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Today, real estate agents have several tools at their disposal to attract new clients. However, it takes more than a few tricks to create a lasting brand. To create a lasting brand with your real estate agency in 2019 and beyond, here are some useful tips to consider.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for real estate

  1. An app that provides real estate agents with a way to manage their business easily.
  2. An app that allows users to search for homes based on bathrooms, bedrooms and location.
  3. An application that helps potential renters find listings based on their income bracket or what they can afford each month in rent payments.
  4. Create a blog post series about how to buy your first home following simple tips and tricks from real estate specialists in your city
  5. Start a blog about the local real estate market and share opinions on home improvement with other users.
  6. Share information about your website on social media and online groups throughout your city.
  7. Develop an app for realtors that can help show property listings or that incorporates some ideas from Pinterest to share photos of homes and rooms within the home, where homeowners can post their own photos as well as feedback in different categories such as furniture, flooring, paint job, etc...
  8. For web design firms specializing in real estate websites build an app which will allow agents to manage all their properties and clients from one location rather than managing multiple systems with multiple passwords .
  9. Offer a service where you teach classes at various organizations located throughout your city on how best to use social media for marketing purposes . (Think "Classes", not webinars).
  10. Run an online blog on home decorating
  11. Develop a in-house agent team, using social media and real estate blogs to sell homes
  12. Publish local real estate secrets or hidden gems of where to live/shop/eat
  13. Create an app for agents and clients, where they can pay commission fees through the app directly from their bank account
  14. Follow any business page related with your niche industry (i.e.: fashion) and start interacting with them (Post comment, Like Pages, Share Links etc.) to get noticed by them as well as by others who might visit these pages.-
  15. Create a tool that helps new home owners to find the best neighborhood schools.
  16. Develop a real estate app that gives feedback on nearby neighborhoods based on users' interests.
  17. Create an online video contest where users can post their newest construction project and get feedback from other users.
  18. Build a real estate social network app for local home buyers and sellers to share information about their homes and neighborhoods, similar to Trulia or Redfin's apps for smartphones (see below).
  19. Develop an email newsletter for your clients featuring nearby events or articles about new home constructions in your area (and create incentives for subscribing).
  20. Develop a mobile application that allows users to take photos and upload them to the web.
  21. An e-book that offers a collection of quotes from famous authors, artists or celebrities who say they want to retire in your area!
  22. Offer "Work at home" jobs using your local real estate resources and attract freelancers looking for work (in particular those with experience in property valuation, photography and blogging).
  23. Create a series of iPhone apps highlighting the beauty of your city's landmarks
  24. Develop an app that provides restaurants with direct links to their websites within Google Maps search results on iPhones (similar concept as AirBNB)

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for real estate into Practice

To summarize, we think the following are some of the best real estate marketing campaign ideas:

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