Marketing Campaign Ideas For Banks

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With the advent of digital banking, traditional banking channels like branches and ATMs are fast becoming obsolete, and customers are now more demanding and dissatisfied than ever before. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help banks improve their performance, in the wake of disruptive technologies.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for banks

  1. Create a blog post on how to prepare for retirement and also publish it on your Facebook page.
  2. Conduct an online survey about banking, finance and stocks.
  3. Launch a city-wide savings competition among high schools
  4. Create a financial education app that allows users to learn more about budgeting, saving money and the stock market
  5. Post a list of "how to" videos for financial topics on your website
  6. Create an online education center for consumers that offers online courses
  7. Sponsor an event in the local community and partner with other industry related businesses to promote their services
  8. Develop a Facebook app that allows friends and family members send money right from their Facebook page
  9. Track how many people visit your site after they play games on Facebook, then offer them something like $10 off of their next banking service when they come back to continue playing the game.
  10. Create a country themed quiz for your finance website
  11. Create a monthly newsletter highlighting events and business in the industry
  12. Write an article exclusively for another website's audience, and have them share it on their social media to get more traffic to your site
  13. Offer savings accounts or credit cards with special features that meet a unique needs of your target market (i.e. millennials)
  14. Start documenting a city's most popular restaurants, bars etc.. like Yelp does for restaurants
  15. Build an app that helps people budget their money each month.
  16. Start a podcast and build a community around it.
  17. Create a blog that teaches users how to use their bank accounts, credit cards and loans better.
  18. Develop an app that connects small business owners with other online entrepreneurs to share tips, ideas, resources and support for one another's businesses
  19. Build a social network for mortgage lenders so they can connect with existing customers or find new ones
  20. Create a pop-up video testimonial on your website.
  21. Create an infomercial for financial product that informs and entertains viewers at the same time. Groupon did this well when they created a whole video dedicated to their new daily deal site.
  22. Do a social media takeover with one of your bank's notable customers.
  23. Get creative with competitions – create an online quiz or game based on financial topics, submit videos via social media etc...
  24. Find innovative ways to share infographics that are appealing, educational and fun! (i .e: You could implement an infographic calendar—like the Google doodle calendar)

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for banks into Practice

Banks have to be very creative with their marketing campaigns to get the attention of the target customers. As you have read in this article, there are many creative ideas you can implement to reach your audience and to build trust. With great creativity comes great results, so think creatively when developing your marketing campaigns and you’ll definitely be rewarded for it!

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