What makes Coronavirus Headlines (real and fake) go viral?

The role of associations in content shareability. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, content plays a crucial role in informing and protecting the public. Coronavirus headlines and images elicit associations that are shaping which content is being shared and how


Methods of the Coronavirus Headlines Analysis

In our original blog post, What Makes Coronavirus Headlines (real and fake) Go Viral? we presented our major findings on why some headlines and images are more viral than others.Here, we will take a slightly more in-depth look at how

how to enrich your headlines with brand values

How to Enrich Your Headlines with Brand Values

Successful brands communicate their brand values with every piece of content. Do you want to be able to do it too? By enriching your headlines with your brand values, your content reinforces that which your brand stands for. Let’s take

how does claim tester work

Behind the Scenes: How does Claim Tester work?

Claim Tester is a part of our FLASH software, but have you ever wondered ‘How does that work?’Well, in this blog post, we are giving you a behind the scenes look! ???? What is the Claim Tester? The Claim Tester

What is claims testing for market research and why is it important for brands?

As a marketer, you should do claims testing for market research. But why? Read about factors which make your claims effective.


How to test effective packaging worldwide, with Neuro Semantic Analysis

For years, shopper research has shown that consumers typically spend about 2 seconds looking at products before making purchase decisions. A product’s Front of Pack (FOP) is the face of a product. The FOP conveys the entire concept of the