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Give your readers an informative and engaging look at your book with a successful blurb.

The blurb is an essential part of any book. It gives the reader an insight into the plot and lets them decide whether the book matches their interests or not. It is also a good opportunity for authors to promote their work and bring more attention to it. With an appealing blurb, authors can generate interest and increase sales of the book. A good blurb must not only be informative, but also compelling and appealing. It must make the reader want to learn more about the book and read it. It’s easy to pack too much information into a blurb and thereby scare off the reader. The goal should be to draw the reader in, but not overload them with information or give away the story in the blurb.

Examples created by neuroflash

When teenager Junis is suddenly swept into an unfamiliar world, it’s up to him to adapt to it. Thanks to his special ability to talk to animals, he quickly manages to settle in. But when he helps them escape from the circus, he is left alone with many questions. What Junis doesn’t suspect is that his special talent is full of dangers. He will not only have to recognize these, but also master them in order to find his own happiness – but will he succeed?
“He has the gift.”.Jeremy, a teenager, finds himself in another world where he must fight off his new challenges. He discovers that he has the ability to talk to animals and quickly learns to understand the language of trees and plants. Using his gift, he frees many captive animals from a circus to give them new homes in the wild. But as he tries to understand the animals, he seems to get lost in a vortex of magic and mystery. Will Jeremy be able to master his gift and answer all the unanswered questions he faces?
When the world that felt normal at first glance suddenly isn’t for Jay, it becomes clear: he has been catapulted into another world. There he discovers the incredible ability to talk to animals and soon understand the language of trees and plants. With his gift, he frees many animals from the circus and gives them the chance of a new, free life. But one day he realizes that he no longer understands the animals and their language. Will Jay find a solution to reconnect or will he remain lonely forever in his new world?

How to write a good brief to get the best AI suggestions

Your brief is extremely important so that neuroflash can write high-quality texts for you. The more precise your brief, the better the AI-written texts. Our rule of thumb is: 1-2 precise sentences or 1-3 meaningful and coherent keywords (separated by commas!). You should ask yourself the following questions for a good brief: What makes your product special? Who is it for? What is important information that should be addressed in the AI-written texts?

Genre & Target group

Specify the genre and target audience of the book so that the generated blurb is sure to hit the right tone.

Content of the book

Describe the content of your book briefly and crisply. You can also use neuroflash to generate a summary of your book’s content.

Good Brief Example

Teen – Novel – It is about a boy who is catapulted into another world and has to assert himself there. He finds out that he has the gift of talking to animals and soon learns the language of trees and plants. Using his gift, the boy frees captive animals from the circus and helps them live in the wild. Soon, however, he faces the problem that he no longer understands the animals.

Bad Brief Example

Talking with animals

Other text types