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Montblanc Brand & Marketing Strategy

Table of contents

The secrets of Montblanc branding and marketing strategies: What marketers can learn from it.

Positive and negative brand attributes

Brand attributes are characteristics that inspire a positive emotional response in customers and that we consistently associate with our brand in order to ensure we can be recognized by customers in terms of personality and characteristics.They are the set of unique fundamentals and characteristics that identify the physical, character, and personality traits of the brand in the market and in the minds of the customers.

This flower graph shows the positive and negative brand attributes of montblanc. Attributes closer to the middle are more strongly associated with montblanc.

Color indicates mood. More green means more positive, more red means more negative. The top 5 positive attributes associated with the montblanc brand are emblematic, iconic, inimitable, unmistakable and renowned. Succesful brand communication often utilizes what people already like about a brand to drive positive perception.

The top 5 negative attributes associated with the montblanc brand are obsessive, painful, relentless, snooty and flashy.

Size indicates the attributes’s commonness in the country (USA). Big means more common, smaller means less common.

New content ideas fitting well to Montblanc

  • Why You Should Travel Alone
  • 8 Tips for a Comfortable Trip
  • Why You Should Purchase a Wallet
  • 10 Reasons Why Wristwatches Are Still Awesome
  • Learn About the Best Timepieces to Own
  • The Five-Minute Upgrade: Weekend Edition
  • How to Give Your Neckline a Lift with Just a Few Simple Tips
  • Why You Should Be Wearing an Orchid in Your Lapel in Spring
  • How to Thrive through a Career Downturn
  • Why Wash your Clothing in Cold Water?
  • Laptop vs Netbook: Which Portable Computer to Take on the Go?
  • The Best Cellular Providers for These Products
  • Apple vs Google: It's Time to Switch!

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Brand perception of Montblanc

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How consumers perceive your brand is important for its success. Brand awareness and Brand perception influence your profit and even the stock price (Colladon et al. 2019).

In comparison to other brands the consumer perception of Montblanc is >50-79% (slightly positive [73%]) in comparison to other brands. Montblanc carries strong dominance [67%] and is perceived slightly masculine.

Free Images fitting the Montblanc brand

These pictures match the association of "Montblanc". Refer to the original sites for referencing requirements.

How to communicate Montblanc products

Get inspired by our semantic related topics associated around the brand montblanc. Main topics you can communicate are futurism, femininity, creativity, capital and citylife.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster futurism are surrealism, minimalism, traditionalism, and nostalgia.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster femininity are modernity, individuality, style, sensuality, tradition, and classic.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster creativity are originality, storytelling, inspiration, and innovation.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster capital are and wine.

Sub-topics for the topic cluster citylife are and upcycling.

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Most addressed Jung archetypes of Montblanc on socials in 2020

As regards the top 3 archetypes for montblanc, the first one is The Innocent when it comes to communicating effectively with your customers. The Innocent is defined as follows: It embraces happiness, goodness, safety, optimism, romance, and youth. The Innocent sees the good in everything and wants to feel well-adjusted to their environment. A few example brands include: Dove, Coca-Cola, Nintendo Wii

The second Jung archetype that aligns with montblanc is the The Creator. It is defined as follows: The creator is not only imaginative and inventive, but they are also driven to build things with meaning and value. They love to transform things and create something completely new. They are also clever and self-sufficient. Example brands include: Lego, Adobe, Playmobil.

And, last but not least, we have the The Explorer. The definition for this archetype is the following: The explorer finds inspiration in travelling, risks, discovery, and new experiences. They also love to explore new things about themselves. Additionally, they are very resourceful and cultured. Examples:

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