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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Mobility

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Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for Mobility products.

The mobility industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. As urban populations continue to rise, governments are investing more in public transport, and consumers are fast adopting the latest transport technologies. However, not everyone is convinced of the benefits of mobility. Here are some of the best marketing campaigns from the industry.

These are AI generated Marketing campaigns ideas about mobility

  1. Offer a flat rate taxi service.
  2. Create an app that lets users request taxis and get notified when they are near by
  3. Publish a blog post on the best ways to avoid traffic jams in the city your business is in, followed by a contest where you can give away something like $100 of Google play store credit for the best answer.
  4. Develop an app that allows users to find places that offer free Wifi around town, or with as little advertising as possible (as not to make it seem like it's trying to sell them something)
  5. Create a contest where you reward users for supplying their feedback on your products.
  6. Create an app that allows users to share their experiences with your product
  7. Collaborate with other businesses in the same industry and run joint marketing campaigns together
  8. Run an online video contest where you encourage users to make videos about what they love most about your product/businesses benefits
  9. Publish relevant interviews with industry experts, customers or suppliers in your industry
  10. Use Foursquare's API to create a check-in offer program aimed at rewarding people for visiting you store or business locations more often
  11. Create a mobile application for real estate agents who are always on the go
  12. Develop an app that allows users to track their steps from walking to running and everything in between
  13. Create an online real estate community where agents can stay connected using mobile devices, similar to Facebook
  14. Create a website or desktop application that tracks your driver's habits and turns them into data analytics
  15. Design an app that will allow users to review daycare centers near them and then find daycare based on what information was previously provided by other parents
  16. Publish an eBook with tips on eco-friendly transportation
  17. Create a TV commercial that promotes public transit
  18. Develop a blog post or video series showcasing the new fashion trends of today's youth
  19. Develop an app that organizes local events such as car shows and eco festivals for people to attend
  20. Incentivize your employees to use mass transit
  21. Create a Getaway on Wheels campaign: if employees drive less than a predefined threshold, they are entered into a drawing for the grand prize of an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.
  22. Partner with a local school district and offer member discounts for students who talk about carpooling or public transportation 4. Organize employee outing(s) that everyone rides in company cars (can be fun too!)
  23. Put incentives together - consider offering cash to those who have good driving records

Put Your Marketing campaigns ideas about mobility into Practice

Marketing campaigns are all about creating physical and emotional connections. They are also about making your brand memorable, so you can turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Simply give it a try and be open-minded. You’ll be surprised how fast consumers will start recommending your brand to their friends and family.

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