We collected below examples of great slogans and claims for your inspiration.

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Slogans of British Heart Foundation (UK)

  • Help us fight Britain's biggest killer. (1983)
  • There's so much we need to research. (1983)
  • The heart research charity. (1985)
  • Help keep British hearts beating. (1990)
  • Helps keep British hearts beating. (1990)
  • It's time to tackle heart failure. (2002)
  • Seven out of ten people over 45 have high cholesterol. (2003)
  • Their hearts are in your hands. (2003)
  • Who is your heart telling you to run for? (2003)
  • The big red fightback. (2004)

Slogans of COI (UK)

  • Learn the Green Cross Code - it's a lesson for life! (1974)
  • Be energy efficient. (2002)
  • Think, don't drive tired. (2003)
  • Think, switch off before you drive off. (2003)
  • Don't be branded a fool. (2003)
  • Don't give fire a home. (2003)
  • Fool with fireworks and bang goes your image. (2003)
  • Give generously this Christmas. (2003)
  • Know what you're getting in to. (2003)
  • Push the button. Not your luck. (2003)

Slogans of NSPCC (UK)

  • Give a child a happy Christmas. (1969)
  • We have a growing need. (1973)
  • Supported parents mean safer children. Full stop. (2003)
  • It's your NSPCC, fullstop. (2003)
  • Talking helps it stop. Full stop. (2003)
  • Hit means lost it. (2005)
  • Talk 'til it stops. Full stop. (2005)
  • Help us listen to every child's voice. (2008)
  • Cruelty to children must stop. Full stop. (2009)
  • Every childhood is worth fighting for. (2016)

Slogans of Oxfam (UK)

  • Feed all the family. (1974)
  • Where the need is greatest. (1977)
  • Working for a fairer world. (1992)
  • Oxfam for books. Don't judge a book by its cover. (2001)
  • Give poverty the push. (2005)
  • I'm in. (2007)
  • Saying I'm in means you want to fight world poverty. (2007)
  • Be humankind. (2009)
  • Lift lives for good. (2014)
  • We won't live with poverty. (2015)

Slogans of RSPCA (UK)

  • Remember the RSPCA. (1955)
  • Charity in action. (1986)
  • A voice for defenceless animals everywhere. (2001)
  • Do we really want our food this fast? (2001)
  • We receive no government funding. (2001)
  • Farm animal welfare. It's in your hands. (2002)
  • Without what would the future hold for Jake. (2003)
  • Because we keep our promises. (2004)
  • Promoting kindness and preventing cruelty to animals. (2005)

Slogans of American Red Cross (US)

  • Roll up your sleeves. (1972)
  • We'll help. Will you. (1982)
  • Because somewhere is closer than you think. (1989)
  • Please give blood. (1990)
  • We'll be there. (2000)
  • Together, we can save a life. (2002)
  • Because help can't wait. (2002)
  • When you help the American Red Cross, you help America. (2006)

Slogans of Barnardo's (UK)

  • Britain's largest child care charity. (1976)
  • Together we can give young people a chance. (1990)
  • Leave a child a chance in life! (1994)
  • Giving children a chance. (1995)
  • There are no silver spoons for children born into poverty. (2003)
  • Now call and help Barnardo's give them the skills to re-write their future. (2004)
  • Giving children back their future. (2007)
  • Belive in children. (2009)

Slogans of American Cancer Society (US)

  • We want to wipe out cancer in your lifetime. Give to the American Cancer Society. (1972)
  • Share the cost of living. (1981)
  • Leave your mark on life. (1987)
  • Help us keep winning. (1987)
  • Colon polyps. Stop them before they go bad. (2002)
  • Colon cancer. Get the test. Get the polyp. Get the cure. (2003)
  • Hope. Progress. Answers. (2005)
  • The official sponsor of birthdays. (2013)

Slogans of United Way (US)

  • Thanks to you, it's working. (1973)
  • Thanks to you, it works. For all of us. (1979)
  • It brings out the best in all of us. (1992)
  • It's what we do. Together. (2002)
  • The power of U. (2002)
  • The way America cares. Community by community. (2002)
  • Invest in what matters. (2005)
  • Live united. (2008)

Slogans of Unicef (UK)

  • Doing children a world of good. (1984)
  • Leading the way to child survival. (1985)
  • End child exploitation. (2003)
  • Advance humanity. (2005)
  • For all the world's children - Health, education, equality, protection. (2008)
  • For every child in danger. (2014)
  • For every child. (2016)

Slogans of World Vision (UK)

  • Practical Christian caring. (1985)
  • A child needs your help. (2003)
  • Can we count you in. (2004)
  • What will you feel? (2007)
  • Liverpool - Capital of generosity. (2009)
  • Building a better world for children. (2010)
  • Stop at nothing. (2015)

Slogans of Shelter (UK)

  • We know how to help. (1972)
  • Help Shelter help the homeless. If you don't help us, nobody else will. (1973)
  • Do your share for Shelter. (1989)
  • Working to end homelessness. (2002)
  • Over one million children in Britain suffer in bad housing. (2004)
  • Bad housing wrecks lives. (2008)

Slogans of The Spastics Society (UK)

  • Care before birth - matters. (1979)
  • Putting thought into action. (1985)
  • The chance to give someone a better life. (1986)
  • Our biggest handicap is other people's attitude. (1987)
  • For people with Cerebral Palsy. (1988)
  • Opening minds by opening doors. (1988)

Slogans of Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

  • If we each save a little, we all save a lot. (1973)
  • The minimum wage - It pays to know. (2002)
  • Grown-ups keep lighters & matches away from children. (2003)
  • Shop safely on the net. (2003)
  • Sparklers. Handle with care. (2003)
  • Start a business, change your life. (2003)

Slogans of RSPB (UK)

  • If you were a bird you'd need protection. (1980)
  • Working hard for Britain's wildlife. (1987)
  • A future where birds fly safe & free. (1989)
  • For birds. For people. For ever. (2008)
  • A million voices for nature. (2009)
  • Giving nature a home. (2014)

Slogans of Road Safety Campaign (UK)

  • Think! It's 30 for a reason. (2007)
  • Stop - Look - Listen - Live. (2007)
  • Look left and right, or die tonight. Think! (2009)
  • Think! Know what to do if you break down. (2009)
  • Think! Take longer to look for bikes. (2009)
  • Think! You don't get warnings like this in real life. (2009)

Slogans of The Children's Society (UK)

  • Needed now more than ever. (1987)
  • Making lives worth living. (1990)
  • Makes lives worth living. (1990)
  • Gift of giving. (2003)
  • With children, for children, with you. (2006)
  • 125 years of creating change for children. (2006)

Slogans of Home Office (UK)

  • If you don't vote, someone else will be speaking for you. (2001)
  • Get guns off the streets. (2003)
  • Crime. Let's bring it down. (2003)
  • Don't invite crime into your home. (2003)
  • Wise up to the net. (2003)
  • Carry an illegal gun and get a 5 year sentence minimum. (2004)

Slogans of Age Concern (UK)

  • Better deals for all concerned. (2001)
  • Making more of life. (2001)
  • Loneliness kills. (2003)
  • Age discrimination exists. Help us put a stop to it. (2004)
  • Products as they shoud be. Service as it used to be. (2004)

Slogans of British Road Safety Organisation (UK)

  • Clunk click every trip. (1976)
  • Do your tyres pass the ten p test? (1976)
  • Only a fool breaks the two second rule. (1976)
  • Get yourself seen. (1982)
  • Think once, think twice, think bike. (1982)

Slogans of Department for Work and Pensions (UK)

  • Your pension. Know your options. (2002)
  • Age prejudice you're old enough to know better. (2002)
  • Direct payment, giving it to you straight. (2003)
  • Pick it up. It's yours. (2003)
  • Benefit thieves. We're closing in. (2009)

Slogans of The National Trust (UK)

  • Helping to protect the jewels in Yorkshire's crown. (2002)
  • A great day out, time after time. (2002)
  • Keeping our stories alive. (2003)
  • Do something out of the ordinary. (2008)
  • Time well spent. (2009)

Slogans of The Salvation Army (UK)

  • For god's sake care. (1990)
  • Working miracles every day. (1994)
  • How many smiles can you raise this Christmas? (2007)
  • A force of good in today's world. (2008)
  • A force for good in today's world. (2009)

Slogans of RNIB (UK)

  • The helping hand for all Britain's blind. (1960)
  • Helping blind people to see a future. (1988)
  • Challenging blindness. (2003)
  • Helping you live with sight loss. (2007)
  • Supporting blind and partially sighted people. (2008)

Slogans of The Samaritans (UK)

  • Help the Samaritans to stay alive. (1983)
  • We'll go through it with you. (1997)
  • We're better at listening than raising money. Please donate 08709 00 00 32 or visit any Lloyds TSB. (2001)
  • Things on your mind? (2008)
  • We can all be Samaritans. (2009)

Slogans of Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK)

  • Multiple Sclerosis - One mystery we can all help solve. (1980)
  • We can only find the cure if we find the funds. (1981)
  • Without your help it's incurable. (1987)
  • A hope in hell. (1994)
  • Forward thinking. (2009)

Slogans of Imperial Cancer Research Fund (UK)

  • Life isn't cheap. (1981)
  • Their life is in your pocket. (1983)
  • There is life after cancer. (1989)
  • Turning science into hope. (2008)

Slogans of Cancer Research UK (UK)

  • Low tar cigarettes. Death repackaged. (2003)
  • Together we will beat cancer. (2009)
  • We will beat cancer sooner. (2014)
  • Let's beat cancer sooner. (2014)

Slogans of Amnesty International (UK)

  • In some countries, up to 69% of women have been physicall assaulted by their male partners. (2006)
  • Protect the human. (2006)
  • Working to protect human rights worldwide. (2007)
  • Rape is a weapon of war. (2007)

Slogans of Southwark (UK)

  • Pay your rent or lose your home. (2003)
  • Put your money in the hands of local homeless charities. (2004)
  • Recycling has never been easier. (2004)
  • Scoop it, bag it, bin it. (2004)

Slogans of St. Mungo's (UK)

  • 1000 beds and more for London's homeless. (2001)
  • Helping London's homeless move on. (2003)
  • For lasting change for homeless people support St. Mungo's. (2004)
  • If you really want to help give where it counts. (2004)

Slogans of Environment Agency (UK)

  • Making it happen. (2003)
  • Go fishing. (2004)
  • Be prepared for flooding. (2005)
  • Creating a better place. (2009)

Slogans of Lambeth (UK)

  • Services worth defending. (1985)
  • If you can't find a litter bin, please take your rubbish home. (2004)
  • Keep alert. Take care. (2004)
  • London's most improved council 2008. (2009)

Slogans of WWF (US)

  • For world conservation. Save the plants that save us. (1985)
  • Together, we can be a force for nature. (2007)
  • Ignoring global warming won't make it go away. (2009)
  • Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature. (2011)

Slogans of Fannie Mae Foundation (US)

  • As the American dream grows, so do we. (2003)
  • Showing America a new way home. (2003)
  • We believe that every American family deserves a special place they can call home. (2003)
  • Getting it right matters more than ever. (2004)

Slogans of Fairtrade (UK)

  • Guarantees a better deal for third world producers - A taste of life. (2008)
  • Take a step for Fairtrade. (2011)
  • The power of you. (2014)

Slogans of Alzheimer's Association (US)

  • Easing the burden. Finding the cure. (1987)
  • Someone to stand by you. (1990)
  • The compassion to care, the leadership to conquer. (2003)

Slogans of Somerset County Council (UK)

  • Let's make a difference. (2008)
  • Making a difference. (2008)
  • Providing for life. (2009)

Slogans of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (US)

  • Make a donation. Make a difference. (1997)
  • A cure in our lifetime. (2002)
  • Prevention and a cure in our lifetime. (2003)

Slogans of Christian Aid (UK)

  • The churches in action with the world's poor. (1985)
  • You add, we multiply. (2006)
  • We believe in life before death. (2009)

Slogans of Foetal Alcohol Aware Syndrome Aware UK (UK)

  • How many shots does it take to kill an unborn baby? (2004)
  • If you drink then so does your baby. (2004)
  • It damages thousands of unborn babies every year. (2004)

Slogans of Food Standards Agency (UK)

  • Food safety. It's in your hands. (2002)
  • Eat no more than 6g of salt a day. (2006)
  • Putting the consumer first. (2009)

Slogans of PETA (US)

  • If you want to hook up, hang it up. (2004)
  • Which of your neighbors is responsible for the deaths of cats and dogs? (2004)
  • Got autism. (2008)

Slogans of Coventry City Council (UK)

  • Serving our people with pride. (2003)
  • Setting the standards. (2005)
  • You make the difference. (2009)

Slogans of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (UK)

  • A driving force on Teesside. (1994)
  • Local services for local people. (2001)
  • Passionate about markets. (2007)

Slogans of Home Office Anti-Theft Information (UK)

  • Keep it safe. Keep it hidden. Let's keep crime down. (2004)
  • Keep it safe, keep it hidden. (2007)
  • Keep it safe, keep it locked. (2007)

Slogans of Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund (UK)

  • Help to bear the cost of care. (1987)
  • Living with cancer. (1990)
  • Fighting cancer with more than medicine. (1995)

Slogans of Macmillan (UK)

  • A better deal for people dealing with cancer. (2004)
  • We are the future of cancer care. (2006)
  • We raise money to change lives. (2006)

Slogans of WWF (UK)

  • For world conservation. (1986)
  • Let's leave our children a living planet. (2001)
  • Taking action for a living planet. (2006)

Slogans of Mencap (UK)

  • Making the most of life. (2005)
  • Understanding learning disability. (2009)
  • The voice of learning disability. (2009)

Slogans of The National Trust for Scotland (UK)

  • What a difference our days make. (2002)
  • For you. (2003)
  • A place for everyone. (2008)

Slogans of Broadway (UK)

  • Paving the way for single homeless people. (2002)
  • Streets to home. (2003)
  • Street to home. (2008)

Slogans of Aberlour (UK)

  • For Scotland's children. (2003)
  • Making a difference for Scotland's children. (2008)
  • Scotland's children charity. (2013)

Slogans of NCH (UK)

  • We couldn't care more, can you care less. (1992)
  • Helping the children who need it most. (2002)
  • The children's charity. (2008)

Slogans of The Salvation Army (US)

  • Sharing is caring. (1987)
  • Need knows no season. (2004)
  • Doing the most good. (2005)

Slogans of Royal British Legion (UK)

  • The Poppy Appeal - Always on active service. Please give generously. (2003)
  • We owe them a massive debt. (2005)
  • Every man remembered. (2014)

Slogans of Directgov (UK)

  • Straight through to public services. (2004)
  • The nation's official website. (2009)
  • Public services all in one place. (2009)

Slogans of Disability Rights Commission (UK)

  • See the person not the disability. (2003)
  • Making rights a reality. (2004)
  • Are we taking the dis. (2007)

Slogans of ActionAid (UK)

  • Each child sponsored is a child with hope. (1981)
  • Change a child's world Become a sponsor. (1985)
  • End poverty together. (2008)

Slogans of Emmaus (UK)

  • An alternative to homelessness. (2006)
  • Giving people a bed And a reason to get out of it. (2007)
  • The homeless charity that works. (2008)

Slogans of British Safety Organisation (UK)

  • If in doubt - check up! (1976)
  • Take care with fireworks. (1976)
  • Take the right steps. (1976)

Slogans of English Nature (UK)

  • Working today for nature tomorrow. (2001)
  • Your countryside. You're welcome. (2002)
  • Working towards natural England. For people, places and nature. (2005)

Slogans of Prince's Trust (UK)

  • Helping change young lives. (2009)
  • Inspiring young lives. (2013)
  • Together we can save young lives. (2015)

Slogans of Dogs Trust (UK)

  • It's nicer to neuter. (2004)
  • You can trust a dog from Dogs Trust. (2007)
  • This Valentine's Day, you can help turn lonely hearts into happy hearts. (2007)

Slogans of Scottish Executive (UK)

  • Domestic abuse, there's no excuse. (2003)
  • Abusing workers is bang out of order. (2004)
  • Making it work together. (2007)

Slogans of Save The Children (UK)

  • Give a child a chance. (1978)
  • Beat poverty. (2002)
  • We save the children - Will you? (2009)

Slogans of Help the Aged (UK)

  • The time to care is now. (1987)
  • Adopt a granny. (1990)
  • Help The Aged - We will. (2009)

Slogans of Drinkaware (UK)

  • The UK's leading responsible drinking charity. (2008)
  • Alcohol: How much is too much? (2008)
  • Talk now and avoid problems later. (2014)

Slogans of Scottish SPCA (UK)

  • Caring for Scotland's animals. (2002)
  • Living for the day when animal cruelty stops. (2005)
  • Scotland's animal welfare charity. (2008)

Slogans of DVLA (UK)

  • No exceptions. No excuses. No escape. Get your road tax. (2002)
  • The new car tax rules. Are you up to date? (2004)
  • You can't escape the computer. (2007)

Slogans of The Fostering Network (UK)

  • Helping children to thrive. (2006)
  • The voice of foster care. (2008)

Slogans of Caravan (UK)

  • Grocery people together. (2002)
  • The charity for grocery people. (2009)

Slogans of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (US)

  • Do something good for the cure. (2006)
  • For the cure. (2008)

Slogans of Myclimate

  • Protect our planet. (2009)
  • Shape our future. (2015)

Slogans of The Disabilities Trust (UK)

  • Creating a better future. (2001)
  • Meeting complex needs. (2009)

Slogans of Cancer Research (UK)

  • All clear - More people than ever before are hearing these words. (2004)
  • Helping more people to hear the words all clear. (2004)

Slogans of BrendonCare (UK)

  • Improving the quality of life for older people. (2006)
  • Dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people. (2008)

Slogans of National Wildlife Federation (US)

  • Save a place for wildlife. (1981)
  • People and nature: Our future is in the balance. (1996)

Slogans of Cambridgeshire County Council (UK)

  • Making equality a reality. (2004)
  • Life from every angle. (2009)

Slogans of Necco (US)

  • The power of family. (2012)
  • We build families. (2015)

Slogans of CRASH (UK)

  • Do something constructive for the homeless. (2003)
  • The construction and property industry charity for the homeless. (2008)

Slogans of The Fresh Air Fund (US)

  • Because we all have enough to share. (1994)
  • Serving children since 1877. (1996)

Slogans of British Red Cross (UK)

  • Caring for people in crisis. (2001)
  • Refusing to ignore people in crisis. (2014)

Slogans of Gissings (UK)

  • The answer to employee benefits. (2001)
  • Life's not linear. (2007)

Slogans of CLA (UK)

  • Champion of the rural economy. (2002)
  • Rural economy is our business. (2008)

Slogans of The Nature Conservancy (UK)

  • Saving the last great places on earth. (2006)
  • Protecting nature. Preserving life. (2008)

Slogans of The National Deaf Children's Society (UK)

  • A future without barriers for every deaf child. (2005)
  • Every deaf child. (2007)

Slogans of CAFOD Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (UK)

  • It's time for justice. (2002)
  • Just one world. (2008)

Slogans of God's Love We Deliver (US)

  • Nutritious meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses. (2005)
  • Nutritious meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life altering illnesses. (2008)

Slogans of The Nature Conservancy (US)

  • Conservation through private action. (1991)
  • Protecting nature. Preserving life. (2009)

Slogans of Buglife (UK)

  • Please don't use this newspaper as a weapon. (2004)
  • Help save the little things that run the world. (2005)

Slogans of NSF (US)

  • Live safer. (2009)
  • The public health and safety company. (2009)

Slogans of NCVO (UK)

  • Voice of the voluntary sector. (2005)
  • Giving voice and support to civil society. (2009)

Slogans of Drunk Driving Campaign (US)

  • Friends don't let friends drive drunk. (2004)
  • Buzzed driving is drunk driving. (2005)

Slogans of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (US)

  • Relentless for the cure. (2006)
  • Fighting blood cancers. (2007)

Slogans of The Kuwait Fund (UK)

  • Helping people to help themselves. (2004)
  • Helping people help themselves. (2005)

Slogans of Glasgow City Council (UK)

  • It's time to clear the air. (2004)
  • Pay up for Glasgow. (2004)

Slogans of National Autistic Society (UK)

  • Building a brighter future for people with autism. (2001)
  • Autism. The problem is understanding. (2002)

Slogans of GreenPeople (UK)

  • Green people organic lifestyle. (2012)
  • Plant performance without compromise. (2012)

Slogans of Carbon Trust (UK)

  • Making business sense out of climate change. (2007)
  • Join the low carbon world. (2009)

Slogans of Scottish Natural Heritage (UK)

  • Working with Scotland's people to care for our natural heritage. (2002)
  • All of nature for all of Scotland. (2008)

Slogans of The Blue Cross (UK)

  • Caring for horses. (2007)
  • Britain's pet charity. (2009)

Slogans of Office of National Drug Control (US)

  • Friendship, the anti-drug. (2004)
  • There's hope. (2004)

Slogans of FCA (UK)

  • Growing with care. (2002)
  • More rewarding foster care. (2002)

Slogans of Countryside Alliance (UK)

  • Listen to your countryside. (1999)
  • Love the countryside. (2008)

Slogans of Sense (UK)

  • Touching people's lives. (2006)
  • Connecting sight, sound and life. (2016)

Slogans of EveryChild (UK)

  • Helping children worldwide. (2004)
  • Working for a world where children are safe and secure. (2008)

Slogans of Crisis (UK)

  • Fighting for hope for homeless people. (2008)
  • Homelessness ends here. (2009)

Slogans of Plan (UK)

  • Be a part of it. (2009)
  • Because I am a girl. (2014)

Slogans of Scope (UK)

  • Time to get equal. (2008)
  • About cerebral palsy. For disabled people achieving equality. (2009)

Slogans of Save the Children (US)

  • Web of support for U.S. children. (2003)
  • Learn more. Speak up. Give now. (2014)

Slogans of Prevent Child Abuse America (US)

  • It shouldn't hurt to be a child. (1976)
  • Take time out. Don't take it out on your child. (1981)

Slogans of Safe Drinking Campaign (UK)

  • If you drink like a man you might end up looking like one. (2008)
  • You wouldn't start a night like this. So why end it like this? (2008)

Slogans of Pro Infirmis (CH)

  • Get closer. (2011)
  • Because who is perfect? (2013)

Slogans of Enfield Council (UK)

  • Better equal opportunities. (2001)
  • Working with you. (2001)

Slogans of Elwyn (US)

  • We build lives. (2000)
  • Maximizing potential since 1852. (2008)

Slogans of Elizabeth Finn Trust (UK)

  • A helping hand if the worst happens. (2003)
  • Help now. Hope for the future. (2008)

Slogans of Quarriers (UK)

  • Caring for people. (2003)
  • Caring and support for positive living. (2008)

Slogans of Royal National Institute for the Deaf (UK)

  • Got cloth ears, have you. (1992)
  • Place a forefinger in each ear. Now, do you feel any less intelligent? (1992)

Slogans of Derbyshire County Council (UK)

  • We're proud of Derbyshire. (2001)
  • Improving life for local people. (2009)

Slogans of Rotary

  • Service, not self. (1911)
  • Service above self. (1927)

Slogans of RNID (UK)

  • For deaf and hard of hearing people. (2005)
  • Changing the world for deaf and hard of hearing people. (2008)

Slogans of Richmond Fellowship (UK)

  • Care that works. (2006)
  • Making recovery reality. (2008)

Slogans of Earth Share (US)

  • It's a connected world. Do you share. (2000)
  • One environment. One simple way to care for it. (2008)

Slogans of Razoo (US)

  • Raise money for anything. (2014)
  • Let's lift the world. (2015)

Slogans of Durham County Council (UK)

  • Making a difference where you live. (2009)
  • Altogether better. (2009)

Slogans of Drink Driving Campaign (UK)

  • Drinking and driving wrecks lives. (1988)
  • Think! Don't drink and drive. (2008)

Slogans of Red Cross (US)

  • The good neighbor. (1978)
  • Keep Red Cross ready. (1980)

Slogans of Pet Care Trust (UK)

  • Pets are good for you. (2006)
  • Supporting pets and their care. (2008)

Slogans of Slough Borough Council (UK)

  • Local government in the 21st century. (2006)
  • Taking pride in our communities and town. (2007)

Slogans of Concern (UK)

  • We're in this together. (2001)
  • Give Concern your support. (2003)

Slogans of Foster Parents Plan (UK)

  • It's the right thing to do. (1984)
  • Your love does make the difference (1986)

Slogans of Texas Department of Transportation (US)

  • Give us a break. (2004)
  • Save a life. (2004)

Slogans of Charities Aid Foundation (UK)

  • Committed to effective giving. (2007)
  • The hub of all charity donations online. (2011)

Slogans of Tenovus (UK)

  • Research. Care. Counselling. (2002)
  • Your cancer charity. (2008)

Slogans of Charity Commission (UK)

  • Regulating for effectiveness, trust and confidence. (2004)
  • Charity working at the heart of society. (2006)

Slogans of One

  • Be One of us. (2009)
  • Join the fight against extreme poverty. (2015)

Slogans of Tameside Metropolitan Borough (UK)

  • An excellent council. (2007)
  • Great lives, excellent services. (2009)

Slogans of TACT (UK)

  • Empowering people with disabilities. (2004)
  • Brighter futures for children and young people. (2008)

Slogans of Opportunity International (UK)

  • Giving people credit, not charity. (2004)
  • Giving the poor a working chance. (2008)

Slogans of ChildHope (UK)

  • Making hope a reality for the world's forgotten children. (2005)
  • Challenging violence against children worldwide. (2008)

Slogans of Childhelp USA (US)

  • Trust your instincts. (2003)
  • For the love of a child. (2008)

Slogans of Sustrans (UK)

  • Routes for people. (2004)
  • Join the movement. (2008)

Slogans of Forum for the Future (UK)

  • Tomorrow's climate - Today's challenge. (2006)
  • Action for a sustainable world. (2008)

Slogans of Peace Corps (US)

  • The toughest job you'll ever love. (1987)
  • Life is calling. How far will you go? (2005)

Slogans of Children Nationwide (UK)

  • Leading research for sick children. (2003)
  • On your side. (2015)

Slogans of Children With Leukaemia (UK)

  • Fighting britain's biggest child killer disease. (2003)
  • Fighting Britain's bigest childhood cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Oxfam America (US)

  • Practical ways to help the world's poor. (1985)
  • We spend your money carefully. (1985)

Slogans of Oxfordshire County Council (UK)

  • Low tax, real choice, value for money. (2008)
  • Your council tax working for you. (2009)

Slogans of PAX (US)

  • Real solutions to gun violence. (2005)
  • Asking saves kids. (2005)

Slogans of Christian Children's Fund (US)

  • For the love of a hungry child. (1980)
  • Bringing positive change to the world's children since 1938. (2008)

Slogans of Fidelity Charitable (US)

  • Make more of a difference. (2011)
  • Helping donors support charities. (2015)

Slogans of Spinal Research (UK)

  • Ending the permanence of paralysis. (2002)
  • Fighting paralysis and winning. (2006)

Slogans of Coeliac UK (UK)

  • The charity for people with coeliac disease. (2006)
  • The charity for people with coeliac disease and herpetiformis. (2008)

Slogans of Sparks (UK)

  • Sport aiding medical research for kids. (2002)
  • The children's medical research charity. (2008)

Slogans of Combat Stress (UK)

  • Rebuilding traumatised lives. (2006)
  • They fight our wars: We fight their battles. (2009)

Slogans of The Suzy Lamplugh Trust (UK)

  • The national charity for personal safety. (1993)
  • Live life safe. (2008)

Slogans of Global Relocation Services (UK)

  • The world is our hometown. (2007)
  • We are always on your side. (2008)

Slogans of Red Cross (UK)

  • Don't wait to show you care. (2003)
  • Thank you. (2003)

Slogans of Addaction (UK)

  • Services for young people and their families - Helping to manage the effects of drug and alcohol misuse. (2005)
  • Where everyone's unique. (2008)

Slogans of Life (UK)

  • Caring for pregnant women since 1970. (2004)
  • Loving life, offering hope. (2008)

Slogans of Adoption UK (UK)

  • Supporting adoptive families before, during and after adoption. (2008)
  • For every adoptive family. (2018)

Slogans of American Humane (US)

  • Empowering action since 1877. (2008)
  • Protecting children & animals since 1877. (2008)

Slogans of USPG (UK)

  • Making mission work. (2001)
  • Living the gospel. (2006)

Slogans of Horticap (UK)

  • Helping people to grow plants galore. (2003)
  • Helping people grow. (2008)

Slogans of WaterAid (UK)

  • Give water. Give life. Give £2 a month. (2004)
  • Water for life. (2006)

Slogans of Active Philanthropy

  • Inform. Inspire. Impact. (2007)
  • Start your own social journey! (2007)

Slogans of Unison (UK)

  • All for one. (2008)
  • The public service union. (2009)

Slogans of Variety Club (UK)

  • The greatest children's charity in the world. (2002)
  • The children's charity. (2009)

Slogans of Action Research (UK)

  • Handing on health. (1994)
  • 50 years of touching lives through medical research. (2002)

Slogans of Battersea Dogs Home (UK)

  • Responsible owners always use a lead. (2003)
  • We're the first port of call for anyone who's lost or found a dog or a cat in London. (2003)

Slogans of World Wildlife Fund (UK)

  • The seas must live. (1979)
  • You can change the future today. (2004)

Slogans of Action Medical Research (UK)

  • Give and let live. (2003)
  • The forward thinking charity. (2009)

Slogans of Victim Support (UK)

  • Helping people cope with crime. (2009)
  • Find the strength. (2014)

Slogans of AmeriCares (US)

  • People live because AmeriCares. (1995)
  • A passion to help. The ability to deliver. (2008)

Slogans of Learning Ally (US)

  • Making reading accessible for all. (2011)
  • Together it's possible. (2015)

Slogans of UJIA (UK)

  • Ensuring Jewish life lives on. (2005)
  • The heart of Jewish life. (2008)

Slogans of Willow Foundation (UK)

  • Special days for seriously ill young adults. (2005)
  • Special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds. (2008)

Slogans of Leicester City Council (UK)

  • Be part of a major re-build. (2005)
  • One passion one Leicester. (2009)

Slogans of Alias (CH)

  • All you need is Alias. (2012)
  • Different life, new solutions. (2012)

Slogans of Macmillan Cancer Relief (UK)

  • A voice for life. (1999)
  • Helping people living with cancer. (2004)

Slogans of V (UK)

  • What's your v? (2007)
  • Inspiring a million more young volunteers. (2008)

Slogans of Whizz-Kidz (UK)

  • The movement for non-mobile children. (2002)
  • Move a life forward. (2008)

Slogans of BAG Bundesamt für Gesundheit Schweiz (CH)

  • Love life. (2011)
  • Taking health to heart. (2015)

Slogans of Information Fund For Animal Welfare (UK)

  • Defending the defenceless. (2001)
  • A better world for animals and people. (2008)

Slogans of Unitaid

  • Together to heal. (2009)
  • Innovating for global health. (2015)

Slogans of MS Society (UK)

  • 50 years striking back. (2003)
  • Putting the pieces together. (2009)

Slogans of VSO (UK)

  • VSO is working overseas. (1985)
  • Use your skills to change our world. (2003)

Slogans of West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction (UK)

  • Slower speeds mean safer streets for everyone! (2004)
  • The lamp-post is your friend! (2004)

Slogans of Wiltshire County Council (UK)

  • Improving life in Wiltshire. (2008)
  • Opportunity and choice. (2008)

Slogans of Alcoholics Anonymous (UK)

  • We've been there. (2003)
  • Unity - Service - Recovery. (2007)

Slogans of Alzheimer's Society (UK)

  • Dementia care and research. (2007)
  • Leading the fight against dementia. (2009)

Slogans of American Society of Civil Engineers (US)

  • Building a better world. (2002)
  • A better world by design. (2008)

Slogans of Leonard Cheshire (UK)

  • Life beyond disability. (2002)
  • Creating opportunities with disabled people. (2009)

Slogans of Human Rights Campaign Foundation (US)

  • Choose to understand. (1999)
  • Working for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equal rights. (2004)

Slogans of Live Earth

  • The concerts for a climate in crisis. (2007)
  • Road to Paris. (2015)

Slogans of London Fire Brigade (UK)

  • To protect and serve. (1994)
  • Making London a safer city. (2008)

Slogans of Lovoo

  • It's a new day. (2013)
  • People like you. (2015)

Slogans of Yorkshire Cancer Research (UK)

  • Remember 'Y' when you make a will. (2001)
  • Through knowledge comes hope. (2007)

Slogans of Yorkshire Air Ambulance (UK)

  • Saving lives across the region. (2003)
  • Saving lives across Yorkshire. (2008)

Slogans of WFP World Food Programme (US)

  • Fighting hunger worldwide. (2011)
  • First things first. (2015)

Slogans of Tommy's (UK)

  • Help us find out why. (2003)
  • The baby charity. (2008)

Slogans of Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (UK)

  • Getting the most out of life. (2005)
  • Challenging the future. (2006)

Slogans of Vitalise (UK)

  • Essential services for disabled people, visually impaired people, and carers. (2008)
  • Essential breaks for disabled people, visually impaired people, and carers. (2009)

Slogans of YMCA Training (UK)

  • Equiping you for success. (2008)
  • Inspire. Develop. Transform. (2009)

Slogans of Above & Beyond Charities (UK)

  • Enhancing healthcare in Bristol. (2009)
  • For Patients. For health. For Bristol. (2013)

Slogans of WRVS (UK)

  • Simply caring since 1938. (2001)
  • Make it count. (2008)

Slogans of Kennel Club (UK)

  • Good owners make good dogs. (2003)
  • Making a difference for dogs. (2008)

Slogans of Birmingham City Council (UK)

  • Diversity is the key to our city. (2005)
  • Diversity is the key to our Council. (2005)

Slogans of Arthritis Foundation (US)

  • Your source for help and hope. (1995)
  • Take control. We can help. (2009)

Slogans of WWF

  • Let's leave our children a living planet. (1999)
  • For a living planet. (2004)

Slogans of Asthma UK (UK)

  • Don't underestimate asthma - It's a fatal mistake. (2006)
  • Don't underestimate asthma. (2006)

Slogans of Merseyside Police (UK)

  • Keeping our community proud. (2003)
  • Total policing. War on crime - Care for victims. (2007)

Slogans of Arthritis Research (UK)

  • Fighting the cause. Seeking the cure. (1992)
  • Young or old - The pain's the same. (1995)

Slogans of Merlin (UK)

  • Health care in crises. (2003)
  • Medical relief, lasting health care. (2008)

Slogans of Thurrock Council (UK)

  • In the Thames gateway. (2006)
  • Putting residents first. (2009)

Slogans of Fire Campaign (UK)

  • Tis' the season to be careful. (2009)

Slogans of IndependentAge (UK)

  • Supporting older people at home. (2009)

Slogans of Federal Government (UK)

  • Renewing Germany. (2003)

Slogans of Extra Care (UK)

  • Better lives for older people. (2002)

Slogans of First Collect International (UK)

  • Make the connection. (2002)

Slogans of Everyman (UK)

  • Funding research to cross out male cancer. (2009)

Slogans of Ibg-workcamps

  • Peacing the world togehter. (2013)

Slogans of Innocence Project Florida (US)

  • Unlock the truth. (2013)

Slogans of ITDG (UK)

  • Practical answers to poverty. (2002)

Slogans of Flight Aid

  • Through flight we care. (2003)

Slogans of Incorpore (UK)

  • Bringing business and health clubs together. (2002)

Slogans of Fife Council (UK)

  • Work Fife, live Fife, love Fife. (2007)

Slogans of FHA (UK)

  • The holiday charity for families in need. (2008)

Slogans of Felix Burda Stiftung

  • I feel good. (2009)

Slogans of Impact (UK)

  • A passion for training. (2008)

Slogans of Imagine! (US)

  • Believing in the potential of all. (2015)

Slogans of Euroscience

  • The voice of science in Europe. (2003)

Slogans of Impact Foundation (UK)

  • Action today to prevent disability tomorrow. (2008)

Slogans of Farm Africa (UK)

  • Making a lasting difference to Africa's families. (2008)

Slogans of Fenland (UK)

  • Broad horizons, clear vision. (2004)

Slogans of Family Holiday Association (UK)

  • The charity that gives families a break. (2009)

Slogans of Inclusion (UK)

  • Breaking the link between drug use and imprisonment. (2009)

Slogans of Fairmed (CH)

  • Health for the poorest. (2010)

Slogans of Feuerwehr Kalletal

  • Like a lady, be a firefighter. (2014)

Slogans of Fair Share Trust Programme (UK)

  • Lottery money where it's needed most. (2007)

Slogans of Impact (US)

  • The transition expert. (2008)

Slogans of FVV

  • The power of joint research. (2015)

Slogans of FTBA (UK)

  • The heart of the industry. (2008)

Slogans of FSU (UK)

  • Investing in families. (2004)

Slogans of Imagine (UK)

  • A positive approach to mental health. (2007)

Slogans of Fauna & Flora International (UK)

  • Conserving wildlife since 1903. (2009)

Slogans of Epworth Children and Family Services (US)

  • Where kids find strength. (2007)

Slogans of Europäische Kommission Nichtrauchen

  • Feel free to say no. (2004)

Slogans of Ealing (UK)

  • A different kind of business. (2004)

Slogans of Edie.net (UK)

  • Making your world a better place. (2006)

Slogans of Jack Petchey (UK)

  • Backing young people. (2008)

Slogans of Ecogood

  • Save money and the planet. (2015)

Slogans of Eastpoint Community Church (US)

  • To every destination: a journey. (2010)

Slogans of East Ayrshire Council (UK)

  • Working for the community. (2008)

Slogans of Jeans for Genes (UK)

  • Helping children with genetic disorders. (2007)

Slogans of Earthwatch (UK)

  • Because tomorrow's world needs you today. (1995)

Slogans of Jeans for Jeans (UK)

  • Changing the world for children with genetic disorders. (2008)

Slogans of Jewish Care (UK)

  • One big family. (2001)

Slogans of John Grooms (UK)

  • Working with disabled people. (2004)

Slogans of Earth Hour (US)

  • Dare the world. Save the planet. (2012)

Slogans of John Templeton Foundation (UK)

  • Supporting science - Investing in the big questions. (2008)

Slogans of EU-Kooperationsbüro Bayern Innovativ

  • Business support at your doorsteps. (2010)

Slogans of Education Extra (UK)

  • The charity that supports out-of-school-hours learning. (2003)

Slogans of ESGR (US)

  • We all serve. (2010)

Slogans of ERSTE Foundation (AT)

  • What would you change? (2011)

Slogans of EOG Association for Conservation (CH)

  • Working to protect the outdoor environment for future generations. (2010)

Slogans of Jost Roth Collegen

  • The aim, our team, your success. (2010)

Slogans of Dutch Mill Bulbs (US)

  • Fundraising with bulbs since 1960. (2006)

Slogans of Junior Achievement (US)

  • Let their success be your inspiration! (2005)

Slogans of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (UK)

  • Saving species worldwide. (2005)

Slogans of Just A Drop (UK)

  • Safe water = saved lives. (2011)

Slogans of Just Say No Clubs (US)

  • Kids building a world without drugs. (1991)

Slogans of Dundee City Council (UK)

  • Changing for the future. (2007)

Slogans of Drunken Behaviour Campaign Norwich (UK)

  • Your night out. Your choice. Don't spend it with us. (2006)

Slogans of Justgiving (UK)

  • Lazy people can be good people too. (2004)

Slogans of JFNA The Jewish Federations of North America (US)

  • The strength of a people. The power of community. (2012)

Slogans of JAM

  • Helping Africa help itself. (2010)

Slogans of Europäische Kommission Klimaschutz

  • A world you like. With a climate you like. (2012)

Slogans of Enough! (UK)

  • Home is where the hurt is. (2004)

Slogans of Eurogroup For Animal Welfare (UK)

  • Animal protection through legislation. (2003)

Slogans of Eurochild (UK)

  • Putting children at the heart of Europe. (2015)

Slogans of Essex County Council (UK)

  • Essex works. For a better quality of life. (2009)

Slogans of Institute of Federalism (CH)

  • A compass of federalism. (2010)

Slogans of Erber Group (AT)

  • Create together. (2013)

Slogans of Equinox (UK)

  • For people seeking balance. (2001)

Slogans of Equal Opportunities Commission (UK)

  • Women. Men. Different. Equal. (2006)

Slogans of IFAD (UK)

  • Enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty. (2008)

Slogans of Epic Trust (UK)

  • Empowering people through independence and choice. (2005)

Slogans of Envision (UK)

  • Young people making a difference. (2008)

Slogans of Entec (UK)

  • Creating the environment for business. (2008)

Slogans of Enoughsenough.org. (UK)

  • It's the environment, stupid. (2008)

Slogans of Institute of Professional Investigators (UK)

  • Honour integrity and learning. (2005)

Slogans of Ipswich Borough Council (UK)

  • Transforming Ipswich. (2007)

Slogans of Enham Trust (UK)

  • Realising potential. (2008)

Slogans of Intel (US)

  • We don't just work on our community, we work for it. (2004)

Slogans of International AIDS Society (UK)

  • Stronger together. (2008)

Slogans of Enham (UK)

  • Releasing potential. (2005)

Slogans of International Dolphin Watch (UK)

  • The charity that helps dolphins and people. (2003)

Slogans of International HIV/AIDS Alliance (UK)

  • Supporting community action on AIDS in developing countries. (2008)

Slogans of Internations

  • Connecting global minds. (2015)

Slogans of Endura Africa (UK)

  • The ride for life. (2009)

Slogans of Emmaus Leeds (UK)

  • Helping homeless people help themselves. (2003)

Slogans of Iona (US)

  • Age well. Live well. (2010)

Slogans of Elmbridge Borough Council (UK)

  • Bridging the communities. (2009)

Slogans of Elizabeth FitzRoy (UK)

  • For people with learning disabilities. (2008)

Slogans of IITA (UK)

  • Research to nourish Africa. (2008)

Slogans of HM Revenue & Customs (UK)

  • Don't be blind to crime. (2005)

Slogans of ICRISAT (UK)

  • Science with a human face. (2009)

Slogans of Hippo (UK)

  • Feeding the world with compassion. (2007)

Slogans of Help and Hope

  • Help and Hope hilft Kindern in Not. (2007)

Slogans of HelpAge International (UK)

  • Leading global action on ageing. (2008)

Slogans of Grampian Police (UK)

  • Keeping our communities safe. (2008)

Slogans of Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (US)

  • Fighting to cure Charcot Marie. (2003)

Slogans of Grameen Foundation (US)

  • Combining the power of microfinance and technology to defeat global poverty. (2011)

Slogans of Hereford & Worcester Advisory Service on Alcohol (UK)

  • Independent, confidential & available. (2005)

Slogans of Heyday (UK)

  • It's you time. (2006)

Slogans of Government of British Columbia (UK)

  • Renewing our forests. Securing our future. (1994)

Slogans of Google Impact Challenge (UK)

  • A better world, faster. (2014)

Slogans of Goodfellow Fund (US)

  • Make a child smile. (2004)

Slogans of Good to be Green

  • Connecting you to a greener lifestyle. (2010)

Slogans of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (UK)

  • A borough to be proud of. (2007)

Slogans of Glückskette (CH)

  • Swiss solidarity. (2015)

Slogans of Greater Chicago Food Depository (US)

  • Find a dollar. Feed a family. 1$ buys 4 meals. (2004)

Slogans of Globe For Darfur (UK)

  • We must do more. (2006)

Slogans of Historic Scotland (UK)

  • Safeguarding the nation's built heritage and promoting its understanding and enjoymernt. (2005)

Slogans of Global Marshall Plan

  • Balance the world. (2010)

Slogans of Hollybank Trust (UK)

  • A unique approach to independence. (2003)

Slogans of Hollybank Trust (US)

  • An inspirational approach to independence. (2008)

Slogans of Global Alliance (UK)

  • Moving forward through collaboration. (2008)

Slogans of Glass (UK)

  • Don't bin it. Bank it. (1999)

Slogans of Home Fundraising (UK)

  • Making a world of difference. (2008)

Slogans of Giving Scotland (UK)

  • It's time to start giving again. (2004)

Slogans of Home Office Abandoned Vehicles Unit (UK)

  • Together tackling anti-social behaviour. (2004)

Slogans of Girl Scouts of the USA (US)

  • Where girls grow strong. (2005)

Slogans of Gilda's Club Worldwide (US)

  • Living with cancer? Come as you are. (2005)

Slogans of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (UK)

  • Keep the magic alive. (2009)

Slogans of Help 1 Up (US)

  • No child in America should have to sleep on the floor. (2005)

Slogans of Gigalo

  • Rule the world one gig at a time. (2015)

Slogans of Hammersmith & Fulham Council (UK)

  • Putting residents first. (2009)

Slogans of HELP USA (US)

  • Building better lives. (2008)

Slogans of H.M. Prisons (UK)

  • A service for society. (1980)

Slogans of H.E.A.R.T UK (UK)

  • The cholesterol charity. (2008)

Slogans of HTSPE (UK)

  • Delivering potential. (2007)

Slogans of Gulf For Good (UK)

  • Giving kids a chance around the world. (2015)

Slogans of Guide Dogs For The Blind Association (UK)

  • Guide dogs. The eyes of the blind. (1992)

Slogans of Guide Dogs (UK)

  • Moving forward together. (2009)

Slogans of Groundwork (UK)

  • Changing places. Changing lives. (2008)

Slogans of Groundswell (UK)

  • Inclusive solutions to homelessness. (2008)

Slogans of Hackney Council (UK)

  • We will evict tennants who won't pay their rent. (2003)

Slogans of Halton Borough Council (UK)

  • It's all happening in Halton. (2005)

Slogans of Greenwich Council (UK)

  • The millennium borough. (2001)

Slogans of Greenwave (UK)

  • Sailing into a greener future. (2008)

Slogans of Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity (UK)

  • Caring for the individual. (2008)

Slogans of Hamperstop (UK)

  • You are what you give. (2002)

Slogans of Haringey City Council (UK)

  • We're working with you for a greener Haringey. (2004)

Slogans of Harrogate Borough Council (UK)

  • Working for you. (2008)

Slogans of Greenpeace (CH)

  • You-Turn the earth. (2009)

Slogans of Hartlepool Borough Council (UK)

  • At the heart of achievement. (2007)

Slogans of Hastings Borough Council (UK)

  • Making the difference. (2001)

Slogans of Headliners (UK)

  • Making news - Changing lives. (2009)

Slogans of GreenPeople (US)

  • Buy green. Sell green. Be green. (2010)

Slogans of Health Unlimited (UK)

  • Care beyond conflict. (2005)

Slogans of Greater Manchester Police (UK)

  • Fighting crime, protecting people. (2009)

Slogans of Heart of the City (UK)

  • Helping the city make a difference. (2008)

Slogans of Heinrich Böll Stiftung

  • The green political foundation. (2015)

Slogans of Gilda's Club Worldwide (UK)

  • Cancer support for the whole family, the whole time. (2008)

Slogans of Home Office Broadcasting (UK)

  • Get a licence before you get a visit. (1983)

Slogans of I Can (UK)

  • Helps children communicate. (2009)

Slogans of Frank (UK)

  • Talk to Frank. (2003)

Slogans of Fusion International (US)

  • Together with hope. (2009)

Slogans of Fundraising Standards Board (UK)

  • Give with confidence. (2008)

Slogans of Fundraising Initiatives (UK)

  • Harnessing the power of giving. (2008)

Slogans of Friends of the Elderly (UK)

  • Actively supporting older people. (2003)

Slogans of Friends of South Africa

  • A unique network for sharing business and values with Africa! (2010)

Slogans of Friends of John McCarthy (UK)

  • Don't forget the British hostages in Beirut. (1991)

Slogans of Hope City Church (UK)

  • It's an Aussie thing! (2004)

Slogans of Friends of Animals (US)

  • 50 years of animal advocacy around the world. (2007)

Slogans of Hospicare

  • It's about how you live. (2012)

Slogans of Free Form (UK)

  • Making art work for the environment. (2008)

Slogans of Hospitality Action (UK)

  • You look after others, we look after you. (2006)

Slogans of Frank Talk To Frank (UK)

  • Drugs taking over your life? (2004)

Slogans of Hot Rubber (CH)

  • Inspired by nature. (2012)

Slogans of GMB Britains General Union (UK)

  • Keep public services public. (2002)

Slogans of Framework (UK)

  • Opening doors to homeless and vulnerable people. (2008)

Slogans of Fraisr

  • Commerce with a cause. (2013)

Slogans of Four Paws (US)

  • More humanity towards animals. (2015)

Slogans of Four Paws (UK)

  • More humanity towards animals. (2015)

Slogans of Four Corners (UK)

  • New futures start here. (2006)

Slogans of Hull Adoption (UK)

  • Making a commitment for life. (2004)

Slogans of HM Customs and Excise (UK)

  • VAT. It's easier if you work with us. (2003)

Slogans of Hull Fostering (UK)

  • Creating a brighter future. (2004)

Slogans of Foresters (UK)

  • Investing. Sharing. Inspiring. (2008)

Slogans of Huntington's Disease Society of America (US)

  • Generation 2000 Make this the last generation of Huntington's disease. (2001)

Slogans of Forest Stewardship Council (UK)

  • Global leaders in responsible forestry. (2003)

Slogans of Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK)

  • Know before you go. (2003)

Slogans of GMB (UK)

  • Britain's general union - Protecting you at work. (2007)

Slogans of GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region (UK)

  • Britain's best union. (2006)

Slogans of Gifts In Kind International (UK)

  • The world's leading charity in product philanropy. (2005)

Slogans of Gema

  • Let the music play. (2003)

Slogans of Get Kids Going! (UK)

  • Turning dreams into reality. (2002)

Slogans of Home Office Knife Campaign (UK)

  • Turn in your knife before it's turned on you. (2006)

Slogans of Get Connected 0808 808 4944 (UK)

  • Finding young people help. (2003)

Slogans of Home Team Volunteers (US)

  • Ordinary people. Extraordinary mission. (2014)

Slogans of George House Trust (UK)

  • Still life with HIV. (2008)

Slogans of Geographical Association (UK)

  • Geography - Teaching - Excellence. (2003)

Slogans of Gentlecare (UK)

  • Putting the heart into caring. (2012)

Slogans of Homeless Link (UK)

  • Frontline agencies in partnership. (2008)

Slogans of Homelife (UK)

  • Supporting life at home. (1993)

Slogans of Homesitters (UK)

  • We stay when you're away. (2009)

Slogans of GenesReunited.com (UK)

  • You'll never know unless you go. (2008)

Slogans of General Social Care Council (UK)

  • Caring about people. Clear about progress. (2004)

Slogans of Homewatch Caregivers (UK)

  • Let our family care for yours. (2015)

Slogans of GMFA (UK)

  • Action for gay men's health. (2003)

Slogans of Gebert Rüf Stiftung (CH)

  • Making science effective. (2015)

Slogans of Gaydar.co.uk (UK)

  • What you want, when you want it. (2007)

Slogans of Gaydar (US)

  • What you want, when you want it. (2010)

Slogans of Hope & Homes for Children (UK)

  • A family and a future. (2007)

Slogans of Gay.com (US)

  • Come together. (2005)

Slogans of Gateshead Council (UK)

  • Serious. (2009)

Slogans of GVU

  • In the frontline to protect copyright. (2004)

Slogans of GTZ

  • Partner for the future. Worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of GRM International (UK)

  • Working with you to create a better future. (2008)

Slogans of GQ Gentlmen's Fund (US)

  • Better men - Better world. (2007)

Slogans of GOI Peace Foundation (UK)

  • May peace prevail on earth. (2008)

Slogans of GMHC (US)

  • First in the fight against AIDS. (1996)

Slogans of Foundation For Better Life (UK)

  • Live life pass it on. (2005)

Slogans of Ökumenischer Kirchentag

  • That you may have hope. (2015)

Slogans of Drug Driving (UK)

  • You'd be off your head. (2006)

Slogans of Blaues Kreuz (CH)

  • Don't drink and drive. (2007)

Slogans of Birth Defects Foundation (UK)

  • Because some babies are very, very special. (2008)

Slogans of Biss (UK)

  • For babies born too soon, too small, too sick. (2009)

Slogans of Black Horse Relocation (UK)

  • You can bank on it all going smoothly. (1994)

Slogans of Blackfriars Settlement (UK)

  • 120 years of chaging lives. (2007)

Slogans of Blackpool Borough Council (UK)

  • Where people come first. (2001)

Slogans of Blackpool Council (UK)

  • Building a better community for all. (2009)

Slogans of Blue Green Planet

  • Play. Learn. Grow. (2012)

Slogans of Bexley Council (UK)

  • Listening to you. Working for you. (2007)

Slogans of Blue Planet Green Living

  • Earth wise. Money smart. (2012)

Slogans of Bobby Moore Fund Cancer Research UK (UK)

  • Tackling bowel cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Bolder (US)

  • Do good. Get rewarded. (2010)

Slogans of Bolton Council (UK)

  • Bringing together the Bolton family. (2006)

Slogans of Bond (UK)

  • For international development. (2009)

Slogans of Bournemouth Borough Council (UK)

  • Organising for excellence. (2005)

Slogans of Bexley Women's Aid (UK)

  • Safe homes. Secure relationships. (2008)

Slogans of Better Business Bureau Sponsored By The Commonwealth Fund (US)

  • Give with confidence. (1997)

Slogans of Boys & Girls Club (UK)

  • The club that beats the streets. (1990)

Slogans of Barnsley Metropolitan Council (UK)

  • Making real achievements. (2007)

Slogans of BWBF (UK)

  • Keeping blind people in touch with the world. (2006)

Slogans of Back Up (UK)

  • Back in action. (2008)

Slogans of BackCare (UK)

  • The charity for healthier backs. (2009)

Slogans of Baltimore (US)

  • Don't make excuses. Make a difference. (2007)

Slogans of Barbox.com (UK)

  • It's about time. (2002)

Slogans of Barnet London Borough (UK)

  • Putting the community first. (2008)

Slogans of Bath & North East Somerset Council (UK)

  • Making B & NES a better place to live, work and visit. (2001)

Slogans of Bertelsmann Stiftung

  • Inspiring people. Shaping the future. (2010)

Slogans of Beautifiulpeople.com (US)

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the voter. (2011)

Slogans of Befriending & Mentoring (UK)

  • Just be yourself. (2008)

Slogans of Ben's Beginners (UK)

  • Getting kids cooking with their families. (2014)

Slogans of Benefit Fraud Campaign (UK)

  • No ifs, no buts. (2008)

Slogans of Bericon (UK)

  • Making sense of science. (2007)

Slogans of Berliner Aids-Hilfe

  • Let's talk about sex. (2011)

Slogans of Bowles (UK)

  • Achievement through experience. (2008)

Slogans of Boys & Girls Clubs (US)

  • The positive place for kids. (2008)

Slogans of COI Safe Sex Campaign (UK)

  • Want respect? Use a condom. (2005)

Slogans of CIRIA (UK)

  • Sharing knowledge. Building best practice. (2008)

Slogans of BusinessDynamics (UK)

  • Bringing business to life for students. (2003)

Slogans of Busy Bees (UK)

  • Totally devoted to childcare. (2009)

Slogans of CABA (UK)

  • Alltogether more caring. (2009)

Slogans of CCH (UK)

  • All you need. (2007)

Slogans of CEED (UK)

  • Opening up opportunities. (2008)

Slogans of CHICKS (UK)

  • Making memories... Giving hope. (2008)

Slogans of CISV International (UK)

  • Building global friendship. (2008)

Slogans of Brook (UK)

  • Putting young people first. (2008)

Slogans of CLIC (UK)

  • Challenging childrens cancer and leukaemia. (2001)

Slogans of CLIC Sargent (UK)

  • Caring for children with cancer. (2008)

Slogans of COI Communications (UK)

  • Ideas. Expertise. Results. (2001)

Slogans of COI DIY (UK)

  • Don't be a DIY disaster. (2004)

Slogans of COI Fire Safety (UK)

  • How will you get out alive. (2004)

Slogans of COI Recycling (UK)

  • Rethink rubbish. (2004)

Slogans of Burglary Campaign (UK)

  • Don't let them get away with it. (1984)

Slogans of Bromley (UK)

  • The London Borough. (2007)

Slogans of Bradford (UK)

  • Bradford2008 - One landscape many views. (2008)

Slogans of Breathing Space (UK)

  • Anyone can get depressed - It helps to get some breathing space. (2005)

Slogans of Bradford Metropolitan District Council - Fostering (UK)

  • Ordinary people doing something special. (2003)

Slogans of Brake (UK)

  • The road safety charity. (2008)

Slogans of Brandon Trust (UK)

  • People supporting people. (2008)

Slogans of Brandshof

  • Open minds in common sense. (2008)

Slogans of Breakthrough Breast Cancer (UK)

  • Our vision is a future free from the fear of breast cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Breast Health Institute (UK)

  • Catalyst to a cure for cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Brent Against Drugs (UK)

  • Drugs f**k you up. (2003)

Slogans of Broadland District Council (UK)

  • Leading the way forward. (2004)

Slogans of Brent Council (UK)

  • Building a better borough. (2006)

Slogans of Bristol Cancer Help Centre (UK)

  • Transforming attitudes to cancer. (2004)

Slogans of British Geological Survey (UK)

  • We help keep the world moving. (2009)

Slogans of British Home Office (UK)

  • Building a safe, just and tolerant society. (2008)

Slogans of British Lung Foundation (UK)

  • Would your car pass an emission test? Call 020 7747 4838. (2004)

Slogans of British Polio Fellowship (UK)

  • Caring since 1939. (2006)

Slogans of BUND Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland

  • Friends of the earth Germany. (2013)

Slogans of BUAV (UK)

  • Campaigning to end animal experiments. (2008)

Slogans of BTO (UK)

  • Looking out for birds. (2013)

Slogans of Alder Hey Imagine Appeal (UK)

  • Living for today, giving for tomorrow. (2008)

Slogans of Advice UK (UK)

  • The voice of independent advice. (2009)

Slogans of Advocates For Animals (UK)

  • Giving voice, taking action. (2008)

Slogans of After Adoption (UK)

  • Reaching more people. (2008)

Slogans of Age Aware (UK)

  • We are. Are you? (2008)

Slogans of Age Partnership Group (UK)

  • Targeting employers. (2005)

Slogans of Alcohol Concern (UK)

  • Making sense of alcohol. (2008)

Slogans of Alliance Defending Freedom (US)

  • For faith. For justice. (2012)

Slogans of Addiction Dependency Solutions (UK)

  • Positive about change. (2009)

Slogans of Alone (UK)

  • Helping older people in need. (2016)

Slogans of Altruja

  • Simple. Online. Fundraising. (2015)

Slogans of Altruja (UK)

  • Social fundraising made easy. (2013)

Slogans of Alzheimer Scotland (UK)

  • Action on Dementia. (2008)

Slogans of Amber Valley (UK)

  • The heart of Derbyshire. (2006)

Slogans of America's Second Harvest (US)

  • Ending hunger. (2009)

Slogans of Adfam (UK)

  • Families, drugs and alcohol. (2008)

Slogans of Ad Council Smokybear.com (US)

  • Only you can prevent wildfires. (2003)

Slogans of BSS (UK)

  • Providing the vital link. (2008)

Slogans of ARK (UK)

  • Transforming children's lives. (2007)

Slogans of ACAS (UK)

  • The employment relations expert. (2003)

Slogans of ADAPT (UK)

  • Alcohol doesn't kill people, irresponsible drinkers do. (2007)

Slogans of AFL-CIO Cambodia Crisis Campaign (US)

  • In Cambodia your dollar is priceless. (1980)

Slogans of AIDS Walk (UK)

  • Put on your shoes and get walking. (2003)

Slogans of AIDS Walk NY (US)

  • Aids walk NY. Keep walking. We're not there yet. (2000)

Slogans of ARC (UK)

  • Committed to curing arthritis. (2008)

Slogans of ASPCA (US)

  • We are their voice. (2009)

Slogans of Action for Children (UK)

  • As long as it takes. (2009)

Slogans of AbilityNet (UK)

  • Adapting technology. Changing lives. (2008)

Slogans of AbleChildAfrica (UK)

  • Working with disabled children and young people in Africa. (2008)

Slogans of Absentia (UK)

  • In our caring hands be safe, be secure. (2009)

Slogans of Action Cancer (UK)

  • Saving lives - Supporting people. (2008)

Slogans of Action Homeless (UK)

  • Improving the lives of homeless people. (2008)

Slogans of Action Network (UK)

  • Change the world around you. (2005)

Slogans of American Civil Liberties Union (US)

  • Because freedom can't protect itself. (2008)

Slogans of American Kennel Club (US)

  • We're more than champion dogs. We're the dog's champion. (2008)

Slogans of American Rivers (US)

  • Rivers connect us. (2014)

Slogans of AvD

  • Drink. But don't drive. (2005)

Slogans of Attac

  • Another world is possible. (2015)

Slogans of Auditory Verbal (UK)

  • Children, parents and professionals in partnership. (2008)

Slogans of Autism Care UK (UK)

  • A better quality of life for adults with autism. (2008)

Slogans of Autism Society of America (UK)

  • The voice of autism. (2005)

Slogans of Autism Society of America (US)

  • Improving the lives of all affected by autism. (2008)

Slogans of Autism Speaks (UK)

  • It's time to listen. (2009)

Slogans of Avaaz.org (UK)

  • The world in action. (2008)

Slogans of Ancestory.co.uk (UK)

  • The past masters. (2008)

Slogans of Avalon (UK)

  • Empowering and supporting people. (2008)

Slogans of Avance (US)

  • Unlocking America's potential. (2014)

Slogans of BAG WfbM

  • We make human dignity reality. (2011)

Slogans of BAMF Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge

  • People in focus - supporting and integrating. (2010)

Slogans of BBC Children in Need (UK)

  • Make it! Count. (2006)

Slogans of BDV Berufsverband Discjockey

  • A new generation. (2010)

Slogans of Aston Mansfield (UK)

  • Generating community wealth for social change. (2008)

Slogans of Association for Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus (US)

  • Ability beyond disability. (2008)

Slogans of Association Basmati (CH)

  • Authentic help. (2007)

Slogans of Ashdown House

  • Mit's oldest and newest graduate residence. (2013)

Slogans of Arvon (UK)

  • The foundation for writing. (2008)

Slogans of Arthritis Care (UK)

  • Empowering people with arthritis. (2009)

Slogans of Arnold Worlwide (US)

  • Give a year. Change the world. (2008)

Slogans of Army Benevolent Fund (UK)

  • Supporting the best. (2008)

Slogans of Arco Foundation (CH)

  • Let the world smile. (2011)

Slogans of Anti-Violence Campaign (US)

  • Hate. It's not human. (1996)

Slogans of Anti-Slavery International (UK)

  • Today's fight for tomorrow's freedom. (2008)

Slogans of Anti-Rape Campaign (UK)

  • Rape - small word, long sentence. (2007)

Slogans of Anti-Racism (UK)

  • One Scotland, many cultures. (2004)

Slogans of Anti-Knife Campaign (UK)

  • Carry a knife and the consequences will follow. (2008)

Slogans of Anti-Bullying Week (UK)

  • Safer together, safer wherever. (2007)

Slogans of Animal Health Trust (UK)

  • The science behind animal welfare. (2008)

Slogans of Angestellte Schweiz (CH)

  • A strong and modern association. (2015)

Slogans of COI Road Safety (UK)

  • Think, road safety in London. (2004)

Slogans of CORD (UK)

  • New life after conflict. (2008)

Slogans of Drug Concern (UK)

  • Supporting you - Supporting them. (2006)

Slogans of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (US)

  • Adding tomorrows every day. (2003)

Slogans of Cultural Olympiad (UK)

  • Celebrate cultures. (2003)

Slogans of Cumbria County Council (UK)

  • Putting the public first. (2006)

Slogans of Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (US)

  • With your help, we will be known as the people who cured diabetes. (1988)

Slogans of Cure (UK)

  • Healing changes everything. (2012)

Slogans of Cure (US)

  • Healing changes everything. (2012)

Slogans of Customs & Excise (UK)

  • Break the chain. (2003)

Slogans of DED Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst

  • Global commitment - local partnership. (2010)

Slogans of Crusaid (UK)

  • HIV & AIDS: Help & hope for people in poverty. (2009)

Slogans of DEFRA (UK)

  • If in doubt, leave it out! (2002)

Slogans of DETR (UK)

  • Are you doing your bit? (2001)

Slogans of DGB-Jugend

  • Think different. (2004)

Slogans of DISC (UK)

  • Developing initiatives - Supporting communities. (2008)

Slogans of DOI (UK)

  • Bike safely. (2003)

Slogans of DSTL (UK)

  • Inspirational ideas. Aspirational people. (2003)

Slogans of Crusdaid (UK)

  • Every 11 seconds, someone in the world dies of AIDS. (2003)

Slogans of Cross-Cultural Solutions (UK)

  • A lifetime of experience in a few weeks. (2002)

Slogans of DVLA Road Tax (UK)

  • Road Tax. There's no getting away with it. (2004)

Slogans of Connells (UK)

  • Sensitive to people. Sensitive to costs. (2008)

Slogans of Commission for Rural Communities (UK)

  • Tackling rural disadvantage. (2008)

Slogans of Community Chaplaincy (UK)

  • Helping create a fresh start. (2006)

Slogans of Community Mental Health Foundation (US)

  • Changing perceptions, creating hope. (2002)

Slogans of Community Transport (UK)

  • The driving force for voluntary action. (2003)

Slogans of Competition Commission (UK)

  • Focusing on the public interest. (2001)

Slogans of Confetti.co.uk (UK)

  • Wedding lists made simple. (2001)

Slogans of Connexions (UK)

  • The best start in life for every young person. (2001)

Slogans of Crimestoppers Trust (UK)

  • The only charity helping to solve crimes. (2003)

Slogans of Coram (UK)

  • Better chances for children since 1739. (2009)

Slogans of Core (UK)

  • Fighting gut and liver disease. (2009)

Slogans of Cornwall County Council (UK)

  • One and all. (2007)

Slogans of Council for British Archeology (UK)

  • Archeology for all. (2009)

Slogans of Countryside Council For Wales (UK)

  • Caring for the country we share. (2002)

Slogans of CreateHope (US)

  • Helping companies help others. (2004)

Slogans of DVLA Car Tax Evasion Campaign (UK)

  • There's no way out for car tax evaders. (2009)

Slogans of DVLA V5 Logbook (UK)

  • A cars not legit without it. (2002)

Slogans of CPAS (UK)

  • Good news for all. (2004)

Slogans of Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association (UK)

  • Help them grow old with dignity. (1976)

Slogans of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

  • For life to continue. (2010)

Slogans of Dien Solutions (UK)

  • The business of relocation. (2004)

Slogans of Dignity in Dying (UK)

  • Your life, your choice. (2008)

Slogans of Dine (UK)

  • Your perfect partner for your perfect day. (2003)

Slogans of Disability Discrimination Act (UK)

  • It's now the law. Think about it. (2005)

Slogans of Disasters Emergency Committee (UK)

  • Working together. (2008)

Slogans of District of Easington (UK)

  • A small council big on impact. (2004)

Slogans of Devon County Council (UK)

  • Don't let Devon go to waste. (2004)

Slogans of Diversity Works (UK)

  • Enhancing knowledge, embracing diversity. (2005)

Slogans of Do-it.org.uk (UK)

  • Volunteering made easy. (2008)

Slogans of Doncaster New Deal for Communities (UK)

  • Engaging voices, inspiring change. (2009)

Slogans of Dorset County Council (UK)

  • A brighter future for all. (2007)

Slogans of Dreams Come True Charity (UK)

  • Making the most treasured dreams of seriously terminally ill children come true. (2004)

Slogans of Drink Driving Camapign (US)

  • Drunk driving, over the limit, under arrest. (2008)

Slogans of Diabetes UK (UK)

  • The charity for people with diabetes. (2009)

Slogans of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

  • Powered by you. (2007)

Slogans of DYF Diabetic Youth Foundation (US)

  • Turning today's challenges into opportunities of a lifetime. (2010)

Slogans of Department for Transport (UK)

  • Missing a call won't kill you. (2002)

Slogans of Daisy Chain (UK)

  • Where children blossom. (2003)

Slogans of Dallaglio Foundation (UK)

  • Powerful together. (2010)

Slogans of Darkness To Light (US)

  • Confronting child sexual abuse with courage. (2008)

Slogans of Dartfort Council (UK)

  • If only all councils were like Dartford (2008)

Slogans of Daventry District Council (UK)

  • Determined to deliver. (2008)

Slogans of Department for Children, Schools and Families (UK)

  • Why let drink decide? (2010)

Slogans of Department of Administrative Services Conecticut (US)

  • With us you're in business. (2002)

Slogans of Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe

  • Live and let live. (2003)

Slogans of Department of Energy (UK)

  • When you're out, make sure it's off. It's your money you're burning if you don't. (1983)

Slogans of Department of Environment & Transport (UK)

  • Stop look listen live. (2001)

Slogans of Department of International Development (UK)

  • Working to eliminate global poverty and promote sustainable development. (2002)

Slogans of Derby City Council (UK)

  • The city where you can. (2001)

Slogans of Derbyshire Rural Community Council (UK)

  • Realising aspirations, achieving goals. (2008)

Slogans of Derry Playhouse (UK)

  • Arts and the community working together. (2013)

Slogans of Comic Relief Red Nose Day (UK)

  • The big one. (2007)

Slogans of Comic Relief (UK)

  • Making the world miles better. (2006)

Slogans of Colorado Department of Transport (US)

  • Taking care to get you there. (2004)

Slogans of Cash for Kids (UK)

  • A helping hand for local children. (2008)

Slogans of Cardiac Risk in the Young (UK)

  • And each loss is heartbreak. (2008)

Slogans of Care (UK)

  • Where the end of poverty begins. (2003)

Slogans of Care (US)

  • Defending dignity. Fighting poverty. (2007)

Slogans of Care2 (US)

  • Make a difference. (2011)

Slogans of Carers UK (UK)

  • The voice of carers. (2008)

Slogans of Carr-Gomm (UK)

  • Transforming care and support. (2008)

Slogans of Catch22 (UK)

  • Helping young people out. (2009)

Slogans of Capability Scotland (UK)

  • Turning disability into ability. (2008)

Slogans of Catholic Campaign for Human Development (US)

  • Poverty. America's forgotten state. (2003)

Slogans of Catholic Children's Society (UK)

  • Making tomorrow a brighter day. (2008)

Slogans of Catholic Institute For International Relations (UK)

  • Changing minds. Changing lives. (2008)

Slogans of Cats Protection (UK)

  • Cats and people - Living in harmony. (2004)

Slogans of Cenikor

  • A place for change. (2014)

Slogans of Central Intelligence Agency (US)

  • The work of a nation. The center of intelligence. (2005)

Slogans of Cardboard Citizens (UK)

  • The homeless people's theatre company. (2008)

Slogans of Cancerbackup (UK)

  • Informing - Understanding - Supporting. (2008)

Slogans of Colas (UK)

  • Improving the way ahead. (2002)

Slogans of Cambridge City Council (UK)

  • Delivering better services. (2008)

Slogans of CPRE Rural England (UK)

  • Standing up for your countryside. (2014)

Slogans of CSMA (UK)

  • It pays to belong. (2007)

Slogans of CSV (UK)

  • Make a difference. (2009)

Slogans of CWU (UK)

  • The communications union. (2009)

Slogans of Calderdale Council (UK)

  • Everyone different - Everyone matters. (2008)

Slogans of Calvert Trust (UK)

  • Challenging disability through outdoor adventure. (2008)

Slogans of Camden (UK)

  • More than you'd expect. (2006)

Slogans of CancerCare (US)

  • Help and hope. (2005)

Slogans of Camptown (US)

  • Leading youth to a better path. (2010)

Slogans of Cancer Care (US)

  • Help & hope. (2003)

Slogans of Cancer Recovery Foundation UK (UK)

  • Conquering cancer through hope and healing. (2009)

Slogans of Cancer Research Campaign (UK)

  • There's still a long way to go, but together we can beat cancer. (1985)

Slogans of Cancer ResearchUK (UK)

  • We're here to help you stay together longer. (2002)

Slogans of CancerBACUP (UK)

  • Any question on any cancer. (2001)

Slogans of Centre Point (UK)

  • Give homeless young people a future. (2009)

Slogans of ChangeUp (UK)

  • Enable not disable. (2005)

Slogans of Changing Faces (UK)

  • The way you face disfigurement. (2008)

Slogans of Church of England Children's Society (UK)

  • Children first. (1981)

Slogans of Children's Country Holiday Fund (UK)

  • Making smiles happen. (2008)

Slogans of Children's Miracle Network (US)

  • Making miracles happen. (2009)

Slogans of Choice USA (US)

  • Leadership for a pro-choice future. (2008)

Slogans of Christian Aid Week (UK)

  • Give to those who don't give in. (2008)

Slogans of Christian Children's Fund of Great Britain (UK)

  • Send your love around the world. (1994)

Slogans of Christie's (UK)

  • Towards a future without cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Church of Jesus & Latterday Saints (UK)

  • Finding faith in Christ. (2003)

Slogans of Chapter 1 (UK)

  • Changing lives one by one. (2009)

Slogans of Churches Advertising Network (UK)

  • Go on, ask him for something this Christmas. (2003)

Slogans of Citizencard (UK)

  • Get served. Get respect. Get Citizencard. (2003)

Slogans of Citizens Advice Bureau (UK)

  • The charity for your community. (2009)

Slogans of City of York Council (UK)

  • You have been warned. We will prosecute! (2004)

Slogans of Coalition For Literacy (US)

  • Volunteer against illiteracy. The only degree you need is a degree of caring. (1987)

Slogans of Cobalt (AT)

  • Awareness, learning, dialogue. (2013)

Slogans of Children's Administration (US)

  • Foster Parenting: You can too. (2008)

Slogans of Children Incorporated (US)

  • Share in their future. (2008)

Slogans of Children In Crisis Penton Technology (UK)

  • Together reaching out to forgotten children. (2002)

Slogans of Children England (UK)

  • Charities working for children and families. (2008)

Slogans of Children (US)

  • Serving needy children since 1964. (2003)

Slogans of Childline (UK)

  • Without Childline who would abused children talk to? (2007)

Slogans of Childhood First (UK)

  • Healing hurt minds. (2009)

Slogans of ChildLine 0800 1111 (UK)

  • Changing children's lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (2004)

Slogans of Child Safety Information (UK)

  • Keep children safe from dangerous liquids. (2004)

Slogans of Child Hope (UK)

  • Change lives. Yours and theirs. (2008)

Slogans of Cheshire County Council (UK)

  • Works. (2007)

Slogans of Cheshire Constabulary (UK)

  • Be safe, feel safe. (2008)

Slogans of Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (UK)

  • Altogether more caring. (2007)

Slogans of Charnwood Borough Council (UK)

  • Leading in Leicestershire. (2005)

Slogans of Charityscratch (UK)

  • Helping charities - Help themselves. (2002)

Slogans of Charities Evaluation Services (UK)

  • Helping you do better what you do best. (2008)

Slogans of Charitable Gift Fund (US)

  • Smart giving makes a difference. (2001)

Slogans of Justice (UK)

  • Advancing justice, human rights and the rule of law. (2005)

Slogans of MVSC (UK)

  • Inspiring excellence. (2009)

Slogans of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (US)

  • Dedicated to finding a cure. (2008)

Slogans of The Cardinal Hume Centre (UK)

  • Transforming lives. (2008)

Slogans of The Child Bereavement Trust (UK)

  • Working to help bereaved families. (2008)

Slogans of The Christie (UK)

  • Towards a future without cancer. (2010)

Slogans of The Clinton Global Initiative (UK)

  • Inspiring change. Delivering results. (2007)

Slogans of The Constitution (US)

  • The words we live by. (1990)

Slogans of The Crown Estate (UK)

  • Creating value for us all. (2003)

Slogans of The Diana's Princess of Wales Memorial Fund (UK)

  • The work continues. (2008)

Slogans of The Disability Discrimination Act (UK)

  • Adjusting for better business. (2006)

Slogans of The Disability Discrimination Act Services (UK)

  • Make a small change. Make a big difference. (2007)

Slogans of The Doula Foundation (US)

  • A hand to hold. A hand to help. (2013)

Slogans of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (UK)

  • Take the challenge. (2002)

Slogans of The Dyslexia Institute (UK)

  • Dyslexia affects over 2.5 million people. Even those in advertising. (2001)

Slogans of The Electroral Commission (UK)

  • Your town. Your street. Your say. (2006)

Slogans of The Engineering and Technology Board (UK)

  • Progress through partnerships. (2008)

Slogans of The Esther Benjamins Trust (UK)

  • Giving children a childhood. (2002)

Slogans of The Experience Corps (UK)

  • You've trained for it all your life. (2001)

Slogans of The Charity Service (UK)

  • A small and friendly intermediary charity. (2004)

Slogans of The Carbon Neutral Company (UK)

  • Protecting our climate. (2007)

Slogans of Schweizerischer Verkehrssicherheitsrat VSR (CH)

  • Drink or drive. (2003)

Slogans of The Butler Trust (UK)

  • Encouraging effective care for offenders. (2008)

Slogans of The Advertising Council (US)

  • Keep freedom strong. Exercise it. (2004)

Slogans of The Amarant Trust (UK)

  • Making sense of the menapause. (1990)

Slogans of The American Foundation for AIDS (US)

  • We've bought time. More research will buy answers. (2001)

Slogans of The American Industrial Hygiene Association (US)

  • Protecting worker health. (2008)

Slogans of The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust (UK)

  • Where leukaemia meets its match. (2001)

Slogans of The Anthony Nolan Trust (UK)

  • Taking back lives from leukaemia. (2008)

Slogans of The Art Fund (UK)

  • If you love art help us save it. (2007)

Slogans of The Association of Charity Officers (UK)

  • Helping charities helping people. (2006)

Slogans of The Big Issue in the North Trust (UK)

  • Good homes, good jobs, good health and a good life. (2001)

Slogans of The Big Life Company (UK)

  • Business changing lives. (2004)

Slogans of The Big Stride (UK)

  • Every step for Everyman. (2008)

Slogans of The Breast Cancer Campaign (UK)

  • Researching the cure. (2008)

Slogans of The British Dental Health Foundation (US)

  • It could be you. (2005)

Slogans of The British Home (UK)

  • Caring for severely disabled children. (2007)

Slogans of The Bulmer Foundation (UK)

  • Cutting it a different way. (2008)

Slogans of The Five Lamps (UK)

  • Making people matter. (2002)

Slogans of The Fund For Animals (US)

  • We speak for those who can't. (2008)

Slogans of The Gateway Gardens Trust (UK)

  • Helping people discover gardens. (2008)

Slogans of The Global Fund (UK)

  • Investing in our future. (2008)

Slogans of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (UK)

  • Better futures for young lives with epilepsy. (2008)

Slogans of The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (US)

  • Be part of the search. (2008)

Slogans of The National Kidney Research Fund (UK)

  • Caring about people with kidney disease. (2004)

Slogans of The National Trust for Historic Preservation (US)

  • History is in our hands. (2003)

Slogans of The Nugent Care Society (UK)

  • Working with and for all people of goodwill. (2003)

Slogans of The Parkinson's Institute (US)

  • Help for today. Help for tomorrow. (2007)

Slogans of The Pedigree Adoption Drive (UK)

  • Because every dog deserves a loving home. (2008)

Slogans of The RHS (UK)

  • The UK's leading garden charity. (2008)

Slogans of The Ramblers (UK)

  • The charity working for walkers. (2008)

Slogans of The Ramblers Association (UK)

  • The charity working for ramblers. (2005)

Slogans of The Rank Foundation (UK)

  • A pebble in the pond. (2008)

Slogans of The Red Cross (UK)

  • Your legacy is our future. (1977)

Slogans of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (UK)

  • More of what you want. Less of what you don't. (2006)

Slogans of The Royal Horticultural Society (UK)

  • The UK's leading gardening charity. (2009)

Slogans of The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (UK)

  • Breaking the sound barrier. (2001)

Slogans of The National Center for Voluntary Action (US)

  • We need you. (1974)

Slogans of The National Benevolent Institution (UK)

  • Help us to care for those who have cared. (1985)

Slogans of The National Autistic Society (UK)

  • Your autism charity. (2009)

Slogans of The Kings Fund (UK)

  • Ideas that change health care. (2009)

Slogans of The Globetown Learning Community (UK)

  • To improve young people's life chances through education. (2008)

Slogans of The Healing Foundation (UK)

  • Rebuilding the bodies, minds and lives of people with disfigurement. (2008)

Slogans of The Hendricks Institute (US)

  • Resources for conscious living and loving. (2010)

Slogans of The Highland Council (UK)

  • The Highlands. The natural place to be. (2001)

Slogans of The Humane Society of the U.S. (US)

  • Promoting the protection of animals. (2003)

Slogans of The Kabbalah Centre (UK)

  • Improving people's lives. (2004)

Slogans of The Lions (UK)

  • Ordinary people - Amazing things. (2003)

Slogans of The Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK)

  • There is still no cure for Multiple Sclerosis. (1978)

Slogans of The Lord's Taverners (UK)

  • Giving young people a sporting chance. (2008)

Slogans of The Marine Stewardship Council (UK)

  • The best environmental choice in seafood. (2008)

Slogans of The Mayhew Animal Home (UK)

  • Helping animals & their carers since 1886. (2005)

Slogans of The Meningitis Trust (UK)

  • Rebuilding shattered lives. (2007)

Slogans of The Ministry of Defence (UK)

  • A force for good in the world. (2007)

Slogans of The Mission To Seafarers (UK)

  • Caring for seafarers around the world. (2007)

Slogans of Thames Reach Bondway (UK)

  • Ending street homelessness. (2003)

Slogans of Thames Gateway London Partnership (UK)

  • Leave the car at home!! (2002)

Slogans of Thames Community Foundation (UK)

  • Making a difference. (2008)

Slogans of Sport Relief (UK)

  • Everyone wins. (2002)

Slogans of Smile Train (US)

  • Changing the world one smile at a time. (2010)

Slogans of Social Enterprise Coalition (UK)

  • The voice of social enterprise. (2008)

Slogans of Social Services (UK)

  • It's all about people. (2006)

Slogans of Soroptimist (US)

  • Best for women. (2004)

Slogans of South Bedfordshire (UK)

  • Taking pride in our district. (2008)

Slogans of South London YMCA (UK)

  • Helping people away from the street and towards independence. (2005)

Slogans of South Oxfordshire District Council (UK)

  • Listening - Learning - Leading. (2009)

Slogans of South Tyneside Council (UK)

  • Moving towards a better future. (2009)

Slogans of South Yorkshire Police (UK)

  • Justice with courage. (2001)

Slogans of Southampton City Council (UK)

  • Where new thinking thrives. (2003)

Slogans of Southwark Council (UK)

  • Influence local services and decisions that affect you and your neighbourhood. (2004)

Slogans of Southwark Local Council (UK)

  • Save yourself the hassle - Pay your Council Tax by direct debit. (2003)

Slogans of SpeakingUp (UK)

  • Voice - Action - Change. (2008)

Slogans of Spear (UK)

  • Working with homeless people. (2008)

Slogans of Spelthorne Borough Council (UK)

  • Improving on excellence. (2006)

Slogans of Single Homeless Project (UK)

  • Supporting people in London. (2008)

Slogans of Sing Up (UK)

  • Help kids find their voice. (2008)

Slogans of Signature (UK)

  • Excellence in communication with deaf people. (2013)

Slogans of Sedex (UK)

  • Empowering responsible supply chains. (2012)

Slogans of Scort

  • Go for it! (2009)

Slogans of Scottish Police Federation (UK)

  • The voice of Scotland's police service. (2014)

Slogans of Scripture Union (UK)

  • Light to live by. (2005)

Slogans of Sea Change Arts (UK)

  • Positive creativity for a vibrant future. (2008)

Slogans of Seafarers UK (UK)

  • King George's fund for sailors. (2006)

Slogans of Seamee

  • Exploring life. (2010)

Slogans of Selby District Council (UK)

  • Moving forward with purpose. (2006)

Slogans of Sight Savers International (UK)

  • Saving sight - changing lives. (2002)

Slogans of Seven Summits

  • Your place for eternity (2011)

Slogans of Shaftesbury (UK)

  • Christian care in action. (2007)

Slogans of Share Our Strength (US)

  • No kid hungry. (2008)

Slogans of Shaw Trust (UK)

  • Ability at work. (2009)

Slogans of Sheffield City Council (UK)

  • Where everyone matters. (2008)

Slogans of Shopmobility Manchester (UK)

  • The freedom of the city! (2008)

Slogans of Spitex Bern (CH)

  • My home is the best hospital. (2010)

Slogans of Spurgeon's Child Care (UK)

  • Working with children, young people and families. (2005)

Slogans of Texas Litter Campaign (US)

  • Don't mess with Texas. (2004)

Slogans of Spurgeons (UK)

  • Creating hope - Building futures. (2008)

Slogans of Sutton (UK)

  • Take a closer look. (2006)

Slogans of Swiis (UK)

  • All together better. (2016)

Slogans of Swiis Foster Care (UK)

  • Making care count. (2009)

Slogans of Swissaid (CH)

  • Inspiring courage. (2015)

Slogans of Swissbridge (CH)

  • Invest in cancer research worldwide. (2011)

Slogans of Sydenham Gardens (UK)

  • A growing community. (2008)

Slogans of Tacade (UK)

  • Committed to young people's health. (2007)

Slogans of Taiwan (UK)

  • Peace is the goal. Democracy is the key. (2004)

Slogans of Target (UK)

  • Fighting crime, fighting the fear of crime. (2003)

Slogans of Targeting Benefit Fraud (UK)

  • We're on to you. (2006)

Slogans of Teamredlaces (UK)

  • Keeping young hearts running. (2008)

Slogans of Teamup

  • Better. Together. (2014)

Slogans of Tearfund (UK)

  • Christian action with the world's poor. (2006)

Slogans of Terre des Hommes (CH)

  • Helping children worldwide. (2015)

Slogans of Terrence Higgins Trust (UK)

  • The HIV & AIDS charity for life. (2005)

Slogans of Surrey County Council (UK)

  • Making Surrey a better place. (2009)

Slogans of Stuttering Foundation of America (US)

  • A nonprofit organization since 1947 - Helping those who stutter. (2003)

Slogans of Strutton (UK)

  • Supporting vulnerable people. (2003)

Slogans of St Vincent's (UK)

  • Helping locally. (2007)

Slogans of St Basils (UK)

  • Works with young people. (2009)

Slogans of St Christopher's (UK)

  • Housing and care for young people. (2005)

Slogans of St Christopher's Fellowship (UK)

  • Passionate about positive outcomes. (2009)

Slogans of St Dunstan's (UK)

  • An independent future for blind ex-service men and women. (2008)

Slogans of St Loyes Foundation (UK)

  • Expertise in disability training, education & employment. (2005)

Slogans of St Mungo's (UK)

  • Opening doors for London's homeless. (2009)

Slogans of Stagetext (UK)

  • Making theatre accessible to people with a hearing loss. (2002)

Slogans of Street Child Africa (UK)

  • Their potential is our inspiration. (2008)

Slogans of Stanley Park Ecology Society

  • Connecting people with nature since 1988. (2013)

Slogans of Starfish (UK)

  • Turning the tide on AIDS. (2004)

Slogans of Starlight (UK)

  • Brightening the lives of seriously and terminally ill children. (2008)

Slogans of Stewardship (UK)

  • Transforming generosity. (2015)

Slogans of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (UK)

  • Cleaner, greener, safer, stronger. (2009)

Slogans of Stonewall (UK)

  • Diversity champions. (2007)

Slogans of The Royal National Institute for the Deaf (UK)

  • Helps deaf people to live with deafness. (1976)

Slogans of The Royal Star Garter Home (UK)

  • Enhancing the lives of those who served. (2006)

Slogans of The Salvation Army Employment Plus UK (UK)

  • Work for all. (2009)

Slogans of Wildteam (UK)

  • Changing the game for nature. (2015)

Slogans of Warwickshire Police (UK)

  • The safest place to be, where the public come first. (2002)

Slogans of Waste Aware Scotland (UK)

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (2004)

Slogans of Waste Watch (UK)

  • Change the world around you. (2009)

Slogans of Waves for Development (US)

  • Go to surf, stay to serve. (2013)

Slogans of Weddingchannel.com (US)

  • Everything you need to plan the perfect wedding. Yours. (2004)

Slogans of Weingart (US)

  • Don't make a donation. Make an investment. (2015)

Slogans of West London YMCA (UK)

  • Christian faith in action. (2008)

Slogans of West Midlands Fire Service (UK)

  • So much more than fighting fires. (2007)

Slogans of West Midlands Police (UK)

  • The beat in Britain's heart. (2001)

Slogans of West Midlands Police Authority (UK)

  • Your authority. Your voice. (2009)

Slogans of West Sussex County Council (UK)

  • Working in your community. (2008)

Slogans of Weston (US)

  • The nation's premier municipal corporation. (2004)

Slogans of When You Wish Upon A Star (UK)

  • Dream making for sick children. (2008)

Slogans of Wigan Council (UK)

  • Building the future together. (2009)

Slogans of Wild Aid (US)

  • When we all come together, we can do anything. (2006)

Slogans of Warwickshire County Council (UK)

  • Working for warwickshire. (2009)

Slogans of Warwick District Council (UK)

  • Building on excellence. (2007)

Slogans of War on Want (UK)

  • Fighting global poverty. (2003)

Slogans of WWF (CH)

  • For a living planet. (2010)

Slogans of Volunteer Centres (UK)

  • Making it easy peasy. (2007)

Slogans of Volunteer Reading Help (UK)

  • Confident children, literate for life. (2008)

Slogans of Volunteers of America (US)

  • There are no limits to caring. (2008)

Slogans of Vroom (US)

  • Make every moment a brain building moment. (2016)

Slogans of WFC World Future Council

  • Voice of future generations. (2011)

Slogans of WWF (AT)

  • For a living planet. (2010)

Slogans of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (UK)

  • A fast improving council. (2004)

Slogans of Wandsworth (UK)

  • The brighter borough. (2009)

Slogans of Wakefield Prison (UK)

  • A safer future for all. (2005)

Slogans of Walk the Walk (UK)

  • Uniting against breast cancer. (2008)

Slogans of Walsall Council (UK)

  • Diversity in action - Not words. (2009)

Slogans of Walsall Metropolitan Council (UK)

  • On the brink of something quite remarkable. (2004)

Slogans of Walsingham (UK)

  • Supporting people with learning disabilities. (2005)

Slogans of Waltham Forest (UK)

  • Where new ideas are flourishing. (2003)

Slogans of Wildlife Aid (UK)

  • Actively caring for British wildlife. (1996)

Slogans of Wiltshire Council (UK)

  • Where everybody matters. (2009)

Slogans of Voluntary Service Overseas (UK)

  • Sharing skills. Changing lives. (2008)

Slogans of Winchester City Council (UK)

  • Delivering customer service we're proud of. (2009)

Slogans of Worldwatch (US)

  • Vision for a sustainable world. (2011)

Slogans of Worldwide Volunteering (UK)

  • A life-changing experience. (2008)

Slogans of Wycombe District Council (UK)

  • The Wycombe way. (2005)

Slogans of YMCA (UK)

  • Helping young people build a future. (2008)

Slogans of YWCA (UK)

  • Women changing lives. (2008)

Slogans of Ycare (UK)

  • Effective aid through YMCAs worldwide. (2002)

Slogans of Yobeliee

  • Everlasting joy. (2012)

Slogans of YoungMinds (UK)

  • For children's mental health. (2006)

Slogans of Youth Opportunities Programme (UK)

  • If we don't plant acorns, we won't get oaks. (1981)

Slogans of ZSL (UK)

  • Living conservation. (2009)

Slogans of Zest (UK)

  • Health for life. (2008)

Slogans of Zonta International (US)

  • Advancing the status of women worldwide. (2010)

Slogans of Zoosk (US)

  • Date smarter. (2013)

Slogans of Zwilling Care

  • Help for life. (2013)

Slogans of dotHIV

  • The red ribbon of the digital age. (2013)

Slogans of World Wildlife Fund (US)

  • Together, we can be a force of nature. (2005)

Slogans of World Peace Festival

  • Peace starts with me. (2011)

Slogans of World ORT (UK)

  • Educating for life. (2008)

Slogans of Women's Aid (UK)

  • Until women & children are safe. (2009)

Slogans of Winged Fellowship Trust (UK)

  • Great people. Great care. Great fun. (2001)

Slogans of Wings Day Sept 19th (UK)

  • Give for those who gave. (1964)

Slogans of Wings Of Hope (US)

  • Turn your wings into wings of hope. (1990)

Slogans of Winter Fuel Campaign (UK)

  • Keep warm - Keep well. (2007)

Slogans of Wolverhampton Kerb-Crawling Campaign (UK)

  • Wolverhampton hates kerb-crawling. So get out & stay out! (2006)

Slogans of Womankind Worldwide (UK)

  • Say no to the violent abuse of women, visit womankind.org.uk. (2002)

Slogans of Worcestershire County Council (UK)

  • Live another life. (2004)

Slogans of World Economic Forum (UK)

  • Committed to improving the state of the world. (2008)

Slogans of Worcestershire Lifestyles (UK)

  • For people with physical disabilities. (2002)

Slogans of Word Wildlife Fund (UK)

  • For a living planet. (2008)

Slogans of Working Assets (US)

  • Making it easy to make a difference. (2003)

Slogans of Working Families (UK)

  • Changing the way we live and work. (2008)

Slogans of Working with Words (UK)

  • Making information easy. (2002)

Slogans of World Cancer Research Fund (UK)

  • Stopping cancer before it starts. (2006)

Slogans of Voluntary Services Overseas (UK)

  • Join the human race. (1987)

Slogans of Voice (UK)

  • Getting young voices heard. (2008)

Slogans of The Samaritans of Boston (US)

  • A great day to be alive. (2004)

Slogans of U.S. Department of Justice (US)

  • Take a bite out of crime. (2000)

Slogans of Tinder Social (heute Tinder)

  • What are you doing tonight? (2016)

Slogans of Together (UK)

  • Working for wellbeing. (2008)

Slogans of Torfaen County Borough (UK)

  • Supportive, fair, effective. (2009)

Slogans of Touch Community Services

  • For the traveller not the tourist. (2005)

Slogans of Toybox (UK)

  • Let the street children live! (2008)

Slogans of Toyota Foundation (US)

  • Investing in the individual. (1991)

Slogans of Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (US)

  • Spend a little lose a lot. (2003)

Slogans of Trail Blazers (UK)

  • Mentoring young offenders. (2009)

Slogans of Transaid (UK)

  • Transport for life. (2008)

Slogans of Trees For Cities (UK)

  • Breathing new life into cities. (2004)

Slogans of Tuc (UK)

  • Don't buy South Africa's goods. Don't buy time for apartheid. (1987)

Slogans of Turning Point (UK)

  • Turning lives around. (2009)

Slogans of Tusk Force (UK)

  • Actively protecting endangered species. (1996)

Slogans of Twowings

  • Releasing human potential. (2011)

Slogans of Tyne and Wear County Council (UK)

  • Up amongst the winners. (1985)

Slogans of Time Banks (UK)

  • Time to give and take. (2007)

Slogans of Thrive (UK)

  • Using gardening to change lives. (2008)

Slogans of ThreeSixtyFive Foundation (US)

  • Facing challenges. Moving forward. (2011)

Slogans of The United States Department of Agriculture (US)

  • Committed to the future of rural communities. (2004)

Slogans of The Save The Children Fund (UK)

  • Has a heart for children everywhere. (1969)

Slogans of The Smile Train (UK)

  • Changing the world one smile at a time. (2009)

Slogans of The State Department and National Security Agency (US)

  • Is it something we said? (2001)

Slogans of The Stop Climate Chaos I Count Campaign (UK)

  • We can stop climate chaos. (2007)

Slogans of The Stuttering Foundation (US)

  • Since 1947 - A nonprofit organization helping those who stutter. (2008)

Slogans of The Thomas Pocklington Trust (UK)

  • Housing and support for people with sight loss. (2008)

Slogans of The Westminster Society (UK)

  • For people with learning disabilities. (2009)

Slogans of Three C's (UK)

  • Valuing people with learning disabilities or mental health problems. (2005)

Slogans of The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (UK)

  • Saving wetlands for wildlife and people. (2008)

Slogans of The Wildlife Trusts (UK)

  • Protecting wildlife for the future. (2009)

Slogans of The Wildlife Trusts Ulster (UK)

  • Working for an Ulster rich in wildlife. (2003)

Slogans of The Woodland Trust (UK)

  • A concern for the countryside. (1991)

Slogans of The Youth Justice Agency (UK)

  • Children avoiding crime. (2003)

Slogans of Theodora Children's Trust (UK)

  • Special clowns for children in hospital. (2008)

Slogans of U.S. Animal Identification Plan (US)

  • Protecting American animal agriculture. (2003)

Slogans of UGA Parking Services (US)

  • Service beyond expectation. (2011)

Slogans of Viva (UK)

  • Together for children. (2013)

Slogans of UK Passport Service (UK)

  • Check where yours is. (2003)

Slogans of United Performing Arts Fund (US)

  • Share the experience. (2016)

Slogans of United Service Organizations (US)

  • Until every one comes home. (2008)

Slogans of United States Army (US)

  • Be all you can be. (1981)

Slogans of United Way International (UK)

  • Local people helping local people. (2001)

Slogans of United Way of Greater Cleveland (US)

  • Your check makes all the difference. (2004)

Slogans of Until (US)

  • There's a cure. (2004)

Slogans of Utp

  • Just our water. (2013)

Slogans of Uttlesford District Council (UK)

  • It's our community. (2006)

Slogans of VMM (UK)

  • Working together in a divided world. (2006)

Slogans of Vale Royal Borough Council (UK)

  • The heart of Cheshire. (2009)

Slogans of Variety (UK)

  • Improving young lives every day. (2012)

Slogans of Vebnet (UK)

  • Benefits at your fingertips. (2008)

Slogans of Venture Club Münster

  • Let's talk startup. (2015)

Slogans of Villageboom

  • Life gets better for everyone. (2012)

Slogans of Virgin Unite (UK)

  • The non-profit foundation of the Virgin group. (2011)

Slogans of United Nations Environment Programme (UK)

  • The world is your home. Look after it. (2005)

Slogans of United Nations Development Programme (UK)

  • Everyone will be richer without poverty. (2003)

Slogans of United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre (UK)

  • Don't close your eyes to human trafficking. (2008)

Slogans of USA Freedom Corps (US)

  • Everyone can do something. (2002)

Slogans of UK Private Investigators (UK)

  • Safeguarding you & yours with total integrity. (2003)

Slogans of UK Youth (UK)

  • The network for quality work with young people. (2008)

Slogans of UNDP United Nations Development Programme (US)

  • Empowered lives. Resilient nations. (2011)

Slogans of UR (UK)

  • Making it happen - Thirtieth anniversary. (2004)

Slogans of US Food and Drug Administration (US)

  • Selling cigarettes to chidren is illegal. For a reason. (1999)

Slogans of USA Freedom Corps (UK)

  • Make a difference. Volunteer. (2008)

Slogans of USA.gov (US)

  • Government made easy. (2009)

Slogans of Unite (UK)

  • Radical, professional, caring. (2008)

Slogans of Ukonlineforbusiness.gov.uk (UK)

  • Helping you succeed in online business. (2002)

Slogans of Uktradeinfo.com (UK)

  • Trading with knowledge. (2002)

Slogans of Umiwi

  • Not a fairy tale. (2013)

Slogans of Umweltbundesamt

  • For our environment. (2011)

Slogans of Unicef

  • Children first. (1996)

Slogans of Unicef UK (UK)

  • Children count on us. We count on you. (1988)

Slogans of Scientology (US)

  • Know yourself. Know life. (2010)

Slogans of Schwegler

  • Make wonderful discoveries! (2012)

Slogans of Kamitei

  • Help Kamitei help them. (2006)

Slogans of Muscians Benevolent Fund (UK)

  • Listening to musicians - responding to their needs. (2008)

Slogans of Music In Hospitals (UK)

  • Creating joy through live music. (2008)

Slogans of Muslim Aid (UK)

  • Serving humanity. (2008)

Slogans of NAALF (US)

  • Choice - What a beautiful life. (1996)

Slogans of NCDL (UK)

  • Help mend a broken heart. (2003)

Slogans of NEA (UK)

  • Campaigning for warm homes. (2009)

Slogans of NHS Alcohol Campaign (UK)

  • Alcohol - Know your limits. (2009)

Slogans of NORMAL Foundation (US)

  • It's NORML to smoke pot. (2002)

Slogans of NRDC (US)

  • The earth's best defense. (2005)

Slogans of Nacro (UK)

  • Changing lives - reducing crime. (2008)

Slogans of National Aids Trust (UK)

  • Working to end aids. (2002)

Slogans of National Asthma Campaign (UK)

  • Conquering asthma. (2002)

Slogans of National Audubon Society (US)

  • We're right outside. (1999)

Slogans of National Children's Bureau (UK)

  • Making a difference. (2003)

Slogans of National Children's Bureau Play England (UK)

  • Making space for play. (2006)

Slogans of National Children's Home (UK)

  • If you care, commit yourself. (1985)

Slogans of Muscular Dystrophy Association (US)

  • People help MDA Because MDA helps people. (2003)

Slogans of Multiple Sclerosis Trust (UK)

  • Opening the door to information education and research. (2007)

Slogans of School-Home Support (UK)

  • Transforming young lives. (2008)

Slogans of MuNica

  • Track your bag! (2015)

Slogans of Metropolitan Police Crimestoppers (UK)

  • It's easy money. (2004)

Slogans of Metropolitan Police Service (UK)

  • We want your gun, not your name. (2008)

Slogans of Michael C. Fina (UK)

  • Motivating, inspiring and rewarding your employees. (2005)

Slogans of Middlesbrough Council (UK)

  • Moving forward. (2008)

Slogans of Millennium Campaign (US)

  • No excuse - 2015 - Voices against poverty. (2006)

Slogans of Mind (UK)

  • For better mental health. (2008)

Slogans of Mines Advisory Service (UK)

  • Saves lives - Builds futures. (2008)

Slogans of Ministry of Defence (UK)

  • A force for good. (2009)

Slogans of Minnesota Community Foundation (US)

  • What's your vision? (2008)

Slogans of Mission Aviation Fellowship (UK)

  • Flying for life. (2008)

Slogans of Moid

  • Networking made easy. (2015)

Slogans of Moli

  • Control your privacy. (2008)

Slogans of Montgomery County Community Foundation (US)

  • Looking forward. Giving back. (2007)

Slogans of Motivation (UK)

  • Quality of life. (2008)

Slogans of Movinghere.org.uk (UK)

  • 200 years of migration in England. (2008)

Slogans of National Coalition for the Homeless (US)

  • It can happen to anyone. (2009)

Slogans of National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (UK)

  • Advancing education. Supporting PTA's. (2008)

Slogans of National Crime Prevention Council (US)

  • Take a bite out of cyber crime. (2006)

Slogans of National Crime Squad (UK)

  • Fighting crime means fighting the cause. (2004)

Slogans of New Connections

  • New start, new hope, new future... (2010)

Slogans of New Dimensions Group (UK)

  • Supporting people with learning difficulties. (2008)

Slogans of New Economics Foundation (UK)

  • Economics as if people and the planet mattered. (2008)

Slogans of New-in-town

  • Log in to go out. (2007)

Slogans of Newham (UK)

  • London's youngest, brightest borough. (2009)

Slogans of NewstrAid (UK)

  • The helping hand of Newstrade. (2009)

Slogans of Norfolk Police (UK)

  • Our priority is you. (2008)

Slogans of North Bay Council (US)

  • Business working for a better future. (2004)

Slogans of North East Lincolnshire Council (UK)

  • Progressing with pride. (2007)

Slogans of North Somerset Council (UK)

  • Services that benefit the community. (2007)

Slogans of North West Leicestershire District Council (UK)

  • At the heart of the National Forest. (2004)

Slogans of North Yorkshire (UK)

  • If you're not going far, forget the car. (2003)

Slogans of North Yorkshire Police (UK)

  • Reducing crime and the fear of crime. (2009)

Slogans of Northumbria Police (UK)

  • Total policing. (2008)

Slogans of Norwood (UK)

  • Children & families first. (2009)

Slogans of Network Rail (UK)

  • Level crossings x Don't run the risk. (2009)

Slogans of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council (UK)

  • Making a difference. (2009)

Slogans of Naturefund

  • We buy land for nature. (2015)

Slogans of National Organization on Disability (US)

  • It's ability, not disability, that counts. (2008)

Slogans of National Fostering Agency (UK)

  • Caring for you caring for children. (2006)

Slogans of National Homeless Alliance (UK)

  • The voice of 1,000 frontline agencies. (2001)

Slogans of National Kidney Foundation (US)

  • Making lives better. (2005)

Slogans of National Mental Health Association (US)

  • Fighting for America's mental health. (2005)

Slogans of National Missing Persons Helpline (UK)

  • The only secret that we'll betray is that you are alive. (2004)

Slogans of National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US)

  • Help short circuit multiple sclerosis. (1988)

Slogans of National Philantropy Day (US)

  • Change the world with a living heart. (2015)

Slogans of Natural Resources Defense Council (US)

  • Clean water. If we all do a little, we can do a lot. (1997)

Slogans of National Prostate Cancer Coalition (US)

  • Awareness - Outreach - Advocacy. (2008)

Slogans of National Public Lands Day (US)

  • Helping hands for America's lands. (2005)

Slogans of National Safety Council (US)

  • Safety - Your most important call. (2003)

Slogans of National Trust (UK)

  • Make your Christmas unforgettable. (2006)

Slogans of National Wildlife Federation (UK)

  • Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. (2008)

Slogans of Nationwide Children's (US)

  • When your child needs a hospital, everything matters. (2015)

Slogans of Metropolitan Police Anti-Knife Campaign (UK)

  • Carrying a knife It's not a good look. (2007)

Slogans of Metropolitan Police (UK)

  • If you suspect it, report it. (2005)

Slogans of Merton Council (UK)

  • Moving ahead. (2006)

Slogans of London Action Trust (UK)

  • Breaking the cycle of offending. (2004)

Slogans of Law Society Charity (UK)

  • Solicitors making a difference. (2009)

Slogans of Leap (UK)

  • Confronting conflict. (2008)

Slogans of Leger Des Heils (UK)

  • Use your will for a good cause. (2005)

Slogans of Leonard Chesire Disability (UK)

  • Change the way you see disability. (2008)

Slogans of Leukaemia Research (UK)

  • Together we will win! (2003)

Slogans of Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme (UK)

  • Delivering sport. Strengthening communities. (2008)

Slogans of Liberty (UK)

  • Protecting civil liberties - Promoting human rights. (2009)

Slogans of Life Center (US)

  • It's all about people. (2011)

Slogans of Lifeline Kirklees (UK)

  • Helping drug users since 1971. (2008)

Slogans of Lingos (US)

  • Helping those doing good – do it better. (2014)

Slogans of LionHeart (UK)

  • Helping RICS members and their families since 1899. (2009)

Slogans of Lions Clubs International

  • We serve. (1952)

Slogans of Livability (UK)

  • Choices for disabled people. (2008)

Slogans of Living Streets (UK)

  • Putting people first. (2009)

Slogans of Local Government Association (UK)

  • Ideas into action. (2004)

Slogans of Lattice Foundation (UK)

  • Linking people linking lives. (2001)

Slogans of LandAid (UK)

  • Helping to build new lives and futures. (2009)

Slogans of Lancashire County Council (UK)

  • A 4-star council. (2009)

Slogans of Kith & Kids (UK)

  • Supporting disability - Focusing on abilities. (2008)

Slogans of Kidney Research UK (UK)

  • Funding research to save lives. (2008)

Slogans of Kids Company (UK)

  • Supporting vulnerable children. (2009)

Slogans of Kidscape (UK)

  • Preventing bullying. Protecting children. (2014)

Slogans of King Baudouin Foundation (UK)

  • Working together for a better society. (2008)

Slogans of Kirklees Metropolitan Council (UK)

  • Together we serve. (2001)

Slogans of Kissnofrog

  • Meet with speed! (2008)

Slogans of Kiwanis

  • Serving the children of the world. (2009)

Slogans of Lancashire Constabulary (UK)

  • Police and communities together. (2008)

Slogans of Knives Campaign (UK)

  • Let's not scar another generation. (2006)

Slogans of Know Your Limits Campaign (UK)

  • Alcohol makes you feel invincible when you are most vulnerable. (2006)

Slogans of Knowsley Council (UK)

  • Knowing the value of excellent service. (2002)

Slogans of LEPRA (UK)

  • Health in action. (2008)

Slogans of LGC (UK)

  • Setting standards in analytic science. (2007)

Slogans of Lambeth Adoption Services (UK)

  • Adopt with Lambeth and you can transform a child's future. (2003)

Slogans of Local Government Councils (UK)

  • Connect to your Council. (2006)

Slogans of London Association for the Blind (UK)

  • Nationally concerned. (1988)

Slogans of Merseyside Fire Service (UK)

  • One team many players. (2002)

Slogans of London Borough of Havering (UK)

  • It's happening in Havering. (2001)

Slogans of Make Space (UK)

  • Great clubs for young people. (2008)

Slogans of Make-A-Wish (US)

  • Share the power of a wish. (2008)

Slogans of Manchester City Council (UK)

  • Working for Manchester. (2009)

Slogans of Marie Curie (UK)

  • Facing cancer. (1990)

Slogans of Maryland Food Bank (US)

  • Until hunger ends. (2010)

Slogans of Maximus (US)

  • Helping government serve the people. (2011)

Slogans of Mayor of London (UK)

  • A cleaner London is up to you. (2004)

Slogans of Media for Development (UK)

  • Empowering isolated communities through media. (2008)

Slogans of Medical Foundation (UK)

  • For the care of victims of torture - 20 years rebuilding lives. (2007)

Slogans of Medicins Sans Frontieres (UK)

  • We can't operate without your help. (2009)

Slogans of Medway Council (UK)

  • Serving you. (2008)

Slogans of Meningitis UK (UK)

  • Searching for a vaccine. (2008)

Slogans of Menschen für Menschen

  • Helping instead of pitying. (2010)

Slogans of Menschen für Menschen (CH)

  • Helping instead of pitying. (2010)

Slogans of Mercy Ships (UK)

  • Bringing hope and healing. (2008)

Slogans of Mainstay (UK)

  • Winning hearts to heal minds. (2006)

Slogans of Mainliners (UK)

  • Working to improve quality of life and prevent HIV, hepatitis and drug related harm. (2006)

Slogans of Magistrates Court Pay Back Fines Office (UK)

  • Pay the fine or pay the price. (2004)

Slogans of MAG (UK)

  • Take action clear mines. (2005)

Slogans of London Development Agency (UK)

  • Hate hurts. (2003)

Slogans of London Mayor Assembly (UK)

  • London elects. (2004)

Slogans of London Play (UK)

  • Working for a capital where all children can play. (2008)

Slogans of Lord Mayor's Appeal 2008 (UK)

  • Investing in healthy lives, healthy vision, healthy futures. (2008)

Slogans of Love Rocks

  • Rock hard. Love smart. (2012)

Slogans of Luminé (US)

  • Helping children to choose peace. (2013)

Slogans of MAS (UK)

  • Helping you improve your manufacturing performance. (2003)

Slogans of Madame Grand-Mère

  • Now it is time to travel the world... (2012)

Slogans of MI5 The Security Service (UK)

  • It's worth protecting. (2003)

Slogans of MS Bike Tour (US)

  • Meet the challenge. Make a difference. (2004)

Slogans of eaVes (UK)

  • Putting women first. (2009)

Slogans of Maca (UK)

  • Understanding people. (2003)

Slogans of Macmillan Cancer Support (UK)

  • We are Macmillan. (2009)

Slogans of Macmillan Fund (UK)

  • Leading the way in cancer care. (1988)

Slogans of Nottingham City Council (UK)

  • Our style is legendary. (2001)

Slogans of Novas (UK)

  • Bringing people together. (2006)

Slogans of Nugent Care (UK)

  • Because Nugent cares. (2008)

Slogans of Retiretennessee.org (US)

  • The good life just got better. (2008)

Slogans of Redditch Borough Council (UK)

  • Making a difference. (2007)

Slogans of Refuge (UK)

  • For women and children. Against domestic violence. (2009)

Slogans of Refuge.org.uk (UK)

  • Don't ignore the early warning signs. (2008)

Slogans of Regain (UK)

  • The trust for sports tetraplegics. (2008)

Slogans of Rehab (UK)

  • Investing in people, changing perspectives. (2008)

Slogans of Rejesus (UK)

  • Why not ask him for something else this Christmas? (2004)

Slogans of Relate (UK)

  • The relationship people. (2009)

Slogans of Rememberacharity.org.uk (UK)

  • Remember a charity in your will - Help the work live on. (2009)

Slogans of Research Into Ageing (UK)

  • Improving the quality of later life. (2004)

Slogans of Reset

  • For a better world. (2010)

Slogans of Resources For Autism (UK)

  • Bridging the gap between provision and need. (2006)

Slogans of Respect For Animals (UK)

  • Real fur is on the high street near you - Don't be the next victim. (2003)

Slogans of Restore UK (UK)

  • Investing in Britain's natural habitat. (2008)

Slogans of Results (US)

  • The power to end poverty. (2013)

Slogans of Retail Trust (UK)

  • Looking after all people in retail. (2009)

Slogans of Red Nose Day (UK)

  • Do something funny for money. (2009)

Slogans of Recycle Now week 2-8 June (UK)

  • Transform something today. (2007)

Slogans of Realslimmers.com (UK)

  • Losing weight together. (2002)

Slogans of RUKBA (UK)

  • Independent when elderly. (1988)

Slogans of RAPT (UK)

  • Stopping addiction. Stopping crime. (2008)

Slogans of RFSU

  • Changing lives. (2010)

Slogans of RISE (UK)

  • The voice for South West social enterprise. (2008)

Slogans of RNLI Volunteers (UK)

  • Train one, save many. (2005)

Slogans of RSPCA Bank of Scotland (UK)

  • £15 helps save animals in need. (2004)

Slogans of RTPI (UK)

  • Mediation of space. Making of place. (2008)

Slogans of Railway Children Charity (UK)

  • The voice for street children worldwide. (2008)

Slogans of React (UK)

  • Giving depth to short lives. (2008)

Slogans of Railway Level Crossing Campaign (UK)

  • Don't run the risk. (2007)

Slogans of Rainer (UK)

  • Believing in young people. (2008)

Slogans of Rapid Lienz (AT)

  • You'll never walk alone! (2010)

Slogans of Rays of Sunshine (UK)

  • Turning wishes into happy memories. (2009)

Slogans of ReLeaf (US)

  • Advocates for a greener Greenville. (2013)

Slogans of Reach (UK)

  • Bringing together voluntary organisations and volunteers with career skills. (2004)

Slogans of Retired Greyhound Trust (UK)

  • Greyhounds make great pets. (2007)

Slogans of Rhondda Cynon Taf (UK)

  • Breathing new life. (2003)

Slogans of Quicksilver Theatre (UK)

  • Open heart, open mind. (2007)

Slogans of Rich Mix (UK)

  • A new creative space. (2006)

Slogans of SOS Children's Villages (UK)

  • The world's largest orphan charity. (2008)

Slogans of SSAFA (UK)

  • One day's service - A lifetime of support. (2008)

Slogans of SSAFA Forces (UK)

  • For the rest of their life. (2007)

Slogans of SSAFA Forces Help (UK)

  • One day's service. A lifetime of support. (2010)

Slogans of SSAFA125 (UK)

  • First in. Last out. (2010)

Slogans of STEPS (UK)

  • We don't take walking for granted. (2008)

Slogans of Safe Driving Campaign (UK)

  • Think! Can you read a number plate at 20M? (2005)

Slogans of Safehands Day Nursery (UK)

  • From your hands to safehands. (2004)

Slogans of Sainsbury's Active Kids (US)

  • Equipping them for a healthier life. (2014)

Slogans of Salford City Council (UK)

  • Improving people's lives in Salford. (2008)

Slogans of Salisbury District Council (UK)

  • Culturally aware - positively fair. (2003)

Slogans of Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (UK)

  • Head to head with brain tumours. (2009)

Slogans of Samaritans (UK)

  • Whatever you're going through, we'll go through it with you. (1998)

Slogans of Samsung SGH-M300/Komen Deutschland

  • We're listening. (2007)

Slogans of Save the Children Christmas Appeal (UK)

  • Give a child a lorry for Christmas. (1985)

Slogans of SFS (UK)

  • The forensic science service. (2004)

Slogans of SEA Sustainability Entrepreneurship Award

  • Sustainability is in your hand. (2011)

Slogans of SBP (UK)

  • Preventing homelessness enabling independence. (2004)

Slogans of Rotary International (UK)

  • Humanity in motion. (2007)

Slogans of Riverfront (US)

  • Real work. Real life. Real abilities. (2008)

Slogans of Road Safety Anti-Speeding Campaign (UK)

  • Kill your speed, or live with it - It's 30 for a reason - Think! (2009)

Slogans of Rochdale Council (UK)

  • Excellence for everyone. (2001)

Slogans of Romanian Orphanage Trust (UK)

  • If you were shocked by the Benetton baby, you'll be outraged by this. (1995)

Slogans of Room to Read (UK)

  • World change starts with educated children. (2008)

Slogans of Rotaract

  • Rotary in action. (2009)

Slogans of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (UK)

  • Where everyone matters. (2009)

Slogans of SACAR (UK)

  • Unlocking potential. (2008)

Slogans of Round Table

  • Adopt. Adapt. Improve. (2009)

Slogans of Royal Life Saving Society (UK)

  • Safeguarding lives in, on and near water. (2012)

Slogans of Rubka (UK)

  • Helping elderly people stay independent. (1994)

Slogans of Ruedi Lüthy Foundation (CH)

  • Act against Aids. (2016)

Slogans of Rural Action Yorkshire (UK)

  • Enabling your rural community. (2008)

Slogans of Rushmoor Voluntary Services (UK)

  • Local support for local people. (2006)

Slogans of RAFBF (UK)

  • The heart of the RAF family. (2009)

Slogans of Qatar Foundation

  • Unlocking human potential. (2010)

Slogans of Nuneaton & Bedworth Council (UK)

  • United to achieve. (2009)

Slogans of People First (UK)

  • A voice for people with learning difficulties. (2008)

Slogans of PACE (UK)

  • Promoting lesbian & gay health & well-being. (2005)

Slogans of PHH Homequity (US)

  • For every move you make. (1992)

Slogans of PITO (UK)

  • Systems for policing. (2004)

Slogans of POhWER (UK)

  • Advocasy, making your voice heard. (2009)

Slogans of PTA (US)

  • Every child. One voice. (2010)

Slogans of Parenline Plus (UK)

  • Parents supporting parents. (2004)

Slogans of Parentline Plus (UK)

  • Because instructions aren't included. (2009)

Slogans of Parentsonline.gov.uk (UK)

  • Leading the way in internet safety. (2003)

Slogans of Partnership for a Drug Free America (US)

  • Heroin. It may not kill you but it will take your life. (1996)

Slogans of Passport Service (UK)

  • Don't let your passport run out on you! (2002)

Slogans of Patchwork (UK)

  • Positive about young people's futures. (2004)

Slogans of Pay Back (UK)

  • Pay your fine. Or pay the price. (2004)

Slogans of Payroll Giving (UK)

  • We'll all be better off. (2005)

Slogans of Peace Direct (UK)

  • Supporting local action against conflict. (2011)

Slogans of Peace Direct (US)

  • Supporting local action against conflict. (2011)

Slogans of Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (UK)

  • Christmas is a time for sharing. (1962)

Slogans of Overseas Emigration Visas (UK)

  • Help you begin that new life. (2003)

Slogans of Overseas Development Administration (UK)

  • Helping nations help themselves. (1981)

Slogans of One Parent Families (UK)

  • Making change happen. (2008)

Slogans of Nvision

  • Learning solutions. (2013)

Slogans of ODA (UK)

  • Britain helping nations to help themselves. (1994)

Slogans of Oakfield (UK)

  • Stimulating potential. (2005)

Slogans of Oasis (UK)

  • Demonstrating that Christian faith works. (2004)

Slogans of Oldham Metropolitan Borough (UK)

  • Together the outlook's bright. (2006)

Slogans of OnSide (UK)

  • Always there for young people. (2008)

Slogans of One World Action (UK)

  • For a just and equal world. (2008)

Slogans of Outdoor Industry Association (US)

  • Ensuring the growth and success of the outdoor industry. (2010)

Slogans of One to One Children's Fund (UK)

  • Making a difference to children's lives. (2001)

Slogans of Operation Roadrunner (UK)

  • Trucks to save lives. (1985)

Slogans of Operation Smile (UK)

  • Changing lives one smile at a time. (2008)

Slogans of Oprah's Angel Network (US)

  • A charitable foundation dedicated to helping educate and advance women and children around the world. (2005)

Slogans of Orbis (UK)

  • Saving sight worldwide. (2008)

Slogans of Outdoor Industries Association (UK)

  • Helping support, grow and unite the outdoor industries. (2010)

Slogans of PeaceMaker (UK)

  • All people, all communities. (2009)

Slogans of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (UK)

  • Have a look that kills without killing. (2003)

Slogans of Pure Advantage

  • Green growth for greater wealth. (2012)

Slogans of Perennial Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society (UK)

  • Helping horticulturists in need since 1839. (2008)

Slogans of Police Federation (UK)

  • It's time to cut crime, not costs. (2002)

Slogans of Police Service of N.I. (UK)

  • A service to be proud of. (2002)

Slogans of Poppy Support (UK)

  • For service people past and present and their families. (2006)

Slogans of Population Concern (UK)

  • A personal freedom: A world of difference. (1995)

Slogans of Positive Steps (UK)

  • Fulfilling ambitions. (2001)

Slogans of Practical Action (UK)

  • Technology challenging poverty. (2008)

Slogans of Present-Service (CH)

  • We care about you. (1998)

Slogans of Primacy (UK)

  • Only relocation - Only Primacy. (2008)

Slogans of Project sunshine (US)

  • Bringing sunshine to a cloudy day. (2005)

Slogans of Prosec (UK)

  • Bespoke security solutions. (2016)

Slogans of Prospect (UK)

  • The union for professionals. (2008)

Slogans of Prospects (UK)

  • Access to life. (2009)

Slogans of Prostate Cancer Foundation (US)

  • It's time to act. Like a man. (2004)

Slogans of Public Campaign (UK)

  • Think! Help the emergency services get through. (2008)

Slogans of Public Records Office (UK)

  • Centuries of history at your fingertips. (2001)

Slogans of Police (UK)

  • Could you? (2004)

Slogans of Plymouth Housing Group (US)

  • Your help creates homes. (2013)

Slogans of Plymouth Council (UK)

  • City of Plymouth - one city - one council. (2002)

Slogans of Phoenix House (UK)

  • Rebuilding lives. (2005)

Slogans of Peter Ustinov Stiftung

  • For children. Against prejudice. (2013)

Slogans of Petlog (UK)

  • Looking out for you and your pet. (2005)

Slogans of Petra (US)

  • Solutions for humanity. (2008)

Slogans of Phab (UK)

  • Making more of life together. (2008)

Slogans of Pharmacists Run For The Earth (US)

  • Do it for yourself And for the environment. (1995)

Slogans of Phoenix ARC (UK)

  • We deliver your people, perfectly. (2009)

Slogans of Phoenix House (US)

  • Rising above addiction. (2009)

Slogans of Pluss (UK)

  • Adding to life. (2008)

Slogans of Phoenix Nest (US)

  • Finding treatments for families. (2013)

Slogans of Picker Institute (UK)

  • Making patients views count. (2009)

Slogans of Plan International UK (UK)

  • Making a world of difference. (2001)

Slogans of Plant for the Planet

  • Stop talking. Start planting. (2009)

Slogans of Plantlife (UK)

  • Our plants - Our planet - Our future. (2008)

Slogans of Playboard (UK)

  • Working for the child's right to play. (2011)

Slogans of 3H Fund (UK)

  • Holidays for disabled people. Respite for carers. (2008)

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