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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Restaurants

Have a restaurant that serves awesome food? Great! But guess what? That alone won’t bring more people to your doorstep. Your brand won’t get viral overnight without a well-defined approach. Worried? Don’t be. In this article, we will take you through the various steps you can take to structure your restaurant marketing strategy in 2020.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for restaurants

  1. Create a restaurant review blog where you can post reviews and opinions on local restaurants.
  2. Publish a food-themed blog, such as Top 10 Favorite Superfoods Of 2012
  3. Create an online recipe database where users can upload their recipes to share with others
  4. Write a few blogs about your favorite foods, for example: The Healthiest Foods You've Gotta Try Before They're Gone! and 12 Healthy Holiday Desserts to Make With What's in Your Fridge! 5. Set up some kind of giveaway 6 . Free food samples or gift cards could be handed out at local events or available through promotions/social media/etc
  5. Offer a deal to new users, where they give you their email in exchange for a coupon.
  6. Create an app or web-based platform that allows users to find the best food deals in your city
  7. Publish a guidebook to your city's best restaurants
  8. Feature local restaurant on your website or blog - provide coupons and special offers
  9. Reward loyal customers by ranking them on the "Power-Users" page of your site
  10. Create a restaurant guide for users to search nearby restaurants
  11. Create an infographic on your blog about how to choose the best wine with dinner
  12. Invite local food bloggers to post testimonials on your website about the good food at your place
  13. Offer deals and discounts for uploading photos of their meals using hashtag #myfavespizza or similar hashtags
  14. Publish a recipe book highlighting what you do best
  15. Design a mobile app for foodies to find new places to eat
  16. Develop some print ads or posters to place in local restaurants that highlight your services
  17. Create an app for local restaurants that allows users to order and pay for their food, splitting the bill with friends on the same table
  18. Collaborate with an existing restaurant-reviewing blog in your city, asking them if you can provide advertising based on each review/blog post they write about a certain restaurant in your area. Offer discounts or coupons based on their reviews/posts made at that particular restaurant.
  19. Provide lunches when hosting business meetings with clients at various restaurants throughout town (this will help you be viewed as a good-doer by other businesses and could result in repeat business further down the road).
  20. Host a local food festival
  21. Host a cooking contest on your restaurant's website
  22. Provide information regarding food trucks in the area, and create an app for it
  23. Create an online forum where users can ask questions about cooking techniques and recipes from other users of your site.

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for restaurants into Practice

One of the most important creative marketing ideas we can give you is to stay flexible! Sometimes tactics you use might not work. Don’t get stuck on one idea. If something isn’t working, change it. There are so many marketing ideas out there that you can utilize for your marketing campaigns.

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