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How D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH increases its SEO productivity by 1,000 % with neuroflash

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Passion for film!

D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH is a veritable treasure trove of visual masterpieces that has made its mark since its foundation in 1999. With a small but highly qualified team of ten permanent employees and a network of 50 freelancers, they produce advertising films, image films and product films of the highest quality. Her expertise ranges from 3D animation and 3D rendering to character animation in the third dimension. They are also setting new standards in the field of live communication with live streaming and hybrid events.

With over 4,000 completed projects, the company can look back on a long list of satisfied customers and stands for excellence and innovation. Despite its success, D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH was faced with the challenge of optimizing its content production process, particularly with regard to SEO. On the recommendation of an advertising agency, the company decided to test neuroflash’s adept AI programs in order to shine in the blog and social media areas.

Quantum leap in productivity: New successes for D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH

D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH has once again demonstrated its visionary spirit: By using innovative technologies such as neuroflash, the company has set new standards in terms of efficiency. The figures speak for themselves: whereas previously only one or two blog posts could be created manually every day, the advanced technology now enables the production of ten high-quality posts – a quantum leap in productivity that marks an impressive increase of 900 percent.

A comparison with previous AI solutions such as ChatGPT, which already achieved a 300 percent increase in efficiency, reveals that neuroflash is not just an incremental improvement, but a groundbreaking innovation in the automation of content creation. The future of digital content is taking on an inspiring form here, and D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH is at the forefront of this development.

Moving moments with new technologies

Marc Simon, the Executive Producer of D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH, can look back on an impressive career. With over 40 film awards to his name, including prestigious honors such as Cannes Lions, ADC, Clio and the Golden Award of Montreux, he has established himself as a leading figure in the advertising film industry.Despite his busy professional life, Marc Simon is also a loving husband and father who always finds time for his family.

It is thanks to his curiosity and openness to new technologies that the company has been able to increase its efficiency so immensely with neuroflash.

SEO success with neuroflash: workflows in action

Initially, D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH focused on using the social media workflow to optimize its content creation strategy in order to be present quickly and effectively on the various social media channels. The accelerated production of a wide range of content made it possible to significantly increase the client’s digital reach.

The social media workflow is a turbo boost!

The social media workflow from neuroflash is a process-oriented approach that accelerates the creation of content for social media platforms. This helps companies to consolidate their social media activities and distribute content effectively to the respective target group, while saving time resources.

In the next step, the agency introduced neuroflash’s blog workflow, a tool specifically designed to perfect the process of writing and publishing blog articles. This strategic expansion of the range of tools enabled a noticeable acceleration of content generation for blogs. Thanks to neuroflash and the integration of these customized tools, D.I.E. WERBEFILM GmbH has been able to further refine and time-optimize its visual content production to deliver even more impressive and sophisticated film products to its customer base.

The blog workflow integrates SEO into the writing process

The blog workflow is specially designed for the creation of blog posts and integrates SEO optimization directly into the writing process. By connecting to an SEO tool that provides real-time data on wdf*idf keywords, neuroflash can help to place these terms in the text in almost optimal density.

This is a method that makes it possible to determine the relevance of a text for certain keywords according to mathematical principles and thus ensure better findability in search engines. The blog posts created by neuroflash not only contribute to brand building and customer dialogue, but also specifically support search engine optimization (SEO), which ultimately leads to improved online visibility.

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