Marketing Campaign Ideas For Halloween

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Halloween is a day when children and adults dress up in a variety of scary, funny and creative costumes and go around town trick-or-treating and having a good time. For marketers, itโ€™s a day when they can reach a captive audience through fun and engaging online and offline activities. Check out these eight Halloween marketing campaign ideas for inspiration.

These are AI generated Halloween marketing campaign ideas

  1. Develop a page on your site showcasing the best decorations for this holiday
  2. Publish an interactive blog post about the history of Halloween, or create a video series explaining how to decorate for it.
  3. Design an educational quiz around popular costumes from each decade, from 1900-2010s
  4. Design a blog with 20+ costume ideas every year, and publish in October each year before Halloween hits
  5. Develop a mobile app with coloring pages to make horror-themed designs--maybe include some crafts that you could make at home?
  6. Create a full-blown Halloween website with local events, costume contests and other things to do.
  7. Add a widget that allows users to create their own Halloween greeting cards.
  8. Create a blog post series that highlights the creepiest places in your city and why folks should check them out for Halloween fun.
  9. Develop an app for iPhone/Android to help prevent drunk driving during this time of year by allowing people to share the cost of cab rides or Uber rides using credit cards stored in the app (or pay cash). The driver would get tips from their customers as well based on ride review ratings, but it would be nice if they took pics of users entering and leaving vehicles as another measure to ensure safety .
  10. Set up a Twitter Wall to talk about how much fun you are having on Halloween
  11. Create a Facebook page where users can upload photos of their costumes and share the user-generated photos with other users.
  12. Set up an internet campaign where users can vote on their favorite costumes each day leading up to Halloween, similar to the Golden Globe awards or People's Choice Award show, but for your city
  13. Design an app that allows users to view parties in real time, as well as see which costume is more popular at each party (similar concept to Foursquare)
  14. Create a CTA that says "Share Your Halloween Costume Photo for a Chance to Win Tickets/Coupons to the Hottest Parties on the Block"
  15. Create an online costume contest encouraging users to upload their photos of their favorite costumes
  16. Develop online blog with tips for throwing a great halloween party
  17. Build an app that allows users to keep track of local haunted houses and other halloween activities, similar to FourSquare or Yelp.
  18. Publish discount coupons in your local newspaper (not available anymore)
  19. Organize a costume contest and offer other unique content throughout the month of October.
  20. Announce your open house events online during the weeks leading up to Halloween.
  21. Offer coupons for free candy on certain days, to reward users who share such information through social media or newsletters.
  22. Use Twitter to organize a live Tweet-a-Thon with an endless supply of tweets, keywords, hashtags and promotion codes that can be used by users in order to win prizes every hour on the hour..
  23. Make partner deals with local merchants who will sponsor a prize table where event attendees can redeem giveaways for various halloween costume props (ie: wigs, fake mustaches, masks)

Put Your Halloween marketing campaign ideas into Practice

Halloween is one of the most important holidays in the United States. It is one of the most popular holidays for children, teenagers and adults. Halloween is a great opportunity for you to use marketing campaigns. You can use various marketing tools and tactics to promote your business and your products. You can use below Halloween marketing campaign ideas for your Halloween marketing campaigns.

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