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All you need to know about App copywriting

App copywriting is the art of writing text, headlines, and captions for mobile apps. Digital marketers must understand how to create a compelling user experience to effectively market their app.

What is app copywriting?

App copywriting is the process of writing the text for an app, website, or software to help guide users through the user journey. The goal of app copywriting is to make the user's experience as seamless as possible by guiding their information gathering and reducing any confusion that they may have.

What are required skills for app copywriting?

App copywriting involves writing for apps, websites, and other digital products. A common misconception about app copywriting is that the content should be written in an informal style or tone. However, all app copy should be written with a clear, concise voice that matches the personality of the app. If you are writing for an app geared towards children, for example, your tone will likely be lighthearted and friendly. Conversely, if you are writing for an app geared towards executives or executives to-be, your tone will likely be serious and authoritative. Other skills required to do this type of work include: knowledge of grammar and spelling; knowledge of marketing; understanding of marketing techniques; creativity; good usage of words; attention to detail; time management skills; ability to organize thoughts in a logical way; ability to communicate effectively with others (including developers).

How does app copy look like

The copy in an app is essential for communicating the value of the product to potential users. A successful app copy will include a headline, explanatory text, and a call to action. It will also include features highlighted in bullet points or headings, and provide details on installation, enabling in-app purchases, how to connect with the app's developers, and other details that are relevant to the user's decision to install or not install.

What are successful examples of app copywriting?

App copywriting is a form of marketing that is used to sell the app. The writing style of the copy should be personable, fun, engaging, and informative. One of the most successful examples of app copywriting is what they do on the Facebook app page. They use phrases like "Like if you're up to no good" and "Like if you're bored." This type of copy appeals to how people are feeling in that moment when they are scrolling through their social media feed. If they're feeling bored or up to no good, they'll want to like it in order to see more posts like that in their feed.


Copywriting is the process of writing text for advertisements and marketing materials. The goal of copywriting is to get people interested in a product or service. Copywriters may be employed by companies to develop marketing campaigns, or they may freelance and work on multiple projects at once. A copywriter might also work on behalf of a client such as a company looking for text to use in an advertisement.

Henrik Roth

Henrik Roth

Henrik is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, entrepreneurship and growth strategies for start-ups. As the CMO of neuroflash, he is an expert in all things AI and passionate about leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems.
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