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Holiday marketing campaign ideas are always fun to brainstorm. For example, a restaurant can send out gift cards to their patrons, with a small message that says, “Thank you for your patronage.” It’s a small gesture, but one that will surely help you stand out in the crowd.

These are AI generated Holiday marketing campaign ideas

  1. Create a page on your site that has advice and tips on how users can save money while traveling.
  2. Build a social network app for people to share their favorite travel destinations with other users.
  3. Publish blog posts or videos showcasing cool travel hacks you've found online
  4. Create an infographic or video about the relationship between culture and alcoholic beverages
  5. Develop a mobile app that's like an audio tour of your city to attract tourists
  6. Design a video series highlighting the best holiday destinations in your area
  7. Create a blog post series featuring different resorts and their attractions
  8. Develop an application that allows users to design and create virtual trips for themselves by choosing from various tourist locations, featured on the app.
  9. Create an online forum where people can discuss upcoming vacation plans or share their travel adventures with other users.
  10. Create a "Holiday Traveler's Gift Guide"
  11. Use Google's Keyword Tool to find the most popular search terms and then create content around those terms.
  12. Run a series of YouTube videos of you touring your city and recommending fun activities for tourists.
  13. Drive sales with an email campaign timed with major holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day) etc
  14. Offer a place for travelers to create their own travel guide.
  15. Create an app that helps users record and share their vacation memories and experiences with friends, family, etc.
  16. Create a resource page on your website where locals can share the best places to go in their area during the holiday season.
  17. Turn your Instagram account into a contest where people submit pictures of them enjoying at least three different kinds of holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day) This can be accomplished by adding a hashtag to each picture that has been entered in the contest (#HolidayContest) so it is easy for others to find all of the photos submitted for this particular contest based on such hashtags like #holidaycontest or #holidaysin____ or something similar
  18. Publish an article on your blog with 10 tips for a new vacationer to your location.
  19. Create a series of YouTube videos that takes users on a tour of local attractions during the holidays.
  20. Create an app that let's users create holiday photo albums and request photos from family members, friends, etc.
  21. Research some great local recipes and publish them in a blog post or recipe book online

Put Your Holiday marketing campaign ideas into Practice

As you can see, there are plenty of holiday marketing campaign ideas for you to choose from. So, don’t be afraid of experimenting!

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