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Answering a question

Use the "Answering a question" tool to answer questions without having to do your own research.

Questions are often asked on forums or social media platforms. In order to answer them, you first have to get information. There are various ways to do this. For example, you can use a search engine or consult an encyclopedia. For more complicated questions, it often makes sense to consult several sources to get a comprehensive picture. Alternatively, you can also use AI tools, with the text type “answer to a question”. This way, answers are generated automatically without the need for research.

Examples created by neuroflash

There are a number of ideas for student internships. Some possibilities include: An internship with a local newspaper or magazine, internship at a local TV or radio station, internship at a public library, internship in customer service at a local business, internship in administration or marketing at a local business.
Hey. There are a number of different internships you can do as a 15-year-old. Some suggestions would be: An internship in a museum or gallery, internship in a library or archives, internship at a hospital or nursing facility, internship with an animal welfare organization. If there is something you are interested in, ask if there is an opportunity for an internship. Most organizations are open to young people who are interested in their work. So go ahead and take a look around – you’re sure to find something that suits you!
There are a number of different ideas for student internships. Some companies offer internships in almost every field, while others focus on specific areas. Here are some examples:
  • Media and communications companies: Internships in journalism, PR, marketing and social media.
  • IT companies: Internships in software development, web design and IT support.
  • Banks and financial institutions: internships in finance, accounting and customer service.
  • NGOs and social organizations: Internships in fundraising, project management and event organization.

How to write a good brief to get the best AI suggestions

Your brief is extremely important so that neuroflash can write high-quality texts for you. The more precise your brief, the better the AI-written texts. Our rule of thumb is: 1-2 precise sentences or 1-3 meaningful and coherent keywords (separated by commas!). You should ask yourself the following questions for a good brief: What makes your product special? Who is it for? What is important information that should be addressed in the AI-written texts?


In the text field “Question” you simply insert the question you would like to answer.

Good Brief Example

Hey, I’m 15 (female) and currently looking for a student internship. What ideas are there? More unusual ideas are also welcome. I am open for everything!

Bad Brief Example


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