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Customers want to shop independently - and this also applies to decision-makers when purchasing software. At OMR Reviews, we work on bringing transparency to the SaaS market - based on reviews from real users. And they have decided: neuroflash is the number 1 of the top 100 tools in the DACH region in 2024.
Valeska Wittgen
Head of OMR Reviews

neuroflash is the leader

OMR Reviews, the largest German software comparison platform, has spoken: neuroflash is the number 1 among the top 100 tools in the DACH region in 2024.

Trust through transparency

Authentic user reviews on OMR Reviews provide orientation in the SaaS market and offer assurance when making a purchase.

The Data

With increasing reviews, the statistical representation increases and the significance of the number of reviews decreases.

No. 1 out of 5000

OMR Reviews is the largest German software comparison platform with over 50,000 independent software reviews of over 5,000 tools.

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As a fan from the very beginning, I am proud of how neuroflash has developed into an extremely useful platform for AI content!
Jens Polomski
KI & Marketing Berater

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