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Google Ads Headline

Create high-converting copy for your Google Ad titles.

Google gives you the option to use ad titles to give your ad emphasis. Use your top keyword in the ad title, this will help you with promotional reinforcement.

Examples created by neuroflash

Fiery flavours made easy!
Chilli oil from valmor!
Chilli oil for the barbecue | Valmor

How to write a good brief to get the best AI suggestions

Your brief is extremely important so that neuroflash can write high-quality texts for you. The more precise your brief , the better the AI-written texts. Our rule of thumb is: 1-2 precise sentences or 1-3 meaningful and coherent keywords (separated by commas!). You should ask yourself the following questions for a good brief: What makes your product special? Who is it for? What is important information that should be addressed in the AI-written texts?

Product description

In the text field “Product description” you can enter who your product/company or service is aimed at. What is your USP? Who are you addressing with your product / service? What features and information should your AI-written text send out? Try to describe your offer as specifically as possible.


In the brief text field “Keyword” you can enter one or more keywords that should appear in your AI-generated Google ad title. If you are advertising chocolate, enter “chocolate, chocolate bar, etc” here, for example. If a keyword does not appear in the generated texts, simply click on Refresh and have new suggestions written.

Good Brief Example

With the Bestform therapeutic fasting course, you will learn how to prepare for a therapeutic fast, what you should and should not do during the fast and how to continue after the fast in order to eat healthier in the long term. You will receive professional support to help you start motivated and stay disciplined, so that you can go through the therapeutic fast and feel reborn afterwards. Start cleaning up your body with the therapeutic fasting course and release happiness hormones that you thought were already lost.

Bad Brief Example

Healing fasting course, online, as of now

Other text types