inspiring people. (2002)

Slogans of Goffs School & Language College (UK)

  • Respect. Confidence. Achievement. (2008)
  • Achieving goals! (2009)

Slogans of Illingworth (UK)

  • Aspire. Achieve. Arrive. (2002)
  • Putting experience to work. (2007)

Slogans of University of Teeside (UK)

  • Open your mind. (2007)
  • You’re on your way. (2008)

Slogans of Hudson (UK)

  • Locally. Across Europe. Around the globe. (2003)
  • From great people to great performance. (2009)

Slogans of Allertonshire School (UK)

  • Happiness through work. (2005)
  • Learning and achieving together. (2015)

Slogans of Yahoo! Hotjobs (US)

  • Find the right one. (2003)
  • Find the right one. Official career destination. (2005)

Slogans of Key Appointments (UK)

  • Opening doors for you. (2004)
  • The key to your career. (2008)

Slogans of Wilkinson & Corr (UK)

  • Qualified financial recruitment. (2007)
  • More than just a career. (2007)

Slogans of AMT (UK)

  • We challenge you to do better. (2002)
  • Think training think AMT. (2003)

Slogans of Search-direct.com (UK)

  • First choice for online recruitment. (2000)
  • It’s your career – take control. (2000)

Slogans of AMST (AT)

  • Selecting the elite – improving flight safety. (2010)
  • Building confidence. (2015)

Slogans of Leicester College (UK)

  • nation’s expert (2006)
  • Learning for success. (2008)

Slogans of Manchester Business School (UK)

  • Forward thinking. (2001)
  • Arrive prepared. (2004)

Slogans of Armstrong Craven (UK)

  • Business heads. Business knowledge. (2008)
  • People. Intelligence. (2015)

Slogans of Whitehead Mann (UK)

  • Consultants in leadership. (2005)
  • Experts in leadership. (2007)

Slogans of Joslin Rowe (UK)

  • More opportunities, more often. (2007)
  • People make the difference. (2008)

Slogans of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (CH)

  • The art and science of hospitality management. (2009)
  • The premier world-wide reference in hospitality education. (2014)

Slogans of Adderley Featherstone (UK)

  • Your partners in recruiting the right people. (2006)
  • The right people. (2015)

Slogans of Fircroft (UK)

  • Recruitment that works. (2006)
  • Refreshingly resourceful. (2009)

Slogans of Rowan University (US)

  • Expect more. Achieve more. (2005)
  • A unique public offering. (2005)

Slogans of AGSB University (CH)

  • Swiss quality, American style. (2012)
  • Education with global aspects. (2015)

Slogans of Robert Half Finance & Accounting (UK)

  • Specialised financial recruitment. (2005)
  • Specialised permanent recruitment. (2006)

Slogans of Alvernia College (US)

  • Skills for the workplace. Values for life. (2001)
  • To learn, to love, to serve. (2005)

Slogans of S&H (UK)

  • The right people for the right job. (2005)
  • Resourcing in the third space. (2007)

Slogans of ELT (US)

  • Specialists in ethics & compliance training. (2010)
  • Changing behavior. Protecting the bottom line. (2010)

Slogans of Ashby School (UK)

  • Founded in 1567. (2009)
  • Empowered to learn. (2015)

Slogans of Ashlyns School (UK)

  • An environment for learning. (2008)
  • Achieve & aspire. (2009)

Slogans of Roevin (UK)

  • Because it’s people that keep your business working. (2002)
  • Engineering recruitment. (2007)

Slogans of Kannapolis City Schools (US)

  • Kids can succeed. (2007)
  • Creating the future. (2007)

Slogans of ADP (US)

  • It pays to hire us. (1995)
  • In the business of your success. (2012)

Slogans of Roffey Park (UK)

  • Developing people and organisations. (2000)
  • Enlightening people. (2008)

Slogans of Rosetta Stone (US)

  • Language learning success. (2008)
  • Create a smaller world. (2014)

Slogans of MOL (UK)

  • Qualifying the HR profession. (2002)
  • Qualifying the profession. (2003)

Slogans of Kent State University (US)

  • Imagine. (2006)
  • Excellence in action. (2007)

Slogans of Kelly Services (UK)

  • The way to work. (2001)
  • Working harder to get you working. (2001)

Slogans of Roosevelt University (US)

  • The difference between where you are and where you want to be. (2001)
  • Just watch me. (2004)

Slogans of Abbey College (UK)

  • Excellence in education. (2009)
  • A brighter future in the heart of England. (2011)

Slogans of American InterContinental University (UK)

  • Education for the real world. (2001)
  • The serious U. (2015)

Slogans of American International College (US)

  • A tradition of achievement. (2001)
  • Transforming lives since 1885. (2015)

Slogans of East Berkshire College (UK)

  • Five star commitment. (2003)
  • Improving lives through learning. (2008)

Slogans of Liberty University (US)

  • Liberty means freedom. (2001)
  • Excellence without boundaries. (2004)

Slogans of Lab Support UK (UK)

  • Science professionals on assignment. (2002)
  • On assignment. (2007)

Slogans of ASK Europe (UK)

  • Delivering behavioural change. (2007)
  • Unshamedly business. Passionately people. (2015)

Slogans of Keele University (UK)

  • The thinking manager’s MBA. (2001)
  • Expanding your horizons. (2003)

Slogans of Accountancy Additions (UK)

  • We take the time to listen. (2003)
  • Your potential. Realised. (2005)

Slogans of Lewisham College (UK)

  • A force for change. (2001)
  • From competence to excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Warren Partners (UK)

  • Partner with professionals. (2005)
  • Treating others as we want to be treated. (2009)

Slogans of AQA (UK)

  • Examining the future. (2008)
  • Realising potential. (2015)

Slogans of Anderson University (US)

  • Excellent performance. (2001)
  • Knowledge for the journey. (2015)

Slogans of Macallam (UK)

  • Excellence in search (2007)
  • Chemistry at work. (2008)

Slogans of La Jolie Ronde (UK)

  • The happy way to learn French. (2006)
  • Happy language learning. (2008)

Slogans of Achieve Global (US)

  • Learning that works. (1998)
  • Learn. Perform. Grow. (2008)

Slogans of AFS American Field Service (US)

  • Turning places into people. (1977)
  • Connecting lives, sharing cultures. (2015)

Slogans of Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

  • Education for business and the professions. (1995)
  • Sharpens your thinking. (2010)

Slogans of Jobstoday.co.uk (UK)

  • Real jobs for real people. (2007)
  • Taking you to local jobs. (2009)

Slogans of West Virginia Wesleyan College (US)

  • Committed to your success. (2001)
  • Find your voice. (2013)

Slogans of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (US)

  • Shaping the science of health. (2001)
  • Shaping the science of health since 1821. (2004)

Slogans of Audencia School of Management Nantes (UK)

  • Making sense of management. (2007)
  • Inspiring new leaders. (2015)

Slogans of Loomondo

  • Work together. (2008)
  • Working online. (2009)

Slogans of Right Management Consultants (UK)

  • Managing the human side of change. (2008)
  • Business & talent. Aligned. (2014)

Slogans of Austin Banks (UK)

  • Your career. Your life. (2006)
  • Recruitment excellence. (2015)

Slogans of Jobsite (UK)

  • Because different people want different things from their work life. (2005)
  • The best people for the job. (2006)

Slogans of Jobsfinancial.com (UK)

  • The best positions real time. (2001)
  • For jobs that count. (2008)

Slogans of Azuza Pacific University (US)

  • You belong at APU. (2001)
  • God first since 1899. (2015)

Slogans of Loras College (US)

  • Educating principled thinkers. (2001)
  • You belong here. (2001)

Slogans of ABPM (UK)

  • Making the difference. (2001)
  • Experts in financial recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Duke The Fuqua School of Business (US)

  • An environment of performance. (1990)
  • We educate thoughtful business leaders worldwide. (2000)

Slogans of University of Wales College (UK)

  • Your course to the future. (2000)
  • Bringing learning to life. (2004)

Slogans of Southeast Kansas Inc. (US)

  • One region. One voice. (2011)
  • One region. One resource. (2012)

Slogans of Jobs.ch (CH)

  • What job are you? (2009)
  • Go for it. (2019)

Slogans of University of Ulster (UK)

  • Seeing things differently. (2002)
  • Lifelong learning. (2003)

Slogans of Salestarget.co.uk (UK)

  • Sales jobs for sales people. (2007)
  • Jobs for those who live for the sale. (2009)

Slogans of Duchy College (UK)

  • The right choice for a successful future. (2001)
  • Cornwall’s college of the countryside. (2008)

Slogans of LearningRx (US)

  • Train the brain. Get smarter. (2014)
  • Where brains get stronger. Guaranteed. (2014)

Slogans of Dublin Institute Of Technology (UK)

  • Living learning. (2003)
  • It’s a step closer to the real world. (2008)

Slogans of ABRS (UK)

  • The alternative recruitment solution! (2008)
  • Recruitment. Intelligence. (2013)

Slogans of Evangel University (US)

  • Let God be your compass. (2001)
  • Boldly Christian – Unquestionably academic. (2008)

Slogans of Youngstown State University (US)

  • Your success is our goal. (2001)
  • YSU success stories – be one! (2001)

Slogans of Leeds College of Technology (UK)

  • More than you think. (2001)
  • Welcome to your future. (2009)

Slogans of Kingston University (UK)

  • Quality courses – Quality education. (1996)
  • Where London meets the countryside. (2002)

Slogans of Epic (UK)

  • Leaders in learning. (2005)
  • Partners in learning. (2008)

Slogans of Edge (UK)

  • Promoting practical learning. (2006)
  • Many paths to success. (2008)

Slogans of LAF-IT

  • We LAF IT! (2007)
  • Look and feel. (2009)

Slogans of First Counsel (UK)

  • A recruitment service without equal. (2007)
  • Deeper insight. (2008)

Slogans of ACCA (UK)

  • Qualified for life. (2001)
  • The global body for professional accountants. (2015)

Slogans of Leeds Grammar School (UK)

  • Prepare for life. (2001)
  • Developing potential since 1552. (2002)

Slogans of Edexcel (UK)

  • Success through qualifications. (2003)
  • Advancing learning, changing lives. (2009)

Slogans of Matrix Recruitment (UK)

  • Call us, we’ll be listening for it. (2000)
  • Redefining recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Uxbridge College (UK)

  • The education solution. (2001)
  • Realise your potential. (2009)

Slogans of Aston Business School (UK)

  • Take it, make it. (2001)
  • In the heart of Birmingham. (2005)

Slogans of Grafton Recruitment (UK)

  • In the square mile. (1985)

Slogans of Exec Appointments (UK)

  • Defy the conventional. (2003)

Slogans of Great Barr School (UK)

  • Nurturing potential – Creating opportunity. (2009)

Slogans of Guildford College (UK)

  • Could seriously improve your career. (2007)

Slogans of FHNW Hochschule für Technik (CH)

  • I’m thinking about my future. (2011)

Slogans of Guido Schilling (CH)

  • Scanning the markets. (2010)

Slogans of Extra Personnel (UK)

  • A passion for people. (2004)

Slogans of Guildford College Merrist Wood Campus (UK)

  • Together we’re stronger. (2004)

Slogans of Guildsrealm (UK)

  • Effective solutions to your recruitment needs. (2003)

Slogans of Evelyn Grace Academy (UK)

  • Changing the shape of secondary education. (2008)

Slogans of Grange School (UK)

  • Excellence through creativity. (2009)

Slogans of Grand Canyon University (US)

  • The you in GCU. (2001)

Slogans of Grand Haven Christian School (US)

  • Shine. (2008)

Slogans of Executive Connections (UK)

  • Personally recommended. (2002)

Slogans of Explorers Film School (UK)

  • For explorers & intrepid travellers. (2008)

Slogans of Execs On The Net (UK)

  • The site for executive appointments. (2000)

Slogans of ExecuTrain (UK)

  • The computer training leader. (1994)

Slogans of Greenwell Gleeson

  • Looking for professionals. (2011)

Slogans of Grass (AT)

  • Jump into the future. (2010)

Slogans of FCCLA (US)

  • The ultimate leadership experience. (2003)

Slogans of Exley Hervey (UK)

  • Searching for world class brands. (2008)

Slogans of Greenjobsonline.com (UK)

  • The UK’s leading environmental job site. (2008)

Slogans of Green Bay Area Public School District (US)

  • All learning. All growing. (2003)

Slogans of Grove Primary School Trowbridge (UK)

  • Climbing the learning tree together. (2008)

Slogans of Executive Network (UK)

  • Matching talent with opportunity. (2004)

Slogans of Greenwich University (UK)

  • The time is now. (2000)

Slogans of Eurojobs (AT)

  • The personnel company. (2010)

Slogans of Europäische Kommission Wissenschaft

  • Science: It’s a girl thing! (2012)

Slogans of Harper College (US)

  • Go forward. (2001)

Slogans of Essence (UK)

  • People for people. (2007)

Slogans of Hampstead School (UK)

  • Learning together – Achieving together. (2009)

Slogans of Hannibal-LaGrange College (US)

  • It’s an education that prepares you for a career and for life! (2001)

Slogans of Happy (UK)

  • Training & consultancy with a smile. (2006)

Slogans of Essec Business School (UK)

  • My business attitude – Innovation, responsibility, humanism. (2004)

Slogans of Harcourt Matthews (UK)

  • Recruiting intelligence. (2008)

Slogans of Hardin-Simmons University (US)

  • An education enlightened by faith. (2001)

Slogans of Haringey Sixth Form Centre (UK)

  • Aiming for excellence. (2007)

Slogans of Harlands Primary School (UK)

  • Learning to value ourselves and our world. (2008)

Slogans of Harlow College (UK)

  • Leading the way in education & training. (2004)

Slogans of Harrogate College (UK)

  • Your future your learning. (2001)

Slogans of Hamline University School of Law (US)

  • 25 years of ethical leadership & service. (2001)

Slogans of Harrogate Ladies College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2008)

Slogans of Harrow International Schools (UK)

  • Creating leaders for a better world. (2008)

Slogans of Hartlepool Borough Council (UK)

  • Our present: Their future. (2004)

Slogans of Hartmann

  • Going further for health. (2018)

Slogans of Harvard Business School (UK)

  • Where the best and brightest get better and brighter. (2009)

Slogans of Harvard Kennedy School (US)

  • Ask what you can do. (2007)

Slogans of Harvey Nash (UK)

  • The power of talent. (2009)

Slogans of Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College (UK)

  • Finding talent in everyone! (2009)

Slogans of Hattersley Development Trust (UK)

  • At the heart of our neighbourhood. (2003)

Slogans of Hawkeye Community College (US)

  • More than you can imagine! (2001)

Slogans of Hammersmith & West London College (UK)

  • For life in a global community. (2001)

Slogans of Euro Access (UK)

  • Matching success. (2008)

Slogans of European School of Management (UK)

  • Learn everywhere. Manage anywhere. (2006)

Slogans of HMD International (UK)

  • Effective people solutions. (2008)

Slogans of European Recruitment (UK)

  • Engineered for your success. (2003)

Slogans of Gulp

  • Experts united. (2016)

Slogans of Gunt

  • Equipment for engineering education. (2010)

Slogans of HEC MBA (UK)

  • The MBA that builds character. (2007)

Slogans of HEC Paris (UK)

  • The more you know, the more you dare. (2009)

Slogans of European Computer Driving Licence Training Centres (UK)

  • Go on be part of IT. (2001)

Slogans of HEC School of Management (UK)

  • Local roots, global reach. (2004)

Slogans of European Business School London (UK)

  • The language of business. (2007)

Slogans of Eurojobs (CH)

  • The personnel company. (2010)

Slogans of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

  • Your path to success. (2010)

Slogans of HPI

  • Design IT. Create knowledge. (2006)

Slogans of Hamburg Media School

  • Competence & passion. (2004)

Slogans of HPS Training

  • Training that works. (2009)

Slogans of Grafton (UK)

  • Think about it. (2003)

Slogans of Eurojobs

  • The personnel company. (2010)

Slogans of Euroforum

  • Quality in business information. (2010)

Slogans of Eurocentres (UK)

  • Language learning worldwide. (2006)

Slogans of HRC Partnership – Australia (UK)

  • Knowledge of people + business wisdom. (2006)

Slogans of HTW Chur University of Applied Sciences (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2007)

Slogans of Hadlow College (UK)

  • The elements of life. (2008)

Slogans of Hales & Hindmarsh (UK)

  • Partners in search & selection. (2009)

Slogans of Euro-Boarding School Consultation (UK)

  • The right boarding school is the starting point for a successful future. (2010)

Slogans of FIBAA

  • The quality seal in higher education. (2013)

Slogans of Fmjobfinder.com (UK)

  • Meet your future. (2008)

Slogans of Graduate Talent Pool (UK)

  • Connecting businesses to graduate skills. (2009)

Slogans of FMCL (UK)

  • The experts in food recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Foxford School and Community Arts College (UK)

  • Building on success. (2008)

Slogans of First Class (UK)

  • Inspiring education. (2009)

Slogans of Framingham State University (US)

  • Discover. Achieve. Succeed. (2012)

Slogans of Francis Bacon School (UK)

  • Smarter learning here. (2001)

Slogans of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

  • Be prepared. Well educated. (2008)

Slogans of Friends University (US)

  • Imagine the difference. (2001)

Slogans of Fulham Cross girls School (UK)

  • Promoting a love of learning within our global community. (2009)

Slogans of Filsham Valley School (UK)

  • Succeeding together. (2008)

Slogans of Full Sail (US)

  • Real world education. (2006)

Slogans of Fiftyon.co.uk (UK)

  • The power of experience. (2001)

Slogans of Fife College (UK)

  • Inspiring all to learn. (2003)

Slogans of Furman University (US)

  • Engage. (2001)

Slogans of Furness College (UK)

  • Whatever U R. (2007)

Slogans of Fierce (US)

  • Any conversation can. (2013)

Slogans of Ferrero Karriere

  • Learn. Act. Grow. (2013)

Slogans of Future Fit Training (UK)

  • Think fitness careers – Think Future. (2009)

Slogans of Future Media (UK)

  • Work smart. Live smart. (2005)

Slogans of Ferrar (UK)

  • We’ll help your people succeed. (2003)

Slogans of Feltonfleet School (UK)

  • Where individuals really matter. (2005)

Slogans of Future Prospects (UK)

  • Lifelong learning The smart way forward. (2003)

Slogans of Fathom.com (US)

  • Thinking is encouraged @ Fathom. (2001)

Slogans of Futures Recruitment Services (UK)

  • Making the right connection. (2009)

Slogans of GAAP (UK)

  • Your future in finance and accountancy. (2009)

Slogans of Fastaff (US)

  • Across the country and around the corner. (2002)

Slogans of GAAPweb.com (UK)

  • The favourite for finance professionals. (2006)

Slogans of First Contact (UK)

  • Supplying quality staff through understanding. (2006)

Slogans of Hays (CH)

  • Recruiting experts worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of FoxChamberlain (UK)

  • Delivering leaders wherever they’re needed. (2004)

Slogans of Foskett Lloyd Davies (UK)

  • Building for your future. (2003)

Slogans of Foresight Recruitment (UK)

  • The ability to plan ahead. (2008)

Slogans of Forest Gate Community Schhool (UK)

  • Excellence in city education. (2009)

Slogans of Formula-Won (UK)

  • The driving force in media recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Fort Hays State University (UK)

  • Forward thinking. World ready. (2009)

Slogans of Flying Teachers (CH)

  • At your workplace, at our training centre or wherever you wish. (2012)

Slogans of Forth Valley College (UK)

  • Excellence in learning. (2008)

Slogans of Forties People (UK)

  • Provider of mature office personnel. (2004)

Slogans of Florida State University College of Law (US)

  • An enviable record of diversity. (2001)

Slogans of Fortnum Select (UK)

  • Selecting the best is our business. (2008)

Slogans of Forum (UK)

  • Where learning means business. (2001)

Slogans of Florida International University (US)

  • A history of forward thinking. (2002)

Slogans of Florida Coastal School of Law (US)

  • Law is universal. (2001)

Slogans of First People Solutions (UK)

  • Business is about people. (2006)

Slogans of Flixton Girls High School (UK)

  • Aspiration – Empowerment – Excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Foundation Degree Forward (UK)

  • Working for a degree of difference. (2007)

Slogans of Flightinternationaljobs.com (UK)

  • Getting careers off the ground. (2006)

Slogans of Fleet Tutors (UK)

  • Helping students reach their potential. (2008)

Slogans of Flame (UK)

  • Are you fired up? (2002)

Slogans of Foundation For Independent Higher Education (US)

  • Serving 600 private colleges in the public interest. (1990)

Slogans of Fowey Community College (UK)

  • Achieving through caring. (2008)

Slogans of Fox Chamberlain (UK)

  • Strategic headhunting, effectively delivered. (2004)

Slogans of Fitchburg State College (US)

  • Learn how far you can go. (2001)

Slogans of FirstCounsel (UK)

  • Superior talent for the legal profession. (2006)

Slogans of First Recruitment Group (UK)

  • Make your career move. (2009)

Slogans of GEMS Schools (UK)

  • Learn. Aspire. Be. (2009)

Slogans of GEOS Language Limited (UK)

  • Experience the difference! (2001)

Slogans of GL Assessment (UK)

  • The measure of potential. (2008)

Slogans of Goldsmiths University (UK)

  • The UK’s leading creative university. (2006)

Slogans of GlobalGateway.org (UK)

  • Bringing an international dimension to education. (2007)

Slogans of Glubal

  • Global university network. (2013)

Slogans of GoSkills (UK)

  • Moving skills forward. (2008)

Slogans of Faktum

  • Jobs and more. (2011)

Slogans of Goddard College (US)

  • Where the journey is as important as the destination. (2001)

Slogans of Goetzfried

  • Recruiting experts. (2012)

Slogans of FoodManJobs (UK)

  • Tried and trusted. (2009)

Slogans of Golden Hillock School (UK)

  • Building futures through learning together. (2007)

Slogans of Fairley House School (UK)

  • Building brighter futures for children with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. (2005)

Slogans of Fairfax University (UK)

  • Making life easier. (2000)

Slogans of Golden Step Ahead (US)

  • Give your child a step ahead. (1984)

Slogans of Goldsmiths University of London (UK)

  • Individual. Innovative. In London. (2001)

Slogans of Global Medics (UK)

  • With you every step of the way. (2008)

Slogans of Failsworth School (UK)

  • Going for gold. (2008)

Slogans of Goodman Masson (UK)

  • Our knowledge, your potential. (2009)

Slogans of Gordon College (US)

  • Here we stand. (2001)

Slogans of Fachhochschule Kufstein (AT)

  • Higher level of education. (2010)

Slogans of Gorilla Recruitment (UK)

  • Release your potential. (2005)

Slogans of Goucher (US)

  • We’ll get you there. (2002)

Slogans of Goucher College (US)

  • Education without boundaries. (2003)

Slogans of Grace College (US)

  • Character. Competence. Service. (2001)

Slogans of Fachhochschule Dortmund

  • We focus on students. (2009)

Slogans of Grace University (US)

  • Academic excellence. Life change. World impact. (2001)

Slogans of FSL (AT)

  • You need – we have. (2011)

Slogans of Global Personal Partner (CH)

  • Sounds like work. (2011)

Slogans of Global Integration (UK)

  • Working across distance, culture, time & technology. (2001)

Slogans of Fast Lane (AT)

  • Quality training from the experts. (2016)

Slogans of Georgia State University (US)

  • Advantage. (2001)

Slogans of GRS (UK)

  • Thinking people. (2007)

Slogans of Gastro S (CH)

  • The #1 address for hospitality professionals. (2012)

Slogans of Gateshead College (UK)

  • The only thing to be seen in this summer. (2003)

Slogans of Gateway Community and Technical College (US)

  • Higher education begins here. (2006)

Slogans of GeneEd

  • The science you need to know. (2004)

Slogans of George Green’s School (UK)

  • All different – All equal. (2008)

Slogans of Farnborough Hill (UK)

  • Educating the whole person. (2007)

Slogans of George Henderson (UK)

  • Putting people first. (2008)

Slogans of George Heriot’s School (UK)

  • Founded 1628. (2009)

Slogans of Farnborough College (UK)

  • More choice. More University of Surrey degrees! (2002)

Slogans of George Mason University School of Law (US)

  • Young, vigorous, new generation. (2001)

Slogans of Georgia Tech College of Management (US)

  • Achieve. Lead. Success. (2005)

Slogans of Global Accountancy Personnel (UK)

  • Making the right connections. (2006)

Slogans of Famota

  • Engineers excellence. (2011)

Slogans of Georgian Court University (US)

  • A tradition of excellence A future of success. (2005)

Slogans of Gestalt Systems (UK)

  • Learn @ a higher level. (2000)

Slogans of Fame (UK)

  • A unique partnership between the academic and financial worlds. (2003)

Slogans of Ghyll Royd School For Boys (UK)

  • A foundation for life. (2002)

Slogans of Gi Group

  • Your job, our work. (2012)

Slogans of Girl’s Day School Trust (UK)

  • At the forefront of education. (2009)

Slogans of Fallibroome High School (UK)

  • A place for excellence. (2005)

Slogans of Falkirk College Stirling Centre (UK)

  • Shaping your future. (2004)

Slogans of Gisma

  • Good to see you! (2006)

Slogans of Glasgow Metropolitan (UK)

  • Make it at the Met. (2005)

Slogans of Hays (AT)

  • Recruiting experts worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of iMove

  • Training – Made in Germany. (2011)

Slogans of Hays (UK)

  • Recruiting experts worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of JobsRSL.co.uk (UK)

  • Jobs with registered social landlords. (2008)

Slogans of John Brown University (US)

  • Christ over all. (2001)

Slogans of Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (AT)

  • Future starts here! (2010)

Slogans of Jobwise (UK)

  • Love your job. (2006)

Slogans of Jobvector

  • The lifescience career center. (2005)

Slogans of Jobscout24

  • Meet your future. (2000)

Slogans of JobsTelegraph.co.uk (UK)

  • Quality jobs for talented candidates. (2008)

Slogans of Jobs.thegrocer.co.uk (UK)

  • Making the most of you. (2009)

Slogans of Jobcentre (UK)

  • The right people for the job. (1978)

Slogans of Jobs.Telegraph.co.uk (UK)

  • Check daily to find all the top jobs from all the top employers. (2008)

Slogans of Jobs-log.com (UK)

  • Careers in maritime & transport. (2007)

Slogans of Jobs-In-Rail.co.uk (UK)

  • Your railway career. (2008)

Slogans of Jobpilot.de

  • Jobs & adverts. (1999)

Slogans of Jobpilot.co.uk (UK)

  • Europe’s career market on the internet. (2001)

Slogans of Jobline.co.uk (UK)

  • Matching visions. (2001)

Slogans of John Casablancas (US)

  • It’s in you. We just help bring it out. (2004)

Slogans of John Cook School of Business (US)

  • Educating business leaders since 1910. (2006)

Slogans of John F. Kennedy University (US)

  • Inspiring dreams, realizing potential. (2006)

Slogans of John Hampden School Wendover (UK)

  • Loving to learn. (2008)

Slogans of John Hopkins Medicine (US)

  • Imagine. (2004)

Slogans of John Moores University (UK)

  • Time to change your life. (2000)

Slogans of John Port School (UK)

  • The opportunity to succeed. (2008)

Slogans of John Smeaton Community High School (UK)

  • Building the future. (2002)

Slogans of Johnson & Wales University (US)

  • America’s career university. (2001)

Slogans of Johnstones (UK)

  • Unique recruitment solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Join Vision

  • IT works for you. (2010)

Slogans of Join Vision (AT)

  • IT works for you. (2010)

Slogans of Join Vision (CH)

  • IT works for you. (2010)

Slogans of Join Vision (UK)

  • IT works for you. (2010)

Slogans of Jonathan Lee (UK)

  • Solutions through understanding. (2008)

Slogans of Joseph Leckie Community Technology College (UK)

  • Learn to serve. (2004)

Slogans of Jovoto

  • Empowering creatives. (2008)

Slogans of Jobjourneynorthwest.co.uk (UK)

  • Just the local job. (2007)

Slogans of Jobbox (CH)

  • Your contact. (2007)

Slogans of Hays Education Personnel (UK)

  • In a different class. (2001)

Slogans of Inwent

  • Qualified to shape the future. (2010)

Slogans of JHP Employability (UK)

  • Into work. Onto skills. (2009)

Slogans of JFK Charter School (US)

  • Your kids. Your career. Our commitment. (2003)

Slogans of Iversity

  • Study anywhere. (2015)

Slogans of Iventa (AT)

  • The human management group. (2013)

Slogans of Ipade Business School (UK)

  • Ranked 1st in Latin America. (2001)

Slogans of Iowa State University (US)

  • Becoming the best. (2001)

Slogans of Intrinsica-recruit.com (UK)

  • The essence of within. (2002)

Slogans of Job-opps.co.uk (UK)

  • More jobs. (2000)

Slogans of Into Schüleraustausch (CH)

  • Don’t dream it – do it! (2011)

Slogans of Into Schüleraustausch (AT)

  • Don’t dream it – do it! (2011)

Slogans of Into Schüleraustausch

  • Don’t dream it! Do it! (1994)

Slogans of Interpool Personal

  • The right people. Worldwide. (2011)

Slogans of International Students Club

  • Individuals creating a cosmopolitan world. (2005)

Slogans of International School of Dusseldorf e.V (UK)

  • Where life-long learning begins. (2008)

Slogans of JHP Training Limited (UK)

  • Our business your future. (2001)

Slogans of JL Social Care (UK)

  • Matching skills & aspirations. (2005)

Slogans of JPMorgan Invest (UK)

  • Financial education at work. (2005)

Slogans of Jacksonville State University (US)

  • JSU is right for you! (2001)

Slogans of James Watt (UK)

  • Taking you further in life. (2003)

Slogans of Jamestown College (US)

  • A tradition of excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Jared (UK)

  • Placing people first. (2004)

Slogans of Jared James (UK)

  • Partnership in business. (2008)

Slogans of Jarvis Johnson (UK)

  • A zest for recruitment, a passion for excellence. (2008)

Slogans of Jefferson State University of New York (UK)

  • There’s more here. (2009)

Slogans of Jennings Morton Friel (UK)

  • Accountancy recruitment. Individual solutions. (2008)

Slogans of Jerry Varghese (UK)

  • Where your search ends And ours begins. (2008)

Slogans of Jewellery Stylist (UK)

  • Experts in jewellery recruitment. (2010)

Slogans of Jo Fisher Executive (UK)

  • Next generation executives. (2008)

Slogans of Jo Jingles (UK)

  • The music & movement experience. (2005)

Slogans of Joanne Manson Recruitment (UK)

  • Fiercely independent – totally confidential. (2001)

Slogans of Job Opportunities (UK)

  • The jobs newspaper that’s dedicated to work. (2002)

Slogans of Juice (UK)

  • Let Juice quench your thirst! (2003)

Slogans of Jump$tart (US)

  • Financial smarts for students. (2003)

Slogans of Juniors (UK)

  • Making learning fun. (2003)

Slogans of La Garenne (CH)

  • Many cultures, strong Swiss values, bilingual education, one family. (2012)

Slogans of Lamar University (US)

  • Texas roots. Infinite possibilities. (2008)

Slogans of Lakeshore Technical College (US)

  • Learning to get ahead. (2001)

Slogans of Lakes College (UK)

  • It’s a different world. (2003)

Slogans of Lacey Gardens Junior School (UK)

  • Listen – Believe – Learn. (2009)

Slogans of LaGrange College (US)

  • Challenging the mind. Inspiring the soul. (2001)

Slogans of La Trobe University (UK)

  • Your MBA. Your life. Infinite possibilities. (2008)

Slogans of LVMT (UK)

  • The way forward. (2002)

Slogans of Justgroup.net (UK)

  • Smart solutions for smart companies. (2003)

Slogans of LSBU (UK)

  • What price higher education? At LSBU, less than you think. (2010)

Slogans of LRQA (UK)

  • Measure the difference. (2010)

Slogans of LPR (UK)

  • Let’s personalise recruitment. (2010)

Slogans of LKL Services (UK)

  • The people company. (2009)

Slogans of LC Industries (US)

  • Employment for people who are blind! (2012)

Slogans of LA Recruitment (UK)

  • The power of the drop – The energy to transform. (2008)

Slogans of Lambeth College (UK)

  • Give your career distinction. (2008)

Slogans of Lancaster Bible College (US)

  • Up close and personal. (2001)

Slogans of Landmark Staffing (US)

  • First choice for great people. (2008)

Slogans of Landsdowne Appointments Register (UK)

  • Jobs for professionals. Professionals for jobs. (1985)

Slogans of Lane4 (UK)

  • Engaging people. Delivering performance. (2008)

Slogans of Lansdowne College (UK)

  • Where students come first. (2006)

Slogans of Latrobe University (UK)

  • Opportunity for excellence. (1994)

Slogans of Law Staff Legal Recruitment (UK)

  • Recruitment by professionals, for professionals. (2007)

Slogans of Lawrence Allison Training (UK)

  • Getting to grips with workplace conflict. (2002)

Slogans of Lawrence Township Public Schools (US)

  • Lead. Achieve. Succeed. (2013)

Slogans of LeTourneau University (US)

  • Faith brings us together. Ingenuity sets us apart. (2001)

Slogans of LearnKey (US)

  • Learn from the experts. (2007)

Slogans of LearnShip (UK)

  • The online language school. (2010)

Slogans of Learning & Skills Council for West Yorkshire (UK)

  • Don’t just dream do! (2001)

Slogans of Learning City – York (UK)

  • A brighter future for everyone. (2002)

Slogans of Learning Leaders (US)

  • Volunteers helping students succeed. (1999)

Slogans of Learning Performance (UK)

  • Making learning easier. (2005)

Slogans of Königsteiner Agentur

  • Intelligent recruiting. (2014)

Slogans of Kumon Tutors Education (UK)

  • An education for life. (2003)

Slogans of Kumon (UK)

  • Every child can shine. (2006)

Slogans of Kenton School (UK)

  • All different, all equal. (2009)

Slogans of KCLSU (UK)

  • Student life support. (2006)

Slogans of KE10 150 (UK)

  • Design the future. (2007)

Slogans of KSDR Search (UK)

  • Building the heart of business. (2008)

Slogans of Kaplan Law School (UK)

  • Building futures. (2007)

Slogans of Kaplan University (US)

  • A different school of thought. (2009)

Slogans of Kaplancollege.com (US)

  • Empower your future. (2000)

Slogans of Katie Bard (UK)

  • Aim higher. (2006)

Slogans of Kelley School of Business (US)

  • One school. Endless possibilities. (2009)

Slogans of Kellogg (US)

  • The latest school of thought. (2000)

Slogans of Kelly (UK)

  • Talent at work. (2008)

Slogans of Kendal College (UK)

  • The college of the South Lakes. (2008)

Slogans of Kenexa (UK)

  • HR success multiplied. (2009)

Slogans of Kennesaw State University (US)

  • We’ll take you higher. (2001)

Slogans of Kensington and Chelsea College (UK)

  • First class – First choice. (2007)

Slogans of Kettering University (US)

  • Why wait? (2001)

Slogans of Korn/Ferry International (UK)

  • The art & science of talent. (2008)

Slogans of Key People (UK)

  • Recruiting professionals. (2004)

Slogans of Key Training (UK)

  • Unlocks potential. (2008)

Slogans of Kforce (US)

  • Great people = Great results. (2008)

Slogans of KinderCare (US)

  • Together we learn. (2006)

Slogans of King College (US)

  • From here to the world. (2001)

Slogans of King Ethelbert School (UK)

  • Designing the future. (2009)

Slogans of Kings College London University of London (UK)

  • Distinguish yourself. (2007)

Slogans of Kingsmead Tech. College (UK)

  • Achieving success together. (2002)

Slogans of Kingston University MBA (UK)

  • Take control of your career. (2005)

Slogans of Kingstone (UK)

  • A school of creativity with arts for all. (2009)

Slogans of Kirby Professional (UK)

  • Success through results. (1985)

Slogans of Kirkwood Community College (US)

  • Learning for your life time. (2001)

Slogans of Kitchen Connections (UK)

  • Exceptional people for exceptional places. (2008)

Slogans of Korn/Ferry (US)

  • The art & science of talent. (2009)

Slogans of International School Stuttgart (UK)

  • Changing the way children learn, one child at a time. (2007)

Slogans of International School Aamby India (UK)

  • World class facilities – World class learners. (2008)

Slogans of International House The Distance Delta (UK)

  • Distance no object. (2001)

Slogans of Hofmann (UK)

  • Expert solutions for all your recruitment needs. (2010)

Slogans of Hong Kong Baptist University (UK)

  • Innovate for whole person excellence. (2006)

Slogans of Home Learning College (UK)

  • For a brighter future. (2008)

Slogans of Holy Trinity School (UK)

  • Where you belong. (2008)

Slogans of Holtby Turner (UK)

  • Make your presence felt. (2008)

Slogans of Hogapage

  • Your job-explorer. (2012)

Slogans of Hofstra University (US)

  • We teach success. (2001)

Slogans of Hodge Hill School (UK)

  • Aiming high achieving our very best! (2007)

Slogans of Hult International Business School (US)

  • Get plugged in to the world. (2013)

Slogans of Hodder Murray (UK)

  • Quality & choice across the curriculum. (2006)

Slogans of Hochschule Heilbronn

  • We love to educate you. (2007)

Slogans of Hochschule Deggendorf

  • Take the chance. (2010)

Slogans of Hochschule Bremen

  • Science in the city. (2005)

Slogans of Hochschule 21

  • Genial dual. (2009)

Slogans of Hire Association Europe (UK)

  • Raising the standard. (2007)

Slogans of Honilands Primary School (UK)

  • We are one. (2009)

Slogans of Hope College (US)

  • Shout for joy. (2001)

Slogans of Horizon Recruitment (UK)

  • Moving forward together. (2008)

Slogans of Hornblow (UK)

  • The captain of recruitment. (2006)

Slogans of Horndean Community School (UK)

  • Proud to be a Hampshire school. (2001)

Slogans of Hotcourses.com (UK)

  • The source of the course. (2003)

Slogans of Hotelfachschule Thun (CH)

  • Soul, passion & system. (2010)

Slogans of Hotjobs.com (UK)

  • Onward. Upward. (2002)

Slogans of Hotmath.com (UK)

  • Your students need never stay stuck again. (2001)

Slogans of Hotrecruit.com (UK)

  • It starts here. (2008)

Slogans of Howett Thorpe (UK)

  • Individual financial recruitment (2008)

Slogans of Hoxton Hall (UK)

  • Change and growth through the arts. (2005)

Slogans of Hubert Schwarz

  • Power of mind. (2010)

Slogans of Huddersfield Technical College (UK)

  • More than meets the eye. (2001)

Slogans of Hudson York Farrell (UK)

  • Looking out for you. (2006)

Slogans of Hugh Baird College (UK)

  • Taking you further. (2007)

Slogans of Hughes Castell (UK)

  • Knowledge-based recruitment delivered in a personal and ethical way. (2008)

Slogans of Hillcrest Grammar School (UK)

  • Where every child is special. (2004)

Slogans of Highlands College (UK)

  • Opportunities – Achievement – Success. (2007)

Slogans of Highgate Wood School (UK)

  • Everyone matters. (2008)

Slogans of Henderson State University (US)

  • Arkansas’s public liberal arts university. (2001)

Slogans of Haysworks.com (UK)

  • Where companies and candidates click. (2001)

Slogans of Hazelleng.com (UK)

  • Engineer your future. (2000)

Slogans of Headington (UK)

  • The school where individuals come first. (2009)

Slogans of Headway Recruitment (UK)

  • Your leading choice. (2005)

Slogans of HealthStaff Recruitment (UK)

  • For uncompromised service. (2008)

Slogans of Heathfield School (UK)

  • Preparing for tomorrow’s world. (2009)

Slogans of Heidrick & Struggles (UK)

  • Offices in principal cities of the world. (2008)

Slogans of Heidrick & Struggles (US)

  • Consultants in executive search. (1998)

Slogans of Heise Jobs

  • IT’s your career. (2002)

Slogans of Helbling Languages (UK)

  • Communication made easy. (2005)

Slogans of Helen Doron Early English

  • Connecting the next generation. (2010)

Slogans of Helix Group (UK)

  • We specialise Because you do! (2004)

Slogans of Hemsley Fraser (UK)

  • Thinking beyond learning. (2008)

Slogans of Hemsley Fraser Learning & Development (UK)

  • The learning organisation. (2005)

Slogans of Hendon College (UK)

  • Taking your education further. (2000)

Slogans of Highfield (UK)

  • Human solutions. (2004)

Slogans of Henley College Coventry (UK)

  • Student first. (2007)

Slogans of Henley Management College (UK)

  • Building people – Building business. (2002)

Slogans of Henley Open Management Education (UK)

  • Bringing home better management. (1982)

Slogans of Henry Maynard Infants School & Nursery (UK)

  • Working together and learning together. (2009)

Slogans of Herberger College of Business (US)

  • Get ready to work. (2009)

Slogans of Herbert Smith (UK)

  • Invest in yourself. (2009)

Slogans of Hereward College (UK)

  • Opportunities for everyone. (2003)

Slogans of Hertford Regional College (UK)

  • Make it real. (2008)

Slogans of Hewitt (US)

  • Improving business results through people. (2000)

Slogans of Hexagon (UK)

  • Human capital. (2008)

Slogans of Heysham High School Sports College (UK)

  • At the gateway to the lakes. (2008)

Slogans of Heywood Community High School (UK)

  • The school on top – The ability to learn, the courage to aspire. (2004)

Slogans of HfM Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe

  • University of music. (2009)

Slogans of High Growth (UK)

  • Building a winning team together. (2005)

Slogans of Hull University (UK)

  • Where do you think? (2003)

Slogans of HumanTrain (CH)

  • We love to train you! (2010)

Slogans of International House Icon (UK)

  • Teaching the world in Ireland. (2001)

Slogans of Independent Seminars (UK)

  • Because only the best will do. (2002)

Slogans of Infobasis (UK)

  • Your people. Your business. (2008)

Slogans of Individual Learning Account (UK)

  • Learning works. (2003)

Slogans of Indiana Wesleyan University (US)

  • Excellence in christian education. (2001)

Slogans of Indiana University, Bloomington School of Law (US)

  • Lawyers of the future. (2001)

Slogans of Indiana University (US)

  • Quality education. Lifetime opportunities. (2001)

Slogans of Indiana State University (UK)

  • More. From day one. (2009)

Slogans of Indeed (US)

  • One search. All jobs. (2013)

Slogans of Hunter-Miller (UK)

  • Because winning matters. (2008)

Slogans of Indeed (UK)

  • How the world works. (2014)

Slogans of Indeed

  • How the world works. (2014)

Slogans of Inchbald School of Design (UK)

  • Where courses lead to careers. (2003)

Slogans of InTraining (UK)

  • Developing people for business. (2009)

Slogans of InPharm.com (UK)

  • Life support for the pharmaceutical industry. (2008)

Slogans of InGenics

  • And future works. (2009)

Slogans of Infoteam

  • For better business. (2011)

Slogans of Ingenium (UK)

  • Recruitment solutions. (2008)

Slogans of Inhr.co.uk (UK)

  • The HR recruitment website. (2005)

Slogans of Inlingua

  • Crossing language barriers. (2010)

Slogans of Inretail.co.uk (UK)

  • The retail and wholesale recruitment website. (2007)

Slogans of Insead Executive MBA (UK)

  • Lift your career beyond expectations. (2003)

Slogans of Institut Beatenberg (CH)

  • Relations and questions are my way to success. (2012)

Slogans of Instituto de Empresa (UK)

  • Spirit of innovation. (2005)

Slogans of Intake High School Arts College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2004)

Slogans of Intel (UK)

  • Think ahead. (2001)

Slogans of Inter-Services (UK)

  • Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and professionalism in all that we do. (2002)

Slogans of InterServices (UK)

  • A little bit different. A little bit more. (2008)

Slogans of Interim Performers (UK)

  • Solutions for the world of human resources. (2003)

Slogans of International Baccalaureate (UK)

  • High quality international education for a better world. (2008)

Slogans of International Business School Tuttlingen

  • Power your future. (2010)

Slogans of International Convention Centre Birmingham (UK)

  • One centre. All the difference in the world. (1995)

Slogans of International House (UK)

  • Bringing people of the world together. (2001)

Slogans of Imperial College Of Science, Technology & Medicine (UK)

  • Delivering world class scholarship, education and research. (2002)

Slogans of Imperial College (UK)

  • 100 years of living science. (2008)

Slogans of Imparta (UK)

  • Capability building. (2008)

Slogans of IMD (US)

  • A new school of thought. (1990)

Slogans of Hurtwood House (UK)

  • A new public school for the 21st century. (2008)

Slogans of Huthwaite International (UK)

  • Change behaviour. Change results. (2007)

Slogans of Huxley Associates (UK)

  • Bringing people and business together. (2009)

Slogans of Hydrogen (UK)

  • Fuelling the future in talent management. (2008)

Slogans of Hyphen Recruitment (UK)

  • The link between great companies and great people. (2006)

Slogans of ICL (UK)

  • Changing lives. Starting with yours. (2000)

Slogans of ICS (UK)

  • The world’s No.1 in home learning. (2009)

Slogans of ICT Alive (UK)

  • Another great idea. (2003)

Slogans of IELTS (UK)

  • English for international opportunities. (2008)

Slogans of IKP

  • Executive search. (2003)

Slogans of ILF Institute for Law and Finance

  • Gain the competitive advantage! (2011)

Slogans of IMD

  • Real world. Real learning. (2005)

Slogans of IMD (CH)

  • Real world. Real learning. (2010)

Slogans of IMD (UK)

  • Real world. Real learning. (2009)

Slogans of IPECC (CH)

  • Intelligent coaching. (2010)

Slogans of Impact International (UK)

  • Creating sustainable enterprise. (2009)

Slogans of IPPM (UK)

  • A fresh approach to payroll recruitment. (2005)

Slogans of IS Initial (UK)

  • The leaders in hygiene hire. (1979)

Slogans of ISE

  • Competence for people – science for business. (2010)

Slogans of ISHR Internationale Schule Hannover Region

  • Educating the future. (2012)

Slogans of IT Security Training (UK)

  • Get certified! (2006)

Slogans of Idaho State University (US)

  • Look closer at ISU. (2001)

Slogans of Igen (UK)

  • Inspiring achievement realising potential. (2007)

Slogans of Ilearn (CH)

  • Yes, I learn. (2013)

Slogans of Illingworth Recruitment (UK)

  • Developing potential. Delivering results. (2008)

Slogans of Illumine (UK)

  • Better brains for better business. (2008)

Slogans of Imede (UK)

  • The international business school in Lausanne – Your intelligent option. (1979)

Slogans of Immaculata College (US)

  • The university within a college. (2001)

Slogans of Impact (UK)

  • Live to learn, learn to live. (2003)

Slogans of Impact Executives (UK)

  • Europe’s leading interim management provider. (2001)

Slogans of Erskine College (US)

  • The national Christian liberal arts college of the South. (2001)

Slogans of ELT The English Language Trainers

  • Speak as powerfully as you think. (2010)

Slogans of Epsom College (UK)

  • The best foundation for success. (2005)

Slogans of Birkbeck Univerity of London (UK)

  • There are so many reasons to study at Birkbeck: what’s yours? (2004)

Slogans of Blossom (UK)

  • Specialist recruitment for marketing agencies. (2006)

Slogans of Blis (UK)

  • One-stop shop for language and cultural expertise. (2005)

Slogans of Bligh (UK)

  • Recruitment made easy. (2008)

Slogans of Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College (UK)

  • Aspirational – Exceptional – Outstanding. (2009)

Slogans of Blend (UK)

  • Recruitment of the finest. (2008)

Slogans of Bleckmann Schulze

  • Finding competence. (2006)

Slogans of Blackpool and the Fylde College (UK)

  • Make a name for yourself through higher education. (2006)

Slogans of Blackburn College (UK)

  • It’s better at Blackburn College. (2004)

Slogans of Bite Size (UK)

  • They’re free they’re fun just try one. (2003)

Slogans of Bit

  • Best in training. (2009)

Slogans of Bishop Stopford School (UK)

  • Faith – Jusice – Responsibility – Truth – Compassion. (2008)

Slogans of Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School (UK)

  • Celebrating learning together. (2008)

Slogans of Bishop Grosseteste College (UK)

  • Our tradition – Your future. (2008)

Slogans of Bishop Burton College (UK)

  • It’s about your achievement. (2001)

Slogans of Birkdale High School (UK)

  • Forward to success. (2008)

Slogans of Blue Beetle (UK)

  • Work hard. Play harder. Learn more. (2008)

Slogans of Blue Juice Recruitment (UK)

  • Recruitment is our forte. (2008)

Slogans of Blue Monday Recruitment (UK)

  • Reshaping your future. (2005)

Slogans of Bolton Sixth Form College (UK)

  • Putting your future first. (2008)

Slogans of Bournemouth & Poole The College (UK)

  • You can at The College. (2001)

Slogans of Boston University School of Law (US)

  • Teaching, curriculum, and job placement. (2001)

Slogans of Boston College Law School (US)

  • Building for the millennium. (2001)

Slogans of Borders College (UK)

  • You don’t have to go far to go far. (2003)

Slogans of BookRags (US)

  • Research anything. (2008)

Slogans of Bonabendis

  • The flexible story. (2011)

Slogans of Bolton Institute (UK)

  • A new university for the real world. (2005)

Slogans of Blue Skies (UK)

  • No one knows agencies better. (2008)

Slogans of Bolton Community College (UK)

  • Going further, together. (2007)

Slogans of Boldon school (UK)

  • Innovate. Focus. Achieve. (2009)

Slogans of Bob Jones University (US)

  • The opportunity place. (2001)

Slogans of Bluearrow.co.uk (UK)

  • Blue print for success. (2000)

Slogans of BlueSkies (UK)

  • Expert recruitment with the personal touch. (2005)

Slogans of Blue Strawberry (UK)

  • For stimulating positions. (2000)

Slogans of Birkbeck University of London (UK)

  • Educating busy Londoners. (2007)

Slogans of Biola University (US)

  • Strengthening mind and character. (2001)

Slogans of Barclay Junior School (UK)

  • The children come first. (2001)

Slogans of Big4careers.com (UK)

  • The site for specialists… A personal service on a global scale. (2009)

Slogans of Bede Academy (UK)

  • A passion for excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Beckfoot School (UK)

  • Enjoy – Learn – Succeed. (2009)

Slogans of Becker CPA Review (US)

  • Prepare to succeed. (2006)

Slogans of Beachborough School (UK)

  • Getting the balance right. (2008)

Slogans of BeMyInterviewer.co.uk (UK)

  • Fear no question. (2008)

Slogans of BayTech

  • Science to business. (2011)

Slogans of Baverstock School (UK)

  • A great team achieving results. (2009)

Slogans of Batley Grammar School and Priestly house Junior School (UK)

  • Where every child really matters. (2009)

Slogans of Bath Spa University (UK)

  • Let’s change your future. (2008)

Slogans of Basingstoke College of Technology (UK)

  • Success through learning. (2007)

Slogans of Barton College (US)

  • Inspiring futures. (2009)

Slogans of Barry University (US)

  • Where you belong. (2003)

Slogans of Barracuda (UK)

  • Immersed thinking. (2005)

Slogans of Barnfield South Academy (UK)

  • Setting the standard. (2009)

Slogans of Barnes Kavelle (UK)

  • People make the diference. (2008)

Slogans of Bedford High School (UK)

  • The place to be. (2006)

Slogans of Belhaven College (US)

  • Where the power of knowledge meets the power of faith. (2001)

Slogans of Bellevue University (US)

  • Real learning for real life. (2008)

Slogans of Berner Fachhochschule AHB (CH)

  • Studying from a different perspective. (2010)

Slogans of Bienenberg (CH)

  • Training for transformation. (2010)

Slogans of Bie Interim Executive (UK)

  • Managing transition – Accelerating change. (2008)

Slogans of Bicton College (UK)

  • Near the beach in sunny Devon. (2006)

Slogans of Bettermarks

  • Maths made easy. (2013)

Slogans of Bethany College (US)

  • Where are you going? (2001)

Slogans of Berry Recruitment (UK)

  • Combining talent with opportunity. (2008)

Slogans of Bernard Hodes (UK)

  • Talent matters. (2007)

Slogans of Belmont School Community Arts College (UK)

  • Learn, progress, achieve together. (2009)

Slogans of Bernard Haldane Associates (UK)

  • 54 years of excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Berlitz (UK)

  • Helping the world communicate. (2006)

Slogans of Berlin British School

  • A community of vibrant and global thinkers. (2014)

Slogans of Beresford Blake Thomas (UK)

  • Global reach. Local focus. (2009)

Slogans of Bera

  • Transformation experts. (2016)

Slogans of Belmont University (US)

  • From here to anywhere! (2001)

Slogans of Bow School (UK)

  • A vibrant, innovative and enterprising school. (2009)

Slogans of BowcliffePartners (UK)

  • Human and resourceful. (2008)

Slogans of Boyce College (US)

  • The harvest is ready. Are you? (2001)

Slogans of Boyden

  • Global executive search. (2011)

Slogans of CMC Consulting (UK)

  • Specialists in financial recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of CK Science (UK)

  • Because recruitment is a science. (2008)

Slogans of CITB (UK)

  • Real strategy. Real results. Real people. (2003)

Slogans of CIPD (UK)

  • E-quipping you for the future. (2001)

Slogans of CIM (UK)

  • Training to meet customer needs. (1996)

Slogans of CILT (UK)

  • Promoting a greater capability in language. (2005)

Slogans of CEU Business School (UK)

  • Dare to imagine – Dare to change. (2005)

Slogans of CCL (UK)

  • The professional people people. (2009)

Slogans of CCH & CPD (UK)

  • Complete your CPD Anytime. Anywhere. (2005)

Slogans of CBA Recruitment (UK)

  • How recruitment should be. (2008)

Slogans of CAPup!

  • Your business network. (2003)

Slogans of CAMCO (UK)

  • Scientific recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of CACHE (UK)

  • Laying strong foundations through quality child care, education & playwork. (2002)

Slogans of C&M Travel Recruitment (UK)

  • We always see things from your point of view. (2006)

Slogans of Bushey Academy (UK)

  • Proud to belong. (2009)

Slogans of CNED (UK)

  • To give them a better education. Start with yours. (2006)

Slogans of CNT

  • The HR professionals. (2011)

Slogans of CPS Chicago Public Schools (US)

  • Educate. Inspire. Transform. (2010)

Slogans of California State University Sacramento (US)

  • Leadership begins here. (2010)

Slogans of Camden Local Education Authority (UK)

  • Raising achievement together. (2001)

Slogans of Cambridge Regional College (UK)

  • Good teaching. Better learning. Best achievement for all. (2001)

Slogans of Cambridge Maths Direct (UK)

  • Get on target. (2002)

Slogans of Cambridge Judge Business School (UK)

  • Learn from the leaders. (2006)

Slogans of Cambian Education (UK)

  • Meeting special needs. (2008)

Slogans of Calvin College (US)

  • Minds in the making. (2001)

Slogans of California Southern University (US)

  • Online education with a personal touch. (2008)

Slogans of CREC Capitol Region Education Council (US)

  • Excellence in education. (2014)

Slogans of Caledonian University (UK)

  • Where careers come first. (2003)

Slogans of Cairns Bond (UK)

  • Specialists in high impact executives. (2008)

Slogans of Cadence (UK)

  • How big can you dream. (2001)

Slogans of CVUK (UK)

  • People are the business! (2008)

Slogans of CT Bauer College (US)

  • For the real world of business. (2005)

Slogans of CRF

  • Inspire to stand out. (2011)

Slogans of Burntwood Foundation School for Girls (UK)

  • The best education today for the women of tomorrow. (2008)

Slogans of Burleigh Community College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of Burda

  • Burda…in good company. (2015)

Slogans of Bridge Academy (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of Brierfield Mansfield High School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2001)

Slogans of Bridgewater College (UK)

  • Getting you where you want to be. (2005)

Slogans of Bridgemary Community Sports College (UK)

  • Fit for life! (2008)

Slogans of Bridge Staffing (US)

  • Nurses who care about nurses. (2003)

Slogans of Bridge Recruitment Services (UK)

  • Connecting you with the right people. (2008)

Slogans of Bridge Recruitment (UK)

  • Passionate about people. (2005)

Slogans of Bridge (AT)

  • Let’s work together. (2011)

Slogans of Bristol Metropolitan College (UK)

  • Where worlds meet. (2008)

Slogans of Branksome School (UK)

  • Achievement beyond expectation. (2009)

Slogans of Braintree College (UK)

  • A college at the heart of its community. (2008)

Slogans of Bradstow School (UK)

  • Living and learning together. (2008)

Slogans of Bradley Longworth (UK)

  • Partners in people. (2008)

Slogans of Bradford University School of Management (UK)

  • Seize the moment. Take up the challenge. (2001)

Slogans of Bradford College University Centre (UK)

  • Rocket fuel for your future. (2008)

Slogans of Brightwater (UK)

  • Recruitment specialists. (2008)

Slogans of British International School (UK)

  • A bridge to the world. (2008)

Slogans of Bullet (UK)

  • Your recruitment specialist. (2007)

Slogans of Bryant College (US)

  • Expanding your world of opportunity. (2001)

Slogans of Bucks and Berks (UK)

  • We focus on u. (2006)

Slogans of Bucks New University (UK)

  • We offer a range of exciting courses at Buckinghamshire New University. (2010)

Slogans of Bucks County Community College (US)

  • Where to learn, where to return. (2001)

Slogans of Bucknell University (US)

  • A college-like university. (2001)

Slogans of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (UK)

  • A place with personality. (2001)

Slogans of Bryant University (US)

  • The character of success. (2004)

Slogans of Bruton School for Girls (UK)

  • Blossom at Bruton. (2008)

Slogans of British School of Houston (UK)

  • Inspiring world class learning. (2009)

Slogans of Brune Park Community College (UK)

  • Putting learning first. (2008)

Slogans of Brownell-Talbot School (US)

  • Prepare to excel. (2001)

Slogans of Brooklands Executive (UK)

  • Where top businesses come to find top executives. (2008)

Slogans of Brompton Hall School (UK)

  • A positive choice. (2005)

Slogans of Bromley College (UK)

  • Skills and qualifications for working life. (2008)

Slogans of Bromak (UK)

  • Construction recruitment made simple. (2008)

Slogans of Barking College (UK)

  • When you talk, we listen. (2009)

Slogans of Baldwin-Wallace College (US)

  • Quality education with a personal touch. (2001)

Slogans of Camp Primary and Nursery School (UK)

  • Bringing learning to life. (2009)

Slogans of Actis Recruitment (UK)

  • Working together to stimulate minds. (2001)

Slogans of Albany (UK)

  • The college for achievers. (2002)

Slogans of Alabaster City Schools (US)

  • Champions of our future. (2013)

Slogans of Akademie der Media

  • Design tomorrow… (2013)

Slogans of Akademie Fresenius

  • Where experts meet! (2009)

Slogans of Aisec

  • It’s up to you! (2008)

Slogans of Aim Higher (UK)

  • Keep doing it. (2003)

Slogans of Ahead (UK)

  • The way forward for talent. (2003)

Slogans of Aerotek (US)

  • People. Fit. Perfectly. (2008)

Slogans of Adecco (US)

  • Better work, better life. (2010)

Slogans of Adecco (CH)

  • Better work, better life. (2009)

Slogans of Adecco (AT)

  • Better work, better life. (2010)

Slogans of Addison Fowle (UK)

  • Understanding people. (2008)

Slogans of Adam Smith college (UK)

  • Inspiring learning. (2008)

Slogans of Acumeo

  • The more you know. (2010)

Slogans of Acton High School (UK)

  • Achieving for all. (2009)

Slogans of Albany College of Pharmacy (US)

  • Sciences for life. (2005)

Slogans of Albermarle (UK)

  • The short-term solution to long term success. (2001)

Slogans of Albertson College of Idaho (US)

  • Think for yourself. A liberal arts education for life. (2001)

Slogans of Allena Clarke Appointments (UK)

  • Your future is our business. (2006)

Slogans of Altima (UK)

  • The right alternative. (2009)

Slogans of Alphacourse (UK)

  • Starting at a church near you. (2003)

Slogans of Alma Mater

  • The brokers of academic workpower. (2004)

Slogans of Alma College (US)

  • Only one Alma. (2005)

Slogans of Alliance for Quality Education (US)

  • Fair funding + sensible spending = better schools. (2004)

Slogans of Alliance For Self Care Research (UK)

  • Enhancing self care. (2006)

Slogans of Allen Academy (US)

  • A college preparatory school. (2007)

Slogans of Albyn School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2006)

Slogans of Allegro (AT)

  • The personnel consultants. (2010)

Slogans of AllTek (UK)

  • Construction recruitment kept simple. (2009)

Slogans of Alfred Marks (UK)

  • We’ve a lot to offer you. (1985)

Slogans of Alexander Mann Solutions (UK)

  • Setting the standard in RPO. (2008)

Slogans of Alexander Hancock (UK)

  • Recruitment as it should be. (2008)

Slogans of Aldar Academies (UK)

  • Building the next generation. (2009)

Slogans of Active Resource (UK)

  • Connecting people. (2008)

Slogans of Achieve Global (UK)

  • From strategy to results through training. (2001)

Slogans of Balby Carr Community Sports College (UK)

  • Being your best. (2008)

Slogans of Accrington Academy (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of APU (UK)

  • The university that works for you. (2003)

Slogans of APT (UK)

  • The way recruitment should be! (2008)

Slogans of AOC (UK)

  • Don’t look for what we have, tell us what you want. (2000)

Slogans of AMD Akademie Mode & Fashion

  • Fashion is our passion. (2009)

Slogans of AMC Insurance Appointments (UK)

  • Advancing market careers. (2008)

Slogans of ALI (UK)

  • Assessing the quality of training. (2005)

Slogans of AIU Online (US)

  • Get your degree fast. (2006)

Slogans of AIJA

  • The only global association of young lawyers. (2005)

Slogans of AGO (AT)

  • Another great opportunity. (2011)

Slogans of ADP (CH)

  • In the business of your success. (2013)

Slogans of ACS Cobham International School (UK)

  • A passion for achievement. (2008)

Slogans of ACM Consulting

  • Search + select for hr-solutions. (2005)

Slogans of ACA (UK)

  • The qualification for business leaders. (2007)

Slogans of ABC Steuerfachschule

  • A better choice. (2004)

Slogans of 2Teach Now (UK)

  • The benefit of thought. (2002)

Slogans of APU Cambridge & Chelmsford (UK)

  • Your natural choice. (2005)

Slogans of ASA-Programm

  • People make the difference. (2010)

Slogans of ASTD (US)

  • Linking people, learning and performance. (2002)

Slogans of Academee (UK)

  • Learn to grow. (2000)

Slogans of Accounts Team (UK)

  • Recruit the right people. (2003)

Slogans of Accountancy Personnel (UK)

  • Placing accountants first. (1985)

Slogans of Access

  • We care for careers. (1997)

Slogans of Accept (UK)

  • The people specialists. (2006)

Slogans of Accentuate Staffing (UK)

  • The power of positive. (2008)

Slogans of Accadis Hochschule

  • More than education – Success in life – Open mindedness. (2009)

Slogans of Absolut

  • We know how. (2013)

Slogans of ASU Arizona State University (US)

  • Powering minds. (2006)

Slogans of Abilene Christian University (US)

  • Change the world. (2001)

Slogans of Abbey Court School (UK)

  • We grow people. (2007)

Slogans of Abbeville Associates (UK)

  • Passionate about people. (2008)

Slogans of AUT (UK)

  • The higher education union. (2006)

Slogans of ATC (UK)

  • The answer is as simple as ATC. (2000)

Slogans of ASmallWorld

  • Reconnect. (2005)

Slogans of Altruistic Recruitment (UK)

  • Together we can make it happen. (2002)

Slogans of Altwood Church of England School (UK)

  • Aspire & achieve. (2009)

Slogans of Ameria

  • The nearshoring company. (2009)

Slogans of American College of Healthcare Executives (US)

  • For leaders who care. (2002)

Slogans of BBC Bitesize (UK)

  • Bitesize makes revision easier to digest. (2003)

Slogans of Axiom (UK)

  • Independence is our strength – Let it be yours. (2007)

Slogans of Austin Community College (US)

  • Start here. Get there. (2001)

Slogans of Austin Benn (UK)

  • Sales people solutions. (2006)

Slogans of Aurora (UK)

  • Illuminating executive search. (2007)

Slogans of Audubon Expedition Institute (US)

  • The earth is our best teacher. (2003)

Slogans of Auburn University Executive MBA (US)

  • Study virtually anywhere. Anytime. (2001)

Slogans of Aubi-Plus

  • Place for talents. (2010)

Slogans of Attic (UK)

  • Matching smart candidates with smart clients. (2008)

Slogans of Atlas Staff Bureau (UK)

  • Your nearest branch is really handy. (1985)

Slogans of Athena Spirit (UK)

  • Targeting talent. (2005)

Slogans of Association of MBAs (UK)

  • Be in brilliant company. (2015)

Slogans of Associated Training and Consultancy (UK)

  • Winning partnerships. (2008)

Slogans of Associated Sub-Contractors (UK)

  • Saving you time, saving you money. (2004)

Slogans of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK)

  • The world’s leading provider of music exams. (2007)

Slogans of BBC Get Into (UK)

  • The ultimate interactive learning experience. (2005)

Slogans of BBC Jam (UK)

  • Explore. Learn. Create. (2006)

Slogans of BCS College (UK)

  • Training together for safer working. (2003)

Slogans of BTEC (UK)

  • Be inspired. (2008)

Slogans of Badminton Junior School (UK)

  • Nurture. Inspire. Empower. (2006)

Slogans of Baden-Württemberg International

  • Where ideas work. (2010)

Slogans of Babyboomboom (UK)

  • Stimulating young minds. (2008)

Slogans of Babson College (US)

  • Always thinking. (2001)

Slogans of BTS Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative

  • Let life sciences meet you. (2012)

Slogans of BTG Recruitment (UK)

  • Bridging the gap. (2008)

Slogans of BSY Group (UK)

  • Courses to change your life. (2002)

Slogans of BIBB Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung

  • Researching. Advising. Shaping the future. (2011)

Slogans of BSL Business School Lausanne (CH)

  • Leading innovator in business education. (2012)

Slogans of BPP Law School (UK)

  • Preparing you for practice. (2009)

Slogans of BPP (UK)

  • Professional education. (2008)

Slogans of BMS (UK)

  • Let’s talk about you. (2008)

Slogans of BMJ MasterClasses (UK)

  • Putting the latest evidence based medicine into practice. (2008)

Slogans of BMJ Careers (UK)

  • The quickest way to fill a vacancy. (2009)

Slogans of Assist Knowledge Development (UK)

  • Learning not lecturing. (2002)

Slogans of Aspire (UK)

  • Aspire today – Inspire tomorrow. (2008)

Slogans of Ashwood Associates (UK)

  • The people people. (2004)

Slogans of Andrew Farr Associates (UK)

  • Turning financial recruitment into an artform. (2007)

Slogans of Appointments Commission (UK)

  • Adding value to public appointments. (2009)

Slogans of Apple Appointments (UK)

  • For the personnel service you deserve. (2006)

Slogans of Aplus Accountancy Appointments (UK)

  • Calculating your needs. (2008)

Slogans of Antal (UK)

  • A global recruitment solution applied locally. (2008)

Slogans of Anglican International School Jerusalem (UK)

  • Where the world goes to school. (2006)

Slogans of Andrews University (US)

  • Seek knowledge. Affirm faith. Change the world. (2010)

Slogans of Anakin Seal (UK)

  • Made famous by word of mouth. (2008)

Slogans of Apprenticeships (UK)

  • Benefit your business. (2004)

Slogans of American University of London (UK)

  • The pioneers in distance learning since 1984. (2007)

Slogans of American Traveler (US)

  • Staffing professionals. (2008)

Slogans of American Insitute for Foreign Study UK (UK)

  • We bring the world together. (2006)

Slogans of American Indian College Fund (US)

  • Educating the mind and spirit. (2000)

Slogans of American Education Week (US)

  • Great public schools: A basic right and our responsibility. (2008)

Slogans of American Education Services (US)

  • For success. (2005)

Slogans of Apprenta (UK)

  • Your future is our business. (2006)

Slogans of Aptis (UK)

  • Forward thinking English testing. (2014)

Slogans of Ashville College (UK)

  • An outstanding education for tomorrow’s world. (2000)

Slogans of Arts University Bournemouth (UK)

  • Number 1 UK university for graduate employment. (2015)

Slogans of Ashridge The Ashridge MBA (UK)

  • It’s personal. (2008)

Slogans of Ashfield In2Focus (UK)

  • Delivering exceptional results. (2008)

Slogans of Ashbridge (UK)

  • Do you want to go further? (2001)

Slogans of Ashbourne (UK)

  • Unlocking potential. (2001)

Slogans of Ash Lea (UK)

  • Creating a brighter future. (2009)

Slogans of Asbury College (US)

  • Academic excellence and spirtual vitality. (2001)

Slogans of Arthur Terry School (UK)

  • Where quality education matters. (2008)

Slogans of Arcadia University (US)

  • Wisdom to grow on, worlds to explore. (2002)

Slogans of Arthur Edward Associates (UK)

  • Putting people & business together. (2008)

Slogans of Arthur

  • Enjoy professionalism. (2006)

Slogans of Army Benevolent Fund (UK)

  • The soldiers charity. (2009)

Slogans of Arkansas Baptist College (US)

  • It’s a GOoD thing. (2009)

Slogans of Arizona State University College of Law (US)

  • Assist, analyze, and discern. (2001)

Slogans of Arete (UK)

  • Leaders in learning. (2009)

Slogans of Camp Beaumont (UK)

  • Brings out the best in children. (1983)

Slogans of Campbell University (US)

  • The education you want. The education you need. The education for your life. (2001)

Slogans of Epping Forest College (UK)

  • The first choice. (2001)

Slogans of De Vries

  • Plan people smarter. (2015)

Slogans of Dice (US)

  • The career hub for tech. (2012)

Slogans of Dice (UK)

  • Tech jobs. Tech talent. (2003)

Slogans of Dewsbury College (UK)

  • Success through learning (2007)

Slogans of Devonshire (UK)

  • Recruitment is our business. (2013)

Slogans of Designerdock

  • Only good staff make good stuff. (2003)

Slogans of Department of Innovation Universities and Skills (UK)

  • Go to university and be whatever you want to be. (2008)

Slogans of Department for Education and Skills New Deal (UK)

  • The deal is you’re not alone. (2003)

Slogans of Department for Education New Deal (UK)

  • The deal is, you’re not alone. (2003)

Slogans of Denbigh School (UK)

  • A hi-tech school for a hi-tech city. (2001)

Slogans of Deluxe (US)

  • Work happy. (2013)

Slogans of Delta State University (US)

  • Join in. Stand out. (2008)

Slogans of Delta Education (UK)

  • Because children learn by doing. (2002)

Slogans of Dean College (US)

  • The way there. (2005)

Slogans of DeafWorks (UK)

  • Still growing strongly. (2007)

Slogans of DeSales University (US)

  • Challenge your world. (2005)

Slogans of Direct Recruitment (UK)

  • Your direct marketing recruitment partner. (2005)

Slogans of Direct-recruitment.co.uk (UK)

  • Our focus: your career. (2000)

Slogans of Director Resourcing (UK)

  • Focused on leadership. (2006)

Slogans of Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (UK)

  • Igniting the pioneer spirit. (2007)

Slogans of Durham Business School (UK)

  • Makers of business leaders. (2009)

Slogans of Duquesne (US)

  • Do more Duquesne – For the mind, heart and spirit. (2005)

Slogans of Dunstable College (UK)

  • Unlock your incredible power. (2009)

Slogans of Dune (UK)

  • Placing people first. (2008)

Slogans of Dundee College (UK)

  • Raising ambition, realising success. (2008)

Slogans of Dulwich College Prepartory School (UK)

  • Dreams, opportunity, reality. (2008)

Slogans of Drexel University LeBow College of Business (US)

  • Learn here, lead anywhere. (2006)

Slogans of Dolphin School (UK)

  • Love. Wisdom. Truth. (2009)

Slogans of Drax Executive (UK)

  • Headhunting for competitive advantage. (2008)

Slogans of Drake (UK)

  • Outperform. (2008)

Slogans of Downsend School (UK)

  • A school for children who enjoy life! (2008)

Slogans of Dorset Road Infant School (UK)

  • High standards on a small scale. (2008)

Slogans of Dordt College (US)

  • Step into a larger world. (2001)

Slogans of Doncaster College (UK)

  • Your college, your town, your future. (2003)

Slogans of DePaul College of Law (US)

  • Education for a lifetime. (2001)

Slogans of De Montfort University (UK)

  • Preparation for life. (2000)

Slogans of Cream (UK)

  • Creating interim value. (2006)

Slogans of Davis Laing & Dick College (UK)

  • A is attainable at DLD. (2007)

Slogans of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (CH)

  • Excellence in international hotel and tourism management education. (2012)

Slogans of Cybèle (UK)

  • Developing natural talent. (2013)

Slogans of Curtis Shaw (UK)

  • Understanding the individual. (2000)

Slogans of Cundall Manor School (UK)

  • Giving your child a head start. (2002)

Slogans of Cumberland School (UK)

  • Working for and celebrating achievement. (2001)

Slogans of Cumberland College (US)

  • We’ll show you the way. (2001)

Slogans of Crystal Power (UK)

  • Welcome to our world. (2007)

Slogans of Crown Personnel (UK)

  • The right people for the right job. (2006)

Slogans of Crown College (US)

  • Blending mind and spirit. (2001)

Slogans of Crossways Academy (UK)

  • Progression, achievement, success. (2009)

Slogans of Crone Corkill (UK)

  • A leading secretarial recruitment consultancy. (2006)

Slogans of Cressing Templar (UK)

  • The first name in private career consulting. (2002)

Slogans of Crescent (UK)

  • Where talent and opportunity meet. (2008)

Slogans of Creative Resource (UK)

  • Connecting people. (2008)

Slogans of Creative Partnerships (UK)

  • Exciting minds. (2003)

Slogans of DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst

  • Change by exchange. (2010)

Slogans of DHA (UK)

  • People first. (2006)

Slogans of DJ-Booking.com

  • Make yourself heard! (2004)

Slogans of Darden University of Virginia (US)

  • Changing the way you think Enhancing the way you lead. (2004)

Slogans of Davies Lane Primary School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of Davies King (UK)

  • The consultancy for specialists A personal service on a global scale. (2005)

Slogans of David Young Community Academy (UK)

  • Building your career and community. (2009)

Slogans of Das Team (CH)

  • Human success. (2010)

Slogans of Darley Primary School (UK)

  • Inspire learning. (2008)

Slogans of Darfield All Saints (UK)

  • Learning together. (2008)

Slogans of Darden University of Virginia (UK)

  • Changing the way you think Improving the way you lead. (2005)

Slogans of DMS (UK)

  • A different Business School of thought. (2008)

Slogans of Darden University (UK)

  • Changing the way you think. Improving the way you do business. (2007)

Slogans of Dana College (US)

  • More than a degree. (2001)

Slogans of Damia Group (UK)

  • PeopleKnowledgeSolutions. (2008)

Slogans of Dale Carnegie & Associates (US)

  • Leadership training worldwide. (1992)

Slogans of Dakota State University (US)

  • Discover DSU. (2001)

Slogans of Dagmar Tara (UK)

  • People in print. (2008)

Slogans of Durham University (UK)

  • Shaped by the past, creating the future. (2010)

Slogans of EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

  • Inspiring personalities. (2013)

Slogans of ECDL (UK)

  • Is your CV complete without it? (2003)

Slogans of ECHM (UK)

  • Leaders in financial recruitment. (2005)

Slogans of Ellis Fairbank (UK)

  • Recruiting for your future. (2001)

Slogans of Elizabeth City State University (US)

  • Preparing leaders for the 21st century. (2001)

Slogans of Elements (UK)

  • The business of human relationships. (2000)

Slogans of Electricity Council (UK)

  • Young men get on, in electricity. (1960)

Slogans of Elance

  • Work differently. (2014)

Slogans of Elan Resource (UK)

  • Innovation. People. Solutions. (2004)

Slogans of Elabo

  • Systematical solutions. (2011)

Slogans of Eirias High School (UK)

  • Inspiring learning. (2009)

Slogans of Egos (AT)

  • The education company. (2009)

Slogans of Efficens Resourcing (UK)

  • Effective recruitment solutions. (2003)

Slogans of Edvotek (UK)

  • The biotechnology education company. (2010)

Slogans of Eduguider (CH)

  • Feed your mind! (2010)

Slogans of EduAction (UK)

  • Raising standards Further Faster Together. (2008)

Slogans of Edplace.co.uk (UK)

  • Practice makes perfect. (2007)

Slogans of Edison Community College (US)

  • A student-centered learning college. (2003)

Slogans of Ellis Guilford School and Sports College (UK)

  • The school where pupils love to learn. (2008)

Slogans of Ellison Education (UK)

  • Shaping education. (2010)

Slogans of Elon University (US)

  • A world of opportunities. (2001)

Slogans of Emrich Consulting

  • Improving people! (2012)

Slogans of Enotes (US)

  • Study smarter. (2012)

Slogans of Englisch nach Maß

  • Training made for you. (2012)

Slogans of Enfield College (UK)

  • Helping people build success into their lives. (2003)

Slogans of Enerjii (UK)

  • There’s more. (2009)

Slogans of Energy Recruiter (UK)

  • Keeping the industry fuelled. (2008)

Slogans of EnCoLab

  • Empowering people. (2014)

Slogans of Empower Training Services (UK)

  • Free your potential. (2007)

Slogans of Em Lyon Business School (UK)

  • Educating entrepreneurs for the world. (2005)

Slogans of Empower (UK)

  • Free your potential. (2008)

Slogans of Emmanuel College Gateshead (UK)

  • A passion for excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Emmanuel College (US)

  • Academic excellence in the heart of Boston. (2001)

Slogans of Emerald Training & Development (UK)

  • Become all you were meant to be. (2008)

Slogans of Emerald Recruitment (UK)

  • A helping hand when you need it most. (2003)

Slogans of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (US)

  • Extraordinary careers are in the air. (2008)

Slogans of Edge.co.uk (UK)

  • Another way forward. (2008)

Slogans of Edge Hill University (UK)

  • Choice. (2009)

Slogans of Edge Hill College (UK)

  • The experience counts. (2001)

Slogans of EM Recruitment (UK)

  • The caring professional agency. (2006)

Slogans of ESCP-EAP

  • Learn everywhere. Manage anywhere. (2002)

Slogans of ESCP (UK)

  • 1819, paving the way. 2009, still leading the way. (2009)

Slogans of ES Recruitment (UK)

  • Love your work. (2008)

Slogans of ERAS (UK)

  • Expertise at work. (2008)

Slogans of EMA Partners (CH)

  • Excellence in executive search. (2012)

Slogans of EMA (UK)

  • Our future. It’s in our hands. (2008)

Slogans of Learnpremium (UK)

  • Your e-learning answer. (2002)

Slogans of ESSEC (UK)

  • Acting first. (1999)

Slogans of EKU (US)

  • Where students and learning come first. (2004)

Slogans of EJ Church (UK)

  • Windows of opportunity. (2007)

Slogans of EG1 (UK)

  • Leading by example. (2008)

Slogans of EFQM

  • Shares what works. (2010)

Slogans of EF (UK)

  • The world’s largest language school. (2002)

Slogans of ECM (UK)

  • Thinking people first. (2008)

Slogans of ESMT (UK)

  • Learning for leading. (2007)

Slogans of ETS (US)

  • Listening. Learning. Leading. (2010)

Slogans of Edenson Technology College (UK)

  • Educating for life. (2008)

Slogans of Eastern Mennonite University (US)

  • Together we can make a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Eden Scott (UK)

  • The people business. (2008)

Slogans of Eden Brown (UK)

  • The natural choice to work with. (2002)

Slogans of Ebam

  • We care for careers. (2004)

Slogans of Eatern Michigan University (US)

  • Education first. (2007)

Slogans of Easthampstead Park School (UK)

  • Achieving. Believing. Learning. Enjoying. (2009)

Slogans of Eastern Nazarene College (US)

  • Many differences, one faith. (2008)

Slogans of Eastern College (US)

  • A firm foundation for a life of opportunities. (2001)

Slogans of Eadley Primary School (UK)

  • Getting the balance right. (2009)

Slogans of East Texas Baptist University (US)

  • A world of opportunity in a community of faith. (2008)

Slogans of East Surrey College (UK)

  • The inspiration to succeed. (2008)

Slogans of East Carolina University (US)

  • Tomorrow starts here. (2009)

Slogans of East Barnet School (UK)

  • I want to learn. (2009)

Slogans of Earthscience-jobs.com (UK)

  • World leading job listing site for the earth science industry. (2008)

Slogans of Earth Day Network (US)

  • Educating youth.Shaping our future. (2008)

Slogans of Cream Recruit (UK)

  • Placing people first. (2008)

Slogans of Crealogix (CH)

  • Transform your business with digital learning. (2015)

Slogans of Campus 02 (AT)

  • Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. (2011)

Slogans of Cathedral Appointments (UK)

  • A window of opportunity. (2008)

Slogans of Chancery Personnel (UK)

  • For first class office staff. (1981)

Slogans of Champs-Elysees (UK)

  • Innovative language resources since 1984. (2006)

Slogans of Challenger Center (US)

  • Help us put the stars back in their eyes. (1995)

Slogans of Chafford Hundred Campus Business & Enterprise School (UK)

  • A school for the future. (2009)

Slogans of Ceran Lingua (UK)

  • Since 1975, language courses for motivated people. (1994)

Slogans of Ceran Languages (UK)

  • Absolutely fluent. (2006)

Slogans of Ceram Sophia Antipolis (UK)

  • You rely on you, so do we. (2002)

Slogans of Central Pennsylvania College (US)

  • Your bridge to success. (2002)

Slogans of Central Methodist College (US)

  • A character building college. (2001)

Slogans of Central College (US)

  • Imagine your journey. (2001)

Slogans of Center for Creative Leadership (US)

  • Leadership. Learning. Life. (2001)

Slogans of CeMap (UK)

  • The market leading mortgage qualification. (2002)

Slogans of Cavendish School (UK)

  • Creating the future. (2008)

Slogans of Caudon School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of Cathy Tracey & Associates Ltd (UK)

  • Attracts the best! (1985)

Slogans of Channel 4 ClipBank (UK)

  • Students will never change, but learning can. (2006)

Slogans of Channing Hammond (UK)

  • HR from a different perspective. (2009)

Slogans of Chapman University School of Law (US)

  • Developing ability to think, communicate, and make informed ethical judgments. (2001)

Slogans of Chesterfield College (UK)

  • Learning matters. (2008)

Slogans of China Europe International Business School (UK)

  • The learning interface. (2002)

Slogans of Chicago University (UK)

  • You realized. (2002)

Slogans of Chicago State University (US)

  • Come soar with us! (2001)

Slogans of Chicago Kent College of Law (US)

  • New frontiers in the law. (2001)

Slogans of Chesterman Swann & Co (UK)

  • Intelligent solutions for your recruitment needs. (2007)

Slogans of Chesterfield High School (UK)

  • For everyone the best. (2001)

Slogans of Cherry Recruitment (UK)

  • We pick the best for your business. (2003)

Slogans of Charles Bloe Training (UK)

  • Professional development for people who care. (2008)

Slogans of Chemploy.com (UK)

  • Just jobs. Just chemicals. (2001)

Slogans of Cheltenham Tutorial College (UK)

  • The flexible answer. (2005)

Slogans of Chaucer Business and Enterprise College (UK)

  • Together we can. (2009)

Slogans of Chase (UK)

  • Supporting success. (2005)

Slogans of Charter House (UK)

  • Your partner in recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Charles Darwin School (UK)

  • What have you done today to make you feel proud? (2012)

Slogans of Catherine Johnstone Recruitment (UK)

  • Refreshingly different. (2008)

Slogans of Cateringinternational.co.uk (UK)

  • More than just the right staff. (2005)

Slogans of Crazy4Clean (US)

  • Play. Learn. Earn! (2012)

Slogans of Caterersearch.com (UK)

  • Everything for everyone in hospitality. (2006)

Slogans of Careerforums.co.uk (UK)

  • Let’s talk retail. (2008)

Slogans of Career Surgery (UK)

  • Making change possible. (2006)

Slogans of Career Legal (UK)

  • Putting people first. (2006)

Slogans of Carbon (UK)

  • Building the leadership of world class organisations. (2006)

Slogans of Capital University Law School (US)

  • The faces of leadership in a new age. (2001)

Slogans of Capital Consulting (UK)

  • Talent within. (2007)

Slogans of Capital Christian & Timbers (UK)

  • Talent within. (2005)

Slogans of Capita Health Solutions (UK)

  • Healthy people – Healthy business. (2005)

Slogans of Capella University (UK)

  • Online education built around you. (2001)

Slogans of Canvas Holidays (UK)

  • It’s the best fun work can be! (2001)

Slogans of Canterbury Christ Church University College (UK)

  • A degree better. (2001)

Slogans of Canisius College (US)

  • Where leaders are made. (2001)

Slogans of Candidate One (UK)

  • The job comparison site. (2007)

Slogans of Canbury School (UK)

  • An individual approach to success. (2008)

Slogans of Can Staff (UK)

  • Making the connection with people. (2008)

Slogans of Careers Scotland (UK)

  • Advice that works. (2008)

Slogans of Careerworld.net (UK)

  • Choose an education. Choose a career. Change your life. (2001)

Slogans of Careplan (UK)

  • Excellence in practice. (2008)

Slogans of Casella (UK)

  • Think environment. Think Casella. (2008)

Slogans of Catererglobal.com (UK)

  • Where great hotels find great people. (2008)

Slogans of Caterer.com (UK)

  • The place for jobs in hospitality. (2008)

Slogans of Catch 22 (UK)

  • A genuine force in the workplace. (2003)

Slogans of Catalyst (UK)

  • Pass on your skills. (2009)

Slogans of Castle Recruitment (UK)

  • Professional people. (1985)

Slogans of Cass Business School City of London (UK)

  • Cass means business. (2005)

Slogans of Carter & Carter (UK)

  • It’s your future. (2007)

Slogans of Carl Duisberg

  • Training made in Germany. (2011)

Slogans of Carshalton College (UK)

  • Realising ambitions. (2008)

Slogans of Carroll Community College (US)

  • The better freshman year. (2001)

Slogans of Carpe Diem (UK)

  • Sieze the day. (2003)

Slogans of Carmel (US)

  • Singular focus. Shared success. (2007)

Slogans of Carlisle Managed Solutions (UK)

  • Specialists in recruitment outsourcing. (2008)

Slogans of Carleton Community High School (UK)

  • Achievement through committed teamwork. (2009)

Slogans of Chisenhale Primary School (UK)

  • Learning together for a better future. (2008)

Slogans of Choralis Consulting (UK)

  • Excellence in financial recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Chorlton High School (UK)

  • A specialist arts college. (2007)

Slogans of Christopher Keats (UK)

  • Recruiting secretaries in media since 1987. (2006)

Slogans of Connect Personnel (UK)

  • Permanent solutions to temporary needs. (2015)

Slogans of Connaught (UK)

  • Britain’s executive career service. (2005)

Slogans of Conel College (UK)

  • The place to improve. (2003)

Slogans of Concordia University (US)

  • Real education for the real world. (2001)

Slogans of Concordia College (US)

  • Excellent experience! (2001)

Slogans of Computerfutures.com (UK)

  • We listen, we learn, we deliver. (2003)

Slogans of Computeach (UK)

  • Wake up your potential. (2004)

Slogans of Complete Care Solutions (UK)

  • Committed to providing quality healthcare staff. (2008)

Slogans of Community College of Beaver County (US)

  • Your road to your future! (2009)

Slogans of Communication Skills International (UK)

  • Getting you and your message across. (2013)

Slogans of Communication Skills International (AT)

  • Getting you and your message across. (2013)

Slogans of Comm-Unity (AT)

  • Take the chance! (2009)

Slogans of ComPers (CH)

  • Your job is my job. (2005)

Slogans of Columbus

  • World’s finest globes and maps. (2013)

Slogans of Columbia University (US)

  • Keep thinking. (2002)

Slogans of Connexions (UK)

  • Let’s talk about you. (2003)

Slogans of Consalia (UK)

  • Implementing business strategies. (2008)

Slogans of Consensus Recruitment (UK)

  • A more agreeable way to work. (2008)

Slogans of Cordon Vert School (UK)

  • Gourmet vegetarian cookery from the experts. (2003)

Slogans of Craven College (UK)

  • In the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. (2008)

Slogans of Cranleigh Recruitment Solutions (UK)

  • The science of staffing. (2005)

Slogans of Cowes High School (UK)

  • Learning together for a changing world. (2008)

Slogans of Courtenay HR (UK)

  • The people in HR. (2008)

Slogans of Council of Educational Facility Planners International (US)

  • Where great schools begin. (2007)

Slogans of Cornwallis Academy (UK)

  • Tomorrow’s future today. (2008)

Slogans of Coranado Academy Costa Rica (US)

  • Learning at a totally different latitude. (2003)

Slogans of Consight Consulting (AT)

  • Sights for your success. (2010)

Slogans of Cooper Stanley (UK)

  • Professional partners for social care. (2003)

Slogans of Coombe Girls School (UK)

  • Preparing you for a world of opportunity. (2008)

Slogans of Cookham Rise primary School (UK)

  • Shine. (2008)

Slogans of Convenio

  • Executive search. (2011)

Slogans of Contaplus (CH)

  • The specialist for finance and accounting positions. (2010)

Slogans of Constructionjobsuk.com (UK)

  • The right place at the right time. (2003)

Slogans of Columbia University (UK)

  • In the city of New York. (2005)

Slogans of Columbia International University (US)

  • Know Christ. Make him known. (2001)

Slogans of Columbia Commonwealth University (US)

  • Your personal university. (2005)

Slogans of City of Sunderland College (UK)

  • Be whoever you want to be. (2001)

Slogans of Clevedon House Preparatory School (UK)

  • Valuing the individual. (2003)

Slogans of Claycots School (UK)

  • A can do community. (2009)

Slogans of Clark Consulting (US)

  • Helping you keep your best people. (2004)

Slogans of Clarion University of Pennsylvnaia (US)

  • Advancing academic excellence: Shaping professional careers. (2001)

Slogans of Clapton Girls Technology College (UK)

  • First for learning. (2009)

Slogans of City of Wolverhampton College (UK)

  • The inspiration to succeed. (2008)

Slogans of City of London School for Girls (UK)

  • Help her become. (2001)

Slogans of Clifford Chance

  • Career starts with C. (2003)

Slogans of City of Islington College (UK)

  • London’s leading college. (2008)

Slogans of City University Business School London (UK)

  • The university for business and the professions. (2007)

Slogans of City College Southampton (UK)

  • Results for life. (2005)

Slogans of City & Guilds (UK)

  • The real you is in there somewhere. (2003)

Slogans of CitiGroup Financial Education Program (US)

  • Knowledge is your greatest asset. (2005)

Slogans of Chusid Lander (UK)

  • Instead of being cooped up, we’ll help you fly. (1985)

Slogans of Cleveland College of Art & Design (UK)

  • A special place to be. (2007)

Slogans of Clinical One (UK)

  • One world of healthcare. (2008)

Slogans of Columbia Business School (US)

  • Learning that powers performance. (2000)

Slogans of College of DuPage (US)

  • Share the dream. (2001)

Slogans of Colorado Commission on Higher Education (US)

  • Access and success. (2003)

Slogans of Colorado Christian University (US)

  • Peak experiences. (2001)

Slogans of College of the North Atlantic Qatar (UK)

  • A piece of the future. (2005)

Slogans of College of the Atlantic (US)

  • Pursue a degree of difference. (2001)

Slogans of College of Science & Math California State University (US)

  • Your success is the measure of our success. (2001)

Slogans of College of Mount St. Joseph (US)

  • Make the climb. (2001)

Slogans of College Board (US)

  • Connect to college success. (2004)

Slogans of Clydemarine.com (UK)

  • Your first port of call for careers at sea. (2003)

Slogans of Colegate Primary School (UK)

  • The school at the heart of our community. (2008)

Slogans of Coleg Morgannwg (UK)

  • Your future starts here. (2003)

Slogans of Coincil for Financing Aid To Education (US)

  • Make America smarter. Give to the college of your choice. (1978)

Slogans of Coastline Community College (US)

  • Tomorrow’s college today. (2010)

Slogans of Coachwise (UK)

  • 1st4sport qualifications. (2007)

Slogans of Coaching Development (UK)

  • Moving beyond technique. (2005)

Slogans of Learningby

  • The learning company. (2015)

Slogans of MC2 (UK)

  • People – Science – Business – Solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Lee Hecht Harrison (CH)

  • A world of talent management solutions. (2010)

Slogans of The Manchester MBA Worldwide (UK)

  • Learn from a world of experience. (2007)

Slogans of The London Challenge (UK)

  • For world class education. (2005)

Slogans of The Lloyd Park Centre (UK)

  • Building a brighter future. (2008)

Slogans of The Learning Library (UK)

  • Study at home for a brighter future. (2002)

Slogans of The Language Show (UK)

  • With the accent on language. (2003)

Slogans of The Knowledge Partnership (UK)

  • Marketing, strategy and communications for an educated world. (2006)

Slogans of The John Lyon School (UK)

  • 125 years celebrating success. (2001)

Slogans of The Jo Richardson Community School (UK)

  • Success for all. (2008)

Slogans of The Jason Project (US)

  • Education through exploration. (2013)

Slogans of The JCB Academy (UK)

  • Developing engineers and business leaders for the future. (2009)

Slogans of The Internet Corporation Amris (UK)

  • The e-recruitment solution. (2005)

Slogans of The International School & Community College (UK)

  • Unlocking potential. (2009)

Slogans of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Graduate School of Business (UK)

  • Qualified for the real world. (2006)

Slogans of The Headmaster (UK)

  • The American school of Tangier. (2003)

Slogans of The Hathershaw College of Technology & Sport (UK)

  • Together we succeed! (2009)

Slogans of The Harefield Academy (UK)

  • Achievement through active learning. (2009)

Slogans of The London Film School (UK)

  • A tradition of innovation. (2006)

Slogans of The Marsh Academy (UK)

  • Where learning comes first. (2009)

Slogans of The Skegness Grammar School (UK)

  • Setting the standard for the future. (2009)

Slogans of The Misbourne (UK)

  • Success through learning. (2009)

Slogans of The Sholing Technology College. (UK)

  • Striving for excellence. (2008)

Slogans of The Royal Veterinary College (UK)

  • Excellence in veterinary education. (2003)

Slogans of The Royal School of Hampstead (UK)

  • The school with the heart in the heart of Hampstead.. (2006)

Slogans of The Royal Liberty School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of The Royal Academy of Engineering (UK)

  • Developing engineers as leaders in UK industry. (2007)

Slogans of The Recruitment Society (UK)

  • Where best practice, ideas & experience meet. (2001)

Slogans of The Raviv Method (UK)

  • Revolutionising approaches to learning. (2008)

Slogans of The Princess Helena College (UK)

  • Where every girl is an individual. (2008)

Slogans of The Peele Community College (UK)

  • Accept challenge – Achieve success. (2008)

Slogans of The Origin Group (UK)

  • Change more than just your job. (2005)

Slogans of The Open University in Yorkshire (UK)

  • Assure your future. (2001)

Slogans of The Ohio State University (US)

  • Do something great. (2001)

Slogans of The Nottingham Emmanuel School (UK)

  • Together to learn, to grow, to serve. (2008)

Slogans of The North West Node (UK)

  • Driving a digital future. (2004)

Slogans of The North East Wales Insitute of Higher Education (UK)

  • Better by degrees. (2001)

Slogans of The Harbour School (UK)

  • Stronger together. (2009)

Slogans of The Haberdashers Aske’s Boys School (UK)

  • Nurturing excellence. (2009)

Slogans of The HR People (UK)

  • Bespoke resource consulting. (2006)

Slogans of The Grange Comprehensive School (UK)

  • Aim high in all things. (2009)

Slogans of The City Academy Hackney (UK)

  • Values and success. (2009)

Slogans of The Citadel (US)

  • It’s up to you. (2013)

Slogans of The Circus Space (UK)

  • Powerhouse of Britain’s contemporary circus. (2006)

Slogans of The Chopping Block (US)

  • We’ll get you cooking. (2007)

Slogans of The Children’s Center (US)

  • A place to learn and grow. (2004)

Slogans of The Chalet School (UK)

  • Providing a firm foundation for the future. (2008)

Slogans of The Central Technology & Sports College (UK)

  • Achievement for all. (2009)

Slogans of The Career Company (UK)

  • Creative connections. (2008)

Slogans of The Cardinal Wiseman School (UK)

  • Education for all = Achievement for all. (2009)

Slogans of The Cambridge-MIT Institute (UK)

  • Competitiveness through global alliance. (2003)

Slogans of The Caldecott Foundation School (UK)

  • Helping children build a future. (2008)

Slogans of The Brooksbank Sports School College (UK)

  • Aspire & achieve. (2009)

Slogans of The British School Netherlands (UK)

  • The international choice. (2009)

Slogans of The Bolsover School (UK)

  • A school for every future. (2008)

Slogans of The Blacup Training Group (UK)

  • Training today’s people for tomorrow’s industry. (2005)

Slogans of The City Law School London (UK)

  • World-class legal education in the heart of London. (2008)

Slogans of The City Lit (UK)

  • Learning for adults at the heart of London. (2003)

Slogans of The Clear Company (UK)

  • Helping talent shine through. (2015)

Slogans of The Executive Partnership (UK)

  • Partnering with executives to achieve career success. (2008)

Slogans of The Grammar School at Leeds (UK)

  • One school, many paths. (2008)

Slogans of The Global Alliance for Workers and Communities (UK)

  • Generating mutual gains for workers and business. (2002)

Slogans of The Gladys Aylward School (UK)

  • Where success is desirable and achievable. (2009)

Slogans of The George Washington University (UK)

  • Bring us your ambition. (2009)

Slogans of The Fitzwilliam School (UK)

  • Creative challenges – Academic success. (2009)

Slogans of The Federal University of Surrey (UK)

  • Two distinctive styles, one world class university. (2003)

Slogans of The Duke MBA (US)

  • Rethink the MBA as you know it. (2009)

Slogans of The College of Continuing Education (UK)

  • Winning hearts and educating minds. (2003)

Slogans of The Diploma (UK)

  • Bringing learning to life. (2008)

Slogans of The Coseley School (UK)

  • Excellence through effort. (2008)

Slogans of The College of St. Scholastica (US)

  • Imagine what you can do. (2001)

Slogans of The College of Natural Nutrition (UK)

  • Training the practitioners of tomorrow. (2003)

Slogans of The College of Law (UK)

  • The best qualification in law. (2005)

Slogans of The College of Estate Management (UK)

  • A centre of excellence for the property and construction sector worldwide. (2003)

Slogans of The Simmance Partnership (UK)

  • Consulting in executive selection. (2008)

Slogans of The Skills People Lewisham College (UK)

  • Inspiration that counts. (2009)

Slogans of The Better Sex Video Series (US)

  • Over three million sold! (1999)

Slogans of Tribal HCH (UK)

  • Executive resourcing. (2005)

Slogans of Tregynon Hall School (UK)

  • A brighter day. A brighter future. (2006)

Slogans of Traxsydes (UK)

  • Keeping you on track. (2008)

Slogans of Travelnurses.com (US)

  • Passionate & personal. (2005)

Slogans of TravelNursing.com (US)

  • We make it easy. (2002)

Slogans of Train to Gain (UK)

  • Our future. It’s in our hands. (2009)

Slogans of TraiCen

  • Discover and enjoy IT. (2010)

Slogans of Tradeskills (UK)

  • Todays training for tomorrows plumbers. (2004)

Slogans of Tradernomics (UK)

  • We teach the world to trade. (2009)

Slogans of Tracy Edwards (UK)

  • Making the team work. (1999)

Slogans of Touro College Law Center (US)

  • Expect a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Totallyfinancial.com (UK)

  • The essential financial recruitment site. (2005)

Slogans of Torres and Partners (UK)

  • Intelligence – Inspiration – Integrity. (2008)

Slogans of Topjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • Top jobs with top companies. (2001)

Slogans of TopMBA.com (UK)

  • Tell a friend! (2005)

Slogans of Tonova

  • Be a part of us! (2007)

Slogans of Treloar’s (UK)

  • Enabling education. (2007)

Slogans of Trident Technical College (US)

  • Innovation. Education. (2001)

Slogans of The Tavistock Institute (UK)

  • Social science in action. (2002)

Slogans of Trinet (US)

  • Ambitions realized. (2014)

Slogans of Tufts University The Fletcher School (UK)

  • Preparing leaders with a global perspective. (2004)

Slogans of Tudor Hall School (UK)

  • Discovering and developing the talent in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of Tuck School of Business Dartmouth (US)

  • Access the power of new ideas. (2001)

Slogans of Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth (US)

  • Thought leadership. Business results. (2006)

Slogans of Tuck Dartmouth (US)

  • Think and work differently. (2002)

Slogans of Troy University

  • A future of opportunities. (2004)

Slogans of Troy State University (UK)

  • Quality education One student at a time. (2004)

Slogans of TripleWest Medical (UK)

  • The people behind the professionals. (2008)

Slogans of Trinity church of England High School – Manchester (UK)

  • Faith in the city – Value in people – Excellence in education. (2008)

Slogans of Trinity Western University (US)

  • Unwrap the universe, peel back its shroud. (2001)

Slogans of Trinity Road School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2009)

Slogans of Trinity Lutheran College (US)

  • Empowering leaders for christ-centered service. (2001)

Slogans of Trinity International University (US)

  • The college with a view of eternity. (2001)

Slogans of Trinity Christian College (US)

  • Distinctive. Christian. Incredible. (2001)

Slogans of Trinity Bible College (US)

  • A place where you can find a family and get connected to God. (2001)

Slogans of Toni & Guy Education (UK)

  • You never stop learning. (2007)

Slogans of Toner Graham (UK)

  • Accountancy recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Tom Tailor Jobs

  • Don’t follow. Explore. (2014)

Slogans of TipTopJob.com (UK)

  • You only need one job, so get a TipTopJob. (2003)

Slogans of The Watts Partnership (UK)

  • Specialists in search. (2006)

Slogans of The Venerable Bede Church of England School (UK)

  • Soar to the heights. (2009)

Slogans of The Vegetarian Society’s Cordon Vert Cookery School (UK)

  • The original home of vegetarian cuisine. (2003)

Slogans of The University of Sydney (UK)

  • Leadership Innovation Transformation. (2007)

Slogans of The University of Reading Life Sciences (UK)

  • Where science applies. (2003)

Slogans of The University of North Texas (US)

  • Discover the power of ideas. (2005)

Slogans of The University of Manchester (UK)

  • Manchester 1824. (2008)

Slogans of The University of Iowa (US)

  • Be remarkable. (2006)

Slogans of The University of Greenwich (UK)

  • Minimum fees – Maximum prospects. (2009)

Slogans of The University of Edinburgh Management School (UK)

  • It’s a step closer to treal world. (2008)

Slogans of The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (UK)

  • Triumph in your moment of truth. (2008)

Slogans of The University of Buckinham Business School (UK)

  • Building dynamic minds. (2005)

Slogans of The University of Arizona (US)

  • Arizona’s first university. (2007)

Slogans of The Toynbee school (UK)

  • A community sports college ‘personal best’. (2008)

Slogans of The Teaching Company (UK)

  • The joy of lifelong learning every day. (2007)

Slogans of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (US)

  • Executive education that works. (2000)

Slogans of The Wolds College (UK)

  • Unlocking potential. (2008)

Slogans of The World Bank (UK)

  • Exceptional challenges, amazing people. (2012)

Slogans of Thorpe Molloy Accounting Recruitment (UK)

  • Positioning you higher. (2003)

Slogans of Tiny Talk (UK)

  • The UK’s favourite baby signing classes. (2008)

Slogans of Time Partner

  • Your best partner. (2009)

Slogans of Time Education Program (US)

  • Young minds grow with Time. (1997)

Slogans of TiasNimbas Business School (UK)

  • Never stop asking. (2008)

Slogans of Thunderbird – The Garvin School of International Management (UK)

  • Truly global. (2006)

Slogans of Three Rings (UK)

  • Bringing volunteers together. (2014)

Slogans of Thornbury Nursing (UK)

  • We’ll take more care of you. (2002)

Slogans of Thejobsmine.co.uk (UK)

  • Greater Manchester’s Number one jobs site. (2009)

Slogans of Thorborgnet

  • Meet. Match. Manage. (2002)

Slogans of Thomson NETg (UK)

  • Find. Learn. Measure. (2003)

Slogans of Thompson Rivers University Canada (UK)

  • Where the university meets the world. (2006)

Slogans of Thomas Rotherham College (UK)

  • A tradition of achievement. A future of opportunity. (2003)

Slogans of Thomas Jefferson University (US)

  • The highest degree of healthcare education. (2002)

Slogans of Thomas Edison State College (US)

  • Higher education. For adults with higher expectations. (2001)

Slogans of The Birmingham Business School (UK)

  • 100 years of excellence A vision of the future. (2005)

Slogans of The Beauchamp College (UK)

  • A leading edge school. (2008)

Slogans of South Bank International (UK)

  • London’s leading international school. (2001)

Slogans of StepStone

  • Your Career. Your Life. Your future. (2003)

Slogans of Stella Mann College (UK)

  • Stretch yourself to the max! (2009)

Slogans of Stedtnitz (CH)

  • Design your life. (2010)

Slogans of Staufenbiel

  • First choice for careers. (2009)

Slogans of StartinTV.com (UK)

  • The best way to start in TV. (2003)

Slogans of Stark Brooks (UK)

  • Recruitment professionals. (2007)

Slogans of Starbucks

  • Love what you do. (2014)

Slogans of Star (UK)

  • Systems training and results. (2006)

Slogans of Stanwell School (UK)

  • Learning to excel. (2009)

Slogans of Stanford (US)

  • Change lives, change organizations, change the world. (2009)

Slogans of Stamford College (UK)

  • Taking you further. (2005)

Slogans of Stafford House Study Holidays (UK)

  • Together we’ll take on the world. (2005)

Slogans of Stafforce Recruitment (UK)

  • Local jobs Local people. (2006)

Slogans of St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School (US)

  • Love of God, love of learning in the Catholic tradition. (2004)

Slogans of St. Edward’s University (US)

  • Learn to think. (2001)

Slogans of St. Clare’s Oxford (UK)

  • An international education. (2008)

Slogans of Step Ahead (UK)

  • Renowned for recruitment excellence. (2008)

Slogans of SteppingStones (US)

  • Your type of people. (2009)

Slogans of Study In Australia (UK)

  • Explore the possibilities. (2003)

Slogans of Stepstone.co.uk (UK)

  • Your career. Your life. Your future. (2000)

Slogans of Stratford Career Institute (US)

  • For a brighter future. (2006)

Slogans of Stow College (UK)

  • Glasgow’s centre of excellence. (2003)

Slogans of Stokesley School (UK)

  • Being the best we can be. (2008)

Slogans of Stoke On Trent College (UK)

  • Imagine. (2008)

Slogans of Stockton & Billingham College (UK)

  • Education for all walks of life. (2000)

Slogans of Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2008)

Slogans of Stockport Grammar School (UK)

  • Helping you get to where you want to go. (2004)

Slogans of Stockacademy.com (UK)

  • A good deal simpler. (2001)

Slogans of Stiftsschule Engelberg (CH)

  • Abbey school since 1120. (2012)

Slogans of Stevenson College Edinburgh (UK)

  • Add colour to your life. (2009)

Slogans of Stetson University (US)

  • Florida’s first law school. (2001)

Slogans of Stern Center (UK)

  • Because all great minds don’t think alike. (2002)

Slogans of Stern (UK)

  • We’re swift, we’re smart, we’re Stern. (1994)

Slogans of Sterling Selection (UK)

  • Recruitment – Assessment – Development. (2006)

Slogans of Sterling Consultancy (UK)

  • Growing people, potential & profit. (2001)

Slogans of St. Agnes School (UK)

  • A small school for small people. (2003)

Slogans of St Olaf College (US)

  • Ideals to action. (2006)

Slogans of St Michaels and All Angels Church of England (UK)

  • Everyday brilliance. (2009)

Slogans of St Michael’s Catholic School (UK)

  • A school that means business. (2008)

Slogans of Southern Methodist University (US)

  • The education of your life. The life of your education. (2001)

Slogans of Southern California University For Professional Studies (US)

  • Leaders in distance learning since 1978. (2005)

Slogans of Southeastern University (US)

  • Educating technology, business, and government leaders for the region and the world. (2001)

Slogans of Southbank University (UK)

  • Become what you want to be. (2003)

Slogans of Southampton Solent University (UK)

  • Spark your imagination. (2006)

Slogans of Southampton City College (UK)

  • At the heart of the city. (2003)

Slogans of South Tyneside College (UK)

  • Look for the symbol of success. (2003)

Slogans of South Thames College (UK)

  • It’s all good. (2004)

Slogans of South Sefton Sixth Form College (UK)

  • Where aspiration meets opportunity. (2009)

Slogans of South Nottingham College (UK)

  • Nottingham – The student city. (2003)

Slogans of South Hunsley School & Sixth Form College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2008)

Slogans of South East Essex College (UK)

  • Great futures start here! (2008)

Slogans of South Devon College (UK)

  • Be inspired. (2006)

Slogans of South Cheshire College (UK)

  • Be outstanding. (2009)

Slogans of South Bank University London (UK)

  • Central to your success. (2001)

Slogans of Southgate Consulting (UK)

  • Recruiting excellence. (2006)

Slogans of SpanSet (UK)

  • Providing the building blocks of safety training. (2005)

Slogans of Spindler (UK)

  • Search – Select – Consult. (2009)

Slogans of St Clement College (UK)

  • Quality, standards, achievement. (2009)

Slogans of St Mary’s Hall (UK)

  • Educating for confidence. (2008)

Slogans of St Mary’s College (UK)

  • Working together for excellence. (2008)

Slogans of St Joseph’s College (US)

  • Watch what happens. (2003)

Slogans of St John’s School (UK)

  • Education for life. (2008)

Slogans of St Joan of Arc School (UK)

  • Growing together. (2008)

Slogans of St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic High School (UK)

  • In Christ we serve. (2008)

Slogans of St Benedict’s School (UK)

  • Teaching a way of living. (2009)

Slogans of Sports-Contacts

  • Contacts for contracts. (2011)

Slogans of St Aubyn’s (UK)

  • Bravely, faithfully, happily. (2009)

Slogans of St Andrew School Bedford (UK)

  • A strikingly different place to learn. (2008)

Slogans of St Albans School (UK)

  • The first school in Hertfordshire. (2009)

Slogans of Squires Kitchen International School (UK)

  • The confidence to create. (2012)

Slogans of Spring.com (UK)

  • The future of work. (2000)

Slogans of Spring Arbor University (US)

  • Faith, living, and learning. (2001)

Slogans of Stretford High School (UK)

  • Learning today, leading tomorrow. (2015)

Slogans of StudyLink (UK)

  • Start searching at Studylink.com. (2006)

Slogans of The Basic Skills Agency (UK)

  • Talking to your children can make all the difference. (2005)

Slogans of Temple Quay Recruitment (UK)

  • Working with you, for you. (2006)

Slogans of Teesside University (UK)

  • Inspiring success. (2010)

Slogans of Teeside University (UK)

  • Surprise yourself. (2009)

Slogans of Teeside High School (UK)

  • Putting girls first. (2001)

Slogans of Technische Universität München

  • The entrepreneurial university. (2010)

Slogans of Team Focus (UK)

  • Developing better working relationships. (2005)

Slogans of Teachers Plus (UK)

  • It all adds up. (2003)

Slogans of Teachernet (UK)

  • Gets you quickly to the core. (2003)

Slogans of Teacher Training Resource Bank (UK)

  • Using research and evidence to improve teaching and learning. (2006)

Slogans of TeachLondon (UK)

  • The UK’s finest teaching opportunities. (2005)

Slogans of Teach First (UK)

  • Learning to lead. (2008)

Slogans of TaylorTalents

  • Everyone’s a talent. (2016)

Slogans of Taylor University (US)

  • Christ centered. Student focused. (2001)

Slogans of Taylor Hughes (UK)

  • Linking quality staff to business. (2005)

Slogans of Taylor Harrison (UK)

  • The best suited people are hard to find. (2003)

Slogans of Taylor Green Re (UK)

  • Specialist recruiters for the legal profession. (2007)

Slogans of Teleresources (UK)

  • Many options, one answer. (2003)

Slogans of Temple University (US)

  • In the city and around the world. (2001)

Slogans of Sue Hill Recruitment & Services (UK)

  • We never forget recruitment is a service. (2002)

Slogans of Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law (US)

  • Real world. Real law. (2001)

Slogans of The Aston MBA (UK)

  • Take on the world. (2007)

Slogans of The Art Room (UK)

  • Learning and achieving through art. (2006)

Slogans of The Art Institutes (US)

  • We’re out there. Getting creative careers started. (2006)

Slogans of The Antwerp International School (UK)

  • Learning for understanding. (2009)

Slogans of The Amatt Partnership (UK)

  • Recruiting excellence – Driven by passion. (2008)

Slogans of The Alcuin School (UK)

  • Truth in all things. (2009)

Slogans of The Agency (UK)

  • Service with honour. (2003)

Slogans of The Adult College Lancaster (UK)

  • In a class of its own. (2001)

Slogans of Thanet College (UK)

  • Building futures. (2008)

Slogans of Texas State University (US)

  • The rising star of Texas. (2008)

Slogans of Texas Southern University (US)

  • Excellence in achievement. (2001)

Slogans of Texas Lutheran University (US)

  • Get an education, not just a degree. (2001)

Slogans of Texas A&M University-Kingsville System Center-Palo Alto (US)

  • Finish strong. (2001)

Slogans of Tes Prime (UK)

  • Your leader – Our job. (2008)

Slogans of Terrington Hall (UK)

  • Where children come first. (2001)

Slogans of Taunton School (UK)

  • Offering more. (2008)

Slogans of Tate (UK)

  • Absolute quality in everything we do. (2005)

Slogans of Taskmaster-recruitment.co.uk (UK)

  • Skills when you need them. (2007)

Slogans of Taskmaster (UK)

  • Service, support & reliability. (2007)

Slogans of Sympaserv (CH)

  • Think & act. (2013)

Slogans of Sydenham School (UK)

  • Aim higher. (2009)

Slogans of SyBlue (UK)

  • Intelligent executive recruitment. (2004)

Slogans of Swiss Management Center (CH)

  • Transknowlogy campus. (2010)

Slogans of Swarthmore (UK)

  • Friendly. Learning. (2009)

Slogans of Swadelands School (UK)

  • Achieving excellence with care. (2009)

Slogans of Sutcliffe Selection (UK)

  • Altogether better. (1999)

Slogans of Sustainable Development Commission (UK)

  • People. Planet. Prosperity. (2006)

Slogans of Sussex Downs College (UK)

  • Putting students first. (2008)

Slogans of Susan Hamilton Group (UK)

  • Reliability, accountability, simplicity. (2006)

Slogans of Suny Cortland (US)

  • Seize the moment, feel the momentum. (2010)

Slogans of Sunfield (UK)

  • Living, learning, growing. (2009)

Slogans of Suffolk University Law School (US)

  • Be a part of history, be a part of today. (2001)

Slogans of Suffolk College (UK)

  • Excellence through diversity. (2001)

Slogans of Sue Williams Group (UK)

  • The preferred choice for recruitment. (2005)

Slogans of Synergy (UK)

  • Perfectly placed for scientific outsourcing. (2009)

Slogans of Synergy Medical Education (UK)

  • Shaping things to come. (2004)

Slogans of TAL (UK)

  • Making people fit. (2006)

Slogans of Talent (UK)

  • Recruitment with ethics. (2002)

Slogans of Tango Recruitment (UK)

  • Your people, your partners, your success. (2005)

Slogans of Talk 2 Talk (UK)

  • Bringing languages together. (2007)

Slogans of Talentory

  • The leading marketplace for employers and recruiters. (2013)

Slogans of Talentmark (UK)

  • Leaders in healthcare recruitment. (2001)

Slogans of Talential

  • Because people matter. (2010)

Slogans of Talent2 (UK)

  • It’s who you know. (2008)

Slogans of TUJA Zeitarbeit

  • We will come tuja. (2000)

Slogans of TCU (US)

  • Learning – To change the world. (2008)

Slogans of TU Ilmenau

  • The spirit of science. (2010)

Slogans of TU Delft (UK)

  • The world as your workplace. (2002)

Slogans of TS International Recruitment (UK)

  • Your career, our priority. (2008)

Slogans of TNT Magazine Recruitment show (UK)

  • Walk in with your CV and out with a job. (2004)

Slogans of TES HireWire (UK)

  • Transforming school recruitment. (2009)

Slogans of TEG The Entrepreneurial Group

  • Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. (2011)

Slogans of Twinkles (UK)

  • Where children shine. (2008)

Slogans of Twynham School (UK)

  • Ambitious for all our students. (2008)

Slogans of Tynemouth College (UK)

  • Teaching quality delivering success. (2003)

Slogans of Webster University (AT)

  • The american university with a global perspective. (2010)

Slogans of Weavers School (UK)

  • Raising aspirations… Raising achievement. (2009)

Slogans of Weatherby Locums (US)

  • We’ll put you to work. (2003)

Slogans of Wayra

  • The rules are not yet written. (2013)

Slogans of Waynesburg College (US)

  • Connections that matter! (2001)

Slogans of Wayne State University Law School (US)

  • Cutting edge legal theory with real-world practice skills. (2005)

Slogans of Waterside Recruitment (UK)

  • Providing superior calibre support personnel to the corporate world. (2005)

Slogans of Water-people.com (UK)

  • Providing people for the water industry. (2006)

Slogans of Washington State University (US)

  • World class. Face to face. (2001)

Slogans of Washington Bible College (US)

  • Shaping the future. (2001)

Slogans of Washburn University School of Law (US)

  • The best kept secret in legal education. (2001)

Slogans of Warwick University (UK)

  • Flexible, relevant and valuable. (2003)

Slogans of Warwick Business School (UK)

  • The local government centre. (2003)

Slogans of Warntex

  • Worker’s best friend. (2007)

Slogans of Warner Pacific College (US)

  • Join a community. (2001)

Slogans of Warden Park School (UK)

  • The best from all. (2009)

Slogans of Weber State University (US)

  • Changing minds. (2001)

Slogans of WellWise Group (UK)

  • The best people offshore. (2009)

Slogans of Western Primary School Harrogate (UK)

  • Learning together. (2008)

Slogans of Wellacre Technology College (UK)

  • The opportunity to succeed. (2009)

Slogans of West Virginia State College (US)

  • A living laboratory of human relations. (2001)

Slogans of West Oxfordshire College (UK)

  • Producing winners not also rans! (2001)

Slogans of West Nottinghamshire College (UK)

  • Inventing the future for learning. (2006)

Slogans of West London Lifelong Learning Network (UK)

  • Education all the way through. (2006)

Slogans of West Lakes Academy (UK)

  • Changing lives through learning. (2009)

Slogans of West Kent College (UK)

  • Learning is for life. (2001)

Slogans of West Hatch High School (UK)

  • The best that I can be. (2009)

Slogans of West Grove Primary School (UK)

  • Enjoy school. Enjoy learning. (2009)

Slogans of West Cumbria College (UK)

  • Take a closer look. (2001)

Slogans of Wesleyan College (US)

  • First for women. (2001)

Slogans of Werde Informatikerin

  • Be. IT. (2001)

Slogans of Wentworth Institute of Technology 4 Year Co-op Program (US)

  • Get ready for work. (2003)

Slogans of Wembley High Technology College (UK)

  • Achievement for all. (2008)

Slogans of Welsh Language Campaign (UK)

  • Work, play, live use Welsh. (2004)

Slogans of Wellesley School (UK)

  • Open up a world of possibilities. (2007)

Slogans of Walthamstow Academy (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of Walsall Academy Weat Midlands (UK)

  • A different choice of school. (2008)

Slogans of Wallace Hind Associates (UK)

  • Where experience matters. (2006)

Slogans of Walla Walla College (US)

  • Spirit of excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Victoria University Australia (UK)

  • A new school of thought. (2009)

Slogans of Vermont college (US)

  • A different approach. (2006)

Slogans of Veredus (UK)

  • Make things happen. (2008)

Slogans of Venn Group (UK)

  • A company built on commitment. (2002)

Slogans of Vedior (UK)

  • Where people matter. (2007)

Slogans of Vault (UK)

  • The most trusted name in career information. (2007)

Slogans of Vascoda

  • Discover information. (2003)

Slogans of Vanguard University (US)

  • Your future is clear in the reflection of our past. (2001)

Slogans of Vancouver Film School (UK)

  • Creative. Disciplined. Focused. (2001)

Slogans of Valparaiso University (US)

  • In other words… Valpo. (2001)

Slogans of Valparaiso School of Law (US)

  • Make the connection. (2001)

Slogans of VU University Amsterdam (UK)

  • Wider perspective. (2008)

Slogans of VMC (UK)

  • For people who need people. (2005)

Slogans of V.Ships (UK)

  • More control – better performance. (2002)

Slogans of Utah State University (US)

  • Your access to excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Villa Julie College (US)

  • Imagine your future. Design your career. (2001)

Slogans of Villanova University (US)

  • Villanova… an Augustinian University. (2001)

Slogans of Villiers High School (UK)

  • Smart. Talented. Adventurous. Respectful. Students. (2009)

Slogans of WAK

  • Our passion. Your career. (2011)

Slogans of Wall Street English

  • Real English, really. (2015)

Slogans of Waldorf College (US)

  • Faster. Better. (2001)

Slogans of Wageningen (UK)

  • For quality of life. (2005)

Slogans of Wade Macdonald (UK)

  • A calculated selection. (2005)

Slogans of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

  • Excellence in management education. (2010)

Slogans of WEA (UK)

  • A century of learning 1903 – 2003. (2003)

Slogans of Volt (UK)

  • Connecting talented people and respected companies. (2007)

Slogans of Virada (UK)

  • Change of direction, tack, turn. (2008)

Slogans of Voice (UK)

  • The union for education professionals. (2009)

Slogans of Vlerick Leuven Management School (UK)

  • Learning the practical value of knowledge. (2001)

Slogans of Vision Academy

  • Systematic training for machine vision. (2010)

Slogans of Vision (UK)

  • Get some. (2003)

Slogans of Visberg (CH)

  • Experience at work. (2015)

Slogans of Virginia Tech (US)

  • Invent the future. (2006)

Slogans of Western New England College (US)

  • Everything falls into place. (2001)

Slogans of Western State College of Colorado (US)

  • An education of value in a place of discovery. (2001)

Slogans of U-Multirank

  • Universities compared. Your way. (2015)

Slogans of Yoh Scientific (UK)

  • Know greater talent. (2003)

Slogans of Yeshiva University, Cardozo School of Law (US)

  • Noble deeds, ethics, and love of the law. (2001)

Slogans of Yeovil College (UK)

  • First choice for you. (2007)

Slogans of Yellow Cat Recruitment (UK)

  • Follow the Yellow Cat. (2006)

Slogans of Ye Shiva University (UK)

  • Achievement through knowledge. (2002)

Slogans of Yarborough School (UK)

  • Education is our business! (2009)

Slogans of Yale (US)

  • Educating leaders for business and society. (2002)

Slogans of Xclusive Recruitment (UK)

  • Recruitment with integrity. (2007)

Slogans of Xchangeteam (UK)

  • The best people for your business. (2008)

Slogans of Wrotham School (UK)

  • Learn to think, strive to know. (2008)

Slogans of Writtle College (UK)

  • Developing people. Building careers. (2007)

Slogans of Wrightson Wood (UK)

  • Business questions – People answers. (2007)

Slogans of Worthing College (UK)

  • Opportunity, achievement, success and progression. (2008)

Slogans of Worldbeautysearch.com (UK)

  • Unleash your potential. (2003)

Slogans of Workthing.com (UK)

  • It’s a job thing. It’s a skills thing. It’s an advice thing. (2000)

Slogans of Workstream Recruitment (UK)

  • Recruitment expertise for the construction industry. (2007)

Slogans of Yoga alliance (US)

  • Yoga for life! (2008)

Slogans of York College (UK)

  • Serving the education and training needs of the community. (2004)

Slogans of Western Washington University (US)

  • Active minds changing lives. (2014)

Slogans of York High School (UK)

  • Inspiring people – Achieving excellence. (2008)

Slogans of Zenos Academy (UK)

  • The zen of success. (2008)

Slogans of Zenger Miller (US)

  • Towards excellence turning good intentions into concrete actions. (1985)

Slogans of Zeit AG (CH)

  • Timeware of Switzerland. (2010)

Slogans of ZIS Zurich International School (CH)

  • Learn, care, challenge, lead. (2012)

Slogans of ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

  • Building Competence. Crossing Borders. (2011)

Slogans of Z-Careers (US)

  • Where talent goes to work. (2009)

Slogans of Ypsylon

  • In search of really the best… (2008)

Slogans of Your Life (UK)

  • Explore your possibilities. (2014)

Slogans of Young Enterprise Switzerland (CH)

  • Invest. Involve. Inspire. (2010)

Slogans of Young Enterprise (UK)

  • Learning by doing. (2002)

Slogans of Yorkshire Universities (UK)

  • The regional voice for higher education. (2007)

Slogans of Yorkshire Post Training (UK)

  • Save money, save time but don’t compromise on quality. (2002)

Slogans of Yorkshire Coast College (UK)

  • Your college. Your future! (2006)

Slogans of York St John University (UK)

  • Brings out the best in you. (2008)

Slogans of York St John (UK)

  • Higher education in the heart of York. (2006)

Slogans of Workstream (UK)

  • Just the job for construction workers! (2003)

Slogans of Workingmums.co.uk (UK)

  • Connecting mums and employers. (2008)

Slogans of Workingforessex.com (UK)

  • Just the job for finding jobs. (2009)

Slogans of Work24.com (CH)

  • Think pink! (2013)

Slogans of Wheldon School (UK)

  • Proud to excel. (2009)

Slogans of Wheeling Jesuit Universtiy (US)

  • The point of education. (2001)

Slogans of Wheaton College (US)

  • For christ and his kingdom. (2001)

Slogans of Wheale Thomas Hodgins (UK)

  • Moving people. (2008)

Slogans of Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania (US)

  • The Wharton experience. (1988)

Slogans of Wharton Executive Education Aresty Institute of Executive Education (UK)

  • We’re all business. (2009)

Slogans of Wharton Executive Education (UK)

  • The learning experience of a lifetime. (1994)

Slogans of Weymouth College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2008)

Slogans of Weydon School (UK)

  • Inspiring minds. (2009)

Slogans of Westonbirt School (UK)

  • Where every girl thrives. (2009)

Slogans of Weston College (UK)

  • Quality learning for future success. (2008)

Slogans of Westmont College (US)

  • Where character and wisdom meet. (2001)

Slogans of Westminster College (US)

  • Succeed at Westminster College. (2001)

Slogans of Westminster Adult Education (UK)

  • Who will you be? (2003)

Slogans of Westgate College (UK)

  • Educating deaf pupils & students for a positive future. (2002)

Slogans of Whitworth College (US)

  • An education of mind and heart. (2001)

Slogans of Whitworth Community High School (UK)

  • Raising achievement. (2009)

Slogans of Whoohoo

  • Next generation top talent. (2015)

Slogans of Windsor (UK)

  • Appreciating values. (2004)

Slogans of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (US)

  • Discover WPI for yourself. (2001)

Slogans of Worcester College of Technology (UK)

  • Quality education and training for the community. (2001)

Slogans of Woodhouse Grove (UK)

  • A complete education. (2006)

Slogans of Wmjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • One click. Endless posibilities. (2009)

Slogans of Witan Jardine (UK)

  • Recruitment consultants for London. (2003)

Slogans of Winslow (UK)

  • The best resources in one place. (2008)

Slogans of Windermere St Anne’s School (UK)

  • A unique educational experience – In the heart of the lake district. (2002)

Slogans of Wichita State University (US)

  • Thinkers, doers, movers & shockers. (2001)

Slogans of Wilson Learning (US)

  • Challenging people to think. (1992)

Slogans of Wilnecote Junior School (UK)

  • Achieving together. (2008)

Slogans of Willowbrook Primary School (UK)

  • Excellence through partnerships. (2008)

Slogans of William Torbitt Primary School (UK)

  • Building confidence through learning. (2008)

Slogans of William Hulmes Grammar School (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2008)

Slogans of Widener University School of Law (US)

  • Why Widener? Why not Widener? (2001)

Slogans of Urquhart Partnership (UK)

  • People. Partnership. Performance. (2008)

Slogans of Universität St.Gallen

  • From insight to impact. (2014)

Slogans of Universität Marburg FB2

  • Create your future. (2009)

Slogans of University of Cambridge (UK)

  • A world of opportunity. (2009)

Slogans of University of California San Francisco (US)

  • Advancing health worldwide. (2008)

Slogans of University of California (US)

  • Promise for education. (2013)

Slogans of University of Brighton (UK)

  • The place to be – the place to learn. (2002)

Slogans of University of Bradford (UK)

  • Making knowledge work. (2010)

Slogans of University of Bolton (UK)

  • Professionals in practice. (2008)

Slogans of University of Birminham (UK)

  • Open minds. (2006)

Slogans of University of Baltimore (UK)

  • Knowledge that works. (2006)

Slogans of University of Arkansas at Little Rock (US)

  • Where excellence has many faces. (2001)

Slogans of University of Arkansas School of Law (US)

  • Rigorous training in professional skills. (2001)

Slogans of University of Alaska Southeast (US)

  • Your inside passage to learning. (2001)

Slogans of University of Alaska Fairbanks (US)

  • Latitude with attitude. (2001)

Slogans of University of Alabama School of Law (US)

  • Combining great tradition with great promise. (2001)

Slogans of University of Akron School of Law (US)

  • Preparing the lawyer of the 21st Century. (2001)

Slogans of University of Advancing Technology (US)

  • Learn. Experience. Innovate. (2004)

Slogans of University of Adelaide (UK)

  • Life impact. (2006)

Slogans of University of California, Davis School of Law (US)

  • Gateway of opportunity. (2001)

Slogans of University of Charleston (US)

  • Learning your way. (2001)

Slogans of Universität Marburg FB02 Master

  • Master your future. (2008)

Slogans of University of Cincinnati College of Law (US)

  • Your journey begins here. (2001)

Slogans of University of Gloucestershire (UK)

  • Where learning is for life. (2008)

Slogans of University of Glasgow Business School (UK)

  • Where theory meets practice. (2001)

Slogans of University of Glamorgan (UK)

  • You live, you learn. (2007)

Slogans of University of Georgia Law (US)

  • A distinguished past and a bold future. (2001)

Slogans of University of Florida Levin College of Law (US)

  • Big decisions. Smart choice. Case closed. (2001)

Slogans of University of Exeter (UK)

  • Leading the future of education. (2005)

Slogans of University of Edinburgh Management School (UK)

  • The latest school of thinking. (2007)

Slogans of University of Edinburgh (UK)

  • Where innovation is part of our scenery. (2001)

Slogans of University of Durham MBA (UK)

  • The course is set for your future. (1994)

Slogans of University of Dundee (UK)

  • Serious fun. (2006)

Slogans of University of Denver College of Law (US)

  • Law lives here. (2001)

Slogans of University of Dayton School of Law (US)

  • On the move. (2001)

Slogans of University of Dayton (US)

  • A Catholic Marionist university where the mind serves the heart. (2001)

Slogans of University of Cumbria (UK)

  • Bring your dreams. (2009)

Slogans of University of Colorado Denver (US)

  • Learn with purpose. (2013)

Slogans of University of Abertay Dundee (UK)

  • It’s a real education. (2001)

Slogans of University of Abertay – Dundee (UK)

  • Breaking barriers. (2007)

Slogans of University Van Amsterdam (UK)

  • Voyage of discovery. (2005)

Slogans of University College Worcester (UK)

  • Prepare for life. (2002)

Slogans of UWIC University (UK)

  • The Uwic effect. (2003)

Slogans of UWE Students Union (UK)

  • Enhancing the student experience. (2006)

Slogans of UWE Bristol (UK)

  • The university for the real world. (2014)

Slogans of UWB Global (UK)

  • A truly global learning environment. (2005)

Slogans of USM (US)

  • World view close up. (2008)

Slogans of USG People

  • We keep the world working by helping the right people find the right job. (2010)

Slogans of UOC Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UK)

  • The worldwide university. (2009)

Slogans of UMIT (AT)

  • The health & life sciences university. (2015)

Slogans of UKSA (UK)

  • The world’s premier sailing academy. (2004)

Slogans of UK Online Centres (UK)

  • We’ll help you get on. (2001)

Slogans of UDE Universität Duisburg-Essen

  • Open-minded. (2011)

Slogans of UCLB (UK)

  • The realisation of research. (2009)

Slogans of UCLAN Students Union (UK)

  • Your life. Your choice. Your union. (2006)

Slogans of UCLAN (UK)

  • Makes you think. (2009)

Slogans of UCE (UK)

  • The choice is yours. (2003)

Slogans of Udacity

  • Be in demand. (2016)

Slogans of Ulysses GB (UK)

  • Employment partnership solutions. (2005)

Slogans of Under The Skin (UK)

  • Better recruitment starts from within. (2004)

Slogans of Universita Bocconi (UK)

  • Empowering talent. (2007)

Slogans of University College London (UK)

  • Pursuing excellence in education and research. (2002)

Slogans of University Centre Barnsley (UK)

  • Think different. Think higher. Think University Centre Barnsley. (2007)

Slogans of Universiteit Nyenrode (UK)

  • The Netherlands business school. (2003)

Slogans of Universiteit Leiden Netherlands (UK)

  • The university to discover. (2007)

Slogans of Universiteit Leiden (UK)

  • Developing world-class leaders. (2003)

Slogans of Universite de Lausanne (UK)

  • Live knowledge. (2009)

Slogans of Univation (UK)

  • Obvious. (2003)

Slogans of Unilog Integrata

  • Qualified for the job. (2003)

Slogans of Unity College (US)

  • America’s environmental college. (2011)

Slogans of United Negro College Fund (US)

  • Give to the United Negro College Fund – A mind is a terrible thing to waste. (1978)

Slogans of United Nations University (UK)

  • Helping improve tomorrow today. (2003)

Slogans of Unitech (CH)

  • A network of professional possibilities. (2012)

Slogans of Unisys (UK)

  • We have a head for e-business. (2001)

Slogans of Union Institute & University (US)

  • A leading national university for adults. (2003)

Slogans of University of Greenwich (UK)

  • At the University of Greenwich you’ll find an historic past a vibrant present and your future. (2004)

Slogans of University of Houston-Downtown (US)

  • Get a life! (2001)

Slogans of University of Iowa (US)

  • One community of learning. (2001)

Slogans of University of Saskatchewan (US)

  • It’s all about you. (2001)

Slogans of University of Texas at Austin (US)

  • We’re Texas. (2001)

Slogans of University of Tennessee (US)

  • Big orange. Big ideas. (2012)

Slogans of University of Technology Sydney (UK)

  • Think. Change. Do. (2003)

Slogans of University of Sunderland (UK)

  • Life changing. (2008)

Slogans of University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering (UK)

  • First for engineering. (2002)

Slogans of University of Strathclyde (UK)

  • The place of useful learning. (2008)

Slogans of University of Stirling (UK)

  • Scottish knowledge. (2001)

Slogans of University of St. Thomas (US)

  • A Catholic university for Houston & the World. (2001)

Slogans of University of Southern Colorado (US)

  • Great careers begin here. (2001)

Slogans of University of Southampton (UK)

  • At the cutting edge of innovation. (2001)

Slogans of University of South Florida College of Engineering (US)

  • Engineering a better tomorrow. (2005)

Slogans of University of South Florida (UK)

  • Touching lives, improving the world. (2003)

Slogans of University of South Dakota School of Law (US)

  • The beginning of a lifelong educational process. (2001)

Slogans of University of South Australia (UK)

  • Experience the difference. (2001)

Slogans of University of Sheffield Union of Students (UK)

  • The UK’s number one students union. (2006)

Slogans of University of Texas at San Antonio (US)

  • Come here. Go far. (2001)

Slogans of University of Toledo College of Law (US)

  • The law is the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent. (2001)

Slogans of University of Toronto (UK)

  • Canada’s answers to the world’s questions. (2009)

Slogans of University of Windsor (US)

  • Thinking forward. (2007)

Slogans of Universität Marburg FB02 Bachelor

  • Step into your future. (2008)

Slogans of University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law (US)

  • What kind of lawyer will you be? (2001)

Slogans of University of the First Age (UK)

  • The academy of youth. (2003)

Slogans of University of Worcester (UK)

  • Inspire. Include. Innovate. (2008)

Slogans of University of Witwatersrand (UK)

  • Wits gives you the edge. (2009)

Slogans of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (US)

  • Join the minds that make the future! (2001)

Slogans of University of Westminster (UK)

  • Educating for professional life. (2006)

Slogans of University of Toronto (US)

  • Great minds for a great future. (2001)

Slogans of University of West Scotland (UK)

  • An inspired choice. (2007)

Slogans of University of Washington (US)

  • Learning @ the leading edge. (2001)

Slogans of University of Wales Institute (UK)

  • Creating your future through education. (2001)

Slogans of University of Virginia Darden School of Business (US)

  • Change the way you think. Improve the way you do business. (2007)

Slogans of University of Virginia (US)

  • Makes it happen. (2005)

Slogans of University of Virginia (UK)

  • Change the way you think. (2008)

Slogans of University of Sheffield (UK)

  • The achievement of excellence. (2006)

Slogans of University of Santa Monica (US)

  • Celebrating 25 years of soul-centered education! (2009)

Slogans of University of Leeds School of Healthcare (UK)

  • Expertise built on knowledge. Reputation built on success. (2007)

Slogans of University of San Diego School of Law (US)

  • Pursuit of truth, academic excellence, and advancement of knowledge. (2001)

Slogans of University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (US)

  • Imagine the difference you can make? (2005)

Slogans of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (US)

  • The smart move. (2001)

Slogans of University of Massachusetts Amherst (US)

  • Excellence within your reach. (2001)

Slogans of University of Maryland University College (US)

  • Real life. Real lessons. (2002)

Slogans of University of Maryland University College (UK)

  • Take control. Keep current. (2000)

Slogans of University of Maryland (US)

  • Fear the turtle. (2004)

Slogans of University of Mary (US)

  • America’s leadership university. (2001)

Slogans of University of Manchester (UK)

  • Together we learn. (2003)

Slogans of University of Maine Presque Isle (US)

  • North of ordinary. (2001)

Slogans of University of Luton (UK)

  • Education that works. (2006)

Slogans of University of Louisville (US)

  • It’s happening here. (2008)

Slogans of University of Louisville (UK)

  • Dare to be great. (2001)

Slogans of University of London Careers Service (UK)

  • Delivering the future. (2001)

Slogans of University of Lincolnshire & Humberside (UK)

  • The future is now. (2000)

Slogans of University of Leicester The Management Centre (UK)

  • Something to think about. (2004)

Slogans of University of Miami (UK)

  • The most complete program in international business available today. (1994)

Slogans of University of Michigan Business School (UK)

  • Developing leaders in a time of relentless change. (2001)

Slogans of University of Minnesota, Crookston (US)

  • People, technology and careers. (2001)

Slogans of University of Phoenix

  • Thinking ahead. (2007)

Slogans of University of San Diego – School of Business Administration (UK)

  • A world of opportunity. (2002)

Slogans of University of Saint Francis (US)

  • Real values. (2001)

Slogans of University of Portland (US)

  • Oregon’s Catholic university. (2001)

Slogans of University of Pittsburgh (US)

  • Transforming the present – Discovering the future. (1995)

Slogans of University of Phoenix Online (US)

  • The intelligent way to attend class. (2004)

Slogans of University of Phoenix (UK)

  • Thinking ahead. (2008)

Slogans of University of Paisley (UK)

  • Taking education higher. (2007)

Slogans of University of Missouri-Rolla (US)

  • Educating tomorrow’s leaders. (2001)

Slogans of University of Oklahoma College of Law (US)

  • Faithful stewards of the law. (2001)

Slogans of University of Northern Iowa (US)

  • Students first. (2001)

Slogans of University of North London (UK)

  • You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. (2001)

Slogans of University of Nevada Reno (US)

  • The university for the new West. (2001)

Slogans of University of Nevada (US)

  • Statewide – Worldwide. (2006)

Slogans of University of Montana (US)

  • The discovery continues. (2001)

Slogans of South Bank Polytechnic (UK)

  • Teaching for tomorrow in the heart of London. (1985)

Slogans of Source (UK)

  • Recruitment designed by you. (2006)

Slogans of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (UK)

  • Inspiring leaders – Improving lives – Transforming Asia. (2007)

Slogans of New York Times Job Market (US)

  • Put your health care facility in a better position. (2003)

Slogans of New World Education (UK)

  • Education for life. (2003)

Slogans of New Scientist Jobs (UK)

  • Europe’s No1 science recruiter. (2003)

Slogans of New School University The New School (US)

  • Knowledge that matters. (2004)

Slogans of New Rickstones Academy (UK)

  • To make our best better. (2009)

Slogans of New Line Learning Academy (UK)

  • Tomorrow’s future today. (2008)

Slogans of New Horizons

  • We enable performance. (2011)

Slogans of New Hall School (UK)

  • The best start in life. (2009)

Slogans of New College Pontefract (UK)

  • We achieve excellence by putting our students first. (2009)

Slogans of New College Leicester (UK)

  • Building for the future. (2001)

Slogans of New Charter Academy (UK)

  • Learn – Grow – Achieve. (2008)

Slogans of Neumann International (AT)

  • Linking our talents. (2010)

Slogans of Nebraska State College System (US)

  • Three colleges. Thousands of opportunities. (2005)

Slogans of Navisys Academy (UK)

  • For professional excellence. (2007)

Slogans of Naugatuck Valley Community College (US)

  • It’s your choice! (2001)

Slogans of NatureJobs (UK)

  • Making science work. (2009)

Slogans of New York Institute of Technology (UK)

  • When can you start? (2008)

Slogans of New York University (UK)

  • A private university in the public service. (2004)

Slogans of North Carolina School of the Arts (US)

  • Training a new generation of artists. (2001)

Slogans of New York University School of Continuing & Professional Studies (UK)

  • At the center of the center of it all. (2008)

Slogans of North Atlantic Fisheries College (UK)

  • Building for a brighter future. (2002)

Slogans of Norfolk State University (US)

  • Educating for excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Norfolk County Council (UK)

  • @ your service. (2009)

Slogans of Norbury School & Nursery (UK)

  • The world in a school. (2009)

Slogans of NoSweat Journalism Training (UK)

  • Open the door to your future. (2006)

Slogans of Nitor (UK)

  • Recruiting the best for the best. (2006)

Slogans of Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology Ccollege (UK)

  • Excellence opens all doors. (2008)

Slogans of Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School (UK)

  • Quality & excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Newton Stanley (UK)

  • The personal touch. (2006)

Slogans of Newtec (UK)

  • Raising expectations. (2009)

Slogans of Newmonday.com (UK)

  • Make your career move. (2000)

Slogans of Newlyqualifieds.co.uk (UK)

  • Go for it. (2000)

Slogans of Newlaw-jobs.co.uk (UK)

  • Your legal career. (2008)

Slogans of Newbridge High School (UK)

  • Aiming higher – Achieving more. (2009)

Slogans of New Youth Training (UK)

  • It pays to be qualified. (1990)

Slogans of Nature’s Nutrition (UK)

  • Centre for health & rejuvenation. (2005)

Slogans of Nature Compass (US)

  • Find your place. (2001)

Slogans of National University of Singapore (UK)

  • Asia’s business school. (2008)

Slogans of National Union of Students (UK)

  • If you do drink, don’t do drunk. (2002)

Slogans of NFER Nelson (UK)

  • Understanding potential. (2007)

Slogans of NDNA (UK)

  • Promoting quality in early years. (2007)

Slogans of NCSL (UK)

  • Inspiring learning – Challenging minds. – Supporting change. (2003)

Slogans of Myrestaurantjob.com (UK)

  • For the professional and the passionate. (2005)

Slogans of Mylittlejob

  • Your academic workforce. (2012)

Slogans of MyPA Benefit (US)

  • Delivering work-life balance. (2013)

Slogans of Multnomah Bible College (US)

  • If it’s Bible you want, then you want Multnomah! (2001)

Slogans of Mount School York (UK)

  • A Quaker foundation dating from 1785. (2002)

Slogans of Morton College (US)

  • Imagine what you can do! (2013)

Slogans of Morson International (UK)

  • Global human resource solutions. (2004)

Slogans of Morrison’s Academy (UK)

  • Developing the whole child. (2008)

Slogans of Morley College at Waterloo (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2007)

Slogans of Morgan Law (UK)

  • Responsible recruiting. (2009)

Slogans of Morgan Est (UK)

  • Constructing talent. (2007)

Slogans of More Legal (UK)

  • More. For you. (2007)

Slogans of NGDP (UK)

  • Real life. Real work. (2008)

Slogans of NHS – East Kent Hospitals University (UK)

  • Passionate about care. Serious about careers. (2009)

Slogans of NHS National Workforce Projects (UK)

  • Planning for a 21st century workforce. (2005)

Slogans of Nanda International (US)

  • Defining the knowledge of nursing. (2010)

Slogans of National Traineeships (UK)

  • Getting school leavers into the right company. (1998)

Slogans of National Education Association (US)

  • The subject is excellence. (1987)

Slogans of National Construction College (UK)

  • Building Britain. (2008)

Slogans of National Asthma Educator Certification Board (US)

  • Promoting excellence in asthma education. (2004)

Slogans of Nasen (UK)

  • Helping everyone achieve. (2009)

Slogans of Napier University Edinburgh (UK)

  • Get ready for the rest of your life. (2002)

Slogans of Namsec (UK)

  • Try us – You might like us. (1973)

Slogans of NHS Professionals (UK)

  • Making it work for you. (2005)

Slogans of NUT (UK)

  • The largest teachers’ union in Europe. (2007)

Slogans of NT+C

  • It networks! (1999)

Slogans of NRI Schools (US)

  • We’ll give you tomorrow. (1986)

Slogans of NLP World (UK)

  • Taking your training personally. (2007)

Slogans of NIU Northern Illinois University (US)

  • Learning today, leading tomorrow. (2010)

Slogans of NIACE (UK)

  • Promoting adult learning. (2005)

Slogans of North Carolina A&T State University (US)

  • Explore. Discover. Become. (2006)

Slogans of North Chadderton School (UK)

  • Preparing students for a lifetime of success. (2008)

Slogans of Moor End Technology College (UK)

  • Enjoy and achieve: Every day matters. (2009)

Slogans of Onoline (UK)

  • Making blended sense of soft-skill development. (2015)

Slogans of Olympia Flexgroup

  • We love to work for you. (2009)

Slogans of Olsten Staffing Services (US)

  • The working solution. (1995)

Slogans of Olivet Nazarene University (US)

  • We believe you belong here. (2001)

Slogans of Oklahoma City Univeristy School of Law (US)

  • Contributions to our society. (2001)

Slogans of Oklahoma Baptist University (US)

  • Knowledge. Faith. Wisdom. (2001)

Slogans of Oilcareers.com (UK)

  • Right person, right job, no bother. (2003)

Slogans of Ohio Valley College (US)

  • Educating to serve. (2001)

Slogans of Ofsted (UK)

  • Raising standards – Improving lives. (2009)

Slogans of OfficeTeam (UK)

  • Specialised administrative staffing. (2005)

Slogans of OfficeMax (US)

  • Work with us. (2010)

Slogans of Office Angels (UK)

  • Heaven knows you deserve better. (2001)

Slogans of Oasis Academy (UK)

  • Living to learn. (2008)

Slogans of Oasis (UK)

  • Put some colour into your working life. (2004)

Slogans of Oaklands College (UK)

  • First choice in Hertfordshire. (1996)

Slogans of OUBS (UK)

  • Where the determined succeed. (2003)

Slogans of Only Medics (UK)

  • Inspiring medical recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Open University (UK)

  • Bring home a world of learning. (2008)

Slogans of North Iowa Area Community College (US)

  • NIACC first. (2001)

Slogans of Opportunities UK (UK)

  • Recruitment with care. (2008)

Slogans of Oxford University (UK)

  • Where business is more than an academic interest. (2003)

Slogans of Oxford School (UK)

  • Achievement for all. (2009)

Slogans of Oxford Revision Courses (UK)

  • Recommended by 100% of our previous students. (2001)

Slogans of Oxford Executive Programmes (UK)

  • Opening minds, changing perceptions. (2005)

Slogans of Oxford College of Chiropathy (UK)

  • Health comes from within. (2005)

Slogans of Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (UK)

  • Getting the balance right. (2005)

Slogans of Owens Community College (US)

  • Your success starts here! (2001)

Slogans of Ottawa University (US)

  • Prepare for a life of significance. (2011)

Slogans of Otago (US)

  • Your place in the world. (2009)

Slogans of Osbourne School (UK)

  • Opportunities in learning. (2009)

Slogans of Orleans Park (UK)

  • Be the best you can be. (2008)

Slogans of Oral Roberts University (US)

  • A Christ-centered university for the education of the whole person. (2001)

Slogans of Options Facilities Services (UK)

  • Love Mondays. (2006)

Slogans of OptionFinder

  • We turn education into eduaction. (2005)

Slogans of Optima (UK)

  • Amazing business relationships. (2006)

Slogans of OCR (UK)

  • Recognising achievement. (2007)

Slogans of OAexec (UK)

  • We answer to you. (2003)

Slogans of O’Grady Peyton (US)

  • Nursing your future. (2005)

Slogans of Nyman Whitfield (UK)

  • Attention is in the detail. (2008)

Slogans of Northumberland College (UK)

  • Find your inspiration. (2004)

Slogans of Northern Racing College (UK)

  • Centre of excellence for the racing industry. (2007)

Slogans of Northern Michigan University (US)

  • Northern. Naturally. (2001)

Slogans of Northern Fitness & Education (UK)

  • Excellence through education. (2009)

Slogans of Northern Arizona University (US)

  • Today you learn. Tomorrow you lead. (2001)

Slogans of Northeastern University School of Law (US)

  • Innovation is our tradition. (2001)

Slogans of Northeastern University (US)

  • Higher learning. Richer experience. (2005)

Slogans of Northcentral University (US)

  • The better way to earn your degree. (2006)

Slogans of Northbourne Park School (UK)

  • Today’s child embracing the world of tomorrow. (2006)

Slogans of Northampton College (UK)

  • For wherever you want to be. (2008)

Slogans of Northallerton College (UK)

  • Education and training, throughout life, for life. (2001)

Slogans of NorthPark University Chicago (US)

  • Focus on the important. (2003)

Slogans of NorthEnglandJobs.com (UK)

  • Get the job you want. (2007)

Slogans of North Pennines Archaeology (UK)

  • For archaelology, for industry, for education. (2009)

Slogans of North Park University (US)

  • Christian. University. Urban. Community. (2001)

Slogans of Northumbria University (UK)

  • Great learning. Great experience. Great future. (2007)

Slogans of Northwest State Community College (US)

  • See yourself in a whole new way. (2001)

Slogans of Northwest Technical College (US)

  • Get there faster. (2001)

Slogans of Nova Southeastern University (UK)

  • Beyond the classroom. (2003)

Slogans of Nyenrode Busiss Universiteit Netherlands (UK)

  • The spirit of enterprise. (2007)

Slogans of Nyack College (US)

  • Nyack is the place to prepare, the place to learn your true colors. (2001)

Slogans of Nuttall Roberts (UK)

  • Intelligent property recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of NursesRx (US)

  • Your travel nursing destination. (2002)

Slogans of NurseZone.com (US)

  • For work. For life. (2003)

Slogans of Now People (UK)

  • Nine councils. One website. Countless opportunities. (2006)

Slogans of Nouveau Contour Permanent Cosmetics (UK)

  • Training with confidence. (2003)

Slogans of Northwestern Technical College (US)

  • Where futures begin. (2001)

Slogans of Nouveau Contour (UK)

  • Perfection in permanent cosmetics. (2008)

Slogans of Nottingham University Business School (UK)

  • The new language of business. (2009)

Slogans of Nottingham Trent University (UK)

  • Shaping futures. (2008)

Slogans of Notre Dame de Namur University (US)

  • The cure for the common school. (2004)

Slogans of Notre Dame Law School (US)

  • Educating a different kind of lawyer. (2001)

Slogans of Northwood Ptep (UK)

  • A world class outlook. (2008)

Slogans of Moorfield School For Girls (UK)

  • Creativity, confidence and courtesy. (2002)

Slogans of Moody Bible Institute (US)

  • Be still and know that I am God. (2001)

Slogans of Sound It Out (UK)

  • Community music – Changing lives. (2005)

Slogans of MCC Management Center of Competence

  • The communication company. (2011)

Slogans of i2i (UK)

  • A better place to be. (2008)

Slogans of M2r.co.uk (UK)

  • The means to recruit. (2008)

Slogans of M/O/T School of Management (AT)

  • Upgrade your perspective. (2014)

Slogans of Lyneham Primary School (UK)

  • A flying start to lifelong learning. (2008)

Slogans of Lycor

  • Inventing the future! (2012)

Slogans of Lumesse

  • Inspiring talent management. (2011)

Slogans of Lufthansa Career

  • Your ticket to the future. (1998)

Slogans of Lubbock Christian University (US)

  • Changing lives. (2001)

Slogans of Loyola University School of Law (US)

  • Scholarship… service… justice. (2001)

Slogans of Loyola University – Chicago (US)

  • Preparing people to lead extraordinary lives. (2005)

Slogans of Love & Tate (UK)

  • The recruitment consultancy. (2005)

Slogans of Louisiana State University (US)

  • Welcome to the now. (2006)

Slogans of Loughborough University (UK)

  • Advancing knowledge through research, learning and teaching. (2001)

Slogans of Lore (US)

  • Learn more. (2013)

Slogans of Looksharp (US)

  • Powering internmatch. (2016)

Slogans of MCA Legal (UK)

  • Local expertise countrywide. (2008)

Slogans of MIB (UK)

  • In business to make a better world. (1994)

Slogans of Macqaurie University (UK)

  • Australia’s innovative university. (2008)

Slogans of MIT Sloan Management (US)

  • Innovation@work. (2008)

Slogans of Macclesfield College (UK)

  • Learning for life. (2005)

Slogans of Macaulay (UK)

  • Making search simple. (2009)

Slogans of MacMillan Davies Hodes (UK)

  • Talent matters. (2008)

Slogans of MacIntyre (UK)

  • Providing support Your way. (2009)

Slogans of Maatwerk (UK)

  • Experts and pioneers in finding suitable employment. (2003)

Slogans of Maastricht University (US)

  • Leading in learning! (2009)

Slogans of Maastricht School of Management (UK)

  • The globally networked management school. (2006)

Slogans of MRL Financial (UK)

  • Recruiting excellence. (2005)

Slogans of MRINetwork (UK)

  • Experts in global search. (2008)

Slogans of MRI Worldwide (UK)

  • We find the right person for the right role at the right time. (2006)

Slogans of MRI (US)

  • Intelligent staffing solutions. (1995)

Slogans of MPS Healthcare (UK)

  • Nurses that care. (2007)

Slogans of MNA Global (US)

  • Exceptional people. (2008)

Slogans of MIT Sloan School of Management (US)

  • A great place to learn. (1999)

Slogans of MIT Sloan School of Management (UK)

  • Innovation@work. (2007)

Slogans of Longridge High School (UK)

  • Respect – Grow – Learn – Together. (2009)

Slogans of Longley Park (UK)

  • Stretch your potential. (2008)

Slogans of Long Term Teachers (UK)

  • Rest assured, we’ll look out for you. (2002)

Slogans of Londonjobs.co.uk (UK)

  • First for jobs in London. (2008)

Slogans of Lincoln Minster School (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2008)

Slogans of Lincoln College (UK)

  • Your future first. (2004)

Slogans of Lex Personnel (UK)

  • Our success is your future. (2008)

Slogans of Levebee (US)

  • Reading matters. (2014)

Slogans of Let’s Work

  • Health. Care. Jobs. (2015)

Slogans of Lesley University (US)

  • Let’s wake up the world. (2005)

Slogans of Leon School and Sports College (UK)

  • Where learning and sport meet. (2008)

Slogans of Leisureforce UK (UK)

  • Believe in our experience! (2001)

Slogans of Lehigh Carbon Community College (US)

  • Start here – Go anywhere. (2003)

Slogans of Leeds West Academy (UK)

  • Leading in learning. (2009)

Slogans of Leeds University Business School (UK)

  • On course to excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Leeds Thomas Danby (UK)

  • Unlimited learning for life. (2006)

Slogans of Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

  • For a brighter future. (2001)

Slogans of Leeds College of Building (UK)

  • Specialists in construction education & training. (2006)

Slogans of Leeds City College (UK)

  • Play your part. (2009)

Slogans of Linkoping University (UK)

  • Expanding reality. (2008)

Slogans of Lipson Lloyd Jones (UK)

  • Problem solved. (2008)

Slogans of Little Hayes Nursery School (UK)

  • Learning and growing together. (2009)

Slogans of London Guildhall University (UK)

  • Serving London, a world city. (2000)

Slogans of Londonjobs (UK)

  • No.1 for jobs in London. (2004)

Slogans of Londoncareers.net (UK)

  • Admin – Education – Finance – IT – Legal – Retaili – Secretarial. (2009)

Slogans of London South Bank University (UK)

  • Big thoughts. (2004)

Slogans of London Schools (UK)

  • London’s Proud of its students. (2006)

Slogans of London Metropolitan University

  • Find your place in London. (2004)

Slogans of London Institute Students Union (UK)

  • Run by students – For students. (2003)

Slogans of London Financial Studies (UK)

  • Capital markets learning. (2006)

Slogans of Liverpool Hope (UK)

  • Education in the round. (2002)

Slogans of London Contemporary Dance School (UK)

  • The place to discover dance. (2004)

Slogans of London Boroughs Finance Trainee Scheme (UK)

  • £ondon – Be the future of public finance. (2005)

Slogans of Logical Resources (UK)

  • The complete working connection. (2003)

Slogans of Llantwit Major School (UK)

  • At the heart of the community. (2008)

Slogans of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK)

  • A culture of excellence. (2007)

Slogans of Liverpool Hope University College (UK)

  • Hope can make a world of difference. (2001)

Slogans of Mackenzie Jones (UK)

  • The art of recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Madeley Academy (UK)

  • Focused on success. (2008)

Slogans of Montreat College (US)

  • An experience for a lifetime. (2001)

Slogans of Mid-Cheshire College (UK)

  • Where learning comes first. (2008)

Slogans of Michigan State University Detroit School of Law (US)

  • The best ground is yet to be broken. (2001)

Slogans of Michigan State University (US)

  • A pioneer land-grant university. (2001)

Slogans of Michigan State University (UK)

  • Advancing knowledge. Transforming lives. (2007)

Slogans of Michael Page Partnership (UK)

  • International recruitment consultants. (1985)

Slogans of Michael Page (UK)

  • Specialists in executive search. (2009)

Slogans of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (US)

  • Giving our students the world. (2013)

Slogans of Messiah College (US)

  • Rigorously academic. Unapologetically Christian. (2001)

Slogans of Mesago Messe Frankfurt

  • Global concepts for local markets. (2010)

Slogans of Merton College (UK)

  • Wherever you want to go in life. (2008)

Slogans of Merston Peters (UK)

  • Where people come first. (2008)

Slogans of Mercy College (US)

  • Imagine me in Mercy. (2005)

Slogans of Mercuri Urval

  • The right people make great things happen. (2008)

Slogans of Mercia (UK)

  • Delivering more than you think. (2005)

Slogans of Mentor (UK)

  • Releasing potential. (2004)

Slogans of Mellor Watts Communications (UK)

  • Specialists in search. (2004)

Slogans of Michigan Tech (US)

  • Michigan’s technological university. (2001)

Slogans of Midas (UK)

  • Intelligent solutions for intelligent individuals. (2001)

Slogans of Madeley High School (UK)

  • Learning for tomorrow today. (2008)

Slogans of Milkround (UK)

  • First for graduate recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Montana State University-Billings (US)

  • Access and excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Monster.com (US)

  • Work. Life. Possibilities. (2000)

Slogans of Monster Worldwide (UK)

  • The world’s leading career network. (2005)

Slogans of Monster Healthcare (US)

  • Today’s the day. (2005)

Slogans of Monroe County Community School Corporation (US)

  • Educating students for the world of tomorrow. (2013)

Slogans of Monmouth Comprehensive School (UK)

  • Learning to lead our lives. (2008)

Slogans of Mojob

  • The matchmaker. (2012)

Slogans of Modern Apprenticeships (UK)

  • Join the great escape. (2004)

Slogans of Minsthorpe Community College (UK)

  • A specialist science college. (2003)

Slogans of Minster College (UK)

  • Opening minds – Broadening horizons. (2008)

Slogans of Minneapolis College of Art and Design (US)

  • Learning to see. (2001)

Slogans of Ministry of Education Singapore (UK)

  • Moulding the future of our nation. (2007)

Slogans of Mineola High School (US)

  • Education is out there, go get it. (2003)

Slogans of Milton Kynes College (UK)

  • Transforming lives through learning. (2015)

Slogans of Millfield School (UK)

  • Education and imagination. No limits. (2007)

Slogans of Mehlville School District (US)

  • Individually focused. Committed to All. (2011)

Slogans of Medstaffing (US)

  • The difference is in the details. (2003)

Slogans of Medicare First (UK)

  • Why settle for second best? (2005)

Slogans of Medical Staffing Network (US)

  • Everything we do. It’s all about you. (2008)

Slogans of Mark Education (UK)

  • Setting the standard for teacher recruitment. (2006)

Slogans of Marga Business Simulations

  • Play hard. Manage safe. Learn to win. (2014)

Slogans of Marcus Evans (UK)

  • Language training for professionals. (2008)

Slogans of Mansfield University (US)

  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders. (2008)

Slogans of Manpower

  • What do you do? (2007)

Slogans of Manor C of E School (UK)

  • Deo Duce – Led by god. (2008)

Slogans of Manor Academy (UK)

  • Excellence through innovation. (2015)

Slogans of Manhattan College (US)

  • Laboratory for modern life. (2001)

Slogans of MangaHigh.com (UK)

  • Where maths is just a game. (2008)

Slogans of Manforce

  • Come together! (2010)

Slogans of Malone College (US)

  • Christ’s kingdom first. (2001)

Slogans of Madonna University (US)

  • Your success is our greatest achievement! (2001)

Slogans of Madison Mayfair (UK)

  • Find your hospitality people. (2008)

Slogans of Madison Area Technical College Foundation (US)

  • Building a community of support. (2001)

Slogans of Madison Area Technical College (US)

  • Education that works. (2001)

Slogans of Marquette University (US)

  • Be the difference. (2005)

Slogans of Marquette University School of Law (US)

  • Personal, practical, professional. (2001)

Slogans of Marshall University (UK)

  • We are Marshall. (2006)

Slogans of McGraw Hill Companies (UK)

  • Keeping the world up to speed. (2001)

Slogans of Medical Solutions (US)

  • Your traveling healthcare partner. (2006)

Slogans of Medical Express (US)

  • Free to be me. (2008)

Slogans of Medical Express (UK)

  • We have just the place for you. (2002)

Slogans of Media First (UK)

  • Specialists in communication training. (2008)

Slogans of MedEx Training (UK)

  • Improving knowledge for life. (2008)

Slogans of MedEd Institute (US)

  • Learning for life. (2005)

Slogans of McCheck

  • Pimp your brain. (2012)

Slogans of Mary Hare (UK)

  • Securing the future of deaf children and young people. (2008)

Slogans of Maven Training (UK)

  • Making sense. (2007)

Slogans of Matthew Boulton College (UK)

  • Get ahead. (2003)

Slogans of Matt Burton (UK)

  • Professional people for business. (2008)

Slogans of Matchsticks (UK)

  • Igniting successful futures. (2008)

Slogans of MatchTech (UK)

  • Human resources for a technical world. (2009)

Slogans of Mascil

  • Mathematics and science for life. (2013)

Slogans of Oxygen Learning (UK)

  • Stripping away convention. (2008)

Slogans of P.E.S. Associates (UK)

  • Achieving recruitment excellence. (2006)

Slogans of PCP (AT)

  • Your flexible friends. (2011)

Slogans of SECA Security (AT)

  • Your safety is our mission. (2013)

Slogans of SCAD (US)

  • The university for creative careers. (2008)

Slogans of SAM

  • Secure competence. (2010)

Slogans of SAC (UK)

  • Experience beyond education. (2006)

Slogans of S1jobs.com (UK)

  • More Scottish jobs bar none. (2005)

Slogans of S-cool (UK)

  • Making more of people. (2009)

Slogans of S&H Consulting (UK)

  • The right place for the right job. (2006)

Slogans of Ruston Wheb (UK)

  • Leaders for a sustainable economy. (2003)

Slogans of Ruston Poole (UK)

  • Recruiting excellence worldwide. (2003)

Slogans of Ruskin College (UK)

  • Learning to make a difference. (2009)

Slogans of Runshaw College (UK)

  • Students to be proud of. (2008)

Slogans of Rullion (UK)

  • Placing people first. (2005)

Slogans of Rugby School (UK)

  • A remarkable school. (2007)

Slogans of Royal Veterinary College (UK)

  • Sharing pasions, shaping futures. (2008)

Slogans of Royal Roads University (US)

  • Life. Changing. (2012)

Slogans of Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

  • Where knowledge is the power to succeed. (2008)

Slogans of SDA Bocconi (UK)

  • Knowledge and imagination. (2009)

Slogans of SEEVIC College (UK)

  • The college of achievement. (2001)

Slogans of Salford City Academy (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of SHL (UK)

  • Because there’s no substitute for talent. (2003)

Slogans of Sales Associates (UK)

  • Achieve your aspirations. (2001)

Slogans of Saint Vincent College (US)

  • Nothing else gets you this ready for life. (2001)

Slogans of Saint Louis University School of Law (US)

  • Vision, commitment, partnership. (2001)

Slogans of Saint John’s University School of Law (US)

  • You’re in good company. (2001)

Slogans of Saginaw Valley State University (US)

  • Something more, something better. (2005)

Slogans of Sabel

  • Your success. (2004)

Slogans of SUNY State University of New York Plattsburgh (US)

  • Imagine what you will accomplish. (2011)

Slogans of STEPS (UK)

  • Knowledge for the future. (2004)

Slogans of SSR Personnel (UK)

  • The No.1 UK recruitment consultancy for security, fire health & safety personnel. (2005)

Slogans of SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

  • Intelligence in learning. (2014)

Slogans of SRG Labstaff (UK)

  • The people behind the science. (2002)

Slogans of SRG (UK)

  • Placing people first in engineering. (2008)

Slogans of SQE Recruitment (UK)

  • Taking your recruitment seriously. (2008)

Slogans of SPC (AT)

  • We know how! (2009)

Slogans of SHL Training Academy (UK)

  • Putting the edge into knowledge. (2003)

Slogans of Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)

  • No health without mental health. (2009)

Slogans of Royal College of Nursing (UK)

  • The voice of nursing in the UK. (2006)

Slogans of Rovira Personnel (UK)

  • Successful recruitment solutions. (2006)

Slogans of Rothwell Victoria Infant School (UK)

  • Care – Share – Help – Smile. (2008)

Slogans of Riding Gate (UK)

  • Free your mind. (2003)

Slogans of Rider University (US)

  • Prepare for success. (2003)

Slogans of Rider Univeristy (US)

  • A tradition of success and excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Riddlesdown Collegiate (UK)

  • Learners of today. Leaders of tomorrow. (2009)

Slogans of Richmond College (UK)

  • In a class of its own. (1992)

Slogans of Richdale Institute (UK)

  • Realising potential. (2005)

Slogans of Richard Huish College (UK)

  • Shaping your future. (2008)

Slogans of Richard Bailey Associates (UK)

  • Representing exceptional supply chain professionals. (2006)

Slogans of Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School (UK)

  • At the heart of the community. (2009)

Slogans of Rhode Island College (US)

  • Reach – Inspire – Connect. (2009)

Slogans of Revolver.com (UK)

  • Real jobs – Real advice. (2000)

Slogans of Revo (UK)

  • Revolutionary recruitment. (2008)

Slogans of Reutax (US)

  • Pure skills. Powerful solutions. (2010)

Slogans of Reutax (CH)

  • Pure skills. Powerful solutions. (2010)

Slogans of Reutax (AT)

  • Pure skills. Powerful solutions. (2010)

Slogans of Rise Park Junior School (UK)

  • Many hearts make a school. (2009)

Slogans of Ritz Recruitment (UK)

  • Placing the right people in the right jobs. (2001)

Slogans of Robert Half International (UK)

  • Worldwide leader in specialized consulting & staffing services since 1948. (2004)

Slogans of Roger Williams University (US)

  • Learning to bridge the world. (2004)

Slogans of Rotherite Primary School (UK)

  • Celebrating learning and achievement for life. (2008)

Slogans of Rossall (UK)

  • All ages, all levels, all inspired. (2007)

Slogans of Ross University (US)

  • One purpose. One mission. One dream. (2006)

Slogans of Rosetta Stone (UK)

  • The fastest way to learn a language. Guaranteed. (2009)

Slogans of Rokeby School (UK)

  • Smart, skilful and kind. (2009)

Slogans of Rogers State University (US)

  • Tradition. Innovation. Excellence. (2001)

Slogans of Roedean (UK)

  • An enlightened education. (2006)

Slogans of Robert Morris University (US)

  • Foundations for success. (2002)

Slogans of Rockpools (UK)

  • Naturally different. (2009)

Slogans of Rochus Mummert

  • Excellent human resources. (2011)

Slogans of Robinson College Executive Centre (UK)

  • Built for learning. (1999)

Slogans of Robertson County Schools (US)

  • Expect success. (2006)

Slogans of Roberts Wesleyan College (US)

  • In the middle of it all. (2001)

Slogans of Roberthalf.co.uk (UK)

  • Just finance and accounting jobs. (2007)

Slogans of SalesVacancies.com (UK)

  • Realising your net worth. (2005)

Slogans of SallieMae (US)

  • The #1 paying for college company. (2005)

Slogans of PFH Private Fachhochschule Göttingen

  • Premium for high-potentials. (2009)

Slogans of Six Sigma (US)

  • People and operational excellence… our business. (2015)

Slogans of Sir Frank Markham Community School (UK)

  • 1st things first. (2008)

Slogans of Singapore Management University (UK)

  • We mean business. (2003)

Slogans of Sinclair Intimacy Institute (US)

  • Get closer. (2000)

Slogans of Silatech (UK)

  • Young people… Enterprise… Employment. (2008)

Slogans of Sight & Sound Education (UK)

  • The easy learning system. (1991)

Slogans of Siemens Career

  • Go. Spin the globe. (2004)

Slogans of Sibford School (UK)

  • Each talented, each different, all valued. (2009)

Slogans of Ship Safe Training Group (UK)

  • Taking you further! (2009)

Slogans of Shenandoah University (US)

  • Yes, you can. (2006)

Slogans of Shelley College (UK)

  • Excellence and enjoyment. (2008)

Slogans of Sheffield Polytechnic (UK)

  • You’re made in Sheffield. (1969)

Slogans of Shawnee Community College (US)

  • You don’t have far to go to go far. (2001)

Slogans of Shares4Schools (UK)

  • The real investment competition. (2003)

Slogans of Shape Media (UK)

  • Shaping futures. (2008)

Slogans of Sfguk.com (UK)

  • For the steps ahead. (2002)

Slogans of Sir William Perkins’s School (UK)

  • Building confidence, integrity and excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Skills For Business (UK)

  • Employers – You have new power. Use it! (2006)

Slogans of Saltash Community School (UK)

  • Working together to model our futures. (2007)

Slogans of Skipton Girls High School (UK)

  • The first all girls engineering specialist school. (2008)

Slogans of Solvay Business School MBA (UK)

  • A degree of excellence since 1903. (2003)

Slogans of Solvay Business School (UK)

  • Belgians secret weapon. (2005)

Slogans of Soluzione

  • Developing your skills. (2011)

Slogans of Solor Recruits (UK)

  • A hire vision. (2005)

Slogans of Solor (UK)

  • Solor recruits – A higher vision. (2006)

Slogans of Solihull College (UK)

  • Shaping your future. (2008)

Slogans of Soka University of America (US)

  • Creating a world of value. (2001)

Slogans of Society for Human Resource Management (US)

  • Leading people, leading organizations. (2007)

Slogans of Social Work Professionals (UK)

  • A healthcare locums company. (2006)

Slogans of Social Enterprise Academy (UK)

  • learning to change the world. (2014)

Slogans of SnagAJobNow.com (US)

  • Log on, find a job, get to work. (2006)

Slogans of Smarter Scotland Scottish Executive (UK)

  • Teach in Scotland. It’s the answer. (2005)

Slogans of Smart Force (UK)

  • Learning solutions for the human enterprise. (2002)

Slogans of Smart

  • Collaborate naturally. (2016)

Slogans of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (US)

  • Rock solid education. (2001)

Slogans of Sevenhr (UK)

  • A new way. (2003)

Slogans of Seton Hill University (US)

  • This way up. (2006)

Slogans of Seton Hall University (US)

  • A home for the mind, the heart and the spirit. (2006)

Slogans of Seton Hall Law School (US)

  • The dawn of a new era. (2001)

Slogans of Schoolcentre.net (UK)

  • At the heart of school improvement. (2008)

Slogans of School of Rock (US)

  • Inspiring the world to rock on stage and in life. (2013)

Slogans of School Food Trust (UK)

  • Eat better – Do better. (2009)

Slogans of Schlieck

  • Right on target. (2000)

Slogans of Schiller International University (UK)

  • The gateway to a global education. (2005)

Slogans of Saybrook Graduate School (US)

  • Passion for ideas, the knowledge for change. (2005)

Slogans of Savannah College of Art and Design (US)

  • An international university for the arts. (2001)

Slogans of Sauder School of Business (UK)

  • Opening worlds. (2006)

Slogans of Satro (UK)

  • Inspiring young people. Engaging business. (2014)

Slogans of Santa Clara University (US)

  • Building a community of scholars. (2001)

Slogans of Sandhurst School (UK)

  • The opportunity to succeed. (2008)

Slogans of Sandcross School (UK)

  • Finding excellence in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of San Jose State University (US)

  • Powering Silicon Valley (2003)

Slogans of San Diego State University (US)

  • Minds that move the world. (2006)

Slogans of Samford University, Cumberland School of Law (US)

  • Seek wisdom to temper justice with compassion. (2001)

Slogans of Sciencecareers.org (UK)

  • The search stops here. (2002)

Slogans of Sciencecareers.org (US)

  • We know science. (2006)

Slogans of Scilinks (UK)

  • The world’s a click away. (2002)

Slogans of Second Post (UK)

  • Jobs for experienced graduates. (2008)

Slogans of Service Chidren’s Education (UK)

  • A whole world of education. (2008)

Slogans of Senitor Associates (UK)

  • The best kept secret in recruitment. (2002)

Slogans of Senckenberg

  • World of biodiversity. (2015)

Slogans of Selsdon High School (UK)

  • Success for everyone. (2008)

Slogans of Selby High School (UK)

  • Learning together we achieve more. (2008)

Slogans of Sedbergh School (UK)

  • Learning & beyond. (2000)

Slogans of Seattle University School of Law (US)

  • Connecting the mind to what matters. (2001)

Slogans of Scotcareers (UK)

  • Thousands of jobs. One career. Yours. (2008)

Slogans of Seattle Pacific University (US)

  • A Christian university of the liberal arts, sciences and professions. (2001)

Slogans of ScottishJobs.com (UK)

  • Number one for plum jobs. (2004)

Slogans of Scottish Agricultural College (UK)

  • Supporting the land-based industries. (2004)

Slogans of Scott Jardine (UK)

  • Predicting job success. (2005)

Slogans of Scott Bradbury (UK)

  • Learning at work. (2008)

Slogans of Scott & White (US)

  • Where quality careers meet quality of life. (2003)

Slogans of Reutax

  • Pure skills. Powerful solutions. (2008)

Slogans of Retailmoves.com (UK)

  • The UK’s fastest growing retail recruitment site. (2001)

Slogans of Retailchoice.com (UK)

  • Find the job you love. (2008)

Slogans of Plato (UK)

  • Real learning. Real results. (2001)

Slogans of Place Personnel (UK)

  • Creating perfect recipes for success. (2008)

Slogans of Pitman Training (UK)

  • Trusted for generations. (2001)

Slogans of Pink Slip Party

  • You dare to party? (2001)

Slogans of Pin Point Personnel (UK)

  • Placing people professionally. (2002)

Slogans of Pilot Training Network

  • We make airline pilots. (2010)

Slogans of Pickard School of Design (UK)

  • Comprehensive – Intensive – Vocational – Professional. (2003)

Slogans of Phorms Education

  • Local schools – global education. (2012)

Slogans of Phoenix High School (UK)

  • Strength through knowledge. (2009)

Slogans of Philadelphia College of the Bible (US)

  • A higher education. (2001)

Slogans of PhilLingua

  • Languages your way. (2010)

Slogans of Personnel Preference (UK)

  • The right person for the job – Every time! (2006)

Slogans of Perriam and Everett (UK)

  • Intelligent recruitment to recruitment. (2007)

Slogans of Perriam Everett (UK)

  • Passionate about recruitment. (2002)

Slogans of Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business Management (US)

  • The new world of business is here. (2005)

Slogans of Peoplefindergroup.com (UK)

  • The switched on recruitment solution. (2000)

Slogans of Placement24

  • My career manager. (2010)

Slogans of Polam Hall School (UK)

  • We grow in harmony. (2003)

Slogans of Retail Solutions (UK)

  • Recruitment for fashion & beauty. (2005)

Slogans of Poolia Parker Bridge (UK)

  • Recruitment specialists. (2006)

Slogans of Professionalassociates.com (UK)

  • The marketplace for independent resource. (2005)

Slogans of Procter & Gamble

  • A new challenge every day. (2009)

Slogans of Proactive HR (UK)

  • HR staffing specialists. (2005)

Slogans of Privatuniversität Schloss Seeburg (AT)

  • The best study experience in the world. (2010)

Slogans of Priory School (UK)

  • Where every child succeeds. (2008)

Slogans of Priestnall School (UK)

  • Educating for life. (2008)

Slogans of Prgexecutivesearch (UK)

  • Finding business leaders. (2005)

Slogans of Preng & Associates (UK)

  • The global energy search specialists. (2008)

Slogans of Premiere People (UK)

  • Commanding skills in demanding markets. (2005)

Slogans of Preferred Healthcare Staffing (US)

  • We care for you so you can care for others. (2005)

Slogans of Preference Personnel (US)

  • Our talent is finding yours. (2013)

Slogans of Praxis (UK)

  • Executives on assignment. (2005)

Slogans of Portland Community College (US)

  • We’re all about your future. (2010)

Slogans of Portfolio Payroll (UK)

  • The payroll recruitment specialists. (2008)

Slogans of Poolside (CH)

  • Taking students to business. (2010)

Slogans of Peopleclick (UK)

  • Works for me! (2007)

Slogans of PeopleBank (UK)

  • The right people for the job. (2001)

Slogans of Penwith College (UK)

  • Furthering education & training in West Cornwall. (2001)

Slogans of Penta International (UK)

  • Your school improvement partner. (2008)

Slogans of Palmer College of Chiropractic (US)

  • Pure Chiropractic. Pure Palmer. (2001)

Slogans of Palm Beach Atlantic College (US)

  • Enlightening minds. Enriching souls. Extending hands. (2001)

Slogans of Paddington academy (UK)

  • The best in everyone. (2009)

Slogans of Pace University (US)

  • Your future in a word. (2000)

Slogans of Pace Law School (US)

  • Building for your future. (2001)

Slogans of PSL (UK)

  • Making sense of people. (2005)

Slogans of PSD (UK)

  • PSD is a leading executive recruitment consultancy. (2008)

Slogans of PREP (US)

  • Successful relationships. Successful lives. (2013)

Slogans of PNC Grow Up Great (US)

  • A program to help prepare kids for school every day. (2004)

Slogans of PNC (UK)

  • Your future in safe hands. (2004)

Slogans of PMProfessional Learning (UK)

  • Develop first class people Deliver first class projects. (2007)

Slogans of PMCC

  • Setting milestones. (2006)

Slogans of PHW (CH)

  • Fit for global business. (2010)

Slogans of PHEAA (US)

  • Creating access to education. (2005)

Slogans of PGC (UK)

  • Talent experts. (2009)

Slogans of ParentsCentre (UK)

  • Helping you to help your child. (2005)

Slogans of Park Lane College Leeds (UK)

  • Your city – Your college. (2007)

Slogans of Park University (US)

  • Changing the world one degree at a time. (2001)

Slogans of Pearson (UK)

  • Live and learn. (2003)

Slogans of Pennsylvania State University (US)

  • Making life better. (2008)

Slogans of Penna Interim (UK)

  • Global experts in talent acquisition and management. (2005)

Slogans of Penn State Executive Programs (US)

  • Real world stuff. (1997)

Slogans of Penguin (UK)

  • Your success story starts here. (2007)

Slogans of Pembrokeshire College (UK)

  • Bringing learning to life! (2001)

Slogans of Pearson (US)

  • Always learning. (2011)

Slogans of Pearson

  • Always learning. (2011)

Slogans of Parmiter’s School (UK)

  • Founded 1681. (2009)

Slogans of Paul McKenna Training (UK)

  • The world’s largest NLP training company. (2005)

Slogans of Paul Charles Recruitment (UK)

  • Let us focus on your future success. (2007)

Slogans of Pathways World School (UK)

  • Learn. Work. Play. Think. Live. (2003)

Slogans of Pasburg

  • Network inside. (2008)

Slogans of PasTest (UK)

  • Dedicated to your success. (2009)

Slogans of Partnerships For Schools (UK)

  • Building schools for the future. (2007)

Slogans of Projektron

  • Reduce costs. Meet deadlines. Achieve targets. (2010)

Slogans of Projektwerk

  • Make it work. (2006)

Slogans of Promethean (UK)

  • Enrich, enlighten, inspire. (2006)

Slogans of RS Locums (UK)

  • We care and it shows. (2004)

Slogans of ReMIT (UK)

  • Training the retail motor industry. (2005)

Slogans of Ray & Berndtson (UK)

  • Global leaders in executive search. (2007)

Slogans of Ravensbourne School (UK)

  • To be the best that you can be. (2008)

Slogans of Ratton School (UK)

  • Achieving together. (2009)

Slogans of Randstad (US)

  • Good to know you. (2010)

Slogans of Randstad (UK)

  • Good to know you. (2008)

Slogans of Ramsey Hall (UK)

  • Executive recruitment & business psychology. (2005)

Slogans of Rainer Recruitment (UK)

  • Healthcare specialists. (2008)

Slogans of Rainbow Recruitment (UK)

  • We cover the whole spectrum. (2005)

Slogans of RailPersonnel (UK)

  • Matching people and positions. (2003)

Slogans of Radford University (US)

  • Investing in lifetimes. (2001)

Slogans of RSM Erasmus University One MBA (UK)

  • Connect now. (2005)

Slogans of RSA Search & Selection (UK)

  • Find & place the best. (2002)

Slogans of RSA Pharmarecruit (UK)

  • Access the best. (2003)

Slogans of RSA Academy (UK)

  • Transforming learning, transforming lives. (2009)

Slogans of Reachforthesky.co.uk (UK)

  • Reach for the sky. (2000)

Slogans of Recomy

  • Jobs. Talents. Delivered. (2013)

Slogans of Red House School (UK)

  • A foundation for life. (2009)

Slogans of Regent Recruitment (UK)

  • Sourcing people with passion. (2006)

Slogans of Responseability (UK)

  • Respond – Recruit – Retain. (2007)

Slogans of ResourceBank (UK)

  • Outsourced recruitment solutions. (2007)

Slogans of Resource Innovations (UK)

  • Uniting people, passionately. (2005)

Slogans of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (US)

  • Why not change the world? (2001)

Slogans of Renaissance (UK)

  • Rethink recruitment. (2007)

Slogans of Reliance Care (UK)

  • The specialist care recruitment agency. (2007)

Slogans of Reformed Bible College (US)

  • Training the leaders of today and tomorrow. (2001)

Slogans of Red Road (UK)

  • The pathway to learning & wisdom. (2008)

Slogans of Reflect (UK)

  • Specialists in talent acquisition. (2008)

Slogans of Refelect (UK)

  • Specialists in talent management. (2009)

Slogans of Reed.co.uk (UK)

  • Fore over 300,000 UK jobs. (2007)

Slogans of Reed Education Professionals (UK)

  • Best pay for teachers. Best value for schools. (2001)

Slogans of Reed Consulting (UK)

  • Experts in people who deliver results. (2006)

Slogans of Redline (UK)

  • Recruiting excellence. (2008)

Slogans of RSA (UK)

  • Ideas that change the world (2007)

Slogans of RRC Training (UK)

  • We have the formula for your success. (2008)

Slogans of Prospect-Us (UK)

  • Recruitment solutions for the not-for-profit sector. (2005)

Slogans of RNC (UK)

  • Life. Learning. Opportunity. (2007)

Slogans of Quantica Healthcare (UK)

  • Recruiting with care. (2006)

Slogans of Quantica (UK)

  • Quality. (2003)

Slogans of QualiPartner (CH)

  • Training competencies for your success. (2010)

Slogans of Quadeo

  • My job. My life. (2010)

Slogans of Push.co.uk (UK)

  • Like it is. (2007)

Slogans of Pursuit NHA (UK)

  • Producing results through talented people. (2005)

Slogans of Purple (UK)

  • Invigorating futures. (2007)

Slogans of Pure Recruitment (UK)

  • The difference is personal. (2007)

Slogans of Purcon (UK)

  • Strengthening the global supply chain. (2002)

Slogans of Pulse International (UK)

  • Taking specialist recruitment further. (2008)

Slogans of Pré Fleuri (CH)

  • An educational paradise. (2012)

Slogans of Provadis

  • We make knowledge work. (2011)

Slogans of Protocol Teachers (UK)

  • Education recruitment with a personal touch. (2006)

Slogans of Prosperity4 (UK)

  • Working 4 freelancers everywhere. (2004)

Slogans of Prospects College (UK)

  • A bright future with great prospects. (2007)

Slogans of Quedos Dental (UK)

  • Outsourcing with teeth. (2002)

Slogans of Queen Margaret College (UK)

  • A degree ahead. (1997)

Slogans of Queen’s College Bahamas (UK)

  • Legendary past… Glorious future! (2009)

Slogans of REFA

  • Das Know-how. (2012)

Slogans of RMG (UK)

  • The right people. (2003)

Slogans of RM (US)

  • Exciting learning. (2007)

Slogans of RM (UK)

  • His potential. Your vision. Our help. (2004)

Slogans of RK Accountancy (UK)

  • Recruit the right people. (2006)

Slogans of RISE (UK)

  • Learning is for everyone. (2008)

Slogans of RIG Social Care (UK)

  • The professional agency for professional people. (2006)

Slogans of Quorum (UK)

  • Exceptional people in all the right places. (2007)

Slogans of Queen’s University Belfast (UK)

  • Leading – Inspiring – Delivering. (2006)

Slogans of Quincy College (US)

  • Think again. (2001)

Slogans of Quest Elite (UK)

  • First choice for top level hospitality recruitment. (2000)

Slogans of Quest

  • We make the difference. (2013)

Slogans of Queenswood School (UK)

  • Inspiring you to achieve more. (2009)

Slogans of Queensbridge Primary School (UK)

  • The bridge to a happy education. (2008)

Slogans of Queens College (US)

  • The small college that takes you big places. (2001)

Slogans of 1st Solution

  • Your project partner. (2016)

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