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Carmarket AG relies on neuroflash for efficiency and data protection

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Carmarket AG, a pioneering company in the automotive sector, faced the challenge of shortening their time-to-market while ensuring the privacy of their sensitive data. The goal was to automate repetitive tasks and create high-quality content without compromising on data protection.

Solution: neuroflash - The digital partner for all brands

Carmarket AG opted for neuroflash, a powerful AI-based solution that revolutionized the entire text creation process and enabled significant efficiency gains. With neuroflash, Carmarket AG was able to capture and edit their results directly in one document. The integrated SEO analysis saved considerable time in content optimization by eliminating the need to juggle different tools and allowing keywords to be easily merged.

Advantages of using neuroflash

  • Efficient text creation: Carmarket AG was able to achieve significant increases in efficiency by automating text creation and integrating all relevant tools into one platform.
  • Time savings: The use of neuroflash enabled a saving of 15 to 20 hours of work per month.
  • Performance increase: The performance of the content created was significantly increased, which led to a higher reach and better targeting.
  • Data protection: neuroflash ensured the secure and confidential handling of Carmarket AG’s data, which was of the utmost importance to the company.

Areas of application of neuroflash at Carmarket AG

The neuroflash chat was used particularly intensively to promote creative exchange and find quick solutions. In addition, neuroflash enhanced presentations and served as a valuable partner in the search for information. A particular highlight was the “Optimize input” button in ImageFlash, which made the content even more convincing.


The introduction of neuroflash led to impressive results:

  • 15-20 hours of work saved per month
  • Efficient text creation and optimization
  • Significant increase in content performance


Working with neuroflash has not only helped Carmarket AG to increase their efficiency and save time, but also to significantly improve the quality and performance of their content. At the same time, the company has been able to ensure that their sensitive data is treated securely and confidentially at all times. Neuroflash has proven to be an indispensable digital partner that fully meets Carmarket AG’s requirements in terms of efficiency, quality and data protection.

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