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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Recruitment

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Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for recruitment products.

Successful recruitment marketing is a mix of creativity, hard work and strategy. It goes far beyond just sending out a few job ads and hoping for the best. This article outlines the key elements of a successful recruitment campaign and will help you to get started.

These are AI generated Recruitment marketing campaign ideas

  1. Offer free professional headshots to job seekers
  2. Add a "Job Search" section on your website where you can provide tips for landing the perfect job.
  3. Create a video series on how to ace an interview and nail your upcoming presentation at the company holiday party?
  4. Start blogging about recent trends in hiring and interview processes, in order to reach out to recruiters that may not be active social media users or frequent blog readers.
  5. . Build a simple widget or plug-in that allows recruiters, who are featured on your site, some exposure/buzz within their own (sub)network of contacts - similar ideas here: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/blogs/insidefacebooktalk/275629/How_To_Get_Your_Friends__Friends_Friends___Acquaintances___Followers__Connected#ixzz1Fh5j9XEW
  6. Post your latest job openings on local websites
  7. Hold an interview session with a local college or university
  8. Host a social media bootcamp for HR professionals
  9. Host a students career day for students in the area and offer free tours of your facilities and what you do
  10. Offer a free software that allows employers to find and hire local employees (i.e. all of your competitors are doing it).
  11. Develop an online learning platform for recruiters, as mentioned above for #4 in the marketing ideas for tech keywords section, but this time around have specific courses or modules on how to properly go through the recruitment process step by step.
  12. Create a blog post series highlighting your best recruiting tips and tricks along with some inspirational content on hiring great employees every time in order to attract new talent and grant you more visibility than your competitors, who might be focusing just on cold calling or LinkedIn/Monster Ads instead of investing their money in marketing campaigns based on creating valuable content.
  13. Create a Facebook group with product-oriented questions and job leads, participant is rewarded with an Amazon gift card.
  14. Attend hiring fairs on campus and post your startup's social media links to a wall scratch-off mobile application you created for the fair (an alternative way to promote your company).
  15. Organize a tour of local businesses for prospective students where they can meet recruiters from different industries and roles in the field, as well as network with fellow candidates over lunch or coffee at each stop.
  16. Create/Promote an app (or website) that allows recruiting professionals to easily track candidate information such as school attended, GPA, etc., schedule online interviews, make notes about each candidate's skills/experience level in different areas of the field; company interested in building this tool should share referral links on their current job page(s) to encourage already convinced users to refer colleagues who may be interested in applying for jobs within their organization via this new tool when it becomes available next year – if possible add tutoring services linked through referral network featuring top students who tutor users around campus (or city) via Skype or similar video chat software service at affordable rates; low fees are required since market is only university students who likely have part time jobs while attending classes during most academic terms thus need supplemental income due to limited financial aid provided by parents – many such students would love being able to offer tutoring services online without majority of profits going towards expensive marketing tools needed just like any other small business owner – some investors may get excited about providing seed funding needed for early stages of development based on future growth potential once more users start using these tools frequently and participating recruiters become more satisfied with its ease of use & increasing effectiveness over time compared against competitors – ask one investor you know well if he/she has any recruits seeking part time employment opportunities requiring little training yet capable of handling many student clients willing to pay $10-$20 per hour depending upon amount trained & experience level yet
  17. Develop a mobile app for recruiters to use during the interview process.
  18. Create a system that notifies job seekers when your company is looking for new employees.
  19. Publish an eBook about how to search for a job using social media and other online tools
  20. Make an infographic showing different ways people can get hired today
  21. Build an app that allows users to upload their resumes, complete with video and photos

Put Your Recruitment marketing campaign ideas into Practice

Promoting a recruitment campaign is an important part of your recruitment marketing strategy. A good campaign can help you attract the best people, get more candidates applying to your roles and increase your chances of hiring the perfect candidates for your business. You can use a variety of recruitment marketing campaign ideas to promote your campaign and get the most out of it.

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