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neuroflash christmas contest

Happy Flash-mas!
Celebrate Christmas with neuroflash 🎄


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Write a Christmas story with neuroflash

Write a Christmas story with neuroflash and win a free annual subscription!

Use the neuroflash app to generate a Christmas story. There is no minimum word count, the most creative story wins. Simply submit your story by 10pm on December 20 for a chance to win a neuroflash premium annual subscription. The winner will be announced the following day via our social media channels. 

1. Step: Generate a story with neuroflash 🪶

Use the neuroflash app to write a Christmas story.

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How do I write with neuroflash?

Tips & Resources

1. Learn how to use the neuroflash app effectively. Check out our video training page and YouTube channel for helpful tutorials on the features and individual tools.

2. Familiarize yourself with our text types. neuroflash provides over 90 text types to choose from. If you want to write a story, it’s worth using text types like brainstorming, storytelling, scene writing, story from “I” perspective, etc. Here you can find workflow guides for different AI use cases. 

3. Use the right keywords. To get good results with neuroflash, you need to write a good brief to the AI. This includes appropriate keywords. For a Christmas story, it is best to use keywords such as Christmas, snow, skating, Christmas miracle, etc. 

2. Step: Submit story 📩

Share your story through our social media channels.

Follow our accounts, tag neuroflash in your post and add the hashtag #flashmas. You can either insert your Christmas story in the caption or post it as a picture. 

You can also submit the story to via email.

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Bonus: Ein Create an image with neuroflash 🖼️

Increase your chances of winning the contest by adding a neuroflash generated image to your story.

Use our image generator to create an image that matches your Christmas story.

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