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4 reasons why authors should use neuroflash

Egal ob Fiction oder Non-Fiction, ein Buch zu schreiben ist nie eine leichte Aufgabe. Allein eine gute Idee für ein potenzielles Buch zu haben, erfordert viel Kreativität. Die Geschichte anschließend zu entwickeln und auf Papier zu bringen, ist eine zusätzliche Herausforderung. Zudem muss man beim Schreiben darauf achten, dass die Sprache und der Stil stimmig ist. neuroflash hilft dir dabei, all diese Challenges zu bewältigen und ein erfolgreiches Buch zu verfassen!

The best German texts

neuroflash can write content in many different languages. However, our software is known for writing the world's best German AI-based texts. Large German providers like Telekom use neuroflash to write social media posts. We are rated very good by over 70% of our German users.

No more writer's block

The biggest enemy of every author is writer's block. With neuroflash, however, you can easily bypass it. The AI helps you to automatically continue existing texts or to create new content with the push of a button.

Always new ideas without long research

With the help of neuroflash you can generate new ideas again and again. In just a few seconds, neuroflash generates a series of title ideas or content ideas. Even in brainstorm sessions, neuroflash can be helpful and provide good suggestions. So you will never run out of ideas again!

Always find the best style

With neuroflash you have a set of tools at your disposal to ensure that your language and style are always at the highest level. You can rephrase your sentences, choose tonalities and then have the quality of the text checked.

Writing a book with AI, is that possible? 🤔

The answer is: Yes, it can be done!

There are already some experts and coaches who specialize in writing books with AI and offer professional training in the field. 

Janet Zentel - author & writing coach

Janet Zentel is known for books like “Wolkenblick” and “Mit Quietscheente um die Welt”. She now shares her knowledge and experience in book writing in her Bookerfly Club. In addition, she offers training with the magic quill of neuroflash in her coaching program. This way, you learn everything about writing books with AI and learn more about other applications for which you can use artificial intelligence.

Let neuroflash write a book for you

Save time, money and nerves by letting neuroflash write books for you. 

Find bright ideas your book

With neuroflash, you’ll find new ideas for great books in no time. It doesn’t matter what genre the book should have or who the target audience is, neuroflash delivers diverse suggestions for every purpose. Moreover, the generated suggestions are always creative and completely original. Then you can use the different text types to write your book with the magic quill. 

Let the magic quill write your story

Writing a book has never been so easy. neuroflash supports you in all steps of writing, from brainstorming to title and outline to creative writing. So you don’t have to be afraid of a blank page or document. And if you get stuck, just let the magic quill do the work for you. 

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Rated 4.7 in 150+ reviews


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