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Marketing Campaign Ideas For New Year

New year. A new beginning. A fresh start. As the end of 2018 approaches, you are probably already thinking about your marketing campaign ideas for the year ahead. Maybe you want to focus on inbound marketing. Maybe you want to set up a personalised email marketing campaign for your customers. Maybe you want to run a blog to help you attract more visitors to your business. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, there’s no better time to try something new than this.

These are AI generated New year marketing campaign ideas

  1. Create videos about how to make 2014 a great year
  2. Create a Facebook Poll for users to create their own New Year's Resolutions.
  3. Create reviews of the best holiday parties in your area and publish them as blog posts or videos
  4. Feature content celebrating New Year's resolutions on social media outlets like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook that are relevant to your business (ex: Best Healthy Recipes)
  5. Create contests or promotions asking fans or followers to share their resolutions with you and give away prizes as well!
  6. Create a New Year's resolution planner
  7. Offer special discounts for clients who commit to a new years resolution program
  8. Offer special deals for New Year's Eve parties or events in your city
  9. Create a "New Year, New You" giveaway promotion where you send out goodie boxes to your customers with advice for how they can improve their life at the start of the new year
  10. Publish a local market quiz on your real estate website.
  11. Offer Home Valuations to Capture Seller Leads
  12. Answer buyer/seller questions on your blog
  13. Add some flavor to your real estate video marketing.
  14. Develop a blog post or video series highlighting great area restaurants and entertainment.
  15. Create a launch page for a new year resolution app, encouraging people to submit their resolutions for success.
  16. Publish an infographic showing the top celebrity resolutions of 2016, instead of just the most popular ones (2016 was a bit unusual in this regard).
  17. Create an app that allows users to create their own New Year's resolution by filling in which activities they want to do more often or less often.
  18. Start blogging about common habits that were made popular during the 2016 year, and what you think is going to be popular during 2017 (similar to how Buzzfeed does it with their "20 Things That Will Define 2017" list).
  19. "Provide tips and tricks on getting into shape in time for summer".
  20. Design a public service announcement video encouraging people to try yoga at their local gym.
  21. Design an original New Year's resolution idea generator, similar to this one
  22. Create a free desktop background or avatar with the year 2013 in it. (for example: Use the image of your choice - perhaps with numbers 1 and 3 on it, or some other combination - and add text saying "2013 is here!")
  23. Create a countdown widget that users can place on their blogs/social network profiles. (perhaps fill in something like "_____ days until the new year" depending upon how much time there is left).
  24. Publish 10 articles about different ways people can improve themselves during 2013, such as being more organized, eating healthier, losing weight etc..

Put Your New year marketing campaign ideas into Practice

We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2018 and we’d love to help you get started this year. Our team of digital marketing experts is here for you every step of the way. We’re confident that implementing these marketing campaign ideas will help you take your business to the next level.

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