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Nike Brand & Marketing Strategy

Positive and negative brand attributes

Brand attributes are characteristics that inspire a positive emotional response in customers and that we consistently associate with our brand in order to ensure we can be recognized by customers in terms of personality and characteristics.They are the set of unique fundamentals and characteristics that identify the physical, character, and personality traits of the brand in the market and in the minds of the customers.

This flower graph shows the positive and negative brand attributes of nike. Attributes closer to the middle are more strongly associated with nike.

Color indicates mood. More green means more positive, more red means more negative. The top 5 positive attributes associated with the nike brand are flashy, iconic, unstoppable, minimalist and authentic. Succesful brand communication often utilizes what people already like about a brand to drive positive perception.

The top 5 negative attributes associated with the nike brand are flashy, defiant, unfocused, disrespectful and snotty.

Size indicates the attributes’s commonness in the country (USA). Big means more common, smaller means less common.

Used marketing or brand slogans of Nike

  • The light shoe for serious road running. (1985)
  • Just do it. (1988)
  • Created to win. (1988)
  • Relax. (1994)
  • If it feels good then just do it. (1995)
  • We make it and there's nothing like it. (1996)
  • Because I know the other guy will. (1997)
  • Shoes for runners by runners. (2000)
  • Virtual skin. (2000)
  • Enjoy the weather. (2001)
  • Play. (2002)
  • Maybe we love runners too much. (2002)
  • Made to move. (2002)
  • There's more fast out there. (2003)
  • Want to play? (2003)
  • More distance more fairways more forgiving. (2003)
  • All over Aussie rugby pitches from October. (2003)
  • Shift your center of gravity. (2003)
  • Freestyle face off. (2003)
  • You're faster than you think. (2004)
  • Only greatness equals greatness. (2004)
  • Pleased to beat you! (2004)
  • More go. (2004)
  • All conditions gear. (2004)
  • Really forgiving. (2004)
  • Get hot. (2004)
  • Make music. (2005)
  • You create. We assemble. (2005)
  • Power to your feet. (2005)
  • Always on the run. (2005)
  • Will you be the one? (2005)
  • Take sport. Add music. (2005)
  • Fur runners by runners. (2005)
  • For warriors. (2005)
  • What does your team need today? (2006)
  • An athlete's secret weapon. (2006)
  • A little less gravity. (2006)
  • Tune your run. (2006)
  • Run like you've never run before. (2007)
  • Go running. (2008)
  • Take it to the next level. (2008)
  • Here I am. (2008)
  • Write the future. (2010)
  • May cause excessive performance. (2010)
  • Never stop running. (2011)
  • Get better, faster. Get free. (2011)
  • Free yourself. (2011)
  • Nutze jeden Vorteil. (2012)
  • Attack fast. Attack strong. (2012)
  • My time is now. (2012)
  • Game on, world. (2012)
  • Move more. Move better. (2013)
  • Free your run. (2013)
  • Believe in the run. (2014)
  • Risk everything. (2014)
  • Deceptive by nature. (2014)
  • Play in the now. (2014)
  • Find your fast. (2015)
  • See sport better. (2015)
  • There's always better. (2015)
  • Enjoy the chase. (2016)
  • Your eyes have evolved. (2016)

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Brand perception of Nike

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How consumers perceive your brand is important for its success. Brand awareness and Brand perception influence your profit and even the stock price (Colladon et al. 2019).

In comparison to other brands the consumer perception of Nike is <25% (very negative [4%]) in comparison to other brands. Nike carries gentle dominance [31%] and is perceived very masculine.

Free Images fitting the Nike brand

These pictures match the association of "Nike". Refer to the original sites for referencing requirements.

How to communicate Nike products

Get inspired by our semantic related topics associated around the brand nike. Main topics you can communicate are emission, futurism, coach, inclusivity and organic.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster emission are pollution, profitability, nan, nan, nan and nan.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster futurism are nostalgia, minimalism, subculture, classic, jazz and citylife.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster coach are kinesiology, sport, fitness, career, nan and nan.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster inclusivity are globalism, philanthropy, startup, sexism, hologram and tensorflow.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster organic are dairy, fresh, probiotic, pizza, nan and nan.

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Most addressed Jung archetypes of Nike on socials in 2020

As regards the top 3 archetypes for nike, the first one is The Hero when it comes to communicating effectively with your customers. The Hero is defined as follows: The Hero is on a mission to make the world a better place. Courageous, bold, and inspirational is what characterizes this archetype. The Hero has an uncommon vitality and resistance they use to fight for power or honour. It’s one of the most enduring and prevalent archetypes existing. Examples here are: Superwoman, Harry Potter, or Iron Man.

The second Jung archetype that aligns with nike is the The Innocent. It is defined as follows: It embraces happiness, goodness, safety, optimism, romance, and youth. The Innocent sees the good in everything and wants to feel well-adjusted to their environment. A few example brands include: Dove, Coca-Cola, Nintendo Wii

And, last but not least, we have the The Rebel. The definition for this archetype is the following: This archetype likes to question authority and break the rules. It craves rebellion and revolution. Rebels like to be independent, unconventional in their methods and like to challenge the system. The best example here is Robin Hood.

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