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Marketing Campaign Ideas For Dental

Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for dental products.

There’s no escaping the fact that dental hygiene is important and, what’s more, there’s a huge range of dental brands and services available to consumers. That’s why it’s essential that you get your marketing strategy in place, particularly when it comes to social media marketing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you use this platform to its full potential.

These are AI generated Dental marketing campaign ideas

  1. Create a dental blog, either designed to be read on your website or as an article directory.
  2. Create a whitepaper that explains the steps dentists can take to maximize their SEO work with Google
  3. Host google hangout session with industry leaders where you discuss various common problems with dental patients.
  4. Organize a contest in conjunction with local oral products manufacturer where users are asked to submit photos of what they do to look after their teeth at night time and share it around social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, etc.
  5. Develope app for dentist which will keep patients informed about twitter feeds, weather forecast and other notifications that is relevant to health issues surrounding dental care for patient's well being
  6. Create a whitepaper on the effects of eating hard candy
  7. Publish an online dental health quiz
  8. Create a blog post series about how to be healthy during the holiday season.
  9. Develop blog and video content that covers topics like "why get your teeth cleaned", "how often should you see the dentist?", etc.
  10. Share your knowledge and expertise with other dentists by getting involved in their local association/society
  11. Create a Dental Blog that allows users to search for the best dentists in their area.
  12. Upload video content of patient testimonials and show how your dental practices can change someone's life (both stories and appearance).
  13. Offer promotional discounts if they upload before a certain date, if they share on Facebook or Twitter, etc...
  14. Contact customers via email or mailers after treatment to see if they're doing well and promoting a discount for patients as an incentive to come back in for checkups or new procedures.
  15. 5.. Create separate pages on your site dedicated to training videos, continuing education courses and case studies that show off the amazing work you've done in the past year - which will also attract potential new patients (who are researching dentists).
  16. 6 . Use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ to promote dental related products such as toothpaste or mouthwash with coupons available through these channels (and by sharing links within other social networks)
  17. Create a series of articles that list the 1-5 most important things to look for when choosing a dentist in your area
  18. Build social media application that alerts users when their Facebook friends check-in to a local Dental Office
  19. Develop online directory of dental offices so users can search and compare in one place
  20. Create an app similar to Foursquare, but instead allows people to earn points by completing reviews or surveys on medical office websites
  21. Design an iPhone and Android app that allows users to search "dentist" within their location, then allows them to see the top 5 dentists rated by other users or some sort of combination (e.g., Dr Smith has 10 years experience and is voted best dentist by 3 people who left reviews). User can choose which dentist they would like more information about, then be able to schedule an appointment instantly with this office using phone number displayed on the website's profile page."

Put Your Dental marketing campaign ideas into Practice

Dental marketing is a broad term for activities and techniques used to promote your dental practice. When it comes to marketing, the dental industry has the same rules as other industries. The most important thing is to be unique and be different from your competitors. Be sure to include dental marketing campaign ideas in your long-term marketing strategy.

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