Marketing Campaign Ideas For Automotive Industry

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Do you need some creativity boost? Go through our over 20 marketing campaign ideas for Automotive products.
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Automotive manufacturers have successfully used performance-based marketing for decades, to increase product awareness, draw in prospective buyers, and boost sales of its product. Automotive marketing campaigns are typically made up of several elements including product advertising, product placement, brand advertising, sponsorship, event marketing and public relations. It’s not just the high-end sports cars – performance-based marketing can be used to sell any car.

These are AI generated Marketing campaign ideas for automotive industry

  1. Publish a series of blog posts/videos on how to properly maintain your car.
  2. Create an online community where users can share car maintenance tips with other owners, similar
  3. to DIY live chat or Yahoo Answers.
  4. Launch a Facebook app that allows users to browse new and used cars and dealerships in their area.
  5. Develop an app that lets you upload photos of issues with your vehicle, such as dents, cracks and rust spots – similar to YELP for Cars (CarMD).
  6. Create a video test drive of your dealership in action
  7. Create an online photo contest where users can showcase their favorite cars
  8. Make your local advertising, personal with the help of this marketing campaign idea: give away coupons for free coffee to the first 20 people who stop by your office each morning.
  9. Run a Twitter chat on location at a major car show, sponsored by you and link back to all coverage from that event/coverage in general as it relates to you and your space (you could also create an event page for that on Facebook)
  10. Build a simple app that allows users to search for cars based on price range or style preferences—similar concept to the clothes shopping one outlined above
  11. Create a "car library" of car history, statistics and reviews.
  12. Create an online car magazine where users can engage in discussions about cars
  13. Create a "car blog" where users submit articles on new car releases
  14. Set up a page where users can upload pictures of their favorite cars or nice parking spots they have found around the city/state/country etc..
  15. Develop an app that allows users to find the right mechanic for their vehicles, similar to Yelp
  16. Create a city guide for new car buyers, highlighting top auto options, reviews, and tips.
  17. Create an app that allows users to locate nearby service centers
  18. Create a contest on your automotive blog in which the winner wins free car washes for a year.
  19. Design an infographic on where best to park in certain cities based on time taken from point A to point B versus cost of parking and ease of access to public transportation options
  20. Develop video series showing how-to do simple maintenance tasks at home – e.g., changing your oil or checking for tire pressure – as well as show how easy it is or isn't using tools available at home
  21. Offer checkup/inspection services online (e-commerce) with coupons being offered by mechanics offering discounts when they come into the shop

Put Your Marketing campaign ideas for automotive industry into Practice

For the automotive industry, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and expectations of your audience. You want to remain relevant and appealing to potential customers. Keep in mind that you’re competing with so many other businesses today. Your competitors will always be looking for new ways to stay in front of their customers. But with the right creative marketing campaign, you can always beat them. Use these proven creative marketing campaign ideas and your business will never slow down!

Use AI to write high-performing marketing copy faster. 10x faster.

Test neuroflash's AI copywriter with the free plan.

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