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Let’s face it—most people aren’t fans of gyms. They feel intimidated, and prefer to avoid them altogether. So how can you get people to work out with you? Read on for some great ways to get your gym marketing campaign off the ground in 2020.

These are AI generated Gym marketing campaign ideas

  1. Send out monthly fitness tips on Twitter.
  2. Organize a Twitter chat for gym owners to discuss hot topics in the industry.
  3. Create an online forum where users can share their workout plans with others, and learn from each other's experiences
  4. Create a mobile app that allows users to scan bar codes of food products at home and it would tell them how many calories are in that product, similar to Nutrionix and FatSecret apps
  5. Develop an app for people who want to lose weight or build muscle but can't afford personal trainers, using your gym as the basis of such an app
  6. Create a blog post with "user-generated" content featuring gym selfies by users.
  7. Create a video showing different workout tips and techniques
  8. An interactive, animated GIF of famous fitness trainers and their funny faces during workouts to promote your business
  9. Design an app that allows customers to find gyms/trainers based on their location, rating, experience level and type of training desired (Weightlifting? Cardio?)
  10. Publish various lifestyle articles on your website written by the staff of your gym or fitness trainer business
  11. Create a blog post where you recommend the top 5 pieces of fitness equipment in your area.
  12. Create an interactive fitness video tutorial library.
  13. Create your own exercise app, such as zumba or yoga, and share it through social media to gain new users
  14. Expand into related industries: nutrition, weight loss etc...
  15. Offer personal training service on your fitness website.
  16. Publish a blog post/video with top ten exercise tips/ workouts for the week
  17. Feature new product from one of your fitness vendors, such as shoes or clothing in a blog post.
  18. Create an updated look for your gym's website or social media page to appeal to potential members and gain new ones online
  19. Sponsor a local exhibitor at the upcoming health expo in town and get name out there of your business
  20. Publish local articles with fitness tips
  21. Start a blog where users can share their nutrition and workout experiences
  22. Build an app that allows users to find the nearest fitness centers based on location
  23. Publish a buyer's guide to the top 10 fitness classes in your town

Put Your Gym marketing campaign ideas into Practice

The first thing to remember when starting your gym marketing campaign is to make sure you know your audience. The best way to do this is through market research. Find out what your target market wants, what they need and what you can give them. Once you know this, you can draw up a marketing strategy to reach them.

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