Marketing Campaign Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations

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If you are in charge of marketing for a nonprofit organization, you may already have a well-defined marketing strategy. But if you don’t, then you have a few things to think about. Here are some basic ideas to help you structure your nonprofit marketing campaign in 2020.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for nonprofit organizations

  1. Offer an online donation store for your donors
  2. Build a digital donation platform where nonprofit organizations can register and share information with their donors
  3. Build a mobile app that allows users to donate to their favorite causes while on the go
  4. Run a Charity Walk around one of your city's landmarks, with donations being collected online
  5. Organize a canned food drive to collect and donate food for the local food bank
  6. Create an app for tracking volunteer hours for non-profit organizations that helps them see their impact on the community
  7. Create image database of customers and potential donors, publishing information about them so they can be recognized during events or other activities organized by your nonprofit organization
  8. Develop a mobile app helps volunteers organize their days/weeks and get up to date information from the charity in real time, as well as helping users find nearby charities to volunteer at based on location services
  9. Set up a detailed donor profile site.
  10. Enlist volunteers to create YouTube videos showing how the nonprofit benefits their community.
  11. Create a list of lessons learned from experts within the field of Nonprofit Organizations.
  12. Create online donation tracking and reporting tools for Nonprofit Organizations
  13. Test run an online fundraising campaign for a local charity, write about the experience and share it with your readers/users
  14. Create a series of videos showcasing volunteer opportunities
  15. Create an online survey on your nonprofit website to get feedback from users
  16. Create a list of local resources for your users (ex: food banks)
  17. Host live events that empower people to make positive changes in their community, similar to TEDx talks only focused on service and not technology or entertainment.
  18. Use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to share information about events held by organizations located close to you and get recruitment leads, encouraging followers at those organizations who may have little time available for recruiting activities themselves; let them know of the importance they play in making successful hires by giving the organization candidates with more relevant experience because they are aware that the candidate is serious about giving back while gaining valuable skills.
  19. Create a directory of local volunteers
  20. Create an event finder for non-profit events around the country
  21. Create an analytics tool for Non-profits
  22. Culturemap: a location based social app for local volunteerism and activism, similar to foursquare or Yelp!

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for nonprofit organizations into Practice

Great marketing campaigns make your brand stand out and generate a buzz, but they are useless if they are not backed by a solid strategy. Make marketing part of your organization’s strategy and before you know it, your nonprofit will be leading the way with great results.

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