How to write headlines: 53 catchy headline formulas for copywriters

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On average, 80% of people read the headline while only 20% read the text. This statistic shows how important a good and catchy headline is. It is the first thing that catches a reader’s eye, when she or he skims through an article. If the headline is not interesting enough, the reader will not bother to read the rest of the text because it is not worth their time. Therefore, the most important thing when writing a post or and article is to lay focus on headlines. Here you can learn about different headline formulas in order to boost your number of readers.

  1. How to X
    How to get slimmer in 7 days

  2. How company X got result Y
    How Amazon doubled its profit during the corona pandemic

  3. How to X even if Y
    How to have me-time even if you are a working dad

  4. How X can lead to Y
    How fruits can lead to diabetes

  5. How you can be like celebrity X
    How to get rich like Elon Musk

  6. X easy ways to achieve Y
    11 easy ways to boost your open rate

  7. X proven techniques to Y
    21 proven techniques to get richer

  8. X mistakes most people make when X
    15 mistakes most people make when buying products online

  9. X Secrets to achieve Y
    33 secrets to save more money

  10. X Lessons I learned from Y
    36 Lessons I learned from living overseas

  11.  X Lessons about Y
    31 lessons about trading

  12. X Ideas for Y
    15 Ideas for brightening up your living room

  13. X Hacks to achieve Y
    101 Hacks to get a better opening rate

  14. X easy steps to achieve Y
    5 easy steps to build your own swimming pool

  15.  X reasons why you are Y
    7 Reasons why you are always broke

  16. X things no one tells you about Y
    15 things no one tells you about online shopping

  17. X things I wish I had known about Y
    16 things I wish I had known about SEO

  18. The perfect guide to X
    The perfect guide to optimize your website

  19. The beginner’s guide to achieve X
    The beginner’s guide to write copy

  20. Warning! Are You doing X?
    Warning! Alcohol destroys your diet plan

  21. Let’s Stop X
    Let’s Stop destroying our body with this dangerous food

  22. Little-Known Ways to achieve X
    Little-Know Ways to eat healthier

  23. Why X is actually Y
    Why tomatoes are actually fruits

  24. Why X makes you Y
    Why blueberries make you smarter

  25. What Tool X numbers of Y used to achieve Z
    What Tool 345,000,000  of start-ups used to gain profit

  26. What you should know about X
    What you should know about social media

  27. No/yes you don’t have to do X in order to achieve Y
    No, you don’t have to work out in order to lose weight

  28. Are you still X?
    Are you still eating meat?

  29. Do you make these dangerous X mistakes?
    Do you make these SEO mistakes?

  30. Do action X now!
    Get healthier now!

  31. Do you want X? Then do Y!
    Do you want more money? Then do this!

  32. Target audience X – Are/Do you Y?
    Mummies – Do you want your child to love you?

  33.  Who else wants X?
    Who else wants a perfect home?

  34. I did X for Y months and here is what happened
    I did 100 squats each day for 12 months and here is what happened

  35. We analysed X amounts of Y and this is what we found out
    We analysed 101 headlines about corona of different magazines and this is what we found out

  36. We can help you to do X
    We can help you to boost your open rate

  37.  Give me time X and I will give you Y
    Give me 3 minutes of your time and I will give you a better way to life a happier life

  38.  A truly working tutorial to achieve X
    A truly working tutorial to gain more investors

  39. You won’t be able to X until you Y
    You won’t be able to be happy until you read this

  40. Breaking: X
    Breaking: new vaccination for coronavirus

  41. Reminder: X
    Reminder: You are worth it!

  42. Stop doing X if you want Y
    Stop using a dryer if you want healthy hair

  43.  X 101 – How to X
    Headline 101 – How to write catchy headlines

  44. X can help you do Y
    These 15 things can help you get rich

  45. Here is a method that is helping you to X
    Here is a method that is helping you to get more website traffic

  46. Get rid of X – once and for all
    Get rid of belly fat – once and for all

  47. Here is a quick way to solve X
    Here is a quick way to solve your money problems

  48. Now you can have X and Y
    Now you can stay and home and make money

  49. Have X/Do Y you can be proud of
    Have a life you can be proud of

  50. You don’t have to be X in order to achieve Y
    You don’t have to be pretty to be an Instagrammer

  51.  If you are X, then you can Y
    If you are a woman, you can get free drinks

  52. Statistics have proven that X
    Statistics have proven that chocolate is good for your body

  53. X vs Y
    Human vs. AI

Tired of feeling pressured to be creative?

There are many ways to write catchy headlines, whether using curiosity, questions, statistics or other ways. However, it is always important to remember that not “one size fits all”. You should think about your product or service and your target audience first in order to create your best headline. Also, keep in mind that the majority of people look at the headline first and then decide if they should read the according text, so take your time to think about interesting and convincing headlines.


Are you tired of writing your own headlines? Are you tired of being creative 24/7? I truly understand you! The pressure of being creative, but at the same time writing as fast as possible, is immense for copywriters. That is why you should let intelligent machines help you with being creative. You can not only generate good marketing copy in a split second, but at the same time, our AI validates the generated multiple options. Let’s have a look at a few examples. In the picture below, you can see how our AI validates different headlines from our headline formulas. In the first picture, our AI shows you how easy comprehensible the words in your headlines are. In this case all 5 headlines (A-E) have easy understandable words. This is important so that readers can easily get to know your point of few instead of getting frustrated because they do not understand the complex words you have used. Now, in the second picture, you can see how our AI validates how happy the words used in your headlines are. Words that are marked red are words, that have a negative level of happy. Here, the AI shows you synonyms to use instead that sound happier. Using happy words is important, because you would want the reader to be in a positive mood when reading about your marketing copy. 

headline formula easy
headline formula happy

Use AI to write high-performing marketing copy faster. 10x faster.

Test neuroflash's AI copywriter with the free plan.

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