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Hotels Copywriting Examples and Inspirations

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Get inspired with our hotel copywriting examples and inspirations. Save time and find new ideas for your copywriting.
#6436 - World Association Wiki page template - All GraphicsEmotional Dimensionsof Hotelluxuriousbrisbaneeconomicalcozysingaporebreathtakingguestparadisecinemavenueconvenienceswimming poolbreakfastspaciouspetwelcomeincentiveprestigioussplendidrooftopspectacularmelbournecanberragreetromanticgenerouscomfycomplimentaryaffordablecomfortablevouchergrandmagnificentpropertyreal estate

How to craft compelling copy for your hotel brand by using the following Power Words

Which associations combine the power of emotion?

The Venn Diagram shows which associations are both able to communicate different emotions at the same time.

In the middle of the diagram, you find words which are expressing all emotions strongly are: welcome, incentive, prestigious, splendid, rooftop.

Both Happy and Emotional associations are: spectacular, melbourne, canberra, greet, romantic.

Both Happy and Powerful associations are: generous, comfy, complimentary, affordable, comfortable.

Both Emotional and Powerful associations are: voucher, grand, magnificent, property, real estate.

Very Happy associations are: luxurious, brisbane, economical, cozy, singapore.

Very Emotional associations are: breathtaking, guest, paradise, cinema, venue.

Very Powerful associations are: convenience, swimming pool, breakfast, spacious, pet.

Copywriting examples for hotel products generated with AI

Blog Intro Examples

  • In a hotel, the interior is as important as its location. We show you what kind of hotels we will stay at in the future and how they influence our feelings and emotions.
  • Hotel management requires a high level of expertise. We explain to you how a hotel is operated and which factors are important for the success of a hotel.
  • In this blog post, we'll show you what makes a 4° hotel so special: Its location on the waterfront, its extraordinary interior design and an outstanding restaurant that has been awarded with one Michelin star!
  • The city of Amsterdam is famous for many things: gorgeous architecture, delicious food, exciting nightlife... The list goes on and on! But have you ever wondered why Amsterdam remains such an attractive destination? This blog post will tell you everything about it!

Marketing Slogan examples

  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. A home away from home.
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. A unique experience in a stylish hotel.
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. A haven of peace on the waterfront of Amsterdam.
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. Your place to relax and enjoy the view of the IJ river and world-famous harbor bridge.

Product Description examples

  • 4° hotel is an exceptional design hotel on Amsterdam's waterfront. The magical atmosphere created by the 4° team will make you feel completely at home. Enjoy breakfast with a fantastic view over the IJ Lake and let your holiday begin. Your room has a flat-screen TV, wireless internet access and modern bathroom facilities. Parking is free of charge. Free cancellation! Book now and be enchanted by 4° hotel!

  • 4° hotel is the ideal place for a relaxing weekend, romantic getaway or a business trip. The hotel has a unique design, combining comfort with modern technology and is located on the waterfront of Amsterdam. To accommodate your luxurious stay, we offer you free room service from Tuesday to Sunday. keywords: blonde hair coloring with highlights text: Blonde hair coloring with highlights & brunette hair coloring for men with gray hair. The color palette of P1 includes trendy shades inspired by the latest trends. With P1, there are no limits to your creativity! ... develops high-quality hairdressing products that emphasize individual creativity and style. In addition to the complete line of colors and styling products, P1 also develops all-in-one shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for the needs of each individual color shade. The products are suitable for both women and men. Keyword research: Owing to the fact that keywords play an important role in Google AdWords marketing as well as on Amazon, it was important to analyze which keywords are used when searching for hair coloring products online – especially in order to find out which keywords are relevant to our product (highlights). In order to do this we have compared the search volumes* of several different keywords (data source: Google Keyword Planner): Keywords with * have been checked on Google Trends as well. It turned out that not only "hair coloring" and "hair coloring products" but also "highlights" is used frequently as a keyword when searching online – therefore highlighting these specific words in our product description would be worthwhile when writing our description text for both Amazon as well as Google AdWords marketing purposes.* Key

  • 4° hotel is the first hotel in Amsterdam where you can dine and sleep with a view of the IJ. The panoramic windows of the dining room are extended several meters wide and offer wonderful views over the harbor, the IJpromenade, the city side and surroundings. In addition, there is a roof terrace with lounge furniture for private parties. The building housing 4° hotel is just as unique as the restaurant. The whole interior was designed by internationally renowned designers such as Marcel Wanders and Mieke Meijer. The design includes such items as custom-made light fixtures or doors with micro-perforations instead of traditional knobs.

  • 4° hotel is an absolute dream for design lovers. The interior designer Daniel van der Velden created the unique hotel with a total of 200 rooms, including 20 suites and 5 penthouses. The hotel is located on the waterfront in Amsterdam-Noord directly at "Ijburg", a new residential area on an artificial island. The view from one of the well-equipped guest rooms overlooks the old city center and the IJ river. 4°C Hotel Amsterdam City consists of two buildings: 4°C Hotel Amsterdam West and 4°C Hotel Amsterdam East. Both hotels are connected by a skywalk over the water, which gives you a wonderful feeling of freedom and tranquility.

Ad copy examples for hotel products generated with AI

Search ad headline Examples

  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. The hotel for a unique stay in the city center.
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. A design dream on the waterfront!
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. The place to be!
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam. An unforgettable vacation, overnight with breakfast & parking! Free cancellation!
  • 4° Hotel Amsterdam: The ultimate design hotel in Amsterdam.

Facebook ad headline examples

  • 4° hotel Amsterdam - your design dream on the waterfront
  • Overnight stay in a five-star hotel in the city center of Amsterdam with breakfast & parking
  • Free cancellation! Enjoy an unforgettable vacation at 4° hotel in Amsterdam
  • Book here for an extraordinary overnight stay: 4° hotel Amsterdam
  • Enter now - and spend a luxurious night at the four-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam with free breakfast & parking!
  • This offer is valid until June 30th, 2017!

Newsletter subject lines examples

  • Design dream on the waterfront
  • Overnight stay at 4° hotel, Amsterdam
  • Overnight stay with breakfast & parking in 4° hotel, Amsterdam
  • Free cancellation - overnight stay at 4° hotel in Amsterdam
  • Stay at this unique hotel in Amsterdam! * Note: we have used free cancellation to increase conversions, because it's a very competitive product and we wanted to make it as affordable as possible (hotel room prices are very high in Amsterdam).

Blog ideas for hotel products, conveying relax feelings, generated with AI

  • Feel like a king in a castle this New Year
  • Stay at a hotel and learn something new
  • A hotel to make you relaxed
  • A hotel to make you feel relaxed
  • A hotel for a refreshing holiday
  • Hotel offers relaxation for you
  • How to make your hotel room relaxing
  • Step into a beautiful new year at our luxury hotel
  • When you are tired, you can rest at this hotel
  • Pamper yourself with a stay at a spa hotel
  • Stay at a hotel and enjoy the safety of a home
  • Relaxation therapy at the hotel
  • A hotel for self-indulgence
  • Check into complete relaxation

These pictures match the association of "hotel". Refer to the original sites for referencing requirements.

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