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Every year, millions of people from all over the world flock to different locations for vacations, be it for business or pleasure. The travel industry employs a number of marketing strategies to lure these tourists and create a positive word of mouth. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular tourist advertising campaigns of the last decade and what you can learn from them.

These are AI generated Ad campaign ideas for tourism

  1. Create a mobile application that helps tourists find the best places to see while they are visiting your city.
  2. Create an online events calendar for your city, where people can view upcoming events (both sponsored and non-sponsored).
  3. Develop a blog series focused on how to get the most out of visiting various tourist destinations in your area.
  4. Build an app that allows users to take pictures of their favorite travel moments, and share those photos with others who have been there as well. Publish these photos online as slideshows or videos on YouTube/Vimeo channels of partner hotels and B&Bs around the world (can be done via a simple WordPress plugin).
  5. Set up a photo gallery of prominent landmarks in your city
  6. Build mobile application for locating cheap hotels.
  7. Develop a blog about the best events and activities for tourists to enjoy in your city
  8. Create an app focusing on places to shop and restaurants for tourists in your area
  9. Design social network app where users can share their favorite tourist spots on the map
  10. Publish an ultimate city guide to your city.
  11. Create a video or a blog post highlighting local events, holidays and festivals.
  12. Launch an online travel magazine or newsletter publication that users can subscribe to online to receive periodic updates and tips on upcoming events and trips, like The New York Times' City Travel Guide 4. Promote your local tourism by offering discounts on hotels in your area during major local holidays, like the ones offered by Booking .com 5. Use social media sites for targeted marketing campaigns offering travel discounts for check-in's at airports or other places of interest around town during special events, such as March Madness (which occurs every year in early April) 6. Build mobile apps that allow tourists visiting the area to easily find information about traveling to a particular destination: hotels/hostels , restaurants , nightlife , attractions etc... 7. Design e-coupons where visitors can print out coupons via their printer at home before they come out for vacation 8 . Publish articles by insiders from cities around the country highlighting great places near them
  13. Create a blog post or video that highlights your city's most romantic settings and activities
  14. Develop an app that allows tourists to get the best deals on attractions nearby and act as a directory for local business
  15. Create free tours of your city in exchange for guest blogging opportunities on popular travel blogs
  16. Encourage visitors to share their favorite photography with others through a contest
  17. Publish travel guides, such as this one: Travel Info - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. Create a unique destination blog and share locally relevant content
  19. Create your own version of the top 10 list and promote it heavily to draw new business.
  20. Design an application that tracks rates on flights, hotel reservations, etc. to help visitors save money while traveling in their area (via Groupon, etc.)
  21. Develop a mobile app that allows travelers to upload photos of their visit to local attractions or restaurants (based on geo-tagged locations) .

Put Your Ad campaign ideas for tourism into Practice

Creating a successful and effective advertising campaign for your tourism business is not an easy task. You need to keep in mind that your objective is to attract potential tourists to your business. However, the best way to do it is not to bombard them with random information. A well-planned and well-thought-out advertising campaign will help you reach your target audience and it will be much more effective.

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