Marketing Campaign Ideas For Spring

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The launch of spring brings along a host of changes and new beginnings. The temperatures rise, flowers bloom and a new sense of hope fills the air. It’s a great time to reevaluate your marketing campaigns and start afresh. Here are some inspirational marketing campaigns ideas for spring.

These are AI generated Marketing campaigns ideas for spring

  1. Publish a Spring color trend article.
  2. Add some fun to your real estate marketing campaign by offering lawn mowing services this spring.
  3. Dedicate a page on your website to spring recipes and seasonal food ideas
  4. Create an online video contest where users can post video of their friend’s act of kindness in honor of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for example, the act must be completed during the spring months
  5. Run a social media campaign using the hashtag #Spring’n’Fun and make it about activities that customers can do (like playing tennis outdoors) in Spring, offer prizes for sharing photos/videos on social media
  6. Publish spring fashion tips on your blog
  7. Promote upcoming events in your area such as the annual Spring Flower Show
  8. Publish a buyer’s guide to upcoming spring activities and events in your city (possible tie-in with event or local hotel).
  9. Investigate the possibility of a local flower delivery app, similar to 1-800 Flowers or OLIO
  10. Offer a coupon for flower delivery on the first day of Spring
  11. Offer a special deal on sunscreen and sun dresses
  12. Run an online contest where people can share their favorite Spring recipes with each other
  13. Write posts about going to the beach or having picnics in the park as great ways to enjoy Spring, while also including your product or service somehow.
  14. Create a list of 10 reasons to visit your city in spring.
  15. Create an infographic about ways for tourists to enjoy their time in your city during the spring months.
  16. Interview local business leaders and find out why they love the spring season so much or how they plan to make the most out of it while it lasts!
  17. Include some fun facts about seasonal flowers/plants that can be found only during this time of year, and create an infographic based on the information! (Think daffodils).
  18. Come up with 10 or more ways that locals can benefit from seasonal changes and include them in an infographic! (Think layering clothing).
  19. Create a blog post series on what to do in the spring in your city.
  20. Offer free classes that teach people how to get the most out of their body so they can make the most of spring activities
  21. Create an infographic that explains exactly when it’s safe to plant flowers, trees, etc. and what areas are safe for them to be planted in
  22. Build a gardening app that allows users to manage their garden both indoors and outdoors

Put Your Marketing campaigns ideas for spring into Practice

Message: Don’t wait to spring forward until March 21st to start your marketing efforts and don’t forget to add inspirational spring images to your campaigns.

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